IU announces Remy Abell to transfer

Indiana just issued a press release announcing sophomore guard Remy Abell will transfer.

The release reads:

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that sophomore guard Remy Abell will transfer to a school where he can increase his playing time.

“Remy has been an outstanding citizen and a solid player for us the past two years,” said Crean. “He indicated to us that he would like to look to go to a program that has a different style of play and one where he can get more playing time.”

During his career with the Hoosiers, the Louisville Eastern High product has averaged 3.5 points in 10.7 minutes of action per game.

“Being at Indiana has been the best two years of my life,” said Abell. “I love the school, the program, the fans and I want to thank everyone for their support. The coaching staff has been great to me and I couldn’t ask to have had better teammates while I was here. I am going to miss everyone, but I just feel at this time a fresh start and new opportunities are what is best in following god’s plan for me.”


  1. Best of luck to you Remy, but staying at IU next year also seems to be a great opportunity for more playing time. No Hulls, no Olidipo…seems to equal more playing time for Mr. Abell. Hmmm…Jaren Sina to sign with IU?

  2. That is absolutely bad news, unexpected and I hate to hear it. I thought Remy was a player with a great contribution to make to the Hoosiers.

    This is a big loss in terms of next year and in terms of the program.

  3. I think Stanford was going to severely impact his minutes… He is a very solid and I believe mentally ready to contribute as a freshman. Just a guess though, and now we’ll never know.

    Good luck Remy. Thanks for your timely buckets.

  4. Very much good luck Remy. Your contribution over the last two years has been a great one. You earned the respect of many, many Hoosier fans.

  5. If you followed Remy on Twitter, you’d know he’s a high character guy and a big loss for team chemistry. If you read his tweets prior to this announcement, you know this was weighing on his mind and you hope he finds a perfect fit in another school because he deserves it.

    I can understand being a competitive athlete and wanting to play more and in an odd way it’s a positive sign for the program that a player like Remy who has made steady progress in his development can see the writing on the wall with the talent coming in. While I was looking forward to see what he adds to his game this summer, I know Stanford Robinson is going to be a breakout star next year thanks to his year at prep school in Vegas.

  6. Genuineness and a good heart…My underdog. My Bob Love…My Ernie Banks…My Roberto Clemente…My Fergie Jenkins….My Steve Downing. All about doing more for the team and for the fans. Unselfish and decent. Rare breed in this world of headline thieves and those with nothing but a thirst for the “everything about me” showboat mentality infecting every level of every sport.

    In a world of self-promotion, righteousness, arrogance, and gloat, it is a young man like Remy that I so wish could be ‘my Indiana.’ He walks alone. He lifts my faith.

    Brokenhearted Hoosier today. We let the best of example not feel those values meant something.

    One final Remy Remix.

  7. Classy statement by Remy. This is 1 of the reasons I am so pleased we have a coach who recruits 365. More, better talent in the pipeline. The team of 13-14 will sure look different. POTFB!

  8. You are glad we have a coach that recruits 365? The reason Remy is leaving is because he recruits and signs kids when we don’t have space. Then he has to get rid of people. And seeing how this year ended, it doesn’t seem to be a recipe for success. If he couldn’t win with the squad he had this past season, how is he with a bunch of freshmen every year? Not liking where the program is heading….

  9. Mike liked it when knight had a bunch of crappy players sitting around watching a couple of studs for the last 8 years. Nobody is getting pushed out. If your going to transfer you have to do it now. I think he thought about it last year, but gave it another whirl. I wish him luck. He has an outstanding human being.

  10. Regardless of my personal belief of playing time and style, I wish Remy nothing but the best. I think he’ll be a great all-around player if he gets his shot to drop consistently. Good luck Remy. Thanks for playing hard for us.

  11. Smart move by Remy. He’ll land somewhere where he can be a star and get lots of playing time. That was never gonna happen at IU.

    He’s got two years of eligibility. He’ll transfer, practice for a year, and hit the ground running. Geoff is right, we’ve got players coming in that, at best, he’d have to share time with. He’s good enough to be some other school’s starting point guard. He deserves that shot.

    Classy kid. Thanks for being a Hoosier. I’ll follow your career wherever you go.

  12. Mike, our coach did not push Remy out the door as you seem to imply. Any coach worth his salt will try to better his program every year by aggresively recruiting the best players possible. Coach did not “get rid of Remy” as you stated, Remy could see the handwriting on the wall by acknowledging the ammount of talent coming in next year. Remy is all that is good about college atheletes, working hard and being a great team player. He simply wanted more playing time and could see that his oppritunities here were going to become harder to come by with the influx of talent next year! I personally hope that our coach keeps recruiting the way he does, we have atheletes coming in that will keep our style of play at a very exciting level. Would you rather our coach recruited the type of player that is continuing to be recruited by the coach in West Lafayette, I think not! What was their record this year? Good luck to Remy in the future.

  13. So, Harvard, just to get this straight:

    — Cody and Vic leave to pursue their personal goals, and you deride them as “dollar chasers” who care more about themselves than the team.

    — Remy leaves to pursue his personal goals, and you eulogize him as “all about doing more for the team and the fans. Unselfish and decent.”

    Since Remy himself described his time here as the best 2 years of his life and said he had great support from both the fans and his teammates, perhaps he does not have quite the selflessness or regard for others you ascribe to him. Or perhaps Cody and Vic aren’t so awful after all. Or both.

  14. Cody always struck me as a very selfless, team-oriented player… Pretty sure he wasn’t calling the editors of SI asking them to do a cover story on him. Is he supposed to say no to interview requests? If he did, wouldn’t that be a detriment to the future success of the program? Would Remy not gladly pose for the cove of ESPN The Mag if he were asked in 2 years? People like to bang on Sheehey because of his antics, but is he not the epitome of unselfish by accepting and thriving in his role as 6th man for 2 years even though he could have been a starter most places?

    IU has a lot of quality kids. I’d say all of them. I’m not ashamed of a single Hoosier from the last couple years, nor do I think any of them will disappoint me down the road (a la Devan Dumes). Crean is recruiting good people, and good students, with great basketball skill. No reason to take any parting shots.

  15. Dustin – will losing Remy hurt our preseason ranking? Someone mentioned Jay Bilas has us ranked #10 on his preseason Bilas inex.

  16. Thanks Remy for the 2 great years we were able to have you as part of our team. You are truly what an IU basketball player should be. Best of luck to you in the future.

  17. Geoff, I agree with your entire post. I don’t like turning athletics into a morality tale, and we know that none of these players are saints. But there is all kinds of evidence that all our players are, within the normal bounds of human imperfection, genuinely decent people. They all graduate, some of them early and/or with multiple degrees, and some with academic honors. I don’t know any of them personally, but I have had the chance to interact with a number of them at public events, and they are invariably polite and accommodating. So far as we know, none of them have had legal troubles. There is no reason to do anything but root for all of them, even those who leave us early.

  18. Sucky Crean preparing the Hoosier Faithful for a new year full of “We are too young! There’s no leadership on the court!” excuses. It’s all because of that darn Jeff Meyer.

  19. Hard to be successful when you lose good “glue guy” veterans unless you have a plethora of top ten freshman joining the program. Just ask UK about this year.

  20. No morality tale here..Crean turns athletes that aren’t his “chosen one” favorites into “mortality” tales.

    Scholarship vs. number of spots on roster? If you can’t match it, you must pull out the hatchet. Remy merely saw the Bobby Capo and Matt Roth writing on the wall. He saw the best post player in 20 years to put on a Hoosier uniform decide he didn’t want to be part of a banner run.

    Crean feels much more loyalty to his “chosen one” choir boys(Jonny “Passion of the Marvavich” Marlin or his next best thing coming down the Jersey pipeline.

    And Sheehey? What on earth could motivate him to leave? He’s Fabio on campus. Beautiful Indiana coeds on every corner..They probably have to take a waiting list number at Fabio’s dorm room door.

    And do you honestly believe any of the A-Hope projects will be forced out during a scholly crunch?

    You can’t force out projects from war-torn or impoverished lands…You can’t force out cripples or the kid with the broken foot that initiated “the Movement”…You can’t force out your latest angel of white walk-on that will lead sermons and prayers before tip-off. So who’s first off the roster when the numbers don’t fit? Where does Crean aim his hatchet? Just ask Ron Patterson. It’s always going to be the most politically correct choice on the chopping block.

    Remy wasn’t the same player in the last half of the season. This has been in the works. He saw Crean polishing his blade. He felt it coming. When there is zero loyalty and a distorted hierarchy system of PT based on many variables outside the realm of your pure basketball skills and potential, it puts tightness into your game and strips the joy of playing for your teammates and the Indiana on the uniform.

  21. With Remy out, now the hatchet is engraved with a new name…

    Watch your back, Austin. You’re the next politically correct move. Cody is no longer here to protect your roster spot. Best you start looking at Ball State or Evansville. Sweeney Tom is coming.

  22. Harvard,

    In the interest of accuracy… Marlin is not a scholarship player, so he would not have been a concern anyway. Please leave him off your example list in future rants.

  23. My guess is that Jonny “The Passion of the Maravich” will be on scholarship very soon.

    Watch your back, Austin. The Establishment hatchet is being engraved.

    In the interest of accuracy, watch this video.

    And to think how Bobby C could have helped on the boards, banged inside, and hit a couple 25 ft daggers over the Cuse zone…? And to think what spark Matt Roth could have offered. pumped in some 30 ft. bombs, instead of having Jonny on the bench rubbing his prayer beads…?

    Remy understands how political correctness works in the land of the holier-than-thou and the hatchet.

  24. correction: In the interest of accuracy, watch this video.

    ….and try not to completely crack up.

    Remy forever.

  25. Have you even looked at what Capo did in Valpo’s game in the NCAA? He was terrible so
    please don’t think he would have helped when he can’t even start at a place like Valpo and only logged 16 minutes a game. He left just like Remy left because better players cut their PT. He wanted to leave to go somewhere he could start and that was never going to happen at IU the next 2 years with the guards we have coming. He made a good decision for Remy not for IU and I hope he fines a place where he can start.

  26. Harvard did you lose intelligence with your last bowel movement??? Remy saw that( with the Syracuse fiasco and short guards)Will could be moved into the #2 guard slot.Robinson;HMP,Vonleh, and Fischer–Remy would have been the 6th man and for him to get a chance to pursue a Pro career either NBA or in Europe he needed more playing time amd he wasnt going to get zthat

  27. What is your obsession now with Marlin. He has nothing to do with any scholarship issue and nothing to do with Roth. Marlin was not on the team this year…

    At least try to stick to known, irrefutable facts when your making up your scenarios… Unless you don’t care if even one single person takes you seriously and your just posting to read yourself.

  28. if a returning junior with considerable playing time under his belt doesn’t believe he can beat out incoming freshmen then maybe he should leave. my guess is there was something behind the scenes that prompted his quitting the team. his cookie-cutter form resignation letter provided no clue. perhaps he’s just looking for a coach who can teach him to shoot a proper jump shot.

  29. Just watched Sina highlights. Looks like a 100 other kids I’ve seen and played against. Shocked he’s getting high major offers. Doesn’t look like he has D1 athletic ability, so unless he’s just an absolute elite shooter, a la Hulls, I have a hard time believing he can contribute. I’d rather have Remy any day, so I hope this isn’t playing into his decision.

    I’d also rather recruit strong for 2014 than take a kid this year that will clog things up down the line…

  30. Harvard,

    Your way off. RonB hit it right on the head. He wasn’t forced out. Remy made an educated decision, and left. Saw the writing on the wall. I don’t blame him. Remy is still developing as a player. Had Remy stuck out his origional commitment to Bradley, he would be starting, and still evolving as a player. He still will be, wherever he decides to go.

    Bobby C? Give me a break. At this point, he would play clean up at the end of blowouts, at our current state. He wouldn’t be banging bodies with Big 10 teams, much less hitting jumpers.

    This team is evolving. Coach Crean knows what he is doing. I agree with Geoff, and rather pass up on Sina, and save it for an elite player.

    Coachv, nobody quit. It’s called making an educated decision. Crean is a great teacher. I’ll pass along your résumé though. Maybe you can teach the art of shooting the rock better. 🙂

  31. Good luck Remy. Enjoyed having you as a Hoosier. I know your talents, and belief in GOD will get you far in life. Whoever gets you will be very very fortunate. I will continue to support you. 🙂

  32. All of us fans, arm chair coaches, etc. can speculate and express our opinions until our proverbial tails fall off. The bottom line is Remy is gone. None of us are privy to what happens behind the scenes, etc. There are a myriad of reasons why Remy might be transferring. All I know is what’s done is done. I appreciate all Remy did for the Hoosiers and wish him the best of fortunes moving forward.

  33. Gosh Harvard, if you can’t stand the way CTC ‘runs off’ players you must have really despised RMK. Coach Crean isn’t in the same galaxy as RMK in terms of players leaving the program.

  34. He had defensive skills but was spotty on offense. It will hurt depth definitely. I wonder since the release was made from California if he is considering UC-Davis. He had committed to Bradley before Jim Les got fired then scrambled to find new place to go and picked IU. Les went to UC-Davis. Maybe his style and playing time intrigues him. Anyway I wish him good luck.

  35. Well, I will never know the true reason – just smells fishy to me, given the Ron Patterson situation this past year. (Everybody was here at school and they were one over — he was going to have to get rid of someone or pull a scholly.) If he really did recruit over because he knew this was going to happen, then fine, I have no problems with it. I just don’t believe it…..

  36. All this love for Austing Ethrington is puzzling. The dude could hardly play on two good knees. The first name that came to my mind each time a transfer was mentioned, it was him.

    Harvard for Hyperbole is the Stephen A Smith of this place. Bobby Capobianco got the shaft? We could have used him? It would have been really interesting seeing him up against your boyfriend Mitch McGary as well as Nix, Payne and Mgbakwe.

    Anyway, sorry to see Remy go. I like him. Good luck in your future, Remy.

  37. “Unless you don’t care if even one single person takes you seriously and your just posting to read yourself.” Bingo, Geoff! You hit it on the head.

    Harvard comparing Remy Abell to Bob Love, Ernie Banks, Roberto Clemente, Fergie Jenkins and Steve Downing. Well, they are all certainly good men, but that is, once again, way off the rails. Just a slight difference in talent and accomplishment between Remy Abell and any of those men.

    Don Quixote rides again.

  38. People on this site that automatically ascribe the worst motives to Tom Crean when a player transfers remind me of delusional old women sitting around gossiping about their neighbors. “Oh dear, did you hear what Tom Crean made that poor baby do? How mean and cruel it is that big, bad and evil Tom Crean ran that fine young man off IU’s campus and forced him to transfer to another school. That is just heartbreaking. Clearly the young man’s life is ruined now.”

    As if Remy Abell, or any other player that has transferred had no say in the matter. Sounds to me as if Remy made the decision, that it was his choice, that he had nothing but good things to say about IU, the basketball coaches, and that the “two best years of his life” were spent as part of Tom Crean’s IU basketball team. But obviously, Remy Abell was forced to lie about all that.

    But the old ladies simply know better. They know the real truth, and the truth is that Tom Crean is diabolical, mean, manipulative, selfish and has absolutely no compassion for his players. They know that every player that transfers from IU was driven off, and that Tom Crean is so smart and so devious that he can manipulate these men into making these really slick, overwhelmingly positive comments about their experience at IU. But these old ladies know that in fact, every player that transfers hates IU, and especially hates the coaching staff. They know that every player that transfers from IU was a great talent, that under any other coach, those players would have been superstars and led IU to another championship, and that Tom Crean has ruined these young mens’ lives. They also know that Tom Crean is the only college basketball coach in America that ever loses players to a transfer.

    Wow, how ironic that a man often described by his critics as “a clown” is so smart that he can manipulate so many people into doing and saying exactly what he wants them to do and say! How ironic that a fine young man of faith like Remy Abell would choose to lie about this decision.

  39. But the old ladies simply know better.

    You should know because you yourself are one.

    The only one around here, actually.

  40. Wow, how ironic that a man often described by his critics as “a clown” is so smart that he can manipulate so many people into doing and saying exactly what he wants them to do and say!

    As a coach he is a clown. As a manipulative bitch he’s pretty good: how else did he get this job? (Not by what he knows about a 2-3 zone, that’s for sure!)

    Podunker, you and Chet: the village idiots.

  41. Wow, that’s taking cowardice to a new level by not even providing a screen name.

    So, let me get this straight. Tom Crean, as a coach, is a clown. But as a recruiter and administrator he’s a “manipulative bitch?” Hey, that’s some solid logic! I feel a bit overwhelmed to be in dialogue with such a mature and intelligent authority on the subject of college coaching. Given the number of players IU football has lost to transfers over the last two years, Wilson must also be a “manipulative bitch.” Glass must really like to hire manipulative bitches to be head football coaches.

    Given that Bob Knight inherited a relatively stable program at IU, but experienced a far greater number of transfers throughout his tenure as Iu’s coach, was Bob Knight a bigger “manipulative bitch” than Tom Crean? Or is it O.K. if players transfer away from IU as long as the coach wins National Championships once every decade or so?

    Hey, here’s a novel thought. Maybe athletes have the ability to recognize when other players are more talented and conclude that they are not good enough to be starters on a certain team. Maybe the style of play on team A does not suit their skill set, or maybe they want to play closer to home. And maybe, after thinking it over and discussing with family and friends, they choose to transfer because they think they’d be happier, more successful or get more playing time at another school. Maybe they have free will, a brain and the intelligence to determine what’s best for their futures. And just maybe, Tom Crean understands their desire to transfer and does everything he can to help them make a successful transition.

  42. It never ceases to amaze me how some folks treat these young fellas, who are smart enough to qualify to play for a Big Ten program, as if they are mentally deficient nine-year-olds.

    Now, I understand some of the posters are just kids themselves but I’d just ask, would my own kids understand the ramifications of their actions?

    In pretty much all instances I’d have to go with, of course they would.

    I may be a village idiot to a nameless coward but one of my former players just took a job as a coach for the Miami Dolphins at age 26. What are your bona fides, coward boy?

  43. Podoink, rankings are meaningless when you’re a manipulative b—-. If you are one it’s enough. I don’t care if Crean Tom Coach is the biggest or the smallest such b—-. I do care that he know basketball. As a coach he’s a clown. Comparisons with RMK are ridiculous: RMK as a coach was superlative and by comparison Crean Tom Coach doesn’t even exist.

    Here’s the latest tweet from the aforementioned clown:

    Tom Crean ‏@TomCrean 17h

    “Talent Wins Games but it’s Teamwork and Intelligence that Wins Championships.” Michael Jordan.

    To which someone replied:

    @TomCrean, and Jeff Meyer destroys programs, no?

    The clown deleted the tweet. Ostrich policy. Certified clown.

  44. Dumb and cowardly at the same time. Congratulations, you’ve set a new low for trolls on the Hoosier Scoop by referencing another troll using Twitter.

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