1. This one’s on Crean. Poor substitutions, lack of preparedness. When he did find that right match ups he’d loyal up to 5’4 Yogi and he’d throw the ball away. Will S. was the best player on the floor. Crean pulled him out when things started working. I appreciate what the man has done. All year I read the criticism and wondered why people were saying he couldn’t coach. I cant defend tonight. That was horrible coaching. People will say the players have to hit shots. True…But the young guys have to be ready. They weren’t prepared. Bottom line.

  2. Do you think IU will hang another sorry sweet 16 banner and make another sweet 16 ring LOL! What a bunch of posers! They should put Sheehy’s crying face on a popcorn box. Vack to relevancy candy stripers! GO CATS!

  3. Ellis.. Cats Fans should stay home on this one. Robert Morris in the NIT isnt a very good omen. Itll be worse when you have to vacate the 2012 championship. Go home.

  4. Drake, you’re a loser. Oh how typical it was that you rushed to your computer to hate on Crean. Grow the f&#K up and realize what it has taken for Crean to re-build IU basketball.
    You will never accomplish anything in your life that comes remotely close to what
    Tom Crean has already accomplished at IU.

  5. There goes Crean’s Propaganda Machine.

    Podonke: you are as idiot as always. Carry on.

  6. My only question to Ellis is “How much is the NBA paying Calipari to run their “winter basketball camp”? To Drake …Ferrell Admitted not knowing what to expect..and how do you prepare for Guards that are 6inches taller and with airplane wings for arms.I cant see Yogi being a starter next year unless he improves his shooting

  7. Drake – Did Crean turn the ball over 19 times? Did Crean not use a shot fake and get blocked about 10 times as a 7 footer under the basket? I could go on… the fact is this was about execution, not game plan. CTC made several adjustments, one post up top, two post up top, switched to one side, run the baseline, etc. I saw quite a few adjustments to the zone, but the players flat out got out played. They couldn’t make a shot and turned the ball over too much. Its so easy for people to just blame the coach after a loss.

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