Evan Gordon commits to Indiana

Arizona State transfer Evan Gordon committed to Indiana on Wednesday morning. Gordon announced the commitment on Twitter and also spoke to Kyle Neddenriep of the Indianapolis Star.

The 6-3 guard averaged 10.1 points per game last season at Arizona State and will be immediately eligible at Indiana as a graduate student. He will have one season of eligibility with the Hoosiers.


  1. I can’t believe you’re still working on this story…lol. I don’t want to say I told you so but you know the drill.

    Aruss 1
    Dustin 0

  2. Perhaps he was still working on it because the word of an anonymous knucklehead on a message board who is wrong as often as he’s right isn’t a sufficient source? Just a guess.

  3. Again, Aruss. I feel pretty certain that the Miami Heat are going to win the NBA title, but I’m not going to report that and call it a scoop. He went on a visit to Butler. It’s possible Butler never really had a chance in his mind, but he still went on a visit. You can’t say a guy’s committed if he’s going on visits to other schools.

  4. Welcome aboard the IU basketball team Evan.

    Evan do you remember when you told me last summer that you were going to transfer to IU for the 2013/2014 season, I told you that I would not leak this info out to the public? I told you that I am a man of my word. Now you know whom you can trust. I also knew that info of this sort would have caused mental problems with the 2012/2013 team and ruined their season.

  5. In something totally unrelated to this story (though it’s an interesting irony that both Gordon brothers wind up at IU for one year apiece, isn’t it?), shouldn’t the list of Big Ten newspapers off to the left be updated to reflect the new member(s)? I know Maryland and Rutgers aren’t an official part of the family yet but we could at least put the Lincoln newspaper over there. Just a thought…

  6. My gut was right…I think this is a win win. An all around upgrade and experience factor over Remy and Mo both. I think his leadership and experience will be key this year…great deal all around!!!

  7. How tall is Evan, I’ve seen 6’1″ in some articles and 6’3″ in others, I’m hoping for the later? Dustin you know for sure?

  8. Why does any transfer have to sit out a year?

    Can’t last minute moves like this have the potential to seriously disrupt and realign roles on a team?

    It’s pretty much like JPat stated…You’ve brought in an older player that also happens to be a kid that has a ton of in-state notoriety attached to his name..He also has a true 5-star younger brother that is obviously on Crean’s long term radar. This recruit also builds strong connections to the AAU Speice team that Eric Gordon is heavily involved.

    So, considering all of the above…Considering this is a 1-year player primarily brought in as an ambassador recruit in order to rebuild/schmooze/kiss-up and establish a foundational relationship with a Indy b-ball family(with the ultimate goal the potential of landing the youngest Gordon-a future phenom talent on the horizon), isn’t a bit unfair that any kid currently on the IU roster could not transfer and become immediately eligible?

    How does a kid like Yogi look at this situation? First, you have a lot of freshman coming in that need solid playing time to get up to speed. Second, you probably feel that Crean will immediately secure a strong chunk of minutes to Evan to keep the Gordon’s satisfied. This is a very important season for Yogi and now he suddenly sees his name removed from being “the main man” in the backcourt. No matter how much Yogi previously assumed he was slated to be the kid to take the reins of the team as the blossoming and dynamic point guard going into his sophomore year, this type of last-minute transfer brought into the mix could throw a real wrench into his development at a very critical stage of his college curve/exposure.

    With the potential of so much power shift and influence creating a very likely redistribution of roles on the team, it only seems fair that the NCAA would allow a kid like Yogi to transfer as a result and not be inflicted a penalty to sit out a year. If the graduate transfer rule allows a coach to make very late moves(especially a move where a family has manipulated their way onto a roster because they hold future high caliber talent as a trump card), then the NCAA needs to allow a kid that could be harmed by such move a last minute transfer out of the program without penalty of sitting out for a year.

    Almost approaching the month of June and now Yogi suddenly finds his very important sophomore year highly changed in terms of role, leadership/influence on teammates, and minutes distributed….The NCAA needs to create an exemption(a transfer “bump” sort of rule with a date established in early March) allowing a kid potentially being harmed by such a late transfer into the program a chance to “bump” to another program without being forced to sit out a year.

    Allowing for a “bump” rule could also have the effect of limiting coaches in making very sleazy moves of pushing kids off the team to land a recruit very late in the process. If Yogi was afforded the opportunity to move to OSU, Butler, Purdue(rivalry programs that are always in direct competition to IU and have strong connections in recruiting Indy talent)without sitting out a year, would IU be as quick to go after this one-and-done senior?

    And do any of us really believe this creates a stronger chemistry on the team? Do guys like Yogi and Sheehey see this move with a bit of cynicism and breach of loyalty in their gut? And what does this create in terms of speculation regarding the transfers of Remy and Mo? Were there rumors floating about months ago that this Gordon transfer was in the works?

  9. And I completely disagree with anyone that calls this a “win-win.”

    A power forward juco transfer would have been a win-win.

    This is a guard that will disrupt a natural leadership role that Yogi was primed and ready to evolve into. This creates undefined roles, smells of “chosen one” minutes distributed without true earning of those minutes…This type of schmooze move could do serious harm to the confidence of a point guard that saw himself as the key focal point of “the Movement.” Wasn’t this really setting up to be Yogi’s team to orchestrate from the backcourt? You just took a lot of the confidence out of the wand. I don’t see that as a win-win. I see that as totally clueless to the personality dynamics and an absence of understanding the needed glue that gradually takes a team from individually talented parts to a deeply united tournament contender with a true and confident leader orchestrating from the backcourt…

    And this cost is done for what benefit? To have a long shot at a likely one-and-done recruit still three years out that will have every elite basketball program in the nation courting him for his talents?

  10. Harvard,
    There are two guard spots. Yogi will be the point guard. Evan might (MIGHT!) start at the two guard. If he beats out Stan Robinson and Troy Williams. If. Ferrell is a pass-first point guard. Gordon is a shoot-first shooting guard. Ferrell will be happy to have Evan Gordon. Gordon averaged 10.1 at Arizona State last year. That’s decent, but no one’s going to deem this his team or claim him to be the chosen one. Come on, man. Don’t go in to freak out mode on me again.

  11. As a citizen journalist my sources are so good the DOJ probably has me under surveillance.

    Dustin – as a beat writer I can understand your hesitation to report Gordon to IU but as a columnist, Jeremy could have reported it.

  12. Come on, man. Don’t go in to freak out mode on me again.

    You come on man. Harvard is the only lucid mind on this blog.

  13. I saw video of Evan going strong to the hole and demonstrating some crafty/PT ability…Maybe he’s transforming into more of a combo guard and Crean lets him take on more point guard responsibilities.

    It’s a schmooze recruit, Dustin. You should have the stones to call it for what it truly is. It will disrupt chemistry and could also disrupt perceptions the PT for not only Yogi, but for the incoming freshman guards. This is not a nobody name like Remy. This is kid from an Indy family with basketball pedigree. Quit playing the dumb card.

    And when a coach makes such a late move for a one-and-done allowed to play out his eligibility while pursuing his academic dreamy graduate program at IU(isn’t that a laugher), then the NCAA should allow a kid disrupted by such desperation moves to transfer out without the 1-year penalty..If a kid come onto an IU roster this late in game and get immediate PT, then it seems only fair that a kid like Yogi could now transfer out(at least have that choice)without being forced to sit out a year.

  14. If a kid [can] come onto an IU roster this late in [the] game and get immediate PT….

  15. I don’t think there should be a penalty for any kid who wants to transfer personally, but “they brought in a senior shooting guard who can score” does not rise to the level of a hardship for a point guard.
    Is there some schmoozing involved? Sure. But it also happens that Gordon gives them exactly what they need right now.

  16. Robinson and Williams won’t score? Sheehey can’t score?

    How about Jonny Marlin? Can he score from the perimeter?

    And by giving them “exactly what they need right now,” they pushed off the roster “exactly what they didn’t need anymore?”

    How long was this in the works? What graduate studies is he pursuing?

    Do you think this will contribute one iota to how Eron Gordon’s heart will beat rapidly when Coach K and Duke start breathing heavily into younger brother’s ear?

    Funny how allowing Matt Roth to pursue graduate studies and remain on scholarship while finishing his eligibility was so frowned upon, but suddenly for a “schmooze” recruit(after by pure luck and happenstance two decent young Hoosiers, Mo Creek and Remy Abell, mysteriously want to go live out delusional NBA dreams of more minutes on their shattered knees and 12 mpg notoriety)it all smells of fields of roses.

    And you call yourself “objective?” Remember your smirk at Northwestern, Dustin? I’m wearing it in full recognition your professionalism to remain objective.

  17. Gordon will be filling Abel’s role – someone that can be a ball handler to give Yogi a breather but will primarily be competing for time at the 2 spot.

    We don’t have a backup PG and don’t have experience at the 2. Gordon fills both roles.

  18. “Gordon will be filling Abel’s role.” Exactly.

    And Crean is the luckiest man in the world. Happenstance just drops in this man’s lap. Remy and Mo suddenly want to bolt from IU in pursuit of the all the abundances of PT that will get the NBA scouts to finally give them the look they know they so deserved. And look who comes available on the heels of such marvelous dreams and well-wishes fro Mo and Remy…Huh? Suddenly the brother of one of the most anticipated guards blossoming in Indy gyms is available to put on our lonely scholarship slot left the result of Remy and Mo Creek throwing loving goodbye kisses to IU..?

    Damn, gotta hand it to Tom Crean. His prayers must get answered..Maybe Twitter is his direct line to the Jesus hotline. The Lord works in very mysterious ways for that man. He chases down an assistant at Michigan that once coached a Gordon, screams at him during live television and blames him for the wrecking of the program that occurred during the Sampson/EJ recruitment fiasco, and then a Gordon drops out of the sky at the moment it fulfills “exactly what [the Hoosiers] need” right now.

  19. I could try to convince you again that Remy left on his own and that Crean didn’t want him to go, and that Maurice did the same thing, but that would of course be useless because your suspicitions are far more valuable than my actual reporting and interviews with the men in question. All I can ask is that you accept that you’ve already made your point and not follow this with several consecutive 1,000-word rants.
    But, just, this. If you accept one point and one point only, accept this one. Yogi Ferrell isn’t transferring. He wouldn’t transfer if there was no penalty, he’s not going to be angered by the arrival of Evan Gordon. If you think Remy and Maurice got jobbed on this deal, whatever. But I’m telling you that this will not anger Yogi enough for him to consider leaving school.

  20. Yogi waited patiently…Yogi shared the leadership role last year as the charity minutes were handed out like an ice cream cone gift certificate for a cavity getting filled for that short slow point kid from Bloomington that got constantly “abused” and ripped to shreds by the national media(Of course, Remy also had to watch his minutes dwindle while the “abused” senior played out his final heroic act as the small town boy that made it big at IU role)…

    Now Yogi can finally be received and perceived as “the big man on campus” and then his chance for the limelight is usurped by the Gordon’s that use IU as a hitching post when they need exposure?

    You think 3-way calls are sleazy?

    We wouldn’t have been in a Sweet 16 without Remy’s stones to handle the VCU press in the 2011-12 NCAA second round game.

    Mo Creek comes to IU as the first truly high profile recruit when it is in the hellfire and dungeon of decimation because of Kelvin, EJ, and the thugs.

    Flash forward five years…Instead of 3-way calls, we’re making 3-way deals to rid tried and true gutty Hoosiers, Remy and Mo, in pursuit of another one-and-done Gordon that suddenly wants to be a Hoosier much like the gutless opportunist brother that couldn’t stay at IU when it was burning to the ground…Oh, the irony.

    It’s all good..It’s exactly what we need right now. What a line of BS. It’s exactly what Evan Gordon needs right now. IU is nothing but a hitching post for opportunists that don’t have any heart invested in cream and crimson.

  21. ..a hitching posts for Establishment journalists as well.

    Build their names on the backs of candy-stripes while mocking them as pedestrian hillbillies behind the closed doors of their nightly dinner table discussion full of smirks and snidely tongue.

    Until IU opens up its damn blind eyes to the opportunists that play that cheapen her and use her fading banner luster as a hitching post, there will be no true resurrection her glory and proud basketball standing built on firm knowledge of the game and loyalty to her colors.

  22. Harvard, you topped your stupidity from last week… I would actually say that your prayers were the ones answered. You now get to rail on Crean along the same line of “mal-developed” and tired comments but with a fresh tidbit of meat on that bone.

    I will literally bet you a $1000 that Gordon doesn’t effect Yogi’s role one iota. If you actually think that, and aren’t just saying it for effect, you are mal-developed.

    Also, can you please stop calling him a “recruit”. He was not a recruit.

  23. So if I read that right, Jordan Hulls was getting charity minutes and should neither have started over Remy Abell nor gotten any of Yogi Ferrell’s minutes at the point, but it was wrong for Hulls to be ripped by the national media and he also represents everything you want an Indiana player to be because of his “loyalty to her colors.” And IU should open its damn blind eyes to the “opportunists,” but it should cater incredibly hard to Yogi Ferrell simply because he didn’t leave the program when Hulls was starting and should be so sensitive to his ego that it wouldn’t dare recruit a guard in a higher class. It should understand that he expects to be the unquestioned player authority as a sophomore and make no move that would make him feel insecure in that regard. (Even though Ferrell hasn’t said anything that would suggest that he actually feels that way).

  24. Of course he’s not a recruit…He’s a pathway to a recruit. He’s a pathway to a younger brother. He’s a pathway to biding more time with a Hoosier fan base that will now become perfectly more patient and Mr. Happenstance perfects his “perfect system” while another “everything hinges” on name from Indiana keeps the faithful at bay with false optimism and hope that the preacher can do more than sell snake oil.

    You need another trip to Babies ‘R’ Us. Spending too much time on the blogs when you should be working on honing your mall-developed, mal-developed, spouse skills.

  25. Dustin, facts and logic don’t matter to Harvard. Your “actual reporting and interviews with the men in question” has no impact on Harvard or anyone else suffering from Tom Crean Derangement Syndrome (TCDS). Perhaps Harvard has concluded that you’re part of the “establishment” and therefore are not capable of recognizing facts or the “truth.” You see, the truth is whatever Harvard wants it to be or whatever he says it is. Nothing else matters. Regardless, Harvard will continue to accuse Crean of forcing the Remy and Mo out, or engineering their departure. And no player joining the team will ever be as good as either of those two players were. Harvard, and others suffering from TCDS simply hate Tom Crean, and no amount of logic or fact-based reporting is going to change that. But regardless, I’m sure you realize that you made his day by addressing him directly on this site. He’s probably been breathing into a paper bag since reading post #22.

  26. And no player joining the team will ever be as good as either of those two players were. Harvard,

    As if a Gordon is just any ol’ player…This is Indiana pedigree with a link to what will likely be the best point guard being recruited by every elite program in the nation. Not to mention the EJ, Spiece, and the many ties that can come from staying tight with a family with a ton of b-ball influences in Indy, AAU, and the high school the younger brother plays ball.

    And you don’t think it’s possible that news of this transfer was floating around Bloomington longer than a few weeks ago?

    You don’t think it’s possible Remy and Mo were being told their opportunities and hopes for PT would be best served elsewhere because there was inside news of Gordon’s possible desire to play closer to home this fall?

    You don’t think it’s possible that some within very tight circles at IU have much closer inside track to potential movement of players than a journalist for the Herald Times?

    It all just happens by way of prayer and happenstance for Tom Crean…Yeah, the Nile ain’t just a river.

  27. “fact-based” reporting…That’s a joke, right?

    He’s right where Harvard wants him. Soon he’ll be wearing Glass’s candy-stripe blazer and full clown gear. He’s getting more and more involved on Scoop and any resemblance of impartiality and objectivity is nearly as evaporated as quickly as a bottle of Kartje hair gel.

  28. Harvard, I told you that sometimes you make sense this takes the cake as abnormal. You are a very lucky man that Dustin has not removed you from this site. I know you would not be able to say these things anywhere else except maybe the PU or KU site where they hate Crean also. What really makes me upset is your constant attack on Coach’s Faith. I find that terrible on your part. As for as I know no one on this site has belittled you for your faith or lack of faith. IMHO you crossed the line when you make fun of folks faith or religion. Say all you want about the Coach, Players or Team but do me a favor and leave the God / Jesus comments out. They are very offensive and uncalled for.

  29. If you break down Harvard’s posts, you’ll find nothing other than supposition and opinion. Neither of those two things are factual. And the suppositions are ridiculous. (Previous comments are opinions, of course.) The typical fallacy of posters like Harvard is their inability to consider that they might be wrong.

  30. Harvard, one area where I won’t disagree is that there are additional motives to having Gordon here. However, most sane people see that as shrewd or smart or necessary. Others might see a potential downside to it in the recruitment of Eron. For some reason you view it as slimy.

    One of my other favorite parts is where you think that somehow Gordon would be able to be on the team if Creek and Abell didn’t leave. How does your brain not understand that if those 2 don’t leave that Gordon is going elsewhere. There’s no room for him. He is taking a scholarship somewhere… Probably at Butler.

    But your brain says, “the Gordon’s talked to Crean and said Evan wants to end his career in the limelight… Not squandering at ASU. If you want a shot at Eron in a couple years you better find a spot on your roster now for Evan. So Crean must have then had closed door conversations with Remy and Mo saying that if they don’t transfer they are going to have their scholarships pulled. And you better play nice on the way out the door or else! (What he could hold over them I’m not sure). And now Crean has to make it look like none of this is going on behind the scenes, so he convinces the Gordon’s to ‘look at their options’ and take a visit to Butler as well. Then miraculously everything falls into place… 2 guys out, 1 guy in who only takes up a scholly for one year. All the sheep are satisfied, but I know the real story.”

    You’re a trip Harvey.

  31. Harvard, your convoluted theories would embarrass Muldar and Scully.

    Let’s take the creative fiction out of this. A guy from Indy with a highly sought after recruit as a little brother has already earned his degree and wants to transfer. His ‘hometown team’, a high profile program, happens to have a spot available and, on top of that, is a little short handed at his position.

    So he signs with the team he grew up watching.

    Or, it could be some six degrees of separation, nine levels of BS, convoluted conspiracy theory.

    There are plenty of cliche’s that would apply here, the first one to come to mind is “you need to get out more”, but, com’on guy, sometimes things are just what the overwhelming preponderance of facts say they are.

    We’re winding down two pointless wars and a million innocent dead people because of stupid people looking for sinister plots that didn’t exist.

    Don’t make it a belief system.

  32. Manipulations and intent are rarely found in the discussions. I’m sure that the Gordon family knows perfectly well they hold a very important trump card to ensure Evan gets very favorable treatment at IU. Evan is now the next D-Wade for one year.

    Bring on more substitution patterns and more lack of leadership roles. You just put a prima donna on the team that holds power over a very weak coach.

    Stevens wouldn’t sell him the farm on those types of implications and assumed promises.

    Telling two recruits that aren’t that good they won’t see much PT if they stay at IU in order to get into good terms with the Gordon family? That’s like the most grand conspiracy in the world…? Hardly any less grand a conspiracy than pushing Capobianco off the team to get a shot at Remy Abell and a one year insurance policy for a thin backcourt two years ago.

    This is a Gordon. We’ve seen the history. Coaches will their souls to put a Gordon in candy-stripes. It’s a family with b-ball pedigree…It’s a family that has shown little loyalty to anyone. Maybe ask Bruce Weber how he feels about Gordon’s and loyalty. They turn heads when they walk into gyms across this state. And now big daddy Gordon holds his youngest son as the final prize to get what he wants from an Indiana with no balls to just say no…Yippee.

  33. Hope you don’t drive a car Harvard. If your as loony driving as your posts, we are all in trouble. Dustin, ban him NOW!

  34. I would have signed Jonny Marlin to a scholly and told the prima donna to go suck egg.

    Jonny was praying for PT. Remy went dream chasing..Creek went dream chasing. Jonny saw the door cracking open and then you slammed it in his face for them damn prima donna Gordon’s. Now you know why Remy and Mo are leaving. Now you know how hearts become disenfranchised by a coach that treats you like chopped liver as soon as he finds a name everything can “hinge” on for a few more years.

    Now you know how Matt Roth felt with degree in hand and a year of eligibility and a phone that would not ring.

    Now you know how Ron Patterson felt when he’s labeled not academically good enough for IU… But a kid that went to Liberty…? Hmmm? Chet, didn’t you just say kids go to Liberty because they aren’t academically suited for schools like IU? But now he’s ready to take on the world because he found the right graduate program at IU? You guys are hilarious.

  35. Your a loon Harvard. Dustin gives you facts, but you still sh!t in everyone’s face. Your hopeless. Your theories are just that. Far out theories. Your nothing more then a Charlton.

  36. Your dumb H4H. Maybe the circus is hiring. You be a shoe in! Your making no sense. Stop mumbling, or I am going to spike your drink with Thompson’s Water Seal.

  37. Your such an IDIOT Harvard! Stop freakin attacking Coach Crean for his beliefs! It’s downright retarded.

  38. Stop making fun of people Harvard. This might come as a surprise, but not everyone is like you. Go back to bowing up your paper bag. Talk basketball, but please learn not to slam filth and beliefs. Dustin, please address this to him. Doubt he listens. Never does.

  39. Where am I slamming faith on this thread?

    Basically saying that you can’t just look at this kid as fulfilling a positional need. This is family that had an older son play during one of the most polarizing and tumultuous times in IU basketball history.

    You’re potentially inviting some of that history back. Your also potentially getting into the heads of current guys on the roster. Whether or not you fully disbelieve that Remy and Mo were encouraged to go dream-chasing and hang up their Hoosier uniforms, you can’t deny there will now be those that wonder. And I don’t think it’s such a stretch to believe some of your incoming class and current players will also wonder.

    You’ve added a whole new set of dynamics and perceptions. Basketball is not just played with feet on the hardwood. The game is played between the ears and this move throws a lot into ideas hierarchy, leadership roles, and earned playing time vs. the power of influence.

  40. No Harvard, there are no new dynamics or perceptions to ponder. There was always going to be another player, almost certainly a guard, that was going to be on the roster… Whether Remy, Mo, Evan, or someone else.

    “You can’t deny that there will now be those that wonder” – only if you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Those are definitely the only people that will wonder. No one on the team will wonder. No one associated with the program will wonder. 99.9% of the fans won’t wonder.

    Come back to reality Harvard. You’re seriously slipping. I’m just trying to help man. (Btw, you aren’t slamming faith on this thread. It’s the residual effect)

  41. Well, reading through the first half of this thread I was dissecting Harv’s posts and intending to point out the inconsistencies in his assumptions. And they are aplenty. But reading through the back half with all the harsh criticisms, it dawned on me that Havey bashing is a little played out and maybe I should take the road less traveled. Maybe Harv’s just a little misunderstood. And maybe– just maybe– you all are missing the genius of it all.

    Harv, I don’t know how many of your posts are heartfelt and how many of them are just you being a provocative blowhard. But I enjoy them. To me, on the whole they’re just the right balance of passionate, sentimental, and conspiratorially crazy. Unfortunately, it brings out the ugly side of some of our fellow Hoosiers. Reactionary statements like “ban him” are lynch-mob mentality, especially when the criticisms are pouring in. Maybe that’s your goal with some of your writing. Maybe you want to expose someone or something. Maybe it’s just my disillusionment with some of the Hoosier faithful that allow me to see it that way. But when readers see the Harvard moniker at the top of a post, they probably know what they’re getting into. It befuddles me that people continue to read on if they know it’s likely to offend their delicate sensibilities, then get upset when it does.

    Po, I’d like to expand on your TCDS, and submit a new condition known as Post-Laffy Victimization Disorder, or PLVD. Some people just aren’t interested in discussion or debate, however mal-informed, misguided, jaded, or just plain controversial a poster might be. They just want someone to project anger at and blame for their own insecurities. Preliminary results indicate that we might have an epidemic on our hands. The only remedy may be for sufferers to sack up and learn to take things with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.

    The world can be a cruel place if you let it. Sticks and stones, my friends. Sticks and stones.

  42. Punjab-

    Thanks for taking the road less traveled. It’s a rare trait to step back from the lynch mob mentality.

    I’m a bit baffled by the insecurities. I guess that I really shouldn’t be surprised. Until your unique stance, I’ve only seen one other blogger on this site be able to separate out emotions and maintain a level of respect when it would be much simpler to jump on the bandwagon.

    And when the highly respected Scoop journalists jump in with their own version of snidely remarks(stuff like don’t go into your “freak out mode”…and referring to me as “Chicken Little”)it proves even added strength in your ability to not give up civility and dignity because you honestly believe a blogger is “crazy”…or “stupid”…or “retarded.”

    Thank you, Punjab. Thank you for your honesty, your backbone, and your risking a bit of your membership card privileges with the cigar smokers at the Yacht Club because you value something deeper than an opinion.

  43. You could have spent a little more time thinking about the consequences of your proposed “transfer bump rule”. Start by thinking about what would happen to the players on the team that Yogi (in your example) would transfer to. Continue from there.

  44. Harvard, regarding Liberty and IU, there’s a big difference between accepting a kid out of high school with questionable grades and accepting the same kid a few years later with a diploma from a Pac 12 university.

    The mom of one of the kids I see went to the local community college following high school as that’s the only school that would accept her. Her doctorate, though, is from Duke.

    I imagine if you comb the ranks of grad students at IU lots of them started out at community colleges.

  45. I’ve not heard anyone promise this kid “lots” of PT. I’ve heard some speculation. Looks to me like we replaced Remy with a proven Remy type player. How about the practice aspect? “Iron sharpens Iron”, ring a bell?

  46. My bad…I just thought there was a lot of smirking going on when their was talk of which school Gordon was going to choose based on academics and grad programs available.

    I’m willing to bet you a dinner at Trojan Horse that no graduate degree is ultimately completed by Evan.

    This is a one-and-done, Chet. You know it and all of Hoosierland knows it. This is about a shot at getting more PT because every elite school in competition for youngest brother is already licking their chops. It’s about influence and name. Please don’t make this about the mom that went from community school..raised three kids…and worked her ass of to eventually get into doctorate program at Duke. Unless your talking about a mom that happened to marry the Dean of the program she was pursuing shortly before sending off her application to Duke.

  47. oops.

    when [there] was talk of which school Gordon was going to choose….

  48. Wasn’t there bloggers doing a considerable amount of smirking at Gordon Sr.’s comments about academics and grad programs as providing the ultimate final factor in Evan’s decision process…or was just going all freak-out, loony tunes, again and misreading the signals?

    Forgive me if I misread what I thought to be a heavy dose of cynicism coming from a select group of comments a couple days ago.

  49. Wake up Harvard! Dustin and Jeremy reel you in on these boars, because you often go off the rails! They have a RESPONSIBILITY. Do you know what that means? They need to ban you for 2 months, and let you think about it. Keep quiet Chicken Little.

  50. When H4H jumps off the edge of the world there is no logic involved. When that happens he cannot be cajoled, consoled or reasoned with.

    Yogi will thrive on the point with bigger athletic guards at the 2. Absolutely a win/win.

    Crean is doing exactly what a coach is suppose to be doing. Bettering the team. Schmoozing? Damn right he is.

  51. Harvard, I really enjoy your writing. The thing is, you’re just perseverating at this point. You know, repeating the same things over and over.

    We get it. Everybody got it. A long time ago.

    I don’t really have a problem with people expressing opinions (well, we did have that ugly bigotry issue a while back and those kind of comments need to stay on Klan sites, not sports sites) but, after a certain point, people just tire of it. There were probably some who initially shared some of you opinions but you turned them off by posting the same thing…again and again.

    Add to that the fact that your posts are ONLY negative anymore. I know you’ve always been a little dark by nature but you weren’t always only negative.

    Now you are, though.

    I’m guessing the Scoop has become an outlet for something else but that’s just a dime store psychology. Not my area of expertise.

    If it were, I’d guess CTC has come to represent something, or somebody, else to you. I believe they call that transference.

  52. I never knew it was Derek Elston that received the t-shirt and backpack…

    It’s all on TYT Sports!…But why was this earth-stopping news never reported on Scoop as solid explanation for Crean’s outburst five years after Sampson? Maybe I just missed it…(smirk..smirk). Meyer was behind Backpackgate?!

    Dustin is a true master…Watch how he puts his objective spin move on the Michigan story. Basically calls Crean “combustible” and “weirdo” but then ‘reels in the fan base’ at the end of the clip by schmoozing with the justified “disdain” power move to the Establishment rack. ..and ONE!

  53. Hoosier Clarion,

    Yes you did cause a stir about Barney **gg. Chet and Dustin did not agree with your position, your post was removed. Chet being the gallant and politically correct poster that he is, asked Dustin to remove his post because that post also included **gg word. It really is great to have such intelligent individuals, Chet and Harvard come to mind, on the Scoop.

    By the way Tyler Johnson works for Amazon, not Boeing.

  54. Dustin-

    Not that I’m really much for giving advice, but I would suggest you don’t give any future interviews to that Rick Strom dude. Have you listened to this guy very much…? He really has a foul mouth and he brings out the “eff” word at very strange junctures in his sports reporting segments..I watched a recent clip where he’s relatively calm in discussing the Bulls and suddenly he goes into a rather scary rant of harsh anger directed at D-Rose’s “effing” brother and how he should keep his “effing” mouth shut…Yikes. It all seemed very lacking with the use of that vulgar word and not something a classy professional that a Dustin Dopirak should bother giving his time…Just my opinion. You’re far better than that cheap act.

  55. Hoosier Clarion, I am on your side. I did not participate in the stirring.

    As for Tyler Johnson, that is a hessage for another individual. It has nothing to do with you.

  56. Yes, I was laughing at the “education first” statement, because it was followed by a “we haven’t discussed what types of graduate programs he’s interested in”… Not because I didn’t think he was serious about following through with the degree… On that I am not certain. What I am certain of is that he is pursing a graduate degree in the course of study that he will most likely pursue a future in. I also am certain that Evan is not a good enough player to threaten Yogi or ever get on the NBA radar. He was benched at ASU for his inconsistency on offense. I think he is a helpful piece. I think he fills voids – shooting, experience, guard play. And I think he allows the Gordon family to get comfortable with the Crean regime.

    So Harvard, I agree – it isn’t a win/win… It’s a win/win/win.

  57. HH
    This has been one of those rare opportunities to observe someone losing their last grip on reality.

    My daughter is a mental health professional. After reviewing a number of Scoop topics and your response, she determined your diagnosis. It’s one of those long words that I can’t spell, much along pronounce.

    She did note, with your hostility, scorn, conspiracy theory(s) and reluctance to change you could have a successful career as a congressman.

  58. “Gordon family to get comfortable with the Crean regime.”

    I just got goosebumps. Sorta the creepy variety..with the shivers.

    It seems such a long time ago when EJ and family put on a comfortable pair of Hoosier jeans…Nothing gets between Gordon and his Kelvin’s. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander….I suppose.

  59. There would not be 60plus comments at this site if it were not for H4H. Many of the sites without benefit of H4H’s controversial comments don’t get ANY comments, with 3-5 comments being the norm.

    Why would those in charge of this site ban H4H? They wouldn’t! He is an asset to them despite his often unpopular opinions BECAUSE he is controversial and gets everybody up in arms. Plus he is a very good writer. He is not the only IU fan that has a low opinion of CTC’s recruiting methods, playing time selection, and (especially) lack of game coaching ability.

    I have begun to visit this site regularly mainly because of H4H’s participation, and would probably not continue to do so if he were not on here. I like Dustin’s participation here, also. The rest of the opinions, well, I read those, too. So you are ALL benefitting from H4H and should thank him for attracting readers for EVERYONE who comments here.

  60. So even though you are an EJ fan… And he was recruited questionably (ask UI fans)… You now are going to disparage his family and the completely, as far as anyone can tell, above the board recruitment of his younger brother?

    You don’t want Eron to become a Hoosier?

    No one else is creeped out by the thought of Crean getting in good with the Gordon family.

    Quick poll -who wants Eron Gordon on the roster in 2016?

  61. HH-

    Can I request a brief “reset” here that explains what you prefer in lieu of the present course of our basketball program? Specifically, name a coach that IU could’ve/should’ve gone after post RMK. (And yes, he had to go.)

    Or, if you prefer more generically, what do you believe in since it’s already obvious what you don’t (CTC, Christianity &/or those who practice it, etc.)?

    My objective is to turn away from the bidirectional bashing. So, Harvard, be part of the solution rather than continuing to only point out the problem (which, btw, only you and seemingly few others perceive).

  62. Cody making 47-52 3-pointers in 3 min drill with 1 ball..
    Chicago combine..

    Man could we have used that a couple of times last year.
    If he were to show that next season, his draft position may have been higher than this yrs.?

    (sorry to change subjects)

  63. SteveHart – we just did this exact exercise like a week ago… Harvard wanted Rick Majerus. He prefers someone that is more straight forward. He doesn’t really have an issue with Christians or Christianity… It more that he dislikes Crean for “abusing” his position at IU to espouse Christian beliefs. He wouldn’t have an issue if he practiced privately or with a moderate public stance.

    Hopefully that save us another 10000 words of explanation and debate.

  64. Thanks Geoff!
    It’s difficult to keep up with all the threads sometimes, and I try to refrain from commenting unless I reach a readership tipping point.

  65. These are the best two comments so far….

    “Come on, man. Don’t go in to freak out mode on me again.”

    “All I can ask is that you accept that you’ve already made your point and not follow this with several consecutive 1,000-word rants.”

  66. Still horrible. I’ll be back again in another week or so.

    (Good Luck Hoosier baseballers!)

  67. Punjab, I understand your point, but debating with posters like H4H is an exercise in futility. Debate requires the use of facts, H4H struggles to recognize a fact. He has little use for them. Aside from that, his comments are often delusional.

    For example, how does one debate with a person that is convinced that the USA never put a man on the moon? They have no facts to back up their claim, and no amount of facts or evidence presented to them will change their belief. There are many people who really believe that the Apollo program’s lunar landings were all faked for the sake of U.S. propaganda. Good luck trying to convince those lunes that our country did, in fact, land several teams of astronauts on the surface of the moon and return them home safely. Why waste your time trying to debate with such people?

    But for me, the real issue with H4H is that he’s a bigot. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that he routinely expresses religious bigotry on this site. I have no problem with H4H saying he dislikes Crean because of the style of play that he coaches, the players he recruits, his pacing on the sidelines, his substitution patterns, the way he deals with the media, or any other aspect of the way he performs his duties as IU’s basketball coach. But to continuously attack a man because of his faith, or because he expresses his faith, is bigotry; plain and simple. And I don’t tolerate bigotry.

  68. I did not for as far as you did Podunker to call him a name but I am extremely upset about
    his comments on Coaches faith also. see my other post #31.

  69. But to continuously attack a man because of his faith, or because he expresses his faith, is bigotry; plain and simple

    Completely untrue and a lie. I don’t do any attacking based on his faith or his freedoms to practice and believe whatever he chooses to believe. I am not anit-Christian or anti-faith. My issue has always been the use, the continual selling, the never-ending proclamations and positioning his one faith as being supreme while he goes on public forums to discuss his daily duties and daily discussions as a basketball coach for a public institution.

    Why can’t you get it? What is your purpose, Podunker?

    Geoff has concisely summarized my position with regard to Crean’s use of faith.

    He doesn’t really have an issue with Christians or Christianity… It more that he dislikes Crean for “abusing” his position at IU to espouse Christian beliefs. He wouldn’t have an issue if he practiced privately or with a moderate public stance.

    Dustin followed the same reasoning a few weeks ago when he defended me in attempts to make it clear to you..

    This hostility you exhibit and your labels of bigotry goes far beyond my belief that a coach at a public institution shouldn’t use that position to sell his personal belief system.

    Let’s review a bit of history: Tom Crean initially attempted to take his continual and repetitive public stance to sell ONE supreme faith on a public forum while the IU logo was prominently displayed on his Twitter page(as if IU officially endorsed his doctrines). It stopped. The use of displaying the official symbols and images of Indiana University Basketball and the Indiana University logo on his Twitter page stopped. Do you honestly believe it stopped because of Harvard? It’s obvious that IU had no less a problem with the selling of one faith and doctrines of a singular supreme being was not appropriate with the goals of a public institution that strives to remain receptive to all beliefs..Nor did IU want any use of their official Indians logos/images serve as a backdrop for a stage show that sells such continual narrow perceptions and then uses those projections in conjunction with the ongoing discussions of IU basketball, games, player development, recruits, by said coach.

    Check out the Twitter pages of other IU coaches(there are three others with links to their Twitter accounts on this very Scoop page)..Do you see the IU logo on their pages? Do you see the IU logo on Tom Crean’s Twitter page?

    It goes too far. It’s beyond what Indiana is comfortable in what it feels a public instiution should represent to prospective students, job applicants, and fans of many varied lifestyles, belief systems, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, religion, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, national origins, gender, etc, etc..

    I would feel no different..My stomach would turn no less if he continually used public forums where he discusses IU basketball and then props up one stance on sexual orientation as a supreme doctrine or drum to beat.

    I simply don’t believe that you should use your public position at a public institution and use it to serve as pulpit your personal narrowly defined belief systems that have nothing to do with your job as a coach.

  70. I’m amazed at all you basketball fans who are “extremely upset about his (H4H’s) comments on Coaches faith”. What extremely thin skins you have!

    H4H’s comments are very mild compared to what the culture of Bloomington promotes. Have any of you ever read the comment section at the Bloomington Herald Times? So many commenters attacking Christianity it would make your head spin like in The Exorcist. Ridicule, name calling, and hatred of any Christian comment is applauded and encouraged and rarely removed. Compared to the comments in The Scoop’s parent newspaper, poor H4H wouldn’t even be noticed.
    The only anti-faith comments I’ve seen from H4H have been about CTC’s frequent use of his religion in a manner that H4H considers hypocritical and inappropriate in a secular, publicly funded university. It is a very valid point, by the way!

  71. I simply don’t believe that the lengths taken to sell ONE faith as supreme belong within the realm of teaching basketball at a public institution…

    I’ve never called the Bible a “fairytale” on here..I’ve not done anything to trounce or demean Christianity.

    My mother died holding the cross necklace resting on her chest. Do I know she’s in a better place? I do not. I’m not wholly convinced there is a better place. I often feel we live out our lives short of kindness,respect, and compassion for this planet and all its inhabitants(human and wildlife)because amidst all the crapping and hating someone still sits on a cloud granting us a “better place”…Here’s an idea..Quit proclaiming you know personally where that better place exists. Let death decide and take it upon yourself to make the earth you walk upon the better place now.

  72. Harvard,

    I feel as if this is all my fault from the fallout we had. Had I kept my mouth shut, I think the attacks would be less. I am sorry for that. I don’t apologize for my faith, but sorry I brought it on a basketball blog.

    If you have never card what I have said, just please consider this for the sake of the blog. Criticizing is fine, but just leave the faith, preacher, Jesus out of it. I mean it struck a nerve with me that you think Jesus is some man who sits on a cloud. It’s so much more, but just try to follow my advice. It might not solve all your problems, but might help in some ways. Glad to see you back. Hope no offense is taken.

  73. It is easily more soothing to read Coach Crean’s comments on his faith than to wade through H4H posting his continual diatribe.

  74. Harvard, you try to make a distinction without a difference, and you have too much history writing snide, mocking and disrespectful comments on this site to think you’re going to get away with, “I don’t do any attacking based on his faith or his freedoms to practice and believe whatever he chooses to believe.” Nice try, but it does not wash. While that quote may be true, it’s not the point. You attack Crean for expressing his faith while performing his duties as IU’s basketball coach. As if that behavior is unethical, immoral or criminal. As you’ve made clear, it may be to you, but most of us are not bothered by it and are tired of you continuously expressing your delusional hatred of Crean.

    It’s freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. Just because Tom Crean works “for a public institution” does not mean he is prohibited from expressing his faith. And attacking or mocking him, or in some delusional way attempting to silence him, or others like him, is a demonstration of bigotry.

    And I completely reject your assertion about Crean’s “continual selling, the never-ending proclamations and positioning his one faith as being supreme while he goes on public forums to discuss his daily duties and daily discussions as a basketball coach for a public institution.” That’s just your biased imagination and paranoia at work. But how ironic that you behave in exactly the same way Crean does, only from the opposite perspective. You have become what you denounce in that you “continually sell” and make “never-ending proclamations” and “position” your belief system “as being supreme” in a public forum. For while you do not get the media exposure that Crean enjoys (thank God), you certainly spend a lot of time and energy on this site expressing your beliefs and trying to convince others that your beliefs are superior.

    You asked me “and for what purpose, Podunker?” (Another irony) Well Harvard, what’s your purpose in attacking Crean? You’re attacks are not going to get him fired. Crean’s not going to read your comments on this site and stop expressing his faith. You’re not going to convince his fans to stop supporting him. So Harvard, you need to answer the same question, “for what purpose?”

    But I’ll answer your question, Harvard. My purpose is to get you to stop attacking Crean (or anyone else) for expressing his faith. And I don’t care if Crean does it as IU’s coach or as an employee of a public institution. My purpose is to get you to stop! Stop boring us, stop wasting space, stop hijacking strings with endless inane denunciations of Crean, stop expressing bigotry and stop harping on a subject that I believe has no place in this forum.

    So I’ll make you a deal, Harvard. You stop posting snide, mocking and disrespectful comments about Crean’s expressions of his faith, and I’ll stop posting comments that direct attention to your bigotry. Let’s stick to IU sports!

  75. Someone kick Harvard off this blog. Ever since Harvard did a 180 and started to endorse his new persona of IU Basketball hater Hoosier Scoop has turned into an enigma where IU fans have to constantly defend their own basketball team from a supposed “fan.” This doesn’t happen on the fan blogs of UNC, or Kentucky, or Purdue, etc.

    This blog used to be like Inside the Hall (with the exception of random trolls like FireCrean and Rico). Now, however, it has become something far less desirable than Inside the Hall. Someone kick Harvard off this blog.

  76. Come on, Podunker. He’s not simply “expressing” his faith. He’s making his faith a platform and he’s using it alongside and intertwined with IU basketball topics to cover himself in a sheath of a holier-than-thou untouchable saintliness.

    Amongst that wall of protection, the backdrop, his never-ending Twitter platform as a man of Jesus, he chases villains five years removed their evil deeds at Indiana..He looks for nothing redeeming in a man that made a mistake. He speaks of Jesus but he seems much more consumed with playing the role of final judge. He appears to publicly demonize people and remove himself of capable sin.

    Colossians 3:13
    Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you….(Note: unless it involves a backpack and water bottle that caused a basketball program to be wrecked to the point a nobody is hired to take it over).

    Tom Crean didn’t die for anyone’s sins. If anything, he makes a mockery of Christianity and damages the spirit of an institution that should strive to embrace difference rather than allow public figures of the public institution use it as a loudspeaker their daily crucifixions and daily affirmations and sell it of as all perfectly kosher because he holds the keys to the only faith worth a Joyce Meyer or Pat Robertson quote.

    If that be his right, then I have no less the right to call it as I see it.

    And why dodge my question? Why are symbols of IU, images of IU, and the IU logo prominently displayed on other coaches Twitter sites but not Tom Crean’s?

    I tend to believe those images and logos were removed because Indiana University has chosen to not let IU become part of his personal platform to wrap IU within his belief system.

    Let the supreme being decide if Jeff Meyer should get a “heat check” …and do what you were hired to do. Maybe try to figure out how to wrap your brain around a Syracuse zone instead of acting like you’re the appointed judge for every God and every maker when each man must call upon his own beliefs and his own heart in seeking forgiveness within the faith he seeks any sins atoned.

  77. Harvard, you are never going to write a more coherent, well put-together, and concise argument for your position than #89. If you just let that post stand on its merits going forward, or if you hadn’t posted 250 less lucid comments over the prior months on this exact topic you’d be in pretty good shape.

    I’m begging you dude… If anyone brings this topic up to you again just refer to post #89 on the “Evan Gordon Commits to Indiana” thread… Drop the microphone and walk off the stage… But do not write another 250 posts on this exact topic.

  78. Makes a mockery of a Christian? I don’t think so. I enjoy reading his tweets about GOD. we are so far off, but I still respect you as a person.

  79. Look at the number of random trolls on this thread defending Crean. Crean is a fake. Just like the troll that defends him.

  80. I can’t help but wonder how many folks would step up for CTC expressing his faith if the faith he was professing wasn’t the overwhelmingly predominant one?

    Maybe all the same people would support him, I don’t know. Just asking. I’m pretty sure about a couple folks who wouldn’t.

    But if Tom Crean constantly spoke of Allah I’m guessing the blanket support wouldn’t be there. Hopefully, I’m mistaken.

    It’s easy to ‘stand up’ for a guy when nearly 80% of the country (and probably even more of Hoosierland) is on the same team. If you study history, though, you’ll see that our Constitution wasn’t written to protect the positions of the majority. They don’t need it. Our Constitution was written to protect the (often unpopular) minority.

    BTW, this isn’t an endorsement of Harvard’s rants. I’m tired of them, too. It’s just what it is…a question. Would there be this kind of support for CTC’s expressions of faith if his faith wasn’t the same as everyone else’s?

  81. I don’t follow the leader Chet. I am grounded in my Methodist faith. Crean don’t disciple me. My parents did. They taught me and raised me the man I am today. They love me, and still do very much. I don’t care about a 80% majority. The fact is I am old enough to turn away, or accept my maker. I choose to believe.

    Is it easy to stand up as you say? I guess so. So me and Crean share a faith? Who cares! If Crean was Muslim or whatever, I still wouldn’t hate him, because I was raised better. You never ever give up on anyone.

    Listen, if you don’t like the whole faith deal, that’s fine. You have that freedom. We are just sick and tired of it being beat down in his rants. When so done beats down the Christian faith, I consider it just another nail in our saviors hands on the cross. He came to save everyone, despite believing or not.

  82. What do you mean by “You never give up on anyone”?

    Is that an awkward way of saying that you respect his beliefs and you feel he is entitled to express them as he so chooses?

    The way you worded it, it kinda sounds like you’re saying you’d try to help him see that his religion is ‘wrong’ and your religion is ‘right’.

  83. No no Chet. By not giving up on anyone, I mean you love them regardless. You might not agree, but don’t treat the person like crap, because they don’t believe what you believe. That help? Harvard and I might not agree, but not going to throw sand in his eyes, because his beliefs are different.

  84. Sadly, that is how many people are turned off by faith. They seek, and want to believe, but many do throw sand in people’s eyes, if they don’t believe what they are costumed too. Again, it’s important to love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus did.

  85. “If that be his right, then I have no less the right to call it as I see it.” That is correct, Harvard. And I have every right to continue to call you out for your bigotry.

    Boy, you’ve sure changed your tone over the last 250 posts on this subject. Geoff made a great point in #90, when he said, “if you hadn’t posted 250 less lucid comments over the prior months on this exact topic you’d be in pretty good shape.” That is right on target and I agree. If you’d just expressed your opinion and moved on, we’d all be better off. But you just could not let it go. And in that regard, you are Don Quixote. You went on your own little crusade, attacking Tom Crean about how and when he expresses his faith. You went way, way overboard, both on the number of comments and the level of ridicule and disrespect you expressed. Again, you write about the man as if he’s committed a heinous criminal act. It really is kind of funny, in a pathetic kind of way. Your zealotry in attacking Crean matches what you consider his zealotry regarding his Christian faith.

    1. And 100 comments is officially enough. Consider this the end of this thread, as well as the end of this entire discussion for now. Harvard, we’ve provided plenty of rope, so stop hanging yourself.

      I’m fine with just disabling comments on the entire blog, if that’s what is necessary. Would make life a lot easier for Dustin and I.

  86. Jeremy – you’re just now getting tired of it? I was at that point 3 months ago. Do us all a favor and disable comments for the entire blog. I’m more than happy to email comments directly to you and Dustin.

  87. Your still dodging.

    Why are all the IU symbols gone from Tom Crean’s Twitter page?

    Why are all the other coaches Twitter accounts prominently using the IU logo?

    My thoughts and reasons have always been plenty clear and IU would do no less in distancing themselves if he used their university as a platform for a supreme race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, political belief, sex, sexual orientation, national origins, gender.

    I don’t mock him because of his faith. I mock him for his abuse of power and his complete lack of principle and dignity in his putting Indiana into his own personal faith “backpack” while obliterating the truths and overriding the missions a public institution that strives to open its arms to all voices, all ideas, and all beliefs though without power, influence, or privilege to do so.

    Bigotry always lives within that power.

  88. [You’re] still dodging.


    I did not see your comment while I was typing my response to Podunker.

  89. Actually Chet, the Constitution was not written to protect any particular group (majority, minority, etc)… The Constitution was written as is to protect the rights of EACH individual, whether in the majority, the minority or otherwise. And it spells out a system of representation which they believed protected the rights of the individual.

    Over time, the Constitution has changed and become more and more responsive in areas of law where the rights of the individual were deemed to be restrictive.

    It’s interesting that a fundamental philosophy that influenced our great Constitution came from Thomas Hoobes; ‘The Leviathan’, the concept he had of what we call the State. Hobbes accompanied his treatise with a drawing of a huge (as in Giant) human figure (corpore- body) he drew made up of thousands of smaller ‘corpores’ that ‘constituted’ IT.

    When, in fact we begin to think of groups and ‘majority’ ‘minority’ as primary we eliminate the very concept that distinguishes from all other systems that call themselves ‘democracies’, such as ‘French democracy’ which favors a ‘class’ concept of power confrontation and empowerment; communist ‘people’s democracies’ conceptualized on the (b.s.) theoretical empowerment of the ‘working classes'(which most often end up as highly rigid, exploitative and authoritarian regimes that allow little if any exercise of the individual’s free will and, nearly always depend on their abuse of human rights to impose and exert their power.

    The greatness of the American Constitution is that it recognized and protected the rights of the individual (as a concept) and made everything else a subset of the equation. Most telling, at the end, the Constitution spells out that all ‘rights’ not specifically defined within (the necessary text) Revert (as original and exclusively) to the people.

    Minorities (in their numerical or political are, thus, not specifically protected except as consequentially derived from the rights of the Individual.

    So, as for the statement that “… if Tom Crean constantly spoke of Allah I’m guessing the blanket support wouldn’t be there…”; it just wouldn’t matter, would it?. He could do that and continue to do that just as he does now when he speaks of his faith in Jesus. It may be “easy to ‘stand up’ for a guy when nearly 80% of the country (and probably even more of Hoosierland) is on the same team”; seems like the real test, however, comes with our willingness to stand up and defend this ‘One Man’s’ rights- in this case CTC’s.

    Ain’t America Great Chet?

  90. It certainly is but, perhaps, one person in fifty actually understands the American experiment. Zero out of a thousand that watch Fox News have even the most remote idea of what our Constitution means. It’s very sad but those people, all throughout history, will always be the “true believers”.

    Watch a news reel from 1940 and you’ll see their predecessors all lined up and cheering. In another 20 years people will look back at the Fox News fans and ask, “What the Hell were they thinking?”

    Those kind of people will always be there. And there will always be people ready to show them ‘the way’.

    And the following generation will look back on them and ask, “What the Hell were they thinking?”

  91. Not sure what you mean in your reference to “…[there]will always be the “true believers”.

    Somehow, when I think of the 1940’s, I think of the millions of Americans who volunteered to fight against the scourge of Fascism, their sacrifice in real terms and the unique American character that always seems to emerge when most needed. Can’t think of a more noble people at any time in world history (only perhaps rivaled by the ‘doughboys’ in WWI.

  92. And like all anchored words and anchored day, many cling to use the document to harbor a right to repress, exclude, subjugate, and use their voice to disenfranchise rather than transcend the pen, search for the hopeful spirit we believe to be in the heart of the Founders; moving through time outside its rigidity of bills and articles with an understanding it was assembled by very flawed men, imperfect like all, operating within the frailties of liberty under an evolving construction, the decent pursuit of good for nothing other than the sake of good.

    The Constitution offers nothing in guiding us to the greater good of the abundances of freedoms; to evolve without corruption of our powers and to remain good and just with intent in our hearts.

  93. Harvard – no one is dodging questions. It’s just that no one cares. Regardless of the answers… No one cares.

    Chet – funny bit from a recent Daily Show… Basically showing how FOX (protectors of the Constitution) wanted to disregard 9 of the Amendments (every single one except The 2nd, which they are completely irrational about) in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings…


  94. oops.

    …to evolve without corruption of our powers and to remain good and with [just] intent in our hearts.

  95. I don’t know why you don’t let select people be a comment administrator. Geoff, Chet, or I could help this place out. If you want cleaned up, you need to hire a bastard to do it with thick skin. Hell, I’ll do it. I don’t care what they think of me. I’ll never meet anyone here.

  96. Geoff, as usual that was both hilarious and spot on. That should be required viewing for all Fox ‘News’ viewers but I’m afraid their heads would explode dealing with their own intellectual hypocrisy.

  97. Tsao:

    Our Constitution has almost nothing to do with Hobbes. His central premise — that humans are by nature dangerous beings who will quickly fall to violence and chaos if not controlled by a central authority with essentially unlimited power — was explicitly rejected in both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The first government created by our founders was so weak as to be essentially no government at all, and when they concluded that more power was needed to preserve order and manage a growing nation, they went to extravagant lengths to define and limit the new government’s powers. Whereas Hobbes believed that all members of the state had to surrender their individual rights to a supreme sovereign, our Constitution is dedicated to the maintenance of individual rights. Our founding fathers shared Locke’s view that the purpose of government is to “preserve and enlarge liberty”, not Hobbes’ view that “every man should say to every man, I authorize and give up my right of governing myself, to this man, or to this assembly of men, on this condition, that thou give up thy right to him, and authorize all his actions in like manner.”

  98. I couldn’t be a comment administrator. I’d let everybody have their say. I’m not the thought police type. I always felt that’s part of what I was protecting the country from when I was in the service.

    Ben, you wouldn’t like it as much as you think you might. You seem like a decent guy and you’d end up feeling guilty for abusing your authority. Somebody would say something very reasonable that you’d take personal umbrage to and you’d delete it just to show you can. You don’t want to be ‘that’ guy.

    Take a look at that clip that Geoff posted a link to. That gives you an idea of what simple minded people might do if they were given a chance to control YOUR rights.

  99. “I’m not the thought police type. I always felt that’s part of what I was protecting the country from when I was in the service.”

    Hallelujah. Somewhere it turned after WW II. We began to believe shoving our thoughts down the throat of the world was freedom. We began to sell and package America rather than serve to protect and allow an ear to a dissenting voice. We began to chase villains because what was eroding from within.

  100. Jeramy Price:

    WHY would you, Dustin, or anyone else shut down the comments here, or threaten to take down the entire blog?

    Is there a limit on the number of comments this site can hold? That would be the only rational explanation for limiting comments on any topic! If there are space limits, then your threats have some legitimacy. Otherwise, WTF, man?

    Anyone on this thread by now has to put in extra effort to even access it (on page 3 now), so obviously all the H4H dissenters have chosen to locate and participate. There are plenty of other articles posted here, much easier to access and/or comment than this one. If your readers choose to participate here, what it to you?

    Any public actions by CTC are fair game for an IU basketball blog! Especially his actions that are inappropriate, even if mostly popular. It is doubtful that any other IU employee, especially a highly visible one, could get away with proselytising their religion in such a way.

  101. Kudos to everyone for keeping this discussion going in a civil manner. And a special shout out to NoMendacity for emerging as another voice of reason on here. I tire of the constant calls for censorship and banishment long before I tire of Harv’s often beating of the dead horses. At least I know when Harv starts going into rant-and-repeat mode, I can skip over his posts if I’m not in the mood. (Geoff and others usually do a fine job of pointing out when Harv brings up a fresh, valid argument I can go back and read.) But the random, thought-policing witch hunters that pop up and annoy me by surprise are much difficult to detect and avoid. Thanks to everyone for keeping it respectful, relevant, and interesting.

  102. Sorry, Po. Just now getting back to your #79. Great points. But sometimes, facts just take the fun out of debate. Point-counterpoint can get old. Point-counterdelusionalinterperetationofhappenstance is so much more riveting.

  103. Personally, I don’t think it’s Dustin..

    If it were not for Dustin, this place would be another ITH governed/moderated by all the freedoms of a “thought police.”

    I actually love it when the “trolls” come on here. It’s a delight to watch them get ripped to shreds by the likes of Tsao, Clarion, Husky Tom, Rico, Chet, Geoff, Ron, Podunker, Punjab, JPat. I love Hoosier Scoop. Please don’t kill Hoosier Scoop. There’s something special here. We fight but we forgive. We’re all Hoosiers and we’ve been brought together by a love for something we are secure enough with to not deem it falsely representing an untouchable entity. The Hoosiers have always been envied for their generosity, their humble heart, their openness, and their genuineness. Shut down Scoop and you shut down the spirit of the Indiana that I believe inherent in the proud mystique of the candy-stripes.

  104. NoMendacity, Chet, and others:

    “Rights” have nothing to do with how Dustin moderates this blog. If the government was trying to limit your speech, invoking your rights would be appropriate. But this is a private forum maintained for the benefit of its owners. They are free to set terms of usage as they see fit. If the HT believes that an open forum with little restriction on what is said is best for its business, then anyone who gets offended is free to leave. If the HT decided that it would be better for business to chase off a few trolls or disqualify certain words or subjects, then those who want to use those words or discuss those topics are free to find someplace that allows them.

    Limiting what can be said here would be no more an infringement of anyone’s rights than if a store asked its customers not to swear or use racially insensitive language while shopping. Clearly the HT has decided not to place many limits, and I can tell you with certainty that there are those who choose to stay away as a result. I have begun reading and occasionally posting in recent weeks, but only because I discovered Laffy is gone. For a very long time prior to that I stayed away, and have in fact paid for a membership to discuss IU basketball elsewhere. If H4H were also gone, I would do so even more. But neither Dustin nor the HT owes me anything in this regard, because I get to choose. Likewise, it does not owe the trolls anything, because they would get to choose if more restrictions were in place.

    I disagree with Dustin’s handling of this blog, and I think there would be more traffic if it were moderated differently. But that is his call, so I will either live with what I find here or simply stop coming.

  105. If H4H were also gone, I would do so even more.

    Then why on earth did you stay on Basketblog clinging to my every word for so long?

    I know who you are, Weatherman. Quit being the coward and identify yourself by the screen name you used for years.

    Funny how I’ve never seen one post about basketball or football from a blogger named “Weatherman.”

    There is nothing more despicable than a liar. You claim its Dustin and HT’s right to decide how they want to control their blog and then you try to muscle them with BS that there would be more traffic with wholesome angels like yourself. Talk about a loaded crap-filled bunch of bigotry..

    I’ll go.

  106. Weatherman, #114 was very good. Taught me something. I’m just speculating here, but you may be misrepresenting Hobbes slightly. I know his basic premise is that “the state civilizes”, but was he as extreme as you are portraying him? I thought his idea was more along the lines of giving up some of your “freedom” for the sake of protection, but not necessarily a complete “surrender” to the state. He’s one of those guys that everyone references but no one actually reads, myself included, so I’m just guessing here.

    I agree that the Scoop staff has every right to do what ever they want with the blog, since it is not their, or anyone else’s constitutional duty to provide people with an open forum. Flash back 25 years, we all would have to write letters to the editor to get our views exposed. The editors would sift through the piles of submissions and pick those that were the most respectful, clear, and cogent, while trying to represent a wide array of views. That’s how things have worked for the majority of the country’s history. In my view, the emergence of the internet does not create a whole new category of liberties that businesses are required to grant us. For that matter, I can’t believe that Yahoo and other sites still allow comment sections below stories. Those sections actually prove Hobbes to be correct: when given too much freedom, and a little anonymity to go along with it, we are heartless cowards who rejoice in each other’s misfortunes, reduce human tragedies to political opportunities, and bathe shamelessly in racism, sexism, and depravity.

    We should all be very thankful that the Scoop is so relaxed and lets us be goofy, tangential blowhards from time to time. Showing some appreciation for this from time to time is key to keeping the ship above water.

  107. Weather, I appreciate your comments. They’re always grounded and reasonable even f I don’t 100% agree with everything. And you’re absolutely right about readers’ freedom of choice. But I don’t understand why you wouldn’t participate more because of a single Scooper you may find distasteful. It seems to me, if you enjoy the blog and want to make it more meaningful to you, why not try and shift the conversations back to where they started. Antagonists and sensationalists generally keep their threads going only when people engage in kind.

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease. But abstaining from participation– which I myself am guilty of from time to time– because you don’t like the direction of the thread only dilutes the pool of relevant comments. The rusty wheels get even squeakier.

  108. Mariner Tom:

    Hobbes truly is as extreme as I described. I actually have read him — and I don’t mean to be smart-alecky about that, there are certainly others who have read him more closely and know him far better than I do — and the quote I put at the end of #114 is directly from his famous “Leviathan” work. He believed that absent a controlling authority, we would descend into a truly chaotic and violent state he called “a war of all against all”. The primary purpose of government, he argued, was to keep this from happening, and the only way it could do so is if the citizens surrendered their individual rights to a government with essentially unlimited power. Keep in mind that he lived through a nasty civil war, and his beliefs about humans and nature of government were colored accordingly.

    Needless to say, our founding fathers thought differently. They knew that order was important, but they believed the government should only have enough power to ensure that our rights were protected. This meant a certain amount of forceful authority, but only in the form of enumerated powers and a list of individual rights that even the government had to respect. This kind of thinking is directly from John Locke, Cicero, Montesquieu, and others, and stands in pretty sharp contrast to Hobbes, Machiavelli, and others like them.


    Your points are well taken, but my concerns go beyond a few comments by a single poster. For one thing, a high percentage of the posts on this site are either by Harvard or in response to him, so it is not enough to simply ignore his posts. Moreover, there are others as well. There is a pretty relentless stream of insults and personal attacks on this site. There are some smart people here, enough that I do check back in once in a while, but life is too short to listen to people tearing one another down. As long as there are places where the atmosphere is less vitriolic, I’ll spend most of my time elsewhere.

  109. I agree with Weatherman. My biggest complaint is having to scroll through all the bulls*** comments to find intelligent discussions around IU sports news and rumors. One troll feels the need to write a book with each comment usually regurgitating the same stupid point and a few others keep encouraging him like you’re actually having a real discussion with him.

    I’d rather Jeremy shut down the comments and he and Dustin focus their time on posting interesting IU news than moderating stupidity.

  110. Agreed, Weather. I considered mentioning that trying to get threads back on track is often a futile endeavor. I didn’t get to it because the lunch bell rang and nap time for the kids was rapidly approaching.

    There are so many quality posters on here I believe it worth my while to stop by whenever I have the time. It just irks me that all too often I have to wade through vile and/or hypocritical personal attacks and interesting, adult discussions that devolve into childish bickering to find the good stuff. Even the most well-regarded posters on here are guilty of it from time to time. I enjoy some good-natured ribbing, and I’m not at all for restricting anybody’s ability to express themselves, however vitriolic it may be. I just wish the hatefulness wasn’t so prevalent. I guess we just have to take the good with the bad sometimes. Such is the life of an Internet browser, eh?

  111. Such “concerns” that he never posted one comment in all those months about Hoosier basketball or football…?

    But plenty of time to now take cheap shots and make petty digs on behalf of the “smart people” he’s proclaiming to be a club member because he can Wikipedia Roy Hobbes. Bow to him. Marvel at his genius. Marvel at his willingness to buy his way onto a blog and spread his arrogance. He’d pay $100.00 per post to own your voice.

    That’s more vulgar than any foul word that ever emanated from Laffy’s tongue.

  112. And many of the “smart people” club members should be utterly ashamed of how they once tried to use their proclaimed worldliness to bully JPat from this blog.

    The same “smart people” crucifying JPat for nothing more egregious than when they repeatedly and carefully fashioned their tongues to proclaim Mike Davis had neither the “smarts” or the “character” to guide Indiana basketball to the promise land we’ve now found in Sweet 16’s under Tom Crean.

    And how about the “smart people” that wanted to drag Tom Crean to the gallows for mere snappiness aimed at Dustin during a press conference? Oh, such irony that the person they now want to ban from the blog brought the “smirk” facts out in the open? Yeah, follow the lead of the “smart people.” Sounds sorta supremest-like.

  113. Look, here’s the deal. We pretty much let you discuss whatever you want, however you want (Locke, Hobbes, Paine, etc.). In exchange, we ask you to do so with respect to each other, including those who read but do not post. However, sometimes once positions have been established, the regurgitating of opinions (as of late those regarding Joyce Meyer, Jeff Meyer and perhaps even Oscar Mayer) serves no further purpose either.

    And some people seem to be here only for the sole purpose of harassing (trolling) others. This is difficult to regulate, because the truly determined can fairly easily get around whatever blocks we set up in this format. It’s one of the reasons we have to re-ban Laffy every so often.

    What I don’t enjoy having to do is referee this blog. And I really don’t want to take away the freedom here. That’s my nicest way of asking your help in keeping this place functional. As as assist in this endeavor, Harvard/Lord will be taking another Scoop-cation (you’ve become the Laffy you used to hate).

    If this doesn’t help, every comment will be required to undergo moderator approval before it’s posted.

  114. Ray & Joey Meyer….DePaul Blue Demons!!(a job still far too big for Tom Crean…and likely too secular as well)

  115. And you’re a hypocrite, Price. A hypocrite for not allowing me to defend myself while allowing others to take digs at me while they hide like cowards behind “Mariner Tom”…”Podunker”…and “Weatherman.”

    You know very well that you’ve been permitting their slithering around Scoop under multiple screen names. You also know that I never once stole another blogger’s screen name nor used part of their name.

    I’ve stuck with the Lord/Harvard and not played the games of deceit that you’ve allowed. Allowing such deceit and multiple screen names(often the same blogger changing to multiple identities daily within the same threads) is what’s taken this blog down.

    1. We’ve long allowed you to defend yourself, and by long, I mean hundreds upon thousands of words. But now you’re attacking other people, just like you’re attacking me. We do our best to weed out the duplicity — and as I just explained, it’s not always possible to do to the extent that I would like. For example, you say Podunker has used multiple names. I say others have committed fraud using Podunker’s name, but to the best of my knowledge, he has been every bit as forthright as yourself.

      If you just want to fight, go down to the neighborhood pub and put your dukes up with whoever you can find, call yourself Lord of the Brawl. But don’t come here to exorcise your inner demons by demonizing everybody else.

  116. Wow…some deep thinking from quite a few…a more than pleasant surprise in this Age of 140 Characters. A fact to be celebrated.

    Weatherman, we have very different views of both Hobbes and about his influence on the intellectual basis of many of the writers who gave us the Constitution. As you agreed, they first found the absence of structure dangerous and then sought to establish a frame that would channel its powers while protecting and guaranteeing basic freedoms for the individual parts. So be it and it is satisfying to note the critical spirit still lives within many of us. I still believe Hobbes’ greatest concern was the inescapable conflict that could arise out of the defense of “freedoms” taken to their extremes. (What Hobbes lived in Europe would eventually be ‘transferred’ to America in the form of competing ‘freedoms’ and ‘interests’ that nearly destroyed the American nation in the mid 19th. But, as I said (after having read and thought about Hobbes’ Leviathan for fifty-plus years (not counting the first twenty or so…).

    It may also be that the basis of the disagreement is in that you seem (to me) to be preoccupied with the issue (and limits) of Government, while my focus is on the meaning and content of the State (with a capital S). I believe Hobbes is addressing (and the writers of our Constitution were concerned with) exactly that critical distinction.

    It could also be that the argument reflects basic differences in our political foundations. I admit (and proudly) to be conservative (ahh…different than reactionary and please do not confuse it with anything having anything to do with Democrat or Republican), both of which seem to me to be mere bad-chicken re-packaging after the original expiration date) in political philosophy. I believe in the original ideas of liberal democracy (British style, certainly not the chicken pot-pie reoffering), the predominance of the individual, freedom from AND FOR specific purposes; and, to quote the great Crash Davis in ‘Bull Durham’, the curve ball, slow dancing, and …long,… s-l-o-w,… w-e-t kisses.

    One question for you, if you don’t mind. The origin of your screen name? Is it a reference to the political group? Just curious. Good luck and keep at it!

    Now…Disagree away Weatherman. Thank God for those (like you and I)who still think it is a good thing to disagree and voice it. As I asked Chet, ain’t America great?

  117. Euhhh! Mr. Price! You are riding the barrel over Niagara. I may also find many of HfH comments over-the-top, insufferable, way over-stating, demonizing of others at times and, probably, most unhealthy (mostly for Harvard himself). But there is a clear distinction between finding many thoroughly distasteful and often boring and threatening to censor all you deem to violate a previously unspecified standard.

    I would welcome (as others have also stated) a standard of civility, barring foul language (to protect not-yet adult readers) and your encouraging the limiting of personal attacks. But, this is the fourth/fifth time I’ve read a statement from you threatening censorship without clear guidelines. I believe it was Andrew Young who once said that the enemy we have to fear is not [any particular ‘ism’], but the intolerant nazi that lives inside each of us.

    Having said that, and having made it clear there are many thoughts shared and well written by HfH that many find interesting; Harvard you’ve been pushing the envelope well out there and made it clear your goal often seems to be to provoke not only reaction to some of your outrageous statements but revulsion to you itself. If that is so, you too owe respect to the others who share the blog with you.

    And, if you can not give that as a minimum contribution to all of us who look for a commonly shared love of the Hoosiers and the state of Indiana, perhaps you too should consider taking your insults (now too frequent and incessant to avoid) elsewhere. Others besides me, who have called you and demonstrated being a ‘friend’, have said the exact same thing. Smell the coffee. The responsibility to be respectful of others includes you.

    1. Tsao,
      I’ve given it some thought and understand your point, but at the same time I would hope we don’t need to publish a Scoop rule book outside the general framework of civil agreement/disagreement and not using profanity or other personally denigrating language. In general, I guess I would say what is attempting to be moderated here, specifically with Harvard in this case, is “persistent infringement,” if you will allow me to borrow from soccer. At some point, the referee has the right to determine that an accumulated number of transgressions, none necessarily egregious on their own, requires more than a warning. I believe Harvard, Laffy and everyone else here has something valuable to add to the discussion of IU sports and all its tangential spinoffs. Whether they are able to do so is dependent only on their ability to function within this mini society.

  118. Tsao, you’ve said much, and I like a lot of it, especially post #135, paragraph #4. It isn’t often I’ve seen a self-declared conservative be honest about the deficiencies of the 2-party system (American liberals seem much more open to admitting the shortcomings of the Dumbocrats than conservatives to the Redumblicans). I also like your comments on Hobbes. They echo what I felt after reading Weatherman’s comments: that there must be more to “Leviathan” than simple “government takeover.” I think that Rousseau’s “forced to be free” idea comes much closer to that than Hobbes.

    Anyway, Harvard seems to be virtually the only blogger on here who unapologetically refuses to be self-reflective and self-appraising. I have never seen anyone be so adamant that everyone else is the problem, and that he himself is so faultless. All he does is recriminate, rather than turn inward. It’s really impossible to crack his shell. Once he feels backed into a corner, see ya later and good luck. Of course, it’s all my fault just for mentioning it.

  119. Tsao and Mariner:

    Our government, with its separation of powers, limited government, and all that, is pretty much the opposite of Hobbes’ philosophy. He called for all citizens to renounce their right to govern themselves and submit to an absolute authority that would control and protect them. As he wrote, “The only way to erect such a common power, as may be able to defend them from the invasion of foreigners, and the injuries of one another…is to confer all their power and strength upon one man, or upon one assembly of men, that may reduce all their wills, by plurality of voices, unto one will”. His preferred form of government was a monarchy with what he called “indivisible” authority, most certainly including executive, legislative, and judicial power. Not only would this sovereign be above the law, he would, as the embodiment of the Commonwealth, be seen as the law itself.

    If there is political philosophy further removed from that described in our founding documents, I am not aware of it.

    As for my political persuasions, I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I have no partisan preference, and almost always vote based on the “lesser of two evils” principle. My screen name is just an oddity. I am not a weatherman, or a fan of weather, or a follower of the political group with a similar name. I’m not really even sure how I came up with it, it just kind of appeared when I decided to begin posting here again. Sorry to not have a better story.

  120. Weatherman- you have a nice style and write very clearly. I like the way that your explanations of Hobbes or whoever else don’t really indicate bias, critique or preference. That’s how it should be. These thinkers were all products of specific contexts, and their ideas reflect that. A lot of what they said may have fallen out of fashion for today’s political thinking, but their ideas nevertheless contributed invaluably to the evolution of contemporary thought (that is, if you believe that there is such thing as evolution when it comes to political science. I personally have my doubts).

    In my opinion, there are still plenty of moments in our world today that invite us to revisit the Hobbes thesis and ask if he might not still have a good point or two. Whether society ultimately civilizes us or corrupts a pure and good human nature is question that none of us can answer. But right now, there are cases to be made on both sides.

  121. 1) Someone had said the WW2 generation was the “most noble.” I strongly disagree. There was rampant racism, sexism, and homophobia. Not only that, we didn’t care one bit about Hitler and only got involved after Japan attacked us. Nothing “noble” about that at all.

    2) Other sites have scooped The Scoop once again as they are reporting Pinson will decide on Wednesday. At least we get baseball scores here. Would be nice if we had any inside info like the other sites do.

    3) It seems absurd to me to threaten to shut this blog down because one person is ruining the place. Just how many people need to complain about him before anything is done? Or, is his dad the owner of HT and he’ll never be suspended?

    4) It was very disheartening to see Cody light it up from 3 point land during the NBA camp and when he was asked why he didn’t shoot from the outside more at IU, he said Crean said we didn’t need that because of all the weapons we had. That’s just absurd because before the season started, all we heard was how Cody was going to take jumpers to open the floor up even more. And, we sure could have used it against Syracuse.

  122. I don’t think they ever threatened to shut the place down. I believe Jeremy threatened to disable the comments.

  123. Weatherman, Mariner Tom- thank you for your observations; more so thank you for thinking about it. (And Weatherman, thank you for your clarification on the screen name. You’re right, I had wondered for an instant if it may have been a reference to the circa 1960’s Weathermen. Glad to know (and easy to see from your conversation), it was not.

    I still think you’ve missed the point (Weatherman) that Hobbes is discussing. I believe Hobbes refers to a key distinction that most Americans (and certainly most contemporary political wonks on Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS….)frequently ignore; the significant difference between the “state” (in my thought, the State with a capital ‘S’ and the “government” (as in the government of the US- “government”. They are two completely distinct concepts we usually mix and match very sloppily; (i.e. state government, city government, government, the State of Indiana/Illinois…..the state, the State…).

    Weatherman’s discussion of our “Founding Fathers” makes it evident (to me and in my opinion) refers to the issue of government or the government. It confuses Hobbes'”Leviathan’ with the formation and function of government. On the other hand, my view of Hobbes’ Leviathan is much more on the idea of the State (or THE State in a very Hegelian sense (Hegel called it the Spirit of the State) that sees the entire issue of People, Culture, Institutions, History and Mores, etc as one Whole he sees as the Leviathan. I would even say his Leviathan is a whole Culture that envelops all of us, is part us and we part of it.

    For example, I am able to use Hobbes concept to draw a distinction between the concepts of country, Country and Nation; people and People (as in We/we the People) critical if I want to understand history…

    It is to this, not to a man, a ruler, a monarch or even a single institution that Hobbes describes when he writes of ‘willingly’ “…erect such a common power,” that would exist above …the injuries of one another;…to confer all their power and strength upon [One] (ruler, assembly of men… that may reduce all their wills, by plurality of voices,…) unto one will. Thus, the concept of The Leviathan. (not just the Jolly Green Giant)

    It’s an incredible concept (I don’t know if you’ll agree- nor or ever-, but I guarantee you I have just ruined the next fifty years or so you’ll spend thinking about it. The surrendering our [individual] power and will (our freedom in our natural state (to drive through a red octagon that says ‘Stop’- we actually do stop (there are societies, civilized ones, where they don’t). Or the freedom surrenderered to take pleasure whenever we so desire if it conflicts with someone else’s integrity or person just because we can- the strongest do not necessarily get their will)- even the majority does not. I think this was the amazing moment in human kind when our Fathers created a product (as in multiplication), a Constitution greater than the sum of Us that set a framework for a mutual surrendering of each to One for the Good of All.

    I can not think of another moment in the history of the world that is so clearly reflected the writing of our own concept of the Leviathan, the Declaration and the Constitution as one whole- the People’s statement of the Whole.

    (And, Mariner…it explains why issues like ‘party’, ‘ideology’, sectoral affiliations, interest groups are not only irrelevant but also dangerous to the great experiment that is our Nation).

    (And why I find pleasure in following Hoosier football, basketball, soccer, track and Field, baseball and other interesting pass times that keep me from obsessing even further. If only The Leviathan could run a 4.2 sec/40 while wearing ‘Indiana’ on his Crimson shirt, I’d be a happy man).

    Thanks both.

  124. Two Cents…considered your four points. Here’s one cent back, based on your #3 and #4. Don’t have much to say on #2 since it seems a bit gratuitous and personal.

    I’ll keep just one cent. Your #1 wasn’t even worth that but I don’t want to leave you destitute.

    Other than that, how are you Laffy? (Pay me a nickel and you can tell me)

  125. Tsao, please tell me how #1 was wrong. This country was great back then only if you were white and straight and a guy.

    Thankfully, the kids of today aren’t such bigots as the “noble” people from back then.

    And it’s a fact we didn’t care one single bit about what Hitler was doing until Japan attacked us with many thinking we provoked them to do it so we had an excuse to get into the war.

  126. 405,316 noble Americans were killed during WW2. Your statement is an insult to each one of them.

    End of non-conversation.

    Jeremy, if this is Laffy, please enforce the ban.

  127. Now, that is just priceless.

    People have been talking how “everyone has something to contribute, even Laffy” and now you’re whining for someone to get kicked off because you don’t like what they say.

    Please show me where I’m wrong when I say those “noble” people were not complete bigots. Hell, the black people who fought for our country were STILL treated as sub-human by the people you’re praising.

    Want to tell me how THAT isn’t an “insult”?

    And are you denying we didn’t care about Hitler until we got attacked?


    Please tell me how stating history is “insulting”?

    Seems like the truth gets under your skin.

    1. Laffy,
      This is exactly why your ban has not been lifted. The second you get back on here, you take the most combative position possible, then feign surprise when others take issue with it. People were no more perfect in 1941 than they are today, but neither can you paint with such a broad brush so as to trivialize the sacrifice of those 405,316 and the service of scores more. Until I ban you again, take care.

  128. Ha. I was wondering when those trademark one-line paragraphs would resurface. Even snuck a few caps locks in on us, eh? You sly dog.

    Gents, I was hoping to add a little more to the conversation, but I’m not feeling very inspired tonight. So I’ll just say thanks for the lessons. I binged and purged too much education during my time on campus, and I’m grateful that I can come on here and (re-)learn things I just didn’t care about when I was 20. Beyond basketball, the contributors and the tangents you take us on are, to me, what makes the Scoop so great. Keep up the good work fellas.

  129. Is it really appropriate for a journalist at Scoop to take a strong position in favor of one blogger’s opinion over another, then add his own personal interpretation(put words in the mouth sorta speak)and adjectives to describe the “decent” or “indecent” intent of the commenter? I enjoy to hear the opinions of the journalists at Scoop with regard to the topic at hand, but isn’t adding harsh statements about a blogger’s intent something entirely different? And after such personal evaluation of intent(as if declared factual by the mere announcement in their own comment box to the rest of the Scoop participants) proceed to ban the person based on the journalists personal subjective analysis(possibly prejudiced by personal views) without the banned blogger a minimal chance to rebut and explain his/her position or intent behind the comment?

    I know it’s completely your blog, but to say the blogger is “trivializing” the 405,316 deaths is a bit strong. I tend to think the blogger was taking the position that those in power were not always noble in their policies. That’s far different than saying they’re trivializing the brave men and women that went to die for their country. I guess we’ll never know and thus Laffy becomes the greater villain by decree your labeled intent.

    And I’m also confused to what “your blog” actually means. Do you vote democratically on when you believe an opinion is too much? Is there a round table discussion between the journalists and the sports editor or does Jeremy now have the final say? Seems like there’s been a power shift. Do you rotate? Will Dustin have banning duties next week? Do you try to take your own personal viewpoints on the topics being feverishly debated out of the decision process? ( e.g. If your political or faith viewpoints are in stark contrast to someone you really dislike on the blog, will you relieve yourself of banning duties for that particular blogger in recognition your own set of values and beliefs may poison objectivity and cause you to exaggerate/overreact to the level of “freak out mode” your personal personality assessment given to the blogger as you edge closer to a banning/censorship/posting rights decision?

    Just curious. Is it like our American Constitution…? Is there a system of checks and balances with regard to a decision to ban..or is it entirely in the hands of whoever is at the HT desk or currently reading the comments? Dictator by default or by appointment?

    Laffy no doubt makes harsh statements. Harvard no doubt goes on long rants. But it’s pretty easy to understand that when Laffy said “we” it was more aimed at American policy not being so noble. Knowing that putting on a uniform can come with the ultimate sacrifice, I highly doubt that Laffy was attempting to “trivialize” the deaths of thousands of troops that fought against evil.

    Just as Harvard doesn’t intend to trivialize faith when he doesn’t believe how the faith is being used is necessarily noble. There are many TV evangelists that have said some pretty less than noble things of late. There are many that believe faith should not be used as a form of propaganda to attach personal extreme positions or be used to create an aura of protection around unethical acts held as “noble” within the walls of faith.

  130. Intent..This is not a Yahoo blog or a My World blog. This is attached to the Herald Times. I would think the HT guys have a job-related duty to at least attempt to maintain the newspaper’s standards. If I were the ‘Delete-Button King’ here you would really have something to complain about.

    Those of you who hide behind the multi Rico names who post only to insult another person. You would be gone and not missed. Those who beat a subject to death, you would be gone and not missed. Got something to say, state your position. Than shut up. If nobody cares, no response. But to go on and on and on with the same, you would be gone. If you don’t like the coach, say it once, say it 3 times than drop it. Substitution patterns? Zone? Where a kid comes from. NW Indiana or NJ – who cares more than one or two comments.

    This is a ‘free’ blog. Not enough breaking-news for you, go to a pay site.

    Or if you feel the constitutional freedoms are not here, than go away and start your own blog.

    I enjoy the freedom here with the variety of subject matter. Every once in awhile there is even a sports topic.

    Seems as if some of you are using the Scoop to deal with life frustrations. Or the wife is ignoring you and this is your release. Relax. My wife said “it’s the bike or me”. On my third bike. Life is good.

    (seems as if the anger management classes are working. Not calling anybody names and threatened no one. the judge would be proud of me)

    HT Guys…Run this place anyway you want to. Thankful it’s here. After having my grandkids for the weekend this is better than Sponge Bob. Kinda.

  131. Ron, I concur, with everything but the “Delete-Button King”. As long as I have the option to skip over and not forced to read a pile of shit I am content.

  132. Ron, well said. I’m on my, I don’t know, 25th & 26th, or so, bikes and my wife is on her 3rd and 4th (of course, I started when I was 16 and she started at 49). My life became became infinitely better when she took up riding. When your wife is your best friend AND your riding buddy…well…that’s a pretty sweet deal. Imagine having your wife combing through eBay looking for good deals on motorcycles in the evening and suggesting that maybe we really DO need that Triumph Tiger for sale in Charlotte.

    Anyway, just for historical accuracy…

    We did not declare war on Germany in WWII. Germany declared war on the US on December 11, 1941. While the conditions of the Tripartite Pact only called for Germany’s involvement if Japan were actually attacked, in this case they were obviously the aggressor, Germany seized upon the opportunity anyway.

    Carry on…

  133. There is some thought to the theory the Nazis would have been much harder to defeat if the U.S. had entered the war a couple of years earlier as the Germans would not yet have spent vast resources bombing England or invading Russia.

  134. Intent, that was a great post. Not only does it speak to his lack of journalistic ethics, it also proves that he’s a coward. Ripping someone and then saying, “I’m kicking you off” so they can’t respond is about as gutless as it gets.

    Clarion, that does make a lot of sense to me because any time a military is stretched thin, it can’t perform as well. If Hitler had to deal with us instead of bombing England back to the Stone Ages, they would have had the ability to fight back better.

  135. Harvard, I have read you swear up and down that you do not blog here under any aliases beyond HfH and Lord of… I am now convinced the posts from Intent and Well Said come from you, as did others over recent days defending the Harvard works. Not just the content, but sentence construction and unique oddities in use (or intentional ‘stylistic’ misuse of grammar are certain signatures).

    Disappointed Harvard/Lord/Intent/Well Said…(and many other misleadding aliases). Your issues with self-esteem and your profound anger with yourself have become difficult to tolerate any longer. There is a point at which even you have to understand that if you want to share the life of a community such as this; but one act has to become clear, you too have an obligation to respect that community and its members. Obviously your struggles with self loathing are difficult, but you have exceeded the tolerance most have afforded you here. Sadly, you’ve repeatedly abused the hand many of us always extended to you.

    And, because your conscious of it, to continue to do so only adds to the reasons for the self loathing. It is a complicated knot only because it exists only in your imagination.

    At this point, whether you stay or go Harvard is no longer a concern.

    Jeremy, I’m impressed that you seem to want to understand and want to sustain a respectful and sensible blogging environment; are clear in your expectations and their foundation; and that you are willing to take the actions necessary to do so. I fully support it; it is good for the blog and the participants. Kudos.

  136. Tsao-

    The “Intent” post was mine. If they ban me, I’ll fade away. No need to be so cold. Sorry if I don’t live up to your ideal but I am what I am.

    If you think Jeremy’s decision to use a heavy-handed approach is due to utmost concern for Scoop, then you are very safe. I tend to believe that my opinions are the reason for the ban. Show me where I viciously attack, call people bigots, morons, racists…Show me where I used profanity(beyond words like “crap” or the occasional jokes that may contain some sexual innuendo). I’m not anti-Christian. I’m not perfect… that’s for damn sure.

    Take care.

  137. I’m not Harvard either, though I do think he posts here under many names. And I’m not defending Harvard at all as I think he should have been kicked off long ago.

  138. How appropriate that the topic here switched to Nazis after Jeremy power tripped 4H4 this weekend. Do the words “comment Nazi” fit Jeremy’s actions?

    Dustin said earlier last week he was going home last weekend to wherever that is, and wouldn’t be available. So with Jeremy in charge of this interesting, lively blog, it suddenly becomes a venue for Jeremy to play out his PERSONAL dislike of H4H, ending gloriously with H4H being banned!

    Dustin seemed to be able to deal with 4H4 in a very exemplary manner, by taking the time to use his position here to REBUT H4H’s speculations. It seemed very worthwhile for Dustin to do things this way, since H4H often stated OPINIONS (right or wrong) that numerous other IU Basketball fans also believe. By rebutting these opinions, Dustin gave “the other side” of the opinion. By threatening H4H with his power to punish, Jeremy merely became a rather arbitrary authority figure, with no other value except to prove that unpopular opinions are “not allowed here”. Censorship of the most crude form, an “in your face” “because I said so” big daddy approach.

    Jeremy, your statement in #131 that you “don’t enjoy refereeing this blog” is very obvious from your attitude. But you are wrong on many counts. First, this blog is not a sporting event, and commenters here don’t need to be refereed. Monitoring for straight out libel or profane name calling can quickly and easily be done without having to get yourself all worked up about comments you don’t like. That’s all that’s needed.

    Second, in reading back through this thread, I do not see one single place where H4H “attacked” you. If what H4H wrote made you feel “attacked”, I suggest that you might consider getting professional help for being either too hypersensitive or paranoid. When one becomes a highly visible news or sports reporter, they are fair game for readers’ criticisms. TO perceive those as “attacks” is a real stretch.

    clearly in words in #134, calling him “Lord of the Brawl”, saying he is “exorcizing his demons”, and “demonizing others”, then putting an end to his words here by your power to banish him from this blog, you, Jeremy, did attack H4H. I also felt attacked by you at this point, since taking away from me access to comments that were well written, clever, thoughtful, etc. is a form of attack on a reader/commenter. Plus it gave me and everyone else here warning that we better not piss you off, or else….. Because YOU say so……

    The H4H comments are usually in response to other commenters who disagree with him, or “attack” him first. So it seems H4H is more like defending himself, rather than just attacking. But since you, Jeremy, see yourself as “the referee”, instead of correctly as the watchdog for SERIOUS problems posted here, please consider this: As the referee, you have gotten the possession arrow mixed up and going in the wrong direction!

    This is a very nice blog. One I enjoy reading more than many other blogs because many commenters here, like H4H, are EXCELLENT WRITERS, and many interesting ideas and theories are printed here. To think that one so called journalist that is left in charge of the blog for the week-end can use it to “exorcize his personal demons”, like was exhibited here with what happened between Jeremy and H4H is very troubling.

    I’m hoping Dustin can take back the moderating of this blog, and leave Referee Jeremy to do other tasks that maybe he DOES enjoy. Otherwise, I won’t be upsetting myself by playing under referee in a GAME that I thought was a blog in which to share and argue opinions.

    Personally, I think an apology from Jeremy for his disgraceful over-reach for power is in order. But surely an apology won’t be forthcoming because power-trippers are NEVER WRONG and they NEVER APOLOGIZE.

  139. Oh, I just saw that Intent admitted to being Harvard.

    As always, Harvard, you are clueless. It’s not your “opinions” that got you kicked off. You bombard this place with non-stop negative nonsense and do nothing but play victim. And you lie and lie and lie and lie some more.

    You claim Remy was “run off” and when proven wrong, you double-down on it and spew your lies even more. You say Crean ran off players if they weren’t Christian, which is a complete joke.

    For two years, at least, most of this board has said they are sick of your nonsense so stop the victim act. There isn’t a board in the entire country that would let you post….and it isn’t because they “don’t like your opinions.” You’ve hijacked the board and made it your own place playground to spew your nonsense.

    The companies that pay to advertise on here want as many readers as possible and you drive them away with your non-stop baloney. And stop lying you don’t put profanity up or call people names. You’ve done it many times. Just as you said many times you’ll stop the Christian-bashing and then go right back to it. And it’s funny how you always think your “jokes” should get a free pass for being vulgar because you were “just having fun.”

    So, Jeremy and Dustin, Harvard is back so are you going to boot him?

  140. NoMen, aka Harvard—

    He/you did not “express opinions”, he/you told flat-out lies. Crean did not run off players because they weren’t Christian. He did not run off Remy at all. And when he/you was shown he/you were wrong, he/you refused to admit it and pushed it even more.

    And I’m sure Dustin appreciates your slobbering all over him because he is the only moderator in the entire country that would a you hijack his board.

    And you’re wrong this place doesn’t need to be refereed. As I said before, the advertisers do not pay to have their ads on here so you can have your own personal playground to spew your hatred and crazy ideas 24/7/365. They pay to reach as many readers as possible. And you’ve driven away LOTS of people.

    And stop lying that wasn’t you.

  141. Who is “mine”? What other names do you post under?

    Intent =

    Well said!! =

  142. Harvard admitted he was Intent and it’s as obvious as can be he’s “NoMen” as well as “he” defended Harvard more than his own mom would and just parroted what Harvard always says: “I’m a victim and everyone picks on me and Dustin is the bestest in the whole wide world for letting me hijack his board to spew my lies and hatred 24/7.”

    Just more proof he’s a liar when he says he doesn’t have many screen names on here.

  143. Chet….you are a lucky guy.

    Justin…Keep up the good work..

    HC….”pile of ****”. One of the most descriptive words ever. Almost as good as…..No. Guess I better not go there. I’ll be in the corner with HH.

    Drove 65 this weekend to Chicago. Pick up grandkids. I hate I-65 north of Purdueville. Traffic going 90mph and/or 60 mph. Stressful enough I no longer carry when I’m on this road. After dropping the kids off yesterday, thinking on the way back, what would I do if a phone-talker or drunk hit us and killed one of the girls? Sure, it would be an accident but I’m afraid you would be reading about me. I’m pretty sure that no matter what the legal system said or did, I would be in jail the rest of my life. So, how far from Normal does that make me?

  144. Just in case anyone cares about our basketball team, Theo is going to announce on Wednesday and virtually every recruiting expert thinks he’s going to pick Indiana, which would be a major coup for Crean and our Hoosier.

  145. Thanks, Well Said, for what I consider a compliment: that you think my writing is as good as H4H’s so that you could even consider than I am he.

    But you are wrong, I am not H4H, nor have I ever posted here before,not under NoMendacity nor any other name. I am also not a he, I am a she. I usually participate in comments at the Bedford Times Mail under my beloved moniker, NoMendacity. I was unable to secure the NM name at the Herald Times, they said it was already taken, so quickly and thoughtlessly I chose John’sWife, since that is also true of me. (Boy was that a name that I regretted choosing, after being repeatedly abused by other commenters for lacking my own identity). I used to comment at the Herald Times under that name John’sWife, until they BANNED me for daring to criticize Laura Lane’s rather dubious news reporting skills. The HT deemed my reference to her as Laura Lame was “mean spirited”, therefore, poof! I’m BANNED!

    I did get my commenting privileges restored, but have not resumed commenting there specifically because I find the type of comment censorship favored by ONLY the Bloomington Herald Times bunch to be ridiculously arbitrary and downright dumb (because they would often remove a comment yet forget to remove those who re-print the removed comment in their comments). Plus I found their need to loudly state COMMENT REMOVED to be needlessly curiosity arousing when HT had the option to just quietly remove the comment without drawing attention to it.

    Plus, just as Jeremy’s actions against 4H4, the HT seemed to remove my comments JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE FROM John’sWife. I could easily show this to be true by providing a multitude of other commenters not removed who said the same things I said, in much more vulgar terms then I did. So I concluded the HT staff were indeed threatened by my persuasive writing skills, my dramatic use of language, combined with my not always popular opinions. Once, I was actually publicly called out in print in the HT by Ms. Lane herself in a rant she wrote against me and several others who anonymously criticized her news reporting skills.

    I have been posting at HT’s sister paper, the Bedford Times Mail, for exactly the same amount of time I’ve posted at the HT, and I’ve NEVER had a comment removed, compared to approximately 15 removals and several bannings at the HT. So about this particular situation, I do actually feel that I am singled out by the HT staff, much as I think Jeremy did with H4H.

    I don’t know why the Bloomington newspaper folks are like this. One would think that a Bloomington business would be more open to dissenting opinions about all issues, but it seems like the comment police there are really out to get certain commenters who they don’t like personally.

    My OPINION is that Dustin is a much less hyper-sensitive journalist than Jeremy, Ms. Lane, and Mr. Beane, who are all three ready to quickly and harshly deal with any criticism about their journalistic endeavors. If I was a betting person, I’d bet $1000. Dustin won’t be at the HT very long because he’s NOT of that ilk and probably doesn’t fit in with the rest of that crew.

    No wonder they call the HT the Horrible-Terrible. That’s a bit of a stretch, but the word LAME seems to fit most of the staff, in my opinion. In the case of the Scoop as refereed by Jeremy, I’d say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

    WellSaid!, maybe there is a job opening for you at the HT! You would fit right in!

  146. I don’t believe you one single bit that you are not Harvard. And as I said before, there isn’t a board in the entire country that would let Harvard/you hijack it and ruin it like Dustin let Harvard/you do. Not one. In case you missed it, most of this board has been saying they are sick of his/your crap for about two years.

    Do you have a boss? Do you do what your boss wants? Well, Dustin’s and Jeremy’s boss is not the editors, it’s the advertisers as they are the ones that actually write the paychecks. And advertisers want their ads to be seen by as many people as possible.

    Quite frankly, I’m amazed Dustin still has a job for letting Harvard/you drive away so many posters. I’ve been on personal message boards before with no advertisers. That sounds like the perfect place for Harvard/you to spew your hatred and fruit cake theories all you want.

    You need to get over your victim act and thinking the advertisers pay for this place just so you can get attention your mommy never gave you. Poster after poster after poster has busted you for flip-flopping all the time just to get a reaction out of people. Whatever stance will piss off the most people, that’s the one you take…even if it contradicts something you said a week before.

    Hopefully your brown-nosing Dustin won’t work and he bans you with every name you show up with. If not, I have a feeling the advertisers are going to be very unhappy knowing he lets you hijack this place while driving away reader after reader after reader with your non-stop crap.

  147. NoMendacity-

    Where have you been my whole life? Thanks for clearing all that up. They’re very paranoid here…almost to the point of believing I have multiple personalities using multiple blogging names. I have 99% stuck with Harvard for Hillbillies from the moment I brought the screen name to this blog…I only went with another screen name(The Lord of..) to primarily post silly pictures that often serve as commentary the written word can’t provide…or just for a bit of fun). How I got a bit addicted with the picture doctoring goes back to my days blogging on Basketblog at the IDS..A very generous blogger on that site taught me some tricks and I took it from there. Long story..I won’t bore with the details.

    They will continue to claim that you are me…They will claim Harvard and NoMendacity are one in the same. They will claim we are given blogging privileges because we’re Dustin’s cousin or we have incriminating photos of him smoking weed at the HT…We have him over the barrel for something. And to think they’ve relentlessly labeled me as someone that builds conspiracy theories?

    You sound like you’ve got a great head on your shoulders. They’ll say I’m only saying that because you’re defending me. Duh. I’m a human being. I like being liked. They’re geniuses here.

    You’re comments about Dustin are spot on. He’s not a power-tripper. He’s objective and he doesn’t allow his personal beliefs to shut a door to an opposing voice. I would have never been allowed to express my opinions on Scoop without Dustin. He’s going to go places because he’ll seek to move outside the trappings of confined thinkers. I’ll be sad to see him go because it’s guys like Dustin that make me still believe in Indiana University.

    Thanks so much for speaking up on my behalf, NoMendacity.
    You don’t know how much it means to me. You gave me faith of the most beautiful sort.

  148. oops..[Your] comments about Dustin.

    NoMendacity- Start using “oops”..It will really screw with their mind.

  149. Harvard, you said if you were kicked off, you’d leave. So, you’re lying about that. So, why should we believe you that you aren’t NoMen? And stop slobbering all over yourself for backing yourself up.

    And get your nose out of Dustin’s butt. It sure is odd you praise him one second when he lets you hijack the board and then turn around and rip him for being part of the “Establishment” when he shoots down one of your fruit cake ideas.

    You are right you’d be banned in 5 seconds if it wasn’t for Dustin. And I have a feeling he’s going to lose his job over it….at least when it comes to moderating this place. You really think advertisers want their ad dollars going to a place that has been hijacked by a wacko that drives away reader after reader after reader with his bigotry and garbage? Really?

    The only people that play victim more than you do are Christians. And my guess is when/if they ever see all your bigoted comments, and all protests by most of this board over them, they are going to come down hard on Dustin, his bosses, and their advertisers. They LIVE for that stuff.

    So, keep it up and cost Dustin his job. It’s up to you. Do you have a loyal bone in your body or is your craving for attention more important?

    Do you really think you’re kidding anyone by saying you aren’t “NoMen”? Really? “He” has painted you as THE BEST POSTER IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET and slobbered all over Dustin….EXACTLY like “Harvard” does….all while playing the victim.

    So, tell us again how you’d “leave this place” if kicked off when you haven’t left at all…..and then expecting us to not believe a poster isn’t you that smooches your butt more than Dustin smooches yours.

    Oh, and if Dustin wasn’t a “power tripper” and was “objective”, Laffy wouldn’t be kicked off here every time he shows up. Even Chet says he shouldn’t be kicked off and he’s no worse than you. He just doesn’t smooch Dustin’s butt like you do.

  150. Well said! :

    Well, I don’t know what I could possibly say or do to change your incorrect opinion that I am H4H. If giving you info about my two user names at the HT, TM, and now the Scoop, combined with extensive info about my personal commenting experiences, including info about being banned for MILDLY criticizing a HT reporter’s shortcomings, if all that doesn’t change your mind, I give up.

    But remember, that doesn’t mean you are correct. I am NOT H4H, nor am I his mother. Never heard of him until this basketball season when I started to read the Scoop and began to enjoy his controversial comments about CTC, and the resulting rebuttals from other commenters.I was attracted to this site by the interesting discussions back and forth, and actually learned A LOT about various points of view on the IU program.

    Jumping in here with my opinions about 4H4 was a reaction to the way Jeremy was “refereeing” this site with a very power-tripper attitude which was very similar to how the HT comments site is patrolled, which I find both maddening and laughable. And much in need of a rational rebuttal.

    That’s all I’m going to write on this thread, I’m starting to sound boring to myself, and that’s not good. Hopefully I will have some worthwhile comments to make about IU sports when other topics emerge.

    H4H or Intent or whatever name you can now post under:

    Glad you appreciate my passionate defense of your commenting. I appreciated your comments, too. And loved your creative writing style. Hope you get un-banned and allowed to post under H4H, it is much better than having to try figuring out who is posting under what name. Banning people and then allowing them to post under another name doesn’t seem like the way to keep a blog REAL! But that problem is up to the moderators to fix, can’t imagine why they can’t fix it instead of allowing the confusion to continue.

    Later…..(maybe)….but definitely not on this thread anymore.

  151. Third-grade lawyering 101: when defending your own actions, always remind the principal that even though you were throwing spitballs at little Johnny, Billy’s really the one who should get in trouble because he was pulling hair.

    Harvard’s positions have been well documented, whether you believe they’re not actually anti-Christian (or anti-whatever) or not. I understand people’s sensitivity to certain subjects, and whether or not people should be offended by what is actually said (vs how it is perceived) is open for debate. But criticizing someone’s family and/or personal issues is a terribly low blow, however unfounded your assertions may be. That’s why I call it vile. You can turn your dime store psychology on me and dissect away; I can take it. But personal attacks on others– especially towards those who may be and/or appear to be emotionally vulnerable– is over the line and one of the few things I can’t stomach.

  152. I was seriously hoping for another Harvard vs Laffy war, only under new names…. Voila!

    Dreams do come .

    (end of sarcasm). My next wish is for Pinson to commit to IU on Wednesday…. Lets see if I’m on a roll.

  153. Ron, I’m ridiculously lucky but, to make it tolerable, I’m totally aware of it and I appreciate every bit of it. I don’t take a moment of it for granted and I thank my lucky stars for me being in such a situation.

    Regarding I-65 and whether or not to carry. Having been on the clean up end of a lot of those interactions I have observed that, for a lot of people, the action with a firearm that landed them in the Hard Rock Cafe was their first and only behavior of that sort. It was out of character and they’d never done anything like it before (and likely wouldn’t again, but they’re still in prison). Much like adultery and other stupid human tricks, the best bet is to never put yourself in a position where it might happen.

  154. Ha. Shoulda added an “IMHO” at the front of my last sentence if I wanted to avoid having my feelings hurt. But everything’s open for debate.

    Took you a while to put it all back together under your latest identity, Well Said, but it seems you’ve regained your form and are back to full strength. I actually missed you, buddy. Welcome back.

    Geoff, I want to retract a bit of my #176. You and I (or maybe just me) might enjoy some of the fireworks from time to time, but rotating aliases does make it harder for other readers to skip over known quantities if they so choose. And I’m very excited about this Pinson prospect.

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