Maurice Creek to be featured on The Journey

Indiana redshirt junior guard Maurice Creek’s odyssey through three season-ending injuries back to the floor will be featured on the Big Ten Network tonight in this week’s episode of The Journey. The show is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m., but the start will certainly be determined by the end of the Northwestern-Purdue game at 6 p.m.

Also, it’s possible the Herald-Times will make an appearance on the show. Not guaranteed, but possible.


  1. Mike, FYI… They replay those episodes about a hundred times each on the B1G Network. You’ll be sick of Dustin’s mug by the time they’re done with it.

  2. Next few showings are:

    Mon @ noon & midnight

    Tues @ 2 pm & 11:30 pm

    Wed @ 11:30 am & 11 pm

    Thurs @ 11:30 pm

    Fri @ 12:30 am & 11 pm

  3. “Big 10 Basketball and Beyond” has pretty much turned into a highlight show for Vic. Per ‘them’ nobody is close to Vic for POY. Home cooking TV but stil…

    Ohio State game should be good. Would not be surprised to see a loss with the Iowa game while winning the other 3.

    Of all the early games this year, the win over Georgetown seems to be more and more significant.

    Really surprised that there is not a more verbal clamour demanding some type of accountability with ncaa organization. Don’t be throwing rocks if you live in a glass house?

  4. Ron,

    You think IU may lose to Iowa at home? I think losing @ Minnesota is more likely. In order of likely losses, I rank them like this, with highest probability on top:

    @ Michigan
    @ Minnesota
    Ohio State

    I think the Gophers match-up with Indiana well, and even though they have been playing like garbage lately, they are at The Barn, where they generally (note: I said generally) play good basketball against IU. If the Hoosiers take the crowd out of the game ASAP, mix a lot of zone into their ‘D’ (Minnesota has proven time and again it cannot score against a basic zone ‘D’), and hit shots like they have been doing all year, I think they’ll win by 10+.

  5. My theory (which may not hold water), IU guys will be ‘up’ for all the remaining games with Iowa game not as important as the others?. I feel that IU plays well against good teams. The better the opposing team, the better IU plays. With that exception I agree with your thoughts.

  6. Ron, that’s the beauty of the NCAA, who are they accountable to? Little that they do is governed by any actual laws, so there goes the legal system. Nobody likes it whenever Congress sticks their nose in sports, so they’re out. The state government level is too small to have any impact. I suppose the schools could band together against them but then they’d have to answer to…the NCAA.

    It is quite the Frankenstein’s monster they have created.

  7. And not being accountable was very important to Hoosier Basketball when Indiana administrators worked through their local advantages and connections to an underground element of NCAA organization to launch a slithery infiltration that spawned the spying and initial investigation of Kelvin Sampson.

    There will never be another investigation used to bring down a basketball program in the history of all varied levels of recruiting misdeeds as frivolous the concocted spectalcle to attack and remove Kelvin Sampson.

    How can anyone in their right mind not believe that Indiana played the biggest role in feeding the NCAA all the exaggerated dirt and outrage over such horrific cheating as too many 3-way calls while creating its own witch hunt and “decimation?” 3-way calls(a perfectly acceptable practice now)used to burn a program to the ground? It’s pretty obvious there is no program in college basketball more in bed with the NCAA than Indiana. Hoosier Nation is bitching about “accountability?” Could there be a better timed assault to a basketball program than the unprecedented national negative exposure the NCAA brought to our doorstep when they dropped their axe on Sampson and our Hoosier team on the eve of the NCAA tournament? The facts speak for themselves. The NCAA could catch a coach directly funneling money to recruits and still refuse to drop a legitimate violations bombshell with such perfect timing to incite a fan base with the same intended magnitude as the manipulations used in the unveiling of trivial misdeeds that made a mountain out of a molehill against Indiana.

    The true power players at Indiana wanted the decimation. The NCAA was in its least accountable moment in its history when they allowed those power players at Indiana to use their financial influence to manipulate their offices into actions that were rooted in hate and bigotry far more than balance and fairness in terms of punishments fitting the level of the recruiting crimes.

  8. “…when they allowed those power players at Indiana to use their financial influence to manipulate their offices into actions that were rooted in hate and bigotry…”

    Help me to understand… Indiana hired Mike Davis and some have surmised that IU supporters drove him from the program because he was a black man. Nothing to do with the typical pressures of anyone following a legendary coach or Mike’s flirtations with the NBA. To make up for it the university hires Kelvin Sampson and then back-handedly works with the NCAA to run him out of town, too? I’m pretty sure that Sampson was on a zero-tolerance policy at IU due to NCAA violations at Oklahoma. Remember what a similar policy did to Bob Knight whose only color was his language. When it was discovered that Sampson was repeating some of the same violations in Bloomington, what was the administration to do? Sit on it? The program was decimated even after openly reporting the violations. Can you imagine what might have happened had they tried to squelch it?
    The fact that the Sampson phone ‘abuses’ are now legal per NCAA guidelines is indicative of the idiocy at the NCAA not the bigotry of IU. Sorry Harvard, but that dog won’t hunt.

  9. It can be argued that Indiana was attempting to cover its inherent racist hand used to fire Davis by purposefully hiring a “risk” in what would be percieved another colorblind minority choice for the head coach position.

    I think the power players knew fully well their ultimate goal. They worked to feed the NCAA manipulated records of calls and did everything possible to set up a system of failure. I would not doubt for a moment that there was entrapment and deceit in many the alleged calls and those that were actually behind setting the stage for what would be deemed a “3-way” call.

    It could even go deeper into conspiracy theories with regard to purposeful attempts to not make sincere and honest attempts to help and tutor players that many knew were struggling.

    I have yet to see the NCAA do anything comparable to the manipulative intent on a fan base as their tactic used with Indiana. You will never again witness the NCAA dropping even minor violations on a program’s doorstep during the eve of an NCAA tournament. 3-way calls? Seriously? Derek Rose had someone take his SAT test…A star player from Duke was buying $100,000 in diamonds on a team trip to NYC…Do you see investigations? Do you witness the NCAA digging deep and wanting to burn those programs down on the eve of NCAA tournaments?

    We can bitch all we want about accountability? What “color” is John Calipari? What “color” is Duke as the other cheek is turned to boosters buying players in fashionable jewelry stores in Manhattan. Give me a break.

    It’s completely sick the vigor they went after Sampson for the petty crimes of stealing a few phone calls, make a witch hunt and public lynching a man’s reputation over such minor misdeeds within the spectrum of the minor to severe offenses, and then do nothing,happily turn their back, on the true “white collar” criminals in the recruiting business.

    Don’t you dare attempt to lecture me as if that smells of decent and unbiased motives. The NCAA brought exactly what they’ve always brought to the table…and most Hoosier fans were just fine with it. A different set of laws and enforcement rules as they pick and choose their dark demons and angels of purity. Don’t try to pretend Indiana couldn’t easily play inside the boundaries of ugly motives rooted in the same imbalances and bigotry a governing organization that is highly influenced by a mega-sized university bringing big local and national dollars to the backyard its headquarters.

  10. The NCAA mirrors exactly what we see at the national level of justice…The white collar executive can cook books of major firms, rip pensions away from the elderly that invested in their lies and fictitiously sound and secure companies for years, and walk free with parachute packages and billions in stock options as they retire early to a Connecticut mansion in the countryside.

    There is no even hand of justice. No different in the world of college basketball. The untouchable institutions are owned and bought by the same boosters that put up their feet up on ottomans in front of fireplace those same Manhattan offices and Connecticut mansions. Privilege affords the avoidance of investigations and proper punishment and privilege can just as easily create “decimation” in their own house when it serves the easiest profits and results in their truly protected classes to remain financially unscathed.

    The nation knows the name of Kelvin Sampson, but the average person on the street would struggle to provide the names of three white collar executives that walked away stealing billions from hard working Americans that put faith in their firms built by years of fraud and the supposed protected systems of honesty our institution that were entrusted with their lifelong investments.

  11. (Rewritten version of post #13)

    The NCAA mirrors exactly what we see at the national level of justice…The white collar executive can cook books of major firms, rip retirement plans and pensions away from the elderly that invested for years in the lies of the fictitiously sound and secure companies, and walk free with parachute packages and billions in stock options as they retire early to a Connecticut mansion in the countryside.

    There is no even hand of justice.

    No different in the world of college basketball. The untouchable institutions are owned and bought by the same boosters that put up their feet upon ottomans in front of the same fireplaces those same Manhattan offices and Connecticut mansions. Privilege affords the avoidance of investigations and proper punishment and privilege can just as easily create “decimation” in their own house when it serves the easiest out to save profits and results for only the truly protected classes that remain financially unscathed.

    Thanks to a national obsession and addictive consumption of sports (an outlet serving as diversion much of our natural misery a collapse of capitalism and the evaporating even playing fields and equality within our economic systems), yes, the nation certainly knows the name of Kelvin Sampson.. But ask the average person on the street to provide the names of three white collar executives that walked away stealing billions from hard working Americans that put faith in firms built by years of fraud operating within the supposed protected systems of honesty our institutions that were entrusted with their lifelong investments….?

    Yup…Sampson is a 3-way calling thug banned from college basketball for tens of calls excessive his allotment while a Merrill Lynch thief of thousands of pensions warms his ten toes by his Italian marble hearth. Yes, the American system of public persecution the created criminals put to trial in the media, the fairness in that public trial in relation to the harm and intent of the publicized misdeed, is about as warped as you’ll find anywhere in the world.

    But go see Spielberg’s ‘Abe Lincoln’ and vote for an African American into the highest office the land so the rest the injustices we all so happily perpetuated and turn our collective backs can forever live contently swept under the many rugs of bigotry. Yes, protected classes rarely worry about things like “accountability.” They have the highest priced lawyers and damn straight accountants forever redefining its meaning in their favor afforded by privilege buttering their backs.

  12. Harvard…

    That’s a pretty narrow lens you’re looking through. More people know of Bernie Madoff than Kelvin Sampson.

    My step-mother lives with a rabid IU fan, so does my wife…. Neither could tell you who Kelvin Sampson is. Both know who Steve Jobs was.

    Whether you’re talking about a scandal or who the leadership is at some of our largest corporate institutions, Sampson will always take a back seat in fame (unless you’re an IU fan or your name is Harvard)

  13. That’s one name…There are hundreds that walked free of many those firms that should be in jail…Yet, on the eve of the NCAA tournament, the national media makes a spectacle of the dirty deeds committed at IU from the sole hand of Kelvin Sampson.

    The IU recruiting violations are the most trivial in the history of investigations in terms of timing and intent required for the resultant and needed hype to label it as a “decimation” to a basketball program..It was all concocted with long motives and deceit at its root.

    Sad, but I truly believe hundreds of thousands that feed their shallow brains on only the perfectly managed diet of names passing through the cable box to their favorite CNN, Fox, or ESPN station on their flat screen, would certainly know the name of Kelvin Sampson before the name of a single investment firm charlatan that stole thousands in pensions and savings from the junk mortgages held by criminals at junk firms betting grandpa’s lifetime savings on their next dirty deal to help secure their own down payment at the Connecticut mansion.

    Yup, Kelvin “The Cancer” Sampson…And now Tom Crean(featured on the cover a new video given free ad space on Scoop entitled ‘Hoosiers Rising’…And talk about your religious overtones…? Hoosiers Rising?..Hmmm..Sure they didn’t mean Jesus Rising?..Pretty sick stuff when they use a play on words equating the power of faith and the everlasting as equally impacting Tom Crean’s role in life on a basketball court) is the Resurrection meets McCrackent..meets Gandhi meets Lee Iacocca..meets “The Gentle General.” If he were standing next to Jesus he might just find the sandals of sanctimonious perfection fit his feet better than the Holy Spirit himself.

    It’s really going overboard in this town..I fear it will one day be taken down by a humbling hand from the heavens a bit tired of using his name to advertise the righteousness in destroying any man for belief it was all in the glory of a proper “decimation.”
    Maybe it’s time to stop with the black painting of persecution to paint our own walls white…Leave the Lord to decide the ultimate punishment to meet the wrongs we think our hating tongues still require to right.

  14. “Don’t you dare attempt to lecture me…”

    No arrogance on your part with that declaration, huh? No attempt at anything on my part except to interject a bit of logic into the discussion.

    “…as if that smells of decent and unbiased motives.”

    What the hell is that supposed to mean? There may be some decent motives which exist amongst us mortals but it appears to be impossible for any motive to exist without some inherent bias.

    If you are implying that I am somehow a closet racist you couldn’t be further from the truth. I think that my beautiful daughter-in-law and lovely granddaughter would disagree with you. As to the color of a coach’s skin, I could care less. It is his or her ability to recruit, develop and graduate student athletes that matter to me. Winning conference titles and NCAA championships are kind of cool too.

    While I have long subscribed to Dr. King’s wisdom regarding ‘content of character’, I am reminded of a quote of which I will paraphrase just for you:

    “Never argue with a foolish HforH as he will simply drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”

    You be sure to have a nice day, Ok?

  15. Not saying YOU are a closet racist. But you can’t completely take out of the equation any and all possibilities that the timing and intent of NCAA investigations can be influenced by various powers within stronghold instiutions having disproportionate influence on internal decisions the ‘where, who, and when’ names and reputations be put into the realm of public trials. The NCAA took down a coach on the eve of their entrance into the NCAA tournament over too many 3-way phone calls…I see it as unprecedented and I see it as never happening again over such a minor offense within the total spectrum of corruption, recruiting gifts, booster influences, permeating the sport.

    It’s not a huge leap to surmise some of that fervor to go after such a minor offense(analogous to spending thousands in going after a pickpocket thief in a neighborhood of murder suspects)within the many more severe and harmful recruiting practices damaging the the game, could be rooted in the protection of an old country club mentality and the protection of bigoted holders the keys of the said institutions(whether working in corrupt conjunction or independently one another).

    Hard to completely deny ugly motives underneath such veils of purity when looking at the inequity and imbalance in terms of where the dollars and time are spent and which individuals are in the public trials and firing lines of such media-fed executions based on pickpocket offenses.

    Please don’t equate that as an indictment on your own character. But should we be so naive to think terms like “decimation” as it relates to Kelvin Sampson’s offenses(especially as to how those offenses measure up to the rest of the ugliness in college recruiting)aren’t sometimes coming from a place of less than admirable intent, fairness, and equally applied judgment?

  16. And to go one step further in discussing the power of judgmental voices in the courts of public opinion..

    Tom Crean can refer to the resultant public trials and travesties a Kelvin Sampson at the reins of IU Basketball as “decimation,” but yet view what his close friend does down in Lexington as the ‘building blocks’ of what college basketball should stand for?

    Sorry, but I see what Kelvin Sampson did at IU as cheating an already horribly flawed system(and possibly somewhat tempted to cheating his own flawed tendencies because of the country club system filled with certain choice, untouchable, protected members he knew he hardly equally compete)and what Calipari is doing at Kentucky as “decimation.”

  17. Chet, Ron, others interested in the subject- I’ve been thinking- always dangerous.

    The responsibility for the non-sense that the NCAA has become and the corruption it vomits begins and lies with the University presidents and their faculties. It may be time to rethink it.

    Technically, the President of the universities and colleges run the NCAA; and they are represented within the NCAA by the Faculty Reps chosen by the faculties. In turn, athletic administrators manage and monitor the compliance with the NCAA rules for their members and with the university’s policies. The problem is that the NCAA has been used by the university’s hired administrator (AD’s and reps) to establish and has now evolved into their own industry, funded by a combination of taxpayer dollars (from an uninvolved public) and the commercial dollars of advertising, media and marketing interests.

    Now that’s quite a trick. The principals in the business, the AD’s and coaches, including many who consider their multiple million dollar annual of a Wall Street tax shelter in the Caymans. And think about this; in most cases the financing comes from tax payers or donors, most of whom will never set a foot in the place their money bought, certainly not for free.

    (A note of truth in advertising here. I claim no virginity. While I criticize this evolution, I am as much a part of it as I suspect most rabid college sport fans are. Yes, I am being a hypocrite; that’s the price I pay for allowing my emotions -love for the Hoosiers-, addiction to sports in general, to control both my reason and my moral impulses).

    So, going on…

    At this point, University presidents have generally conceded both their responsibility and their integrity while allowing this take over of public (in some cases, private)property and resources in the name of the ‘educational experience’. Ironic and just as hypocritical, isn’t it- given the claim to moral and ethical superiority often made by ‘academia’ and academics?

    The growing independence and accountability of the college athletic industry has resulted in a now widely accepted oozing of corruption that has now grown worse than the relationship of NCAA teams with criminal gambling organizations in the 1950’s. Look at the struggle between the NCAA President, Mark Emmert,(formerly President of the Univ. of Washington) whose own corrupt investigative staff is facing off in a classic power struggle with collegiate amateurism violations champion The University of Miami(FL) headed by President (and former Clinton Health and Human Services Secretary and voice of liberal goody-goodism)Donna Shalala who claims the Hurricanes right to self-impose sanctions. Where hunger met famine; a battle of ‘heavies’ indeed. Shalala, as Chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison once tried to limit and ‘censor’ allowable speech (regular, every day speech) students were allowed to use on the campus. A Court had to stop her and remind her of the First Amendment.

    But Shalala and Emmmert are not the only ‘heavies’ in our fields of fair play. Now, the Presidents and their hallowed halls, including the Presidents of the B1C and faculties don’t even bother to hide their subservience to the networks and the media ‘sports dollar’ while they busily restructure their conferences and ‘deals’ to maximize their industry’s profits. Can you imagine the movement of moneys as the Conference leaders hold court and the University Presidents shamelessly line up with their offerings sitting on their open palms.

    This, as they openly cry about what the present crisis is doing to their ‘educational institutions.’

    Think about that the next time you send in your donation to the ‘good works’ of the universities as defined and described by the sanctimonious faculties and university presidents to a gullible public asked to finance it.

    Perhaps, the President’s now looking to cover up the failures of the NCAA can regain some of their stature simply by following the old strategy of just renaming the sign in Indianapolis from NCAA to Society of Huge Athletic Money Enterprises in Sport(SHAMES), just like they do with stadiums. It would, at least, meet some minimum of Truth in Marketing standard.

    Think about that the next time you look at your son or daughter and weigh the prospects of turning them over to these paragons of social commitment for their academic and moral education.

  18. And there are 100’s of D1 coaches you can’t name off the top of your head…

    Wake Forrest
    Cal State Fullerton
    Saint Mary’s (the good one)

    Quick… Who’s the coach for the former #2 team in the country – Miami

    I give you a 50-50 shot of getting it without looking it up.

    My dad has been a big college basketball fan for 50+ years (like many of you, could care less about the NBA), but I’m not sure he’d pull off Jim Larranega

    Harvard you love making a point, whether it makes any sense what-so-ever or not.

    Second point… And I’ll make it short. I thought the Sampson hire was great. I thought the rules he got railroaded on were a sham. Totally not shocked that those rules don’t exist anymore…. However, when he was hired the rules did exist, and he was a past offender on probation… You can’t call the system corrupt for enforcing their current rules. You can call them stupid, but not corrupt or racist.

    There are a lot of things that I can get away with that a convicted felon can no longer do. Even a reformed convicted felon. Once you have a record the people in charge are going to look at you differently and always keep an eye on you. Shame on Sampson for not being aware of reality.

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