1. @Larry…for what it’s worth from my medical experience and also having broken one for and severely sprained the other in the last two years, I was sitting with a good view of him at the game yesterday and VO looked fine when he came back out. I wasn’t able to walk as well as he did for weeks after my injuries so I am guessing he didn’t severely sprain it. Gotta say I held my breath when I saw him go down and sit on the chair under the basket. Hope he is okay!

  2. When will there ever be a “Journalistgirl” working for Scoop?

    Seems a really male dominated world when it comes to sports coverage in Bloomington…Completely opposite the national trend where many sports organizations are featuring women at the sports desk as well as courtside and sideline reporting.

    HT needs to be a bit more responsive to much of an audience in sports that is demographically changing. I’ve been to other universities websites and blogs where woman play a very active role in covering the men’s major sports programs.

    Surprised the IDS, HT Scoop, and ITH don’t have any women getting a shot at covering the programs that are at the forefront the greater devotion to page space, web coverage, and interest of the fan base.

  3. Interesting point there Harv’. Wonder if the next Hannah Storm or Linda Cohn is sitting around Bloomington somewhere. For what it’s worth I don’t think the lack of females at the Scoop is a conscious policy decision; probably more an issue of a limited applicant pool. I’m sure Dustin, Jeremy and Andy would love some female company at the ol’ office, even if they are happily married men.

    Do you remember The Fabulous Sports Babe? She was a fixture in the Seattle sports scene for a while during the early Ken Griffey Jr. years. Apparently she’s making a big comeback on CBS radio.

  4. Pope Benedict XVI has asked the faithful to pray for him and for his successor as he spoke to crowds in his penultimate Sunday address before he resigns.

  5. Speaking of…Danica just won the pole for Daytona 500. If I heard a reporter correctly at the press conference, he asked “what she would be fixing for dinner tonight”.

  6. Harvard,
    Just so I address this on some level, No. 1, the H-T as a whole is very gender balanced. I’m pretty sure there are more women than men in the newsroom, there just don’t happen to be any in sports.
    Why is that? I don’t really know as I don’t do the hiring. But in terms of how the national trends would affect a small-town paper, two things come to mind. No. 1, women tend to gravitate toward on camera broadcasting jobs in sports first. Indiana student television has produced a number of very talented female sports broadcasters since I’ve been here. Considering that all we do on camera is ScoopTalk, that doesn’t exactly take from that talent pool. There are far fewer women that cover sports in print but the ones that get into it rise very quickly. I worked with a few extremely talented female sports writers at the Daily Collegian at Penn State. The one who is still in the business is covering the New York Giants for the Newark Star-Ledger. The most talented female sports reporter at the IDS since I’ve been here is Stephanie Kuzydym, and she’s currently covering Oklahoma football and basketball for The Oklahoman, which is a pretty huge gig to get right out of college. Who gets what job at what paper when is largely a product of timing just as anything else, and that’s more the case at a small paper than at bigger ones. We’d be extremely lucky to have someone like the two reporters I’ve mentioned working for us, and hopefully at some point, we do.

  7. Thanks for your take. Just one other question, Dustin….Since we’re on the topic of women in prominent media roles as it relates to happenings on McCracken and IU hoops…

    What damn lawyer made State Farm Insurance refer to Martha “The Mop Lady” as Martha “The Cleaning Lady?”…I listened to a halftime interview during Saturday’s game that was being conducted with a woman representative from State Farm..She talked of the longtime relationship/partnership with IU and the “iconic” Martha…She must have said “cleaning lady” a dozen times but it seemed she was downright sure that she wasn’t going to call her Marhta “The Mop Lady.”

    Are you kidding me? Could it be true that someone actually hired a lawyer(possibly a family member of the original Martha?)and has successfully pushed through a claim that “Mop Lady” it to be a copyrighted protected name? Could this qualify for Anderson Cooper’s ‘The RidicuList?’

  8. Maybe it is a lot simpler than that. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that 15 years ago the commercial portrayed the job that was commonly called “cleaning lady” and the whole point of the original commercial was to have a ‘cleaning lady’ from the support crew gradually appear – her voice growing- showing her emotion for Hoosier basketball as a way of showing how deep rooted Hoosier love is.

    To this day most true Hoosiers (including me), get a tender smile hearing her voice and seeing her appear from the depths of Assembly Hall belting out ‘Indiana our Indiana, a song that cuts across classes, ethnicity, race and genders.

    By the way Harvard; why limit yourself to the question of gender if you are going to question? Why didn’t you inquire about Latinos, African-American, Asian Americans, American Indians, Jewish Americans, Hindu Americans, Arab Americans, etc, of both genders? Is there a subconscious racist. anti-ethnic bias and tone to your question that considers everything is ok as long as the jobs are distributed among American white anglo-european origin individuals as long as they equally represent both sexes?

    Besides, the fact that the question is just the usual begonia-busting to attract attention to one very, very bored Caucasian male. (Why do they always seem to have the corner on this malady?).

    DD, my opinion, your mistake for even responding to it. Had HH really wanted to know he could have simply looked in the HT news staff index shown on the internet. It shows an approximately 50-50 male/female split on the HT staff.

  9. And why do I need to know that “Nursegirl” is a girl? Isn’t there an implicit sexual inference that all nurses are ‘naturally’ girls? And by saying ‘girl’ isn’t that rather creating an image of immaturity and lack of sophistication within the said profession? Would a male professor at a university refer to himself as Professorboy? Don’t we refer to the two basketball programs as men’s and women’s. And why did I just say “men’s” before I said “women’s?” Did I just imply that the men’s program is more important then the women’s program?

    My Lord, Tsao. I was having a fantasy about nurse girl being journalist girl..Made me think of some hot college girl doing ScoopTalks(a spunkier version of Hanna Storm…a bit more sexual tease int eyes…Although, I must admit, Hannah Storm has pretty damn seductive looks into the camera…Maybe the ‘Scoopgirl’ fresh out of college is Hanna Funnel Cloud meets Hardee’s girl..Someone like Ashley Russell of Yahoo Sports would suffice). I then started drifting into thoughts of white pantyhose, fantasies of being a patient in the hospital with two broken legs and the nursegirl assigned to caring for me through the midnight hours crazily looking like Ashley Russell’s twin…Then started thinking of the Hardee’s commercial and spent most the rest of my day at over 18 sites.

    I had no intention to imply only unattractive old white balding men should dominate the top spots at major sports networks…Oh, wait, I guess that was already decided upon. Actually, I would love nothing more than an HT mirroring a diverse CNN…Dustin could be the Anderson Cooper surrounded by a ton of hot women with great legs in gripping skirts of varied races and ethnicity. Holy Mole, have you seen the new weatherwoman/girl/lady that’s on CNN? Vavoom.

    What ever happened to that Cuban journalist on CNN?…Didn’t he make a remark about Jewish guys dominating the business and they banned him for life? So much for working around hot chicks.

  10. Your thinking of Rick Sanchez at CNN. Don’t know what’s with him since he left CNN. The current CNN Latin American editor/correspondent is Rafael Romo, a really good guy and intelligent newsman who used to work in Chicago.

    Sanchez, I think is now working as a football announcer at Florida International Univ. I think his sons go to school there.

  11. Remember Walter Jacobson? Bill Curtis? Chicago was a breeding ground for newsman that really new their craft.

    Tuesday night is going to be a war. Derrick Nix is carrying his trash-talking of Indiana to a very dangerous level

  12. Nursegirl. Thanks for the on-site and up-close analysis.
    Any other up-coming game I would say let Victor sit and rest. But with Nix’s comments, it will be nice to pound them by 25 points.

    If I may make a suggestion, please change name to maybe, Nurseperson next time. Seems you have excited some of our older clients. Redirected blood flow could have a
    devastating effect on the elderly.

  13. Always have had a weakness for “nursegirls”. Married one and was engaged to another (not in that order).

    I’ve worked with countless others. The most amazing people in the world.

  14. Can’t disagree with you there, Chet. One of the toughest jobs in the world.

    Funny picture…Just saw this today. Remember the girl that got Brent Musburger in hot water? I appears she is finding a new “center” of attention. Yes, that was a clue.

  15. Harvard, remember Kurtiss and Jacobsen? They’re back! and now together on the same newscast, WBBM-Channel 2 (CBS). No better place on earth to be a journalist (newspaper or TV).

  16. Wow..I had no idea they were still doing the news. Great to hear. There’s a reporter for CNN that has a wonderful voice with rich tone that always reminds me exactly of Bill Kurtiss(my appologies if I butchered the name earlier). I can’t think of the CNN reporter’s name..I’ll have to research it and get back with you.

    I also remember Jay Levine from…ABC? I occasionally watch WGN news, but I don’t have any access to other Chicago programming. Couldn’t believe Tom Skilling was still doing the weather.

    There also used to be a reporter(I think it was CBS Chicago..Used to be Channel 2?)that always did the stories about organized crime/politics(synonymous terms, I guess) in Chicago.

    Channel 2 – CBS ?
    Channel 5 – NBC ?
    Channel 7 – ABC ?
    Channel 9 – WGN ? Bozo Circus is on the air! Cubs games!! Brickhouse..HEY! HEY! .and Lou Boudreau..Falstaff beer.

    Channel 32 was on the UHF dial. Was that public TV..Masterpiece Theater, etc?

    Do you remember ‘Creature Features’ on WGN?

    I was a weird youngster..I actually loved watching the news..I would follow it up with The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.

    Remember when you had to get your butt out of a chair to change the station?

  17. Isn’t Soledad Obrien on CNN? She’s one of the best journalists in the game. Asks the tough questions and has no patience with bull$hit.

  18. That last line Harvard is great…another memory. How many of us ruined our eye sight just because we sat close to the screen s we woudn’t have to go as far to change channels…having to get out of the chair to change channels.. what a concept! My grandkids probably don’t even know what the buttons are for except the two year old considers it a challenge to press them and then starts crying when it goes off). ‘All bwoek!

    Yeah, Kurtiss and Jacobsen both finished their contracts (with different stations) and then CBS had the good sense of redoing an entire newsshow round them. Funny story, Kurtiss is considered along with his partner Donna LaPietra, quite the socialite and absolutely dominate the social pages.

    Jay Levine is very, very good. We got to be pretty good friends. He left the station (I seem to remember ABD-7) and became the Executive Director and public face of the Better Government Association. He’s done some really good invetigations and called quite a few pols and rackets out. I think you may have meant Mike Flannery at CBS-2. He’s another real good one. And there was another one some time ago who still does a story or two once in a while named Drummond (what a great way for an investigative reporter). Both Levine and Flannery had a big sense of outrage, which is what really has to drive a good political reporter these days. In person they both have a great sense of humor. The press conferences during the Daley days were raucous and loud.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing anywhere on this earth like Chicago in journalism. A former Editor-in-Chief of the Sun Times once moved to Denver as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the Post. He invited me out and offered me a job as a lead columnist. I loved the place but after two days I turned it down and told him- ‘beautiful mountains, rocks, nature, sky, great working conditions, salary…etc but what the f____ would I write about? No characters here.’

    Question for you, I always assumed you live in Bloomington or someplace nearby. Now, after some things you’ve said, I have a feeling you live in NW Indiana or thereabouts. Not too far from Chicago. If you do live reasonably close to Chicago we should somehow arrange to meet. It’s Chicago…the urban version of It’s Indiana. Have you ever heard of a bar, The Billy Goat. It is below (the street running under) Michigan Avenue, across the street from the Tribune. You want literary? It is a living museum of old newspaperguys, new wannabe’s getting lessons on how to drink beer, wine and bad scotch at the same time…walls covered with old headlines and pages. It was Royko’s favorite haunt. Remember the “hamburger! hamburger! hamburger” skit on Saturday Night Life and the greek hamburger flipping owner…it was based on the Billy Goat (the Wrigley Field version is just a copy for comercial purposes) and the old Greek guy who still runs it. Exactly like the way I remember it in the 1990’s.

    Gotta go change the channel.

  19. Chet, Soledad is good. Among the cable anchors, the one I like is a guy on CNN named Ali (something or other), a completely bald headed guy who seems to be more of an expert on finance and economic news but is also really, really good on world news and in explaining the background on US political news. Most of them are really well described by the term ‘talking heads’. I remember one in particular when we were covering some ‘medicare’ scam pulled off by someone and the guy mentions HMO’s. After the conference one of the network’s ‘expert’ correspondents says to me “what’s an HMO?” I let out a little giggle thinking she was joking. She gets all upset… she was absolutely serious, had no idea what an HMO was. Too many of them (men and women) are just faces and voices and have a hard time telling the difference between a payroll tax and a property tax; or how a a long-term pension obligation enters as a budget item.

  20. As soon as you said the name, I knew that was the guy..Yup, Mike Flannery…

    hen he reported on organized crime in the city, he seemed right out of a crime caper movie. Out into the streets with a camera crew he would venture… Stories of crime rings and corruption would be the backdrop as he narrated his way through his assignment as if setting up the next scene in Scarface ..He knew the streets. I remember how he would have that Joe Friday/Dragnet feel to his story while spewing out the nicknames of the Chicago mobsters in his unique matter-of-factly voice.

    Mike Flannery..He was a classic.

  21. Harvard, Flannery IS a classic.

    BTW, Levine and his wife run a Bread and Brekfast at their house in the Lincoln Park area. Good place to stay.

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