Abell commits to Xavier

In his four years at Xavier, coach Chris Mack has developed a solid reputation for developing guards, especially those who can take the ball to the rim. Remy Abell, who is transferring after two seasons at Indiana, decided Mack’s sort of coaching and style of play was exactly what he was looking for.

Abell announced via text message Friday that he decided to transfer to Xavier after narrowing his list to also include St. Louis and St. Mary’s. He took visits to both Xavier and St. Louis in the past week.

“They’ve got winners over there,” Abell said of Xavier. “They use ball screens well, they play uptempo. That’s my kind of basketball. I feel really great about everything over there.”

Though the recruiting process was quick, Abell said he developed a good relationship with Mack.

“We connected very well and very quickly,” Abell said. “He’s been through some things like I have in terms of the transfer situation. He knows where I’m coming from and what I’m looking for, and he’s a great coach. I feel very confident that he has a great plan for me.”

Abell averaged 4.0 points in 12.5 minutes per game this season, often as Indiana’s first reserve off the bench. With the graduation of Jordan Hulls and the early NBA draft entry of Victor Oladipo, Abell was expected to see more minutes in 2013-14, but felt he needed a new start.

In Xavier, he will join another loaded backcourt and will have to work hard for minutes when he becomes eligible after a transfer season. Freshman point guard Semaj Christon led this year’s 17-14 Xavier squad with 15.2 points per game. Sophomore Dee Davis, who won two state championships at Bloomington South, averaged 8.2 per game this season. Both will still have eligibility when Abell returns to play.

“I can’t wait to play with them and get to know them,” Abell said. “We’ll definitely do some damage when I get there.”


  1. Good luck to you Remy. Nothing wrong with wanting to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond. I hope it works out the way you want it to.

  2. Abell’s choice of transfer schools doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense – “In Xavier, he will join another loaded backcourt and will have to work hard for minutes when he becomes eligible after a transfer season.” Well, Remy maybe you can be the next Jordan Crawford at X…good luck!

  3. Good move for him and one that Tommy C will regret in the long run Hoosier fans. This is an example of why Crean will never deliver the Big Banner you Hoosier Fans so desperately covet.

    Lets flash back to the Game Vs my Orange. The 4th best team in the Big East. Now I know you’ll come back with a Hillbilly reply such as “Hey man! The orange were a final four team Man!”. Yes they were..But they went through the Weakest Competition and when they finally faced a solid team in Michigan they buckled at the knees. Hoosier Fans this loss was purely a coaching mistake. Or Mistakes. Whichever you choose. Lets look at the Facts;

    Your midget point guard was getting ate up by the length of The CUSE, what does Tommy C do? He leaves him in with that other midget ya’ll call Hulls. They are getting torn up! Slammed, beaten to a pulp. What does Tommy Do…He puts in Remy A!!! & Will Sheehey. Now this duo was finally pulling close. I believe they got within 6 maybe? So what does Tommy C do? He shows his over loyalty and lack of in game coaching ability and puts the Dynamic midgets back in the game. Loyal to a default. Lack of the ability to make the right choices when its all on the line.

    Why would Remy Stay. That was proof enough that Crean doesn’t care about winning at all costs. He cares about the recruiting promises he made more than he cares about whats going to win that game on that night.
    Remy is better off leaving. And I am laughing at all of you when I drop in a read your posts about next year. There is no way in heck Tommy C is going to lead you back to the tournament this year.

    This will be an NIT season at best. How many games did he win pre Zeller? HA HA!!!! Post Zeller is worse friends. I say 19-15 and an NIT semi final finish at best. He will have them wearing Sweet 16 rings again in two years though. But you are dooomed to Sweet 16’s as long as he is there. Its so sad to watch the house that Bobby Built stoop to being satisfied and disillusioned.

    After 6 -7 years people will call for his head and thats when Brad Stevens will finally bring you hoosier faithful back to copmpete with the CUSE! Good luck Remy. Gordon will do his best to push your former team to the NIT while you’re dancing in April.

  4. Mr. ORS. I will save this message until next year so you will remember your words so you can eat crow when the Hoosier are in the NCAA tourney. This team has the talent to make it for the next many years and Stevens will leave Butler at some point to a team like Cuse because there are a lot of old coaches at big schools, like Duke,North Carolina and Cuse just to mention a few who will retire. I wish him well but we should be routing for our team and our Coach to be successful not trying to beat them down like you but you are not an IU fan. I wish Remy the best but I doubt he starts at Xavier after sitting out a year.

  5. Actually, there was some validity in your post but then you jump the shark and lose all credibility.

    Besides, you’re ‘the ‘Cuse’. You’ve won the same number of titles as UNLV or Texas Western. Or, exactly one more than Minnesota State (which is a fictional university) or any collection of dead people.

    Or one less than the San Francisco Dons or Cincinnati Bearcats.

    In other words, you’re irrelevant to major college teams.

    But, regarding your game against an actual relevant team, yeah, our guards were too small and the game plan was poor. Good for you guys to beat a major power.

    So, hey Syracuse ALMOST got to a Final Four. (High fives all around)

    Woo-hoo. I’m sure that’s a big deal for you guys. I wouldn’t know.

    But I get it. My daughter goes to Cornell so I’ve taken her to the Syracuse airport to go off and travel the world like the Cornell students do every summer.

    If I had to endure life in Syracuse I’d probably celebrate new sauce packets at Taco Bell. Anything that gets you through the night in that place.

    So, vent away. If we can keep you all from being suicidal when you look out the window it’s our pleasure.

  6. Southport: it is any of the dorks that visit this site. They are probably all the same guy anyway. Most of the people on here need their heads examined and then probably studied.
    The title should have read: Abell takes his quitting ways to Xavier, and who really cares.

  7. Southport65-

    I can give you that too…but with a lot more style.

    There were a couple favorite segments/lines..I enjoyed his attempt at southern tongue with “ya’ll call Hulls” and the always popular cheap form of stirring up the natives with a Knight jab when referencing “the house that Bobby Built.”

    My guess is that it was written by the legendary Husky Tom. A wonderfully bored attempt to incite the bloggers of Scoop. No spelling errors is always a clue it ain’t Harvard. It’s the work of a snooty twerp that’s been saturated into academia for far too long. Manufactured rawness..Order and conformity in the discombobulation. Structure without heart. An actor that’s played too many roles and can’t get into character.

    Someone that has really lost touch because they want so dearly to be unique in style. But to be unique comes at a cost. The actor selling you post #3 has been in a seasoned life so long it’s become marinated mush.

  8. …And what does marinated mush look like?

    Anyone that’s ever watched a thread of basketball knows why we lost to Syracuse. Syracuse was the far better team. Even the great Bobby Knight couldn’t have coached us past ‘Cuse. It ain’t just about length and athleticism. It’s about savvy..It’s about going through the old Indiana system of tournament high school ball where you would get truly tested for four years.

    There was a freedom on that Syracuse team I doubt we’ll ever see from a Tom Crean coached squad. Too much weightiness at Indiana. Too much carefulness and packaging holding down the natural ability that can’t evolve and develop found in a proper joyous hardwood classroom. Too much concern with image and winning rather than simple raw love for the game.

  9. HFH I know what you mean about the old Indiana kids but with few exceptions like Jordan Hulls kids now days don’t care so much about school and loyalty to a team. They want to win and go to the NBA to grab the money. That is why we will never see an undefeated team win a championship. Kids don’t stay in school 4 years. College ball was better when Freshman could not play. Take a look at ESPN’S men’s basketball page it is full of dozens of kids like Remy who are transferring to new schools wasting a year of playing time trying to find something or someone who will cater to their whims instead of staying the course. Those days are gone forever. Even small school’s like Butler have trouble holding on to their stars like Indiana boy Gordon Haywood and others. HFH it is not the same game it use to be and I know that causes you much heartache but it is a fact of life and Coaches hate it also. Trying to win without quality Seniors is very difficult for most teams. It started IMHO when Indiana and most other states went to 4 or 5 high school champs based on school size.

  10. The problem with being old is sometimes you make errors it was Gordon Hayward I was thinking of. Thanks for correcting it for me.

  11. Southport H.S..1965? You’re a spring chicken. It’s o.k. I learned something new. I never realized it was Spencer Haywood that opened the door for those that went ‘hardship’ to the NBA. Never even heard that from that Geoff guy on here that goes on and on about Kentucky.

  12. Chet,

    There are actually two Minnesota State universities…Minnesota State University-Moorhead, and Minnesota State University-Mankato. Mankato is a solid D2 basketball school. I am sure you were referring to Minnesota State as a fictional university based off of the television show “Coach”?

    Anyways, best of luck to Remy. I hope he becomes a star and leads Xavier to the Final Four next year…only to lose to Indiana.

  13. Spencer Haywood should have sent a letter of THANKS to Henry Iba for leaving Pete Maravich AND Rick Mount off the USA Olympic team in 1972. Iba may have been a legendary coach but in 1972 he mad the biggest LEGENDARY blunders of all-time-cutting Maravich AND Mount off the Olympic team

  14. psych, you are correct. I wonder what kind of arrangement the TV networks had to make to use their name (though it is a little different)? I’m pretty sure Hayden Fox never coached a Super Bowl team, though.

  15. TJ, had not thought about that in many years but still a relative argument of blunder in large proportion. IIRC, HI did not consider them to be strong enough defenders for the international rules and competition. Many though argue because of his gold winning coaching results in “64” and “68” he made the right decision for “72”. I personally find it hard to believe a US team with Pistol or Mount and certainly 1 including both could only score 50 even in an international competition. Those 2 like Doug Collins(who played)seemed always to rise to the occasion.

  16. I agree. Too much Image. Its pathetic to watch. Indiana’s rise to the the middle of the college basketball ranks has been good for College Basketball. But we need them back in the Elite to feel good about the game again.
    Crean will never be able to take them there. He’s too busy exploiting players like D Wade and taking credit for the kids success. You don’t see Jim B or Coach K trying to get media attention around the numerous players they’ve coached and developed to the NBA. Its a brilliant PR move, and will bring the Pinsons of the world to Hee Haw to sport the Candy Stripes. But it will not win Championships.
    It doesn’t take a genius nor a good coach to tell a kid to work hard. Victor swiped the card at the Bruce Springsteen pavilion or whatever you Hillbillies call the new Gym. Crean didn’t lift one weight. Its sad to see you defend the guy. I would be calling for Stevens now. I will come back and visit soon. Lets say… Marchish? Ill copy and paste these comments and ask you again; Are you ready for a real coach to take you to the promised land? HA!HA!HA!HA!

    I still say it was one of the poorest coached games I’ve ever seen. Poor kids. Remy did the right thing. Smart kid.

  17. TORS – not agreeing or disagreeing with anything you’ve said… Just wondering, in what way has Crean exploited D-wade or Dipo?

    I’m a fairly avid reader of Hoosier news and I haven’t ever noticed it. Can you give some examples?

  18. Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with Indiana basketball, or Remy Abell.


    At the time of the television series (ended in ’97?), Minnesota State University-Moorhead and Minnesota State University-Mankato were named Moorhead State and Mankato State, respectively, so there was no need to get any approval from either school for the use of the name. If memory serves, the show was originally supposed to revolve around the University of Minnesota as the place where Hayden Fox (show’s creator was a Hawkeye) coached, but the school withdrew its approval before the series started.

    Anyhow, definitely a fun television show to watch with my family. Thank you for inadvertently bringing back a fond childhood memory, Chet.

  19. Orange…not to rain on your parade; but, just curious about your lead title/blog ID. Do you mean “The Orange Rein Supreme” as in the orange straps attached to pull their mouth shut, or pull it one way or another?

    Or did you mean, …Reign Supreme, as Indiana basketball has reigned over the NCAA five (5) different occasions; or Indiana reigned over the B1G conference which was generally conceded to reign as the premier collegiate conference in the country, including 2012-2013?

    Just curious which you meant: rein, reign or the French ‘Reigne’ (Queen).

    Really respect you guys. You’ve won one whole national championship (2003) and made it to the NCAA final round four times, almost as many appearances as we Hoosiers from Hee-Haw have NCAA Championship banners hanging on our wall. But, hey..I expect the Orange will not only appear in five finals some day, but will also, some day, graduate five (5) basketball players.

    Be sure you write and let us know when THAT happens.

    (And don’t let it rain on you).

  20. Tsao, that (#23) was a work of art. Taking the put-down of a troll to a new level. If TORS’ IQ is over 75, he’ll disengage from this string.

  21. Podunker, even for a Syracuse alumn an IQ of 75 is unlikely. I believe their last athlete to reach 75 IQ was Jim Brown and I don’t think he graduated. Personally, I stay with our intellectual superior standards at Hee-Haw. (at least, I always preferred hiring Hee-Haws than assistant coaches from the ‘Cuse). (But hey, I understand dating and family life was a complicated situation at ‘Cuse).

  22. Its the late night parties that cause the IQ issue. We aren’t afraid to Cheat to win. We aren’t afraid to let kids be kids and smoke on the choke if you catch my drift.Another reason Tommy wont win a championship. No killer thug blood in their Genes. Sampson wouldve won 3 by now. He had the right mix of thugs and athletes. Jordy didnt have heart, Watford tried but Victors rise made Watford step aside. Were you proud when Crean stuck by Yogi? Even when Yogi looked lost? I wonder how Will felt. He probably felt slapped in the face after driving the lane and dunking then being pulled. I personally would have told yogi to bank it for the next game and let Will and Remy run the game. I really felt like you were going to beat us at that point. I started to think “here we go. They found the right combo”. But then Crean started coaching again. I knew we would be ok at that point.

  23. Does having a low IQ cause a person to become a troll, or does becoming a troll lower a person’s IQ? One thing is certain, people suffering from TCDS have low IQs.

    But your reference to Remy provides a clue as to your “identity.” As if Remy had a chance to affect the outcome of that game!

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