1. ALl I can say to Cody after MBakwe’s performance is “welcome to the NBA” ..he will tossed arouns and pushed around like that and probably worse. IF he doesnt grow a backbone and LOSE some of his timidity ..every team in the natuion will go after him like HE was a “Steve Urkel and they were the town bully

  2. a grown man that was allowed 15 fouls last night…look Cody should have stepped up but I am looking forward to big dance neutral sites with other officials…the big ten sucks with homer calls on home court!!!

  3. JPat – while I normally like to criticize the refs in moments like this… I wasn’t screaming at the tv last night. It was a really physical game. It was physical from start to finish and everywhere on the court. I kept waiting for a foul to get called on our defensive boards, but I don’t remember a single one coming… Literally not a single one. I erased that game as soon as it was over, but maybe I’ll watch a replay to see exactly how much pushing was going on. In the moment, and watching the flight of the shots, by the time I switched my focus to the paint there were normally 8 bodies in there… It was just a scrum almost every shot.

    What’s interesting is that I thought (and its why I wasn’t bitching) our guards/wings were extremely physical with theirs, and were getting away with it. When we were up by 8 in the second half I almost posted this, with the basic theory that we were 20% more physical that Minny, so we would win by about 10 points.

    However, in the last few minutes we just completely got out-toughed mentally and physically at every spot except maybe Jordy.

    Oh we’ll, one game. I was figuring we’d lose at least one of the final four + the second round of the B1G tourney.

    Does 28-6 get us the #1 seed in Indy? Maybe this year it does.

  4. Tough game to swallow. Minnesota finally played like a real team. I’ve watched them a few times and while they are extremely athletic, they typically play typical Tubby Smith stupid basketball. I didn’t see that as much last night and we walked into a buzz saw where they physically just drilled us on the boards.

    I could see the reasoning behind the zone. They really didn’t hit any outside shots and we did have some foul trouble. We were trying to protect the rim as much as possible since that was where they were hitting. Unfortunately, we don’t crash the glass well out of the zone and they took advantage. Minnesota should have seeing as that was the third game in a row that they had seen zone looks by the opposing team. The first two they got blown out, but not so much this time. We get everyone’s best shot being top dog that other teams don’t necessarily get.

    Hopefully we can win out. No game is a gimme but I like our chances in the next two. Michigan will be tough at Ann Arbor but we beat Michigan State at their place and I think they are a more balanced team. Hopefully the inside guys will show up at that one and take advantage although it will be tougher since Morgan is back for them and plays better D than Mitch “I get in your head” McGary.

  5. Zeller & Watford should be well rested for the next game since they didn’t show up last night. The glass half full view is we still almost won that game on the road with UM playing their best (couldn’t believe UM’s free throw shooting). Last night was a game we needed Hanner on the glass but he hasn’t gotten the experience he needed this season.

  6. Matt Roth would have been good last night!

    He’s playing evenings in HPER I saw hi. m the other day.

  7. EVRYTIME Indiana has a bad game, the ONE thing I keep hearing over and over from Analysts is :” Zeller needs to demand the ball, or Zeller needs to establish himself. Cody ZELLER is a TIMID Center and when other teams look at last nights game they will treat him like Steve Urkel and they will bully him like Mbakwe did. Cody Zeller got a tatse of the NBA last night and IF thats all he can do in responding then he isnt ready

  8. TJ, it’s easier said than done… This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Zeller get bullied. I’m sure every team tries, but few can do it, and even fewer can do it and hold enough of our other players down to actually beat us.

    MSU beat up on Zeller all game @ Assembly and we still beat them, and most people think they’re pretty good.

    So yeah, I think every team has been trying to be extra physical with Zeller since he came into the league. It just doesn’t matter most of the time.

  9. I guess my bottom line with post #10 is that his softness is effecting his draft stock more than its effecting IU. And that’s a good thing, because I want him to stick around another year or 2.

  10. I really thought Iowa would be the downer game. Since Butler it has been loss than win 6, loss win 6, loss win 6. That would bring us to Iowa. One of those premature losses.

    Zeller is what he is. Last night I though he was pushing too hard when he got the ball. Taking shots he normally passes on. We are much better with him than without. CWat – Not sure what happened to him. No assists, no steals, no turnovers and no rebounds.

    Never say never, but usually nothing good happens when Yogi or Jordy get too close to the basket.

    Something I’ve seen the last three games and have no data to support, but, to me it seems that Yogi will pass the ball to Vic or CWat alot more than to Jordy. Part of the overall offense scheme? Part of where the offense play starts? Watch a couple of the last 2-3 games and see the waving arms of Jordy. Seems like he is the last choice for a pass.

    Nice to see Elston back in the game.

    Somebody said Roth, who I think would have not have any more effect of the game than Jordy. Not getting the ball to Jordy, would have been the same with Roth.

    Great take-down of their big guy by Vic. Wish I had not deleted the game in disdain.

    Now have losses of 2, 5, 2 and 4 points. Not bad – all could have been reversed. But we’ve had a few games that were won in the last three minutes.

  11. Sorry..CWat had a couple of rebounds.

    Last week I mentioned IU had not beat a RPI 26-50 team. Somebody noted that was an insignificant stat. Probably true but I see a sports writer suggesting this stat could show IU potential softness ( one of the links provided in todays Hoosier morning).

  12. Insignificant compared to their record against 1-25 ranked teams… They are 7-2 after last night. No other team has more than 5 wins against the RPI top 25.

    If losing to Illinois(32) and Butler(31) away from home, both on last second shots means we’re soft… Oh well.

  13. Whether Cody is ready for the NBA or not is irrelevant. I don’t think he is ready, but the draft is based on potential. He has lots of potential at the next level. Should he stay at IU another year? Probably, but how could anyone ask him to risk injury and give up millions of dollars if he has a chance to be a top 10 pick? And that’s the point. If he can ascertain that he’ll be a sure-fire top ten pick, he should go. If his stock has dropped and he’s going to drop out of the top ten, he may want to stay and get stronger/bigger, complete his degree, try to win another NCAA Championship and try to get into the top five in the 2014 draft.

    As for last night’s game being “extremely physical,” the Big Ten refs continue to allow the less talented players/teams to neutralize the advantage of the more skilled players/teams. It’s no longer basketball as the sport was designed, it’s a combination of rugby and basketball. Words like “scrum” should never be used to describe a basketball game. But it is what it is, and the teams that adjust will thrive in the big ten, and those that don’t will suffer. So, I’m not screaming that the refs cost IU the game last night, but I wonder how long a physical team like MN will last if they make it to the NCAA and play with refs from other conferences that don’t accept quite that level of physical play? My guess is, depending on which conference the refs come from, MN’s big men would have fouled out of last night’s game about five minutes into the second half and the team would have lost by double digits.

    A for comparing IU guards’ physical play to MN’s bigs’ playing physical, the advantage goes to MN. The second-chance points scored by MN’s bigs was the different last night. So refs that tolerate hack & crack and push & shove style play in the paint will always give the advantage to the more “physical” team. Last night, IU needed Kent Benson in the paint.

  14. While I very rarely blame refs for losses, I won’t do it here either. Refs, in 99.9% of the games do a good job with a few both calls going both ways. Funny, how the “bias perception” seems to always work. Refs are scrutinized in their jobs by superiors just any other american employee, probably far more than your average employee. These films are highly watched by The NCAA.

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