Vonleh named to McDonald’s All-American team

New Hampton prep forward and Indiana signee Noah Vonleh was named to the McDonald’s All-America team Thursday. He will play with the East squad.

Vonleh is the only IU recruit to make the team, but Demetrius Jackson of Mishawaka-Marion, a Notre Dame recruit, also made the team.The game will be played April 3 at the United Center in Chicago.

A complete list can be found here.

UPDATE: From Indiana’s release, here’s the list of IU’s 27 McDonald’s All-Americans.

U’s All-Time List of McDonald’s All-Americans
Tom Baker – 1977
Ray Tolbert – 1977
Landon Turner – 1978
Isiah Thomas – 1979
John Flowers – 1981
Daryl Thomas – 1983
Delray Brooks – 1984
Ricky Calloway – 1985
Jay Edwards – 1987
Eric Anderson – 1988
Greg Graham – 1989
Pat Graham – 1989
Damon Bailey – 1990
Alan Henderson – 1991
Sherron Wilkerson – 1993
Andrae Patterson – 1994
Neil Reed – 1994
Jason Collier – 1996
Luke Recker – 1997
Dane Fife – 1998
Jared Jeffries – 2000
Bracey Wright – 2002
D.J. White – 2004
Eric Gordon – 2007
Cody Zeller – 2011
Kevin (Yogi) Ferrell – 2012
Noah Vonleh – 2013
*Current Hoosiers


  1. One Mac-All American each year will keep IU near the top of college basketball, especially given Crean’s ability to recruit and develop under-recognized talent. It’s not where they start, its where they finish.

  2. Five more MacDonald’s All Americans committed to Kentucky. It should be interesting to see which ones will be riding the pine next year. As its shaping up, Calipari’s going to have too many all stars on his team, and somethings going to give.

    If you’re a MacDonald’s All American, and are being told you’re a one-and-done player and a sure fire first round draft pick, are you going to accept not being a starter your freshman year? This should be interesting. I wonder if any of these guys will, all of a sudden, fail to meet Kentucky’s academic standards, and be forced to transfer to another school next summer.

  3. I believe the term for an individual unable to meet Kaintuck’s academic standards is commonly referred to as being “dead”.

  4. KevinK & Chet, glad you caught the sarcasm. It was tongue-in-cheek.

    But seriously, is it me or does it appear obvious that somethings got to give for next year’s roster?

  5. Warning: if you hate all things UK, stop reading here.

    Well, I’d be surprised if 4 of the 5 Kentucky guys don’t start next year. Noel will definitely be gone now that he’s had an injury. Pothryess and Goodwin will most likely go pro, purely based on potential. Mays is a senior and Harrow won’t be good enough to start over Harrison. So that leaves Cauley-Stein and Wiltjer as potential starters from this years team.

    I wonder if Cal likes having an experienced scorer coming off the bench, a la Miller, and will put Wiltjer in that role.

    I could definitely see a line-up of Harrison, Harrison, Young, Johnson, and WCS (or switch out WCS for Wiltjer)

    Derek Willia has definitely become the odd man out in that class. Not that there ended up being any room for him at IU in the end either.

  6. Does Kentucky make it past the second round in the dance this year? I doubt it, especially with Noel out indefinitely.

    Given Noel’s injury, how badly will he suffer in the draft? If he’s going to fall out of the lottery, couldn’t you make an argument that the injury keeps him at Kentucky for another year?

  7. I doubt it effects his stock much. Trying to think of a precedent in basketball. Considering how many guys have blown out an ACL, and how easily everyone (except Derrick Rose) comes back from them… I’d say he is still a top 5 pick. It’s a fairly “weak” draft up top.

    I think it would be riskier for him to come back, show rust or less athleticism or a lack of improvement… Especially when uk will have at least 3 capable interior players on the roster next year.

  8. Just popped over to ESPN and Chad Ford has dropped him to number 3 on the draft board after talking to a bunch of GM’s in the wake of his injury.

    basically all the injury did was knock him off the top spot.

  9. Isn’t that something? Not so many years ago they didn’t even try to repair ACLs. You were simply “done”.

    My wife blew out hers a few years back. In truly theatrical form, she popped it in the process of dropping the winning jump kick in the Mid Atlantic TKD Championships. It would prove to be her last official competition.

    It’s amazing what surgeons routinely do now that they didn’t even attempt 20 years ago.

    Thank goodness.

  10. Dipo is now a lottery pick on the ESPN board, and Ford states he’s talked to several GM’s that see him as a top 5 pick…

  11. I usually don’t pay any attention to draft projections (“speculative puff”), but I did some checking and found two things interesting:

    1. Significant variance of opinion by the “experts” regarding how much Noel’s knee injury will affect his draft pick. Some say, “not at all,” some say it drops him down just a little, and some say it drops him out of lottery pick.

    2. Cody Zeller is ranked from first to eighth amongst the various “experts.” That’s a significant variance of opinion. There are some people out there that really don’t like Cody’s game. it makes me wonder if they understand that basketball is a team game.

    Frankly, it will be a long time before I read that crap again. It’s just worthless to read a bunch of schmos’ half baked opinions about what the future will bring. But I will say this; if Noel is still drafted #1, in spite of his knee injury, the GM of that NBA franchise should be fired. If the #1 pick can’t help the team immediately, he should not be a number one pick. Forget AP and all the modern surgical techniques, Noel will not be ready to play at a high level until the start of the 2014 season.

  12. Sam Bowie, Kwame Brown, Joe Barry Carroll, Greg Oden, Chris Washburn, Shawn Bradley,William Bedford, Hasheem Thabeet, Ed O’Bannon, Benoit Benjamin, Pervis Ellison.

    There’s no such thing as a ‘can’t miss’ player.

  13. No doubt more names not mentioned but 1 of recent times we all know was top notch in college, Mateen Cleaves. He hung around 3-4 years, maybe.

  14. I have said it before and will say it again. I always hated Mateen Cleaves. Never thought he would sniff the NBA and he barely did.

    Po – part of the conversation is speculattive puff and part of it is research. It’s speculative in the sense of trying to predict how good a player will be at the next level. But it isn’t speculative to poll the decision makers to see where they value a certain player. That is research. You can go to all kinds of sources and find all kinds of opinions, but there is no source better than Chad Ford at ESPN. He has more access and has built an enormous amount of trust with teams. His draft board will never be perfect, because there is almost never a consensus within each team’s brain trust, but he rarely has someone ranked outside of a particular tier they end up falling into.

  15. jeez. there goes chet going on about his wife again. how long do we have to wait until he starts telling us how long her legs are and how hot she looks in a pair of jeans again? there are websites for that, chet.

    a couple of things noel has going for him is his youth. kids recover. since he didn’t blow out his knee in a non-impact scenario, gm’s are less likely to suspect weak knees in those skinny legs (think iu player here). he’ll probably drop a few spots but gm’s gamble on upside all the time so he’ll stay on the lottery.

  16. As many of the regulars on here have noted, you obviously have quite the hatred and/or insecurity of women. No doubt there’s an unpleasant story or two behind all that.

    As they make up over half the population of the planet, I’m sure that has proven to be quite problematic for you.

    I’ve always liked women, myself. A lot.

  17. Me too Chet. I started liking them as soon as I found out they were not boys. Be proud of Ruthie with all you can muster, just as I display pride for mine and as others on here do theirs. Makes for a more harmonious outcome.

  18. I always laugh when I think of guys like Mateen Cleaves and Mo Paterson who most thought would have good NBA careers and they both barely made it through their first contract. Then you look at a guy like Brian Cardinal, not quite as talented and had to work a little harder just to stay on the court, and he has a 10+ year career in the NBA and is still playing.

  19. Absolutely! I’ve been looking at the ladies in the neighborhood since yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Most of them are pretty wasted but there’s a couple of 85+ y.o. who still have some fine legs.

    The good thing; the ones with a twinkle and a wink, none want to waste time and bore you by talking about the NBA. But talk like CoachV and they bring out the Cleaves.

    My respects to Ruthie.

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