1. Is it just me or has Watford gotten lazy in his play. He’s horrible, no energy. He needs to not start next game and watch for a while. Soft.

  2. You are about 3 yrs late to the discussion David. Wait until ESPN vs. a top 15 team on Tues. He’s not “lazy”, just conserving his energy.

    That’s quite a half we haven’t seen all year, but it is a classic case of being locked in to 1 thing & totally forgetting others, such as shooting. Including FTs.

  3. Now I’m totally convinced. Just watched a sequence at the 17:00 mark…lazy to the ball, loped down the floor, no effort on the defensive rebound. He needs to sit. We need Elston’s energy. Crean has to see it. He’s lazy.

  4. You should then be a coach David. You are watching ths game from courtside correct? lol Guys have off games in case you were unaware of the fundamentals of the game. Whatford has been a rockstar the past few games, yes, slow production tonight, I saw a big time block he had to keep Iowa from an easy bucket, let’s just bench him. Your misperception is exactly why your watching this game on tv and posting from your home & Coach Crean is on the sidelines coaching one of the very best college bb teams in the country.

  5. This is not on Watford. Look at our free throw and shooting percentages this team was not focused and prepared. This performance is on CTC.

    It’s a win but these performances are why no one sees us as a championship front runner.

  6. Just turned off a ‘it was ugly but it was a win’ IU game and watched the last 3-4 minutes of the Bedford North girls team (with Damon Bailey’s daughter Alexa) win their state Championship game by 3 points.

    Indy Star had front page Sports coverage about Bailey and daughter. HT – nothing.

    Becoming a fan of girls basketball.

  7. Huh? And exactly who you talking about when you say “no one” sees us as a championship front runner? Nearly every college basketball analyst I’ve seen on ESPN, on Sporting News says otherwise, for both the Big 10 title & The National title,, so where you getting your “no one” information? This is not the “undefeated” team of 76. Did you post comments after the MSU game at MSU? How about OSU at OSU? A lackluster game, but more importantly it was another BIG10 W!!!!! The ft percentages have been outstanding the past few games, including the 12 or so in a row at MSU to close out the game. Do you base your entire seaons perception on this one game, where were ya during those stretches?

  8. Don’t see it being on CTC’s shoulder. How do we know how ‘focused & prepared’ the team was prior to the game. It was another off night and we again played to the level of Iowa. Ugly by both teams. Coach can preach all he wants but the players need to respond.

  9. CWat and Jordy go 0 for 15 while everyone else is missing free throws and we win by 13.

    Yeah, CTC slept through this one.

  10. CTC talked about the team’s concentration level during the game and nothing is more indicative of concentration than free throw shooting and we were awful. Without their point guard and playing on the road we should have put Iowa away by 30+ early on.

    We were “off” against Minne and now we are “off” again, a third time in a row against O$U on Tuesday will cause many to rethink their plans for Atlanta.

  11. Dear Lord in heaven. #20 Butler got squashed like a bug by an unranked team, #21 ND lost by 12, #18 St L beat a losing team by 8, #14 beat a nobody by 11, #13 an unranked team by 3, #10 wins by 5, #3 wins by 3, #11 loses to an unranked team by 5.

    Get a grip. We beat a Big Ten team by 13. We’re not gonna beat everybody by 30. The ’76 team didn’t beat everybody by 30.

  12. Chet – we play the game for championships now. It’s a completely different mindset. Do you think last year’s UK team would have been satisfied with that win? We play like we did the last two games against a VCU or Miami in the tourney and we get drilled.

    If you’re happy with good enough like today’s game then feel great about your shared B1G title and sweet sixteen loss but guys like me, Dustin, Jeremy and Geoff want championships!

  13. I am surprised you have not given up on watching the sport since 1987 then, because that has to be a whole lot of disappointment. Outside of national championships, which Indiana is averaging one every 15 years or so, I enjoy watching Big Ten titles be claimed, wins against rivals like UK, Purdue, and Ohio State, witnessing two Wooden Award candidates (Zeller and Oladipo) playing on my favorite team at the same time, and improbable Sweet 16 runs.

    And who the hell cares about last year’s UK team? Most of them could not wait for the season to get over fast enough so they could jump to the NBA.

    And seriously, if Indiana plays like they did @ Ohio State, @ Michigan State, home against North Carolina, @ Purdue, home against Michigan, home against Michigan State, on and on and on with good wins I could name, no one in the country stops Indiana. No one. They have played far more good games than “bad” games this year, or else that 25-4 record is awfully deceiving.

  14. The focus was on defense, and IU did well defending tonight. But the missed FTs, the bad outside shooting, and some really stupid fouls suggests to me they’re a bit tired. May they’re both physically (it’s the legs) and mentally tired. Maybe they need a day or two off so that they can catch their second wind and get their legs back underneath them.

    Ugly win, but a win none the less.

  15. Had to work and didn’t get a chance to watch the game, but based on highlights, recaps, and comments it seems that way too many people are upset about a solid BIg Ten win. From the way it sounds, it wasn’t a matter of preparation or effort. Just bad shooting. My guess is that we were fortunate to have an off night against a good-but-not-great, albeit inferior team, and the results might have been different against a Michigan or an MSU. But the results speak for themselves. I’m happy for the win, and it seems to speak volumes that we could shoot so horribly and still win by 13 on a tournament worthy Iowa squad.

    Again, take my comments for what they’re worth– which usually isn’t much– since I didn’t get to watch the game itself. But relax, people. There won’t be many nights where we shoot this poorly. Hopefully we got it out of our system. On to Ohio State.

  16. Yuck,Iowa remimded me of old Keady PU teams.half the talent,twice the energy,pull,push,grab,hack beat you up.These last two games were survival contests.Next two we are again playing skill teams.Scores near 80,basketball like you see in the tournament.Love this team,can’t stand watching them have to play this kind of ball.Z and Watford got held on soooo many rebounds,sickening….

  17. Jeremy/Dustin I need to apologize about the Bedford article. Friday was the day the machine would not eat my quarters, so never saw the paper. Should have known you guys would be on that story. Hate it when my mouth works before my brain.

    Got to admit I got a little misty-eyed watching those girls celebrate their state championship.

  18. Last night could have been Cody’s break-out game.

    22 points..missed 8 free throws =30 points. Missed what 6 field goals? Make five of them and have = 40 points. Probably what, 8-10 fouls on him not called. Hit half those and have = 45 points.

    Could’a, would’a, should’a.

    That game is gonna come one of these days.

  19. Chet, that was great ammo you put forth there, with which I agree. The landscape in a bigger picture.

    This was the type of game proving when you can’t win by neon bright offensive #’s and %’s you damn sure have to with “D”. Maybe the kind of grind it out, tough it out win needed. I am pleased as hell, we aren’t the Boilmakers.

  20. That 25-4 record is deceiving.

    Since you have memory problems, let me remind you we had one of the softest pre-Big 10 schedules in the country.

    And we hard “one bad game” about 15 times because we looked horrible quite a bit, especially if it was a physical team.

    People brag, “All the sports writers think we’re going to win it” and point to that as proof as to how good we are, but when they all say, “Zeller is soft and isn’t playing near to what he can”, those same people say the media is clueless and has no idea what they’re talking about.

    And if they are “tired” now, we’re screwed.

  21. Aruss, when Kaintuck dropped the tourney game to Vandy last year everyone in their program expressed a collective, “So what?”

    So, yeah, I know Kentucky would have been satisfied with last night’s win (or a corresponding win over Vandy). They were satisfied with a loss to Vandy in their conference tournament according to their coach.

    Margins of victory mean nothing…zip…zero…nada. All that matters is that W.

    The history of college basketball is littered with team that beat everyone on their schedule by 30 and then come home without a title (remember the Houston and UNLV teams that were considered unbeatable because of their margins of victory?).

    I don’t care about the details, just bring home that W.

  22. A short Indiana High School BB note.

    Martinsville boys beat Terre Haute North Fri -overtime.
    Mooresville beats Terre Haute South in double overtime.

    Sat Martinsville beats Mooresville – overtime.

  23. Soft pre-B1G conference schedule? Tell me more. We have 1 less loss and 2 more wins than anyone else in the conference. No softness to concede.

  24. Our pre-Big Ten schedule was ranked about 288.

    I always thought IU fans were more sophisticated than just looking at number of wins as to gauge how a team is doing.

    Guess not.

  25. …and sophisticated IU fans know 288 has absolutely 0 to do with a conference leading 13-3…

  26. Real… What do you make of our NATION LEADING 7 wins against the RPI top 25?

    No one else has more than 5…

    If we are beating more really good teams than anyone else in the country then why is our record deceiving?

  27. Cody’s break out game? He’s been here for almost 2 years, a break out game should have already happened. It’s simply a game that the opponent did not have a quality player to defend him.

  28. Well, I think that is padded with the “Big Ten is the best conference” baloney.

    All we heard was how “awesome” the Big Ten is while how “awful” the ACC is yet we tied them in the Challenge.

  29. First, I agree with Podunker that what I saw last night was as near an ’empty tank’ as one could imagine or, more rationally expect. On top of the normal wear and tear exhaustion (hey, you guys chose to ‘play’ basketball in Indiana,(we are serious folks when it comes to our folklore) I suspect that- given the empty-chested vaudeville we put on at Minnesota- practice prior to Iowa was somewhere close to POW survival training-. I even thought you could see it in the physical demeanor and the blank stares in the eyes.

    And, I suspect that film watching was long and painful, the ‘positive’ replaced by tension and commands for inner search.

    That allows me to say ‘good, they earned every bit of it and left some balance on the credit card. We will definitely find out against Ohio State if this team represents Hoosiers or if they are a team that will be remembered as just another ‘nice’ team on the list that lacked a ‘something’.

    Perhaps earlier it was ‘fun’ to count how many top tens we beat, or how many B1C away or how an ‘also getting votes’ like Georgetown (they’re good aren’t day?) almost clipped us. Now…people are saying things (no sarcasm here) like ‘we play and expect championships”. Personally, (I emphasize personally) I expect us to play well, focused and always with heart, pride and integrity (of effort)consistently without showing inner weakness. The rest, maybe yes, maybe no (the other guy has something to say as well)…always, this is about who we are.

    Relax guys; at this point the only thing at stake is our self worth, our virility, whether anyone will ever love you enough to have kids with you and how we are remembered by our ancestors and future descendants (who will inherit the same DNA)for eternity.

  30. Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the house again, Jack the ‘Hoosier’ Ripper returns.

  31. Geoff, that’s where the statement that one can say whatever they want to say using numbers (in other words, though badly stated, ‘numbers lie’) originates.

    It’s also why they play the game, why they’ve grown the tournaments and why we go nuts in March.

    Just a thought; I love numbers as a basis for a question. But every question should lead to another question. Right now, all the number questions are trumped by the one never answered: Minnesota- 22 offensive rebounds. What it does suggest is ‘where will we make up a differential like that in 2 or 3 of the tournament games to come?

    Another question. Hulls 0-whatever, CW 0-whatever. Our ‘planning’ will have to account for those numbers reappearing as well.

    Numbers are great. They are a language of inquiry. But they only trigger study and thinking. They provide no definitive answers, only critical questions.

  32. Wisconsin loses to Purdue by 13 at home, on Senior Day, in front of a packed house. And it should have been much worse than 13. Purdue shot FTs worse than IU did against Iowa. At one point in the second half, I think they missed five or six FTs in a row, most of which were the front end of one and ones.

    Crazy Big Ten season, to the point where I’m going to say something never said before and never thought I would ever say. Thank you Purdue. By defeating Wisconsin, you make IU’s record in the Big Ten look all the better.

    Will Michigan beat MSU at home?

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