1. Well fellow fanatics, it’s time to see what we’re ALL made of….players, team, coach, and fans. Let’s do this & give it all we have!

  2. Crean coaches against Syracuse for 9 years in the Big East and this is the best IU can do to attack that zone? Also, Sweet 16 games are exactly where one should have Parea, Abel, and Hollowell playing early on. Obviosly they can still win but they shouldn’t be behind now. This story is getting old and it may eventually result in a different ending than Michigan and Temple. Like I said, I hope they win but this makes No Sense.

  3. crean doesn’t even have wings against the zone at all times. really bad idea. coach should keep sheehey in the middle since zeller won’t shoot that shot. zeller’s lack of post moves will cost us this game. 10 turnovers in 10 minutes?! ugh.

  4. Syracuse Abusing the guards……too small to shoot over them. 2013 recruits ..those that played wing in High School will have to move to guard in college…Stanford Robinson. f Jordan Hulls is 6 ft tall he’s lyiong on his profile and Zeller Blocked 3 times

  5. Completely dominated in EVERY phase of the game. This was an awful match-up for a tired, weak and a finesse team. Zeller abused physically. Guards as of right now, 3 min left, have 0 points. Hulls a non-factor as expected. Yogi is completely asleep. They are posting up our guards and just abusing them.

    Abused in all phases. Pathetic.

  6. Players suck, coaches suck, fans suck. After all the cocky $h1t talk this year and what you see is what you got…… NOTHING

  7. Wow, what a horrible performance. Hulls and Yogi had no business on the floor tonight. Yet, Crean kept playing them. I am done with Cody being fouled and no call. So is he; he will not return – NBA for him, and Oladipo. Rebuild again next year.

  8. Not the result any of us wanted, but still a great year. Thanks to these seniors for their hard work and dedication. Best of luck to them!

    Now let the speculation begin about next years roster…

  9. Again, say what you want about Crean, players, TOs, etc….

    The stats don’t lie & they tell the story:
    Syr. took 1 more shot than us, & hit 4 more shots than us (+ 8 pts).
    They hit the same # of FTs. (+0)
    They hit 1 more 3 (+ 3 pts). 8 + 3 = 11.
    61 – 50 = 11

    Their big guards executed tremendously. They dominated ours. 2 pts. from Remy Abel. wow. Hulls + Yogi = 0.

  10. Team stats from ESPN:

    Team Stats SYR   IND
    Shooting 21-48 (.438)   16-47 (.340)
    3PT Shooting 4-10 (.400)   3-15 (.200)
    Free Throws 15-20 (.750)   15-24 (.625)
    Rebounds 6-30   10-30
    Assists 4   8
    Steals 11   6
    Blocks 11   2
    Turnovers 14   17
    Fouls 17   18
    Largest Lead 18   1

  11. The Miami–Marquette Game right before this one in the same place was officiated exactly the same. A lot of contact with few whistles. If Crean and the players didn’t know that was coming, they should have.

  12. If anyone who supports IU BB thinks that Crean is the answer is on crack. Crean is a decent recruiter but that is all. He’s politically correct and clean cut. He doesn’t have a clue about coaching basketball. He wants force the ball inside against a team that out-mans them at nearly every position. This is one of the worst coaching jobs in the history of IU basketball. His entire strategy was WRONG! We were lucky Syracuse couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn or we would have lost by 40.

  13. Thank you Hoosiers. Just outplayed. Syracuse was better. No excuses. I will keep this brief, but Cody isn’t NBA ready. He just isn’t. More toughness needed. Kudos to Laffy on that. Vic, I can see improving each year in NBA.

    Thank you seniors for taking a chance on us, when Indiana wasn’t cool. Guess all their is to do, is go to bed with a broken heart. 🙁

  14. Can anyone answer why Hulls and Yogi played so many minutes tonight? Both were not effective and had no business playing. Could Crean not recognize and play Sheehey and Remy more? Sheehey was not awesome but pretty good tonight, a feature. Oladipo was alright. Cody? Man, please call a foul, but no intensity. I am vexed.

  15. Zeller needs to stay put. He is not ready for the NBA. He plays way too low for his size. He wasn’t getting the calls when he did his bull rush, throw the ball at the backboard move. He has a lot to learn. He couldn’t get a shot off tonight. I suggest staying Cody unless you are prepared to not play at all….

  16. joe- you couldn’t be more right. Cody does not play to his size. He should be muscling those guys out and taking control like he did to Meyers Leonard last year, but puzzlingly, he settles for trying to finesse shots and play like a 14 year old girl. He has regressed like many before him.

    Epic, colossal failure on the national stage tonight, people. No other way to describe it. Plenty of time to prepare for the fabled “zone” and yet….

    This will sting even more when Marquette beats Syracuse by 18.

  17. Cody is going to the NBA. Degree in hand, and why would he want to come back and play MMA without getting free throws. Thank you Seniors, yes, but where did you go? We were good on paper. Crean did not maximize our potential.

  18. The officiating did suck but that’s the new norm. Why on earth would you force the ball inside when you clearly do not have the manpower to play inside against superior ability.

    The bottom line is that Crean and his boneheaded staff had the worst game plan imaginable. Crean’s desire to play the NBA style is what got his butt beat. Indiana will never learn from this because Crean thinks he’s right but he’s not.

    A decent high school coach could have won this game without even trying hard.

  19. Sheehey = Lance Stemler with 10 times as many turnovers and an occasional highlight reel dunk.

  20. Steve in Ottawa, how could you compare Sheehey to Stemler? I can’t comment anymore; I am stunned. You are a dumbass.

  21. I would love Cody to stay, not realistic. Are our hopes best for us as IU fans, or best for him?

  22. Do you think you sorry IU folks will hang another week sweet 16 banner after getting destroyed as a #1 seed. Maybe make another ring? LOL! What would you expect from a bunch of candy stripers that cut down nets after being crushed by Ohio State at home . You breed mediocrity. Back to irrelevance candy stripers LOL! GO CATS! #BBN

  23. dkg- Lance averaged fewer points (no surprise with his flat shot) but did waaay less damage from turnovers. And might I mention, Lance was not as popular with the local Kilroys female groupies and I think that’s a positive.

  24. Me’s a thinking that “Marquette Mediocrity,” in the Crean sense, may be with us for the long haul….

    C’mon Kevin Wilson, it’s up to you to give us IU fans something to shout about again!!!

  25. Press conference is hard to watch. Are players required to participate? Not sure I would. Cody and Oladipo were asked point blank if they would return – They gave nice PR answers. I think gone.

  26. No doubt Oladipo leaves, lottery in hand. Deserves it, played his ass off all year until he couldn’t breath. He will be an NBA star if he keeps playing with that intensity.

    Zeller has to stay. His stock is down. His succumbing to the hack and foul are his own doing. He comes from 6-4, gets to about 6-8, then gets rejected. He’s soft, but with a bit more muscle in the form of his teammates, would be much more effective.

    2013 Starting line-up:
    Bench: Hollowell, Williams, Perea,

    We may actually be better next year. I see more players playing, contributing, and staying in 2014. I see a tougher group in this 5 – 8 w/o Watford & Hulls.

  27. Steve in Ottawa Sunday, March 24, 2013 – 5:17 PM UTC

    There, that takes care of the obligatory “close one” that every #1 seed has to have at some point along the way to greatness. The rest of the way should be easier.

    Dumbass, as someone correctly pointed out.

    Crean remains the Undisputed Clown of the Year.

  28. I sure am glad to see all you familiar names on here. I remember each and every one of your posts every week we were ranked #1, or took out a top ten team on the road, or won the Big Ten outright, or when we made the Sweet 16. Yeah. You sure had a lot to say then, didn’t you?

    It’s one thing for loyal fans to make angry, hasty comments in the immediate aftermath of a brutal loss. It’s another to only show up to rub salt in fresh wounds. Classy, guys. Real classy.

  29. Wow, so many losers and haters posting tonight.

    It was the wrong night to have a terrible game. Stop the Crean bashing, you morons, He’s our coach for another five years, at least. None of you have ever accomplished anything close to what Crean has accomplished at IU, and you ever will.

    We had a great season and we have another great class of recruits coming in. IU basketball is back, regardless of tonight’s disappointment..

  30. AZ, I do appreciate your stats and analysis. I’m just now coming out of the fog I’ve been in for the last few hours. To be honest, I don’t even remember too much of the game I was in such disbelief. It helps to have something to reference as I try to recount the game and put the shattered pieces of my psyche back together.

  31. Take that classless Losers and haters……. We’re “back” and on the highway to nowhere.

  32. The reality is this. This team – although accomplishing a lot considering where the program was 4 years ago – UNDERACHIEVED. Based on the talent we had versus the talent the rest of the country had. I don’t know about next year or any future years to come – but this 2013 year – IU had the best opportunity to be champions and didn’t come close.

    We lost 7 games. In all 7 games we were 5 1/2 to 9 1/2 point favorites to win. We were a #1 seed – # 1 team throughout the whole season and the champions of the best conference in the country.

    I think any rational person would agree anything less than at least a final 4 is an underachievement.

    This final – horrible – loss to a team that been crushed by Gtwn and LOST TO TEMPLE ( TEMPLE SCORED 83 ON THEM BY THE WAY ) – is a ungodly way to end this season. I assure you Syracuse isn’t winning this tourney or probably the next game.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team look so confused and overwhelmed by a zone. This same awesome zone that has netted Boeheim 1 title ( where they got a break by playing within an hour of home all three rounds with Carmelo ) in 40 years.

    I’m not sure why we changed everything we did all season to attempt to run a ( by the book – zone offense ) they we haven’t run all year. Or why we didn’t abandon it at half time or sooner. I think my biggest disappointment and last hope left during the Crean halftime interview where he said – ” It’s fine – we just need to get the ball inside more “. I think the female reporter asking him if he was going to make changes due to the lack of any effectiveness was kind of shocked ( as I was ) at his answer.

    It’s gut wrentching to think – when does IU football start.

    Final thought – If Crean had went less pc and went crazy over some none foul calls ( mostly on Cody ) in the act of shooting and got T’d up. It really may have assisted us greatly. Two positives could have come from it. Get the refs to blow the whistle ( probably get 20 more FT’S ) and hopefully light a fire under your team.

    Very happy where we came from 4 years ago – but the reality is we greatly underachieved this 2013 season.

  33. Let me say up front that I am not a fan of either team. However, anyone who is involved with coaching any type of high school, college or even a youth team can tell you why the officiating crippled IU and their chance to compete for the win in tonight’s televised game.

    Illustration: If a wide receiver’s hip is turned while attempting to make a catch, the referee will rule it “pass interference”! The reason is that turning a WR’S hip, just a fraction of a second before the ball reaches his hands, shifts him “off balance” and makes it nearly impossible for him to make that highlight catch.

    Tonight in the game, Syracuse followed the “silence of the whistles” cues and systematically increased the physicality of their play. They were allowed to lay on the backs of IU players underneath the hoop, until they were rolling over the backs of the young IU ballers and Knocking them to the floor.


    Alright, back to my hip turning illustration. College players are exceptional athletes and the teams playing at this stage of the season are the best of the rest, the cream that has risen to the top. However, as sensational as both the teams and athletes may be, they cannot score or convert shots into points consistently or with a very high percentage, while someone is laying on their backs or pushing them while they’re in the process of shooting toward the rim. IU shot a season low of 33% according to the post-game chatter.

    I don’t blame Syracuse but the refs should be ashamed of their performance because they became a factor in the game. Instead, they crippled the IU offense with their “anything goes” under the basket philosophy and robbed these young men of a fair and equal opportunity to move one game closer to being “NCAA National Champions”.

  34. Boeheim’s post game comment:

    “They never got the ball into the right places on our zone – it’s not easy – but it can be done – but they did not know how to do it”.

    Translation : How stupid is that IU staff – do they not have any game tape or know what they’re doing.

    Winners get the right to strut. I’d frame this in my coaching office if I were Crean and use it for motivation to improve and read it twice before every game plan in the future.

  35. As with most losses, this game was the result of a multitude of factors. Poor execution, horrible shooting, unfortunate officiating, careless passing, lack of effective in-game adjustments, and an opposing team that played exceptional defense with a dude having a career game on offense. Poor clock management with time winding down didn’t help, either.

    We looked tight early on, starting 0-4 from the field, 3-6 from the line, and had about six turnovers 5 minutes into the game. Dipo starting 1-4 from the line seemed to have a sobering effect on the team that we couldn’t shake until late in the first half.

    Our defense wasn’t bad, but were physically outmatched with our guards, and their bigger stronger guys were able to take advantage of those mismatches. Our mismatch should have been Cody inside, but that was neutralized by the refs allowing ‘Cuse to abuse him every time he touched it. The refs were consistent, but the way they called it certainly helped prevent us from doing what we wanted to do. When Cody was able to get off shots inside and/or get to the line, they didn’t go in. He made his only jump shot, but for whatever reason didn’t seem confident enough to take any more.

    I don’t know about Crean’s gameplan. He seems to think he knew how to attack it. Boeheim certainly knows it can be done (see IUGrad’s post in #47.) For whatever reason, it wasn’t working, and we couln’t adjust. I’m not smart enough about the X’s and O’s here, so I’ll leave this up for the more knowledgeable basketball guys to debate.

    I don’t think the effect of Yogi’s shakiness can be overstated. Jordy was clearly not going to be able to get his shot off much and he was a defensive liability due to size, but we needed to keep him in there for his (relatively) steady ball-handling toinght. Even when we were able to make a run and look like we might get back into it, Yogi’s horrible passes lead to turnovers that killed momentum.

    Sorry. Enough ranting for now. I’m sure there’s some work I’m supposed to be doing, anyway. Proud of our Hoosiers, but the sting of tonight’s loss is still fresh and powerful. Hopefully tomorrow will bring perspective.

  36. A top notch zone defense. If you can’t pass you can’t shoot from the outside causing the inside to be lost. Add in officials who thought the venues program read cage match and now you can’t win. Having watched JB’s zones for decades that was the very best I’ve seen. I rate this IU team 2 slight ticks above overachievers. My opinion from last year has changed, Watford is a baller. I’ll bet my silver watch Yogi pitches a tent in Cook Hall this off season.

  37. Interesting the hate directed at Will. I thought he was just only the guy we had that knew he was in a dog fight. If all our guys had played with Will’s intensity we might have had a shot. To bad his shot wasn’t falling, like everyone else, I liked the way he went after the Citrus.

    Even when we got within 6 it didn’t feel like we could close out.

    Nothing about the matchup was good for us. The length of their back court allowed a zone to effectively take away our three point game. The design of our offense simply isn’t effective against a zone that extends that far out when you have tiny guards. It was too easy to double and triple team Cody in the paint. Everyone looked tentative.

    Someone made light of a comment about watching the ’87 game. While it did seem a little ridiculous to look at a game from that far back the effectiveness of the high screens on the perimeter offense can’t be denied. It’s just not something that we do much of but I could certainly see it being effective against the ‘Cuse zone.

    The stats made it look like more of a nail biter than the game I saw. I thought we got our butts handed to us. Were the Hoosiers too soft? Bad game plan? Bad matchups? All of the above?

    I have no qualms about the officiating. We should have adjusted. It was a banger throughout.

    Boeheim certainly did the better coaching job. He should. He’s been there since Prohibition. That’s the price we pay for a high energy, up and coming, program builder kind of coach. I’ve said many times I don’t see him as a finished product, coaching wise. He’ll get better with experience. Boeheim did a terrible job in the ’87 game. Syracuse should have won that game. They absolutely fell apart in the second half.

    Mostly, I hate it for those kids. A kid like Jordy will be haunted by this for a long time. He had that banner hung in his mind. I see him joining the coaching staff just so he can be part of raising the next banner.

    It hurts. Life marches on. Go Florida Gulf Coat University.

  38. Yep. Yogi will come back with a vengeance. His performance last night will drive him, and he will be the best PG in the conference. Will will be camped out with with Yogi. My money is on Cody coming back, too, and he works on building strength to finish at the basket, and further developing (and actually implementing) his mid-range game. With Fischer, Vonleh, Hollowell, and an improved Hanner in the mix down low, Cody won’t have to camp out on the block as much, either. We’ll lose a lot of offense, and some great shooting, but we’ll also lose the susceptibility to long droughts when the outside shots just aren’t falling.

    Even though we fell short of our ultimate goal, this team will probably always be closest to my heart. It’s certainly the most special group I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. But we’ll have another special group next year, and for years to come. The future is bright for our Hoosiers.

  39. That should have read ‘Florida Gulf Coast University’.

    Did you all see the segment on their campus? It looked pretty nice. Their applications will skyrocket next fall. There’s a local girl down here who signed to play for them next year. Nobody knew where her new school was. Their women’s team actually had a better record than the men’s this year.

  40. FGCU is running into problems with the success. Trying to come up with enough money to keep the coach. Bout $150,000 now and hope to get him to $300,000. UCLA round 4 million? Plus the cost of the tourney run. Think they got something like $200,000 so far from the NCAA and their cost so far is double that. They did get some advance from their conference. Tough getting alumni money when their oldest grad is 37.

    Did not watch the last 7 minutes of the game last night. Last 5-6 games were ugly so I guess I should have seen this one coming. Feel bad for Cwat/Jordy and Elston. Ending on a sour note.

    Can’t wait for next year. My guess, both CZ and Vic will be gone. CZ getting beat on, might as well as make some money for the bruises.

    Only good news, it’s getting warm enough to ride.

  41. No offense against the zone ,too much dribbling and just dabbling around.Their guards just dominated ours, Yogi has got to learn that the high school guards he dominated are not the same in college, they are bigger and just as quick as he is.Any one who knows any thing about basketball knew what Syracuse was going to do and that was abuse our guards, and they did. Crean has a long way too go before he becomes a good coach they are not very smart

  42. “Someone made light of a comment about watching the ’87 game. While it did seem a little ridiculous to look at a game from that far back the effectiveness of the high screens on the perimeter offense can’t be denied.”- Chet.

    Yes, I was the one who brought up that Crean needed to look at the ’87 title game. He also could have looked at both halves of the L-ville – Syr. game. 1st half L-ville stunk…actually make that 30 min. Then the lights came on and they overcame an 18 pt. deficit with a ridiculous 42-6 run or something like that.

    When I was playing organized basketball, our team loved to see the 2 – 3 zone. Granted, this one is much longer, faster, and more like a match-up 2 – 3. But we attacked zones and loved them because they lit up the fast break.

    This is basketball 101. Knight wrote a book on it; “Attacking the Zone” I believe it is called. I’m going on Amazon and I’m going to have one sent to the coaching staff. No lie, I’m going to do it.

    First off, this match-up 2-3 is playing the 3 pt. line, something they did not do in 1987. So, I’ll give you scoffers that. But the concepts are exactly the same.

    This zone is beat by high ball screens run to the left or right.
    As the low wing defender comes to help off the ball screen there is an open pass to the corner available for a 3 or a baseline shot, if the baseline cutter is there on time.
    The screener then cuts to the bucket.
    The weak side offensive guard & forward cut to the top of the key & wing for an open shot.
    THIS zone is beat by treating it like a man-to-man, something we’ve perfected all year.
    All it takes is an offensive game plan focused on screens, cuts, and methodical timing on movements.
    It is amazing to me that Crean in his pre-game press conf. said ‘you can’t stand outside and pass the ball around the perimeter to beat this zone’. Yet that is exactly what happened! It’s maddening.

    Now you see why we couldn’t crack it? Because all year the offense, if not built upon a fast break after a TO, was running that weave above the 3 pt. line and occasionally passing it inside for a 1 on 1 play with Watford or Cody. Very, very, very few pick and roll plays at the high post.

  43. Indiana sucks…you know it and I know it! That was your chance candy stripers. It will never happen now. Lol! Go Cats!

  44. Boy I was really hoping to learn what shape the ball was. Even with high ball screens 1 long defender is replaced with another long defender. There is absolutely no way to compare size between the “87” Douglas/Monroe/Triche and the “13” Triche/Williams/Fair. Ask Marquette how to beat that zone.

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