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0 Number of 3-pointers made by Cody Zeller this season, the only player of the top 20 scorers in the Big Ten not to have made at least 11 3s.
1 Not just Jordan Hulls’ jersey number, but his ranking in the Big Ten for 3-point percentage (.500) and 3-pointers made (71). Hulls would currently qualify as the national leader in percentage after hitting 5-of-7 3s to reach the necessary 2.5 makes per game average.
122 Assists this season for freshman point guard Yogi Ferrell, the most in a single season since Earl Calloway’s 125 in 2007.

DEVIN DAVIS, 6-6, F, Indianapolis (Warren Central), 2013: Double-double of 16 points and 15 rebounds not enough as the Warriors fall to Lawrence Central, 44-43, on a buzzer-beater in the opening round of sectionals Tuesday.
LUKE FISCHER, 6-11, C, Germantown, Wis., 2013: Helped top-ranked Warhawks cruised through first two game of the postseason, scoring 25 points in a 90-22 win last Friday and 20 points in a 70-44 win on Saturday in the WIAA regional.
COLLIN HARTMAN, 6-6, F, Indianapolis (Cathedral), 2013: Scored 10 points in regular-season finale, a 66-39 win at Center Grove last Friday. Chipped in nine points as the Irish knocked off Lawrence North, 64-59, in sectional opener Tuesday for 14th straight win.
STANFORD ROBINSON, 6-4, G, Fairfax, Va. (Findlay Prep, Las Vegas), 2014: Had a busy week aiding Findlay Prep in finishing off a 34-0 regular season, the most wins in school history. Robinson had 16 points, nine rebounds and four assists in a 92-79 win last Friday, added 15 points, eight rebounds and two blocks in a 79-70 win Saturday and nine points, four rebounds in an 84-68 victory Sunday. His stats were not available for Tuesday’s 79-78 win, but he delivered 17 points, eight rebounds and three assists in the season finale Wednesday, a 102-67 victory.
NOAH VONLEH, 6-8, F, Haverhill, Mass. (New Hampton Prep), 2013: Posted 13 points in a 63-62 loss at Worcester Academy last Saturday and followed up with 13 points and 14 rebounds in a 60-55 win over Tilton School Sunday. He did not score in double figures in Monday’s 60-57 loss to Northfield Mount Hermon, but no other details were available.
TROY WILLIAMS, 6-6, F, Hampton, Va. (Oak Hill Academy), 2013: Continued to finish the season strong with 16 points and 10 assists in a 110-47 win last Friday to go with eight points, five assists and five blocks in an 81-54 win last Saturday. He had 10 points, five rebounds and five assists in a 96-57 win on Wednesday night.

Indiana’s Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller were among a list of 30 candidates announced for the season-ending Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year Award on Tuesday.
The last Hoosier to win the Naismith Award was Calbert Cheaney in 1993, preceded by Scott May in 1976.
Oladipo and Zeller make the Hoosiers one of just three teams with multiple candidates. Others are Kansas (Ben McLemore, Jeff Withey) and Duke (Seth Curry, Mason Plumlee).
The winner of the award will be announced on April 7 at the Final Four in Atlanta. Fans can vote via text beginning March 25. For more, visit

The annual Derby Festival Classic All-Star Game in Louisville will take place on April 19 at Freedom Hall. Four future Hoosiers will be featured in the game: Devin Davis, Luke Fischer, Stanford Robinson and Troy Williams.
Noah Vonleh is not eligible as a result of playing in the McDonald’s All-American Game (April 3) and the Jordan Brand Classic (April 13). Recruits may only participate in two all-star games. Williams will also play in the Jordan Brand game on April 13.

Special uniforms to be worn in the postseason were unveiled by adidas on Thursday. The new look include sleeves and camouflage for Baylor, Louisville and UCLA, while Notre Dame, Kansas and Cincinnati will just go with the camo look.
According to reports, Indiana was among three schools — Michigan and North Carolina State were the others — to decline wearing the new uniform.

Tuesday’s win over Indiana was just the third against a No. 1 team in Minnesota history, according to ESPN Stats.
The previous two teams the Gophers beat both ended up in the Final Four — Indiana in 1953 and Illinois in 1989.

Indiana women’s basketball signee Larryn Brooks was announced as one of five finalists for Kentucky Miss Basketball on Wednesday.
Brooks is averaging about 18 points per game for 11th-ranked Madison Central (27-4), which advanced to Saturday’s 11th Region semifinals with a 58-56 win over Scott County on Wednesday. Brooks scored 23 points in that game.
The future Hoosier is also a virtual lock for the Kentucky All-Stars, who will take on the Indiana All-Stars June 14 at Freedom Hall in Louisville and June 15 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.
Other Miss Basketball finalists are Duke-bound Becca Greenwell, Middle Tennessee recruit China Dow and Kentucky signees Makayla Epps and Kyvin Goodin-Rogers.


  1. Did you all see that Earl Calloway got Bulgarian citizenship and has played for the Bulgarian National Team?

  2. Crean, Zeller, Sheehey highlighted in a negative light by Around the Horn and PTI on ESPN just now…flopping/’coaching players to flop’/sportsmanship was the topic…

  3. 6 recruits coming in. Still wondering who gets kicked off the team to make room. Creek? Abell? Jurkin? Vic is going pro, Cody is staying, so 2 have to go. Or does Davis or Hartman go prep? Seems like Fishy, Stan, Noah and Troy are locks to come. Too much talent.

  4. Been wondering the same thing Debbie, but will let our coaches who make the big money figure it out. I don’t like pointing the finger at anyone’s future. Too bad really. Wish nobody had to go. I wish they do away with the over sign rule.

  5. And Down goes Duke…

    Hey Lonnie/Bobskijo, you never gave me any of your top 10 teams… What’s up?

  6. Geoff, Indiana lost. Gonazaga’s barely up over an inferior opponent in an far-inferior league. Duke just lost. Michigan lost. Miami has been looking bad and will probably lose on Saturday. Big 12 officials admitted that Kansas should have lost, but was given the win. Georgetown needed 2 OTs just to beat an unranked team, and woeful Indiana had already beaten them. Florida lost. MSU will probably lose to a cleary pitiful Michigan team on Sunday and– oh, by the way– was swept by an equally awful Indiana team. Arizona lost. Syracuse lost.

    That leaves us with Louisville as the only team worthy of a top ten ranking. So, let’s just the Cardinals in the top ten by themselves, and start ranking everyone else at #11. I blame Crean. And the establishment.

  7. Looking at the remaining conference schedules, a few things jump out at me:

    – The schedule makers ain’t no dummys. Still a ton of huge games to close out the season.
    – If everybody defends their home court, IU takes it outright.
    – We can pretty much root for MSU to win out, provided we don’t lose more than one game.
    – Wisconsin is the nightmare scenario. If they win out, we have no margin for error to keep the #1 seed. And they only have one really tough game left– at least on paper…
    – Punjab better start stocking up on Rolaids right now if he doesn’t want to run out.

    1. Yes, tiebreakers are only for Big Ten tourney seeding. Any team that ties for first is co-champ, so IU gets at least a share with two wins in the next three games.

  8. Ok, anyone feel like playing a game with me?

    Please choose 1 trait from each category + 1 more wild card pick (4 total) to make the best player you can, and follow with a short explanation as to why you think your combo is he best. Your player will be elite in the original 3 traits, above-average in the 4th trait, and just average in the other areas.

    – shooter
    – ball-handling
    – passing
    – rebounding
    – shot blocking
    – defense

    Physical trait:
    – tall
    – strong
    – fast
    – quick
    – long
    – vertical leap

    – basketball IQ
    – court vision
    – hustle
    – leadership
    – coachable
    – mental toughness

    Build your stud…

  9. Come on guys… No wrong answers… Just weird combos.

    I’ll go with an elite shooter, with a great vertical, and high basketball IQ, who is above-average height.

    I feel like their aren’t any of those guys at the college level. Ben McLemore is close maybe, but I’m not sure what his court savvy is like. Ray Allen was like that at the college level. Calbert was close.

    I think an interesting combo would be an elite passing big man who constantly hustled and was an above-average defender.

    Anyway, maybe it’s just not that fun an activity. Sounded good at 5 o’clock this afternoon while I was waiting for wifey to get home.

  10. Knitting Geoff…baby time. Booties with cute IU ankle markers, or candy cane booties, a crib blanket… Build a hanging crib gym with a cute red and white wool ball hanging from a red string). Or, read Dr Benjamin Spock…great book. (Told you the NBA is boring)

  11. I can’t build players very well but looking at a championship team, now that’s a different story.

    When I see the statistics IU has put together in a year that the Big Ten is crazy good I can’t help but be amazed. I don’t know all the specifics but, just going on memory of what I’ve heard analysts say:

    We’re the most efficient offensive team in the country and, almost, in the history of the game.

    We have TWO guys in the running for POY.

    We have the best 3 point shooter in the country.

    We are the best 3 point shooting team in the country.

    We have (arguably) the best sixth man in the country.

    We have (arguably) three solid point guards (with different/various skills).

    We have the highest rebound diff in the country (maybe).

    Cody has some sort of crazy offensive efficiency stats.

    We also have crazy good defensive stats (so we’re not like a Paul Westhead team that just shots when they get the inbound pass).

    Just kicking this stuff around. When I hear all these statistics together I’m impressed. It’s not like being the best offensive team in the country and the worst defensive team. Our Hoosiers are, statistically and in a team sense, good at all of it.

    How about that?

  12. I stated my opinion, yet you call me a troll. Your no better then Laffy, makingfun of the bloggers. Obviously I made you cave in, and become weak. Sorry Geoff.

  13. Geoff, I kind of like the model you built but would add these thoughts; scorer I think should be another skill option or maybe replace the shooter option. Also because I prize D so highly, it or mental toughness could be the wildcard pick.

  14. I’m waiting for Geoff’s next project. Rumor has it that his next is something along the line of the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition.

  15. HC – yeah, that’s a good point.

    Lonnie – actually I didn’t call you a troll. I questioned if you were a troll. And since I wasn’t sure I decided to interact with you. I try not to debate trolls. If you are sincere in your responses then that’s great. Please go back and respond to my post #7 from Hoosier Morning on Feb 27.

    You kinda disappeared after my response.

    I would love a sincere answer to the question… What 10 teams are better than IU? If you can name, and justify your response to, just 3 teams that are more deserving of the #1 ranking than IU I will definitely cave in to you.

    (Any takers on whether or not he responds with an answer to the question?)

  16. Unlike you Geoff, I don’t keep hitting the refresh button, to see if I am attacked. I have priorities. From what I read, you have a wife and a child. Here is a suggestion. Stop worrying about me, and me the MAN of your home.

    Since you just can’t let my post go, and makes you weak inside, here is my Top 3.

    1. Duke
    2. Louisville
    3. Florida

    If you actually think we can beat these teams on their best day, then your credibility is severely damaged. Not only are their starters more crisp, but a more deeper bench as well. If I really had to pick one, I’d take Florida, especially since their 2 star injured players are back. They should be at full tilt, and deadly. I don’t think IU could handle them. I hope I am wrong. I have nothing on my slate today, more questions Geoffrey?

  17. I don’t consider much on here an “attack”. I’m glad you have high enough self esteem to think I worry about you. I don’t have any idea who you are. If you are truly Lonnie, then you are an unfamiliar personality on this blog. If Lonnie is but one of 100 names you use on here then I don’t bother trying to keep track or guess who’s who with you people and I never will.

    Now as far as your top 3… That’s great! Clearly they are all good teams. Your reasoning is solid. I do have questions, so I’m glad you have some time.

    Duke: why do you think their recent loss to Virginia is more acceptable than our loss to Minnesota? We have a common opponent in OSU… Duke won by 5 at home, IU won by 13 at Columbus. We also have a common opponent in UNC… Duke won by 5 at home, IU won by 24 at home. What do you make of those results?

    Louisville: they’re 8-4 in their last 12 games… Basically they are beating the bad teams on their schedule (Rutgers, SJU, DePaul, Seton Hall, USF) and losing to the good ones (Cuse, GTown, ND), while sprinkling in a couple nice W’s (Cuse today, Marquette). Why is what they are doing recently more impressive to you than IU (recent wins @ #4 MSU, @ #10 OSU, #1 Michigan…) who is 9-3 in their last 12?

    Florida: what have they done that’s so impressive? They’ve lost 3 of their last 8 games and don’t have a single great win on their résumé… Seriously, their signature moment is what… An early win against a Wisconsin squad trying to figure out their point guard situation? Maybe a home win against a crappy UK team who lost Noel during the game or an overrated Ole Miss team? I mean really, they’ve basically failed every difficult test they’ve taken, so why do you consider them better than IU?

    You can take your time if you’d like. I’ll be out being a subservient slave to my wife and (unborn) child as we go to Baby’s R Us and meet up with a friend of hers for dinner. I’ll look forward to your answer tonight.

  18. You can take your time if you’d like. I’ll be out being a subservient slave to my wife and (unborn) child as we go to Baby’s R Us

    Damn…That gave me a huge laugh.


    The Valpo Crusaders are currently the best team in college basketball. Capobianco is ready to shut down Cody when we meet in the opening round.

    And thanks for your kind words yesterday.

  19. Good day for the state of Indiana basketball. Watched at least part of the Butler game, Notre Dame, Valpo, Indiana State, Evansville and yet to come IU. Bedford High girls game on tonight, need to fit that in.

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