1. Funny recovery at the beginning. Got a good chuckle…

    Since Vitale likes to call him Jordan-lite… I’ll make a point on the steal and dunk Dipo had. One of Jordan’s most replayed highlights was when he tipped a pass, went out of bunds to save the ball to a teammate, immediately jumped off and went down the right sideline where he took a return pass from his teammate, angled to the hoop where he met a defender, did a reverse spin in the air got fouled and flipped the ball back over his head straight into the hoop for an amazing and acrobatic 3 point play.

    Skip ahead to play #2…


    Reminds me a lot of the Play Dipo made. He is our Jordan.

  2. I think you meant our ‘mini’ Jordan…Surely you heard Dickie V last night? Surely you’ve seen Austin Powers?

    Derek Elston is a mini Dennis Rodman
    Hulls is a mini Steve Kerr
    Watford is a mini Scottie Pippen
    Yogi is a mini BJ Armstrong
    Sheehey is a mini Toni Kukoc
    Cody is a mini Luc Longley
    Remy is a mini Ron Harper

    I love minis….

    Tom Crean is a mini Tom Izzo.

  3. How could I forget Horace Grant…

    Hollowell? In his dreams.

    Love the hell out of Victor, but it is a complete insult to the basketball IQ to mix his name into a sentence with the incomparable MJ. I’ve never seen the turnaround fadeaway jumper going either direction….along with 6000 other moves Michael could simply pull from his limitless collection of unmatched hardwood gems…Watching highlight of MJ was like gasping at the Crown Jewels…You just couldn’t fathom the amount of varied irreplaceable gems in the collection. You would just gaze at the highlights dumbfounded…”Where did he find that diamond in his arsenal?” …”How does one family(the Bulls) get so much wealth? It’s just not fair.”

    Hard to say if Oladipo will have anymore impact in the NBA as Scottie Pippen. But to put him into sentences with the holder of the Crown Jewels of b-ball moves and clutch performances…? Dat’s a lot of diamonds and emeralds..and golden performances. I realize it’s only in fun, but even on a “mini” scale it seems completely ludicrous and utterly unsophisticated. Anyone partaking in such conversations belongs in the film ‘Space Ham.’ ..

    I believe I can bull…
    I believe I can touch the fool
    I think about it every day I drool
    Spread my cheeks for some verbal stool
    I believe I can bore
    I see me running through through the bathroom door…

  4. Harvard, your problem in your comparison is that you are trying to compare the NBA Jordan to the college VO. I don’t think that is what Vitale was doing. I think if you look at Jordan’s game as a college player, it isn’t that much different than VO’s right now. I think this IU team is not that much different than some of the UNC Jordan teams. In actuality, Jordan didn’t have very good teams the last year he played. Heck, they got beat by an average IU team in the NCAAs and Jordan was shut down by Dakich.

    I think you are falling into the same trap that others do when they hear someone being compared to Jordan while they are still in college. Are you comparing that player to the pro Jordan or the college Jordan? I think Vitale was doing the later.

  5. I know exactly what they are doing….There are hundreds of players in college through the last two decades that appeared to have all the necessary skills and potential to grow into someone with highlight reels and stat sheets that could someday flirt with MJ. Who gives a rat’s ass? MJ is not replaceable. Larry Bird is not replaceable. Magic Johnson is not replaceable. Oscar Robertson is not replaceable. Victor will grow into whatever Victor can achieve on his on right.

    I would much rather here an anouncer simply say that he’s the best they’ve seen this year..or in the last five years. Why MJ? Why do they want to always compare guys to MJ. That’s easy. He never turned his back on Chicago to go play for the mega East or West markets. Loyal to the Bulls and the Midwest. he stayed loyal in the beginning until the team began to build around him..East Coast Establishment and West Coast Establishment has forever attempted to grind on MJ’s accomplishments. What a shame he never became a Laker or a Knick..or a Celtic. Six championships. Without his experimentation in baseball, the Bulls could have likely won 8, maybe even 10, straight titles. Nevertheless, those six years of dominance encapsulated in two three-peats with MJ’s forever unparalleled unstoppable game stuck in Establishment throats a long, long time…(almost as long as Knight’s accomplishments at the hick college planted in southern Indiana know as IU).

    I get it perfectly..Get this. There will never be another MJ.

  6. Interesting there are four criteria why Indiana is a better team than MSU as a basketball team. MSU may have a very narrow edge in physicality, especially under the paint, but Indiana had clear advantages. Intelligence, defense, maturity and the role of Victor Oladipo. Indiana is the better team, probably solidly when it is playing well. If it does not, MSU could win a third and/or fourth game).

    Overall MSU and Indiana are about even. MSU is a very, very physical team inside and while Cody Zeller is a very talented, very quick player with great touch he is not as physical a force under the boards as Nix. Still he cancels out Nix’s assets with his great shooting touch, his excellent floor intelligence and his ability to play within himself and take what the game is giving him. The great warrior will know the territory and engage only when it is to his advantage.

    Which takes the comparison to where Indiana is the dominant team; the intelligence of its players. They were able to define the pace, their recognition of where MSU vulnerability layed, its tendency to panic if it could not draw Indiana into a physical battle alone. Indiana, on the other hand, recognized that it would have to rely on its passing to create lanes for Oladipo (And, at times Watford) and for Watford and Hulls to attack with salvoes of drone strikes from long range that would not allow MSU to set its defense and face the Hoosier offense one on one.

    MSU’s fouls were evidence of a defense continually late to its best plans and deployment. The ‘intelligence’ factor in the Crean Joint Staff planned and adjusted a near perfect execution of a game plan designed to frustrate and make the MSU players uncomfortable inside their own skins.

    Add to it, the obvious about Indiana‘s greater intelligence as it established itself; yes, the absence of maturity in adjusting by MSU players showed the absence of patience and excess of bravado in the Spartan troops.

    One player, Victor Oladipos, symbolized that difference during the entire game. Every bit as athletic, focused and physical as the best of MSU’s players; and with laser beam skills and ideas that underlie his spectacular and impressive basketball intelligence in choices that sensed openings and opportunities, he created havoc among the Spartans with his defense and, at times, made it seem as if the other nine players on the court were barely supporting actors in his script.

    Indiana pulled ahead simply by playing better more intense, more focused basketball on both sides of the ball and through Oladipo’s brilliance and dominance. MSU’s talent and physical dominance inside- in spite of a sometimes passive Zeller- kept it reasonable for them. When Indiana let down, a couple of times because the most impatient of the Hoosier made mistakes that cost us points and the ball and some normally reliable free throw shooters missed, MSU’s saw its chance and using their physicality and its control in the paint made a run at it.

    But, with barely a minute to go, just as the Spartan fans sensed their victim and Hoosier fans’ diaphragm muscles began to loosen, Oladipo sliced one final strike of his greased dagger across the throat of the Spartan warriors, opened the beating jugular of the Spartan defense, its lack of recognition, and smiled and drew the blade….while staring into their Spartan’s eyes- as they slowly shut.

    Intelligence and the insanely honed, lethal Special Ops blade of Victor Oladipo were battle planner Tom Crean’s ultimate, final and most lethal weapon. Michigan State could only bleed out.

  7. Tony Cornhustler on Pardon the Interruption made the statement yesterday that we should not get overly excited about Oladipo becoming player of the year over this one game!! (The MSU game) Um, does he watch any sports at all? Pay attention to any seasonal stats? His mind being on planet Mars since the beginning of the college bb season? Or is he that un-intelligent?

  8. Geoff brings the chalkboard analysis,
    Tsao brings the patient to the couch…
    Cody talked to Gottlieb to explain his aching pouch..
    Controversy abounds,
    If only his stones could provide an interview,
    a pair to testify of truth or faux ouch,
    Minnesota Fats never racked his on balls,
    Surely they would vouch.
    There is pain in the Establishment world,
    Izzo, Kornheiser, Dickie V, and Seth
    Rather talk of nuts than Hoosiers on their March breath.

    Indiana is back,
    The Establishment is consumed,
    Not with candy-stripes elite again,
    But a harmless whack to Cody’s cocoons.

    Talk at ESPN that Mr. Knight is soon to be let go?
    Right when the Hoosiers are back on the rise,
    They’ve decided to take their hands away from Bobby’s inner thighs…?
    What a big ol’ Steve Smith surprise.

    But hear me now Establishment boys in such a state of grouch,
    An impotent UNC would be challenged by Valpo Crusaders looking less the slouch.
    Even Testicle Tech could metaphorically kick you in the general area when measured to Indiana you’ve never measured up.
    The rulers of hardwood in Bloomington would see no need to obsessively watch the ugly autopsy of your envious pain put on the public slab,
    But merely donate your tiny b-ball gourds to the IU School of Medicine’s field mice lab.

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