Evan Gordon to visit IU, Butler

Evan Gordon was in Bloomington Friday night. The reason was to watch younger brother Eron play for the older brother’s namesake team — the Eric Gordon All-Stars — in the May Classic.

But conveniently enough, the middle Gordon is also a college basketball free agent, one who is pursuing the Hoosiers, and vice versa. Evan Gordon announced earlier this week that he would transfer from Arizona State with one season of eligibility remaining. Because Gordon graduated from ASU, he only has to enter a graduate program at IU, or any other school, in order to be eligible immediately.

“I’ve been in contact with the (IU) coaches recently,” Gordon said, “and been in contact with a couple other programs, but I know Indiana does offer a couple programs that Arizona State doesn’t.”

And since he’s already in town, Gordon plans to the most of the opportunity.

“Tomorrow I plan on meeting with Coach (Tom) Crean and Coach (Tim) Buckley and the present staff,” he said.

Gordon makes a lot of sense for Indiana, which has seen guards Remy Abell and Maurice Creek transfer since season’s end, and Victor Oladipo enter the NBA Draft.

“Yeah, they’ve lost some players,” Gordon said of the Hoosiers. “I think I would be able to come in and help out anywhere I play, but Indiana is definitely a good option for me.”

But the Hoosiers aren’t the only option for Gordon, who heard from Butler on Friday and is planning a visit there, just two minutes from his house, on Tuesday. He’s also been in touch with Purdue and heard from other programs as well, as you might expect for a 6-foot-3 guard who averaged 10.1 points and started 25 games in the Pac-12 this past season.

Gordon wasn’t tipping his hand when he assessed the possibility of playing for the Bulldogs.

“I haven’t really done my research (on their roster),but I’ve seen them play this year, and I think Butler is also another good place to play,” Gordon said with a non-commital chuckle.

No matter where Gordon winds up playing, it’s a decision that should come sooner rather than later.

“Next week, or at the latest, the week after that,” he said.


  1. Huh…? Who mentioned Butler yesterday?

    I shall never give away my sources.

  2. Dustin-

    Once every week this summer you should have a ‘ScoopTalk Memory Lane’ segment.

    You really do need to bring back a theme song and get more inventive. Here’s my intro suggestion.

    How about ScoopTalks from various Bloomington landmarks…? ScoopTalk from Nick’s?

    ScoopTalk from various sororities or dorm floors where excited coed fans our holding pajama parties?

    These are only a few ideas..I encourage all the blogging Scoop family to offer suggestions to spice up ScoopTalk.

    Yup, I’m up..It’s late..I’m bored and lonely.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Butler would be a good way for him to finish. He would get an excellent teacher, have fun at near home, be in an excellent program and it would allow him to maximize his potential whatever and wherever that goes.

    Indiana does not need transfers from other programs nor is it any better fit than what transferred from IU….let it go somewhere else.

  4. He will get the minutes RA and Mo left behind. But there are not a lot of options for IU to use the 1 year ride other than Gordon. As does t I think he fits well at Butler. He can flip a coin and win either way.

  5. While I would normally agree that we “don’t need transfers”, I think this is a unique situation.

    We’re short on guards, we have a spot open, it’s only for one year, he’s an Indiana kid, he’s got good experience and is not leaving because he was upset, and it will help build a relationship more with the Gordon family.

  6. Tom Crean short on guards? Isn’t that like a brothel being short on hookers?

    Maybe Tom should put in a 3-way call to Kelvin and that assistant at Michigan for some tips on how to lure in a Gordon.

  7. interesting that the roster situation as viewed by remy prompts him to quit the team, whereas Gordon views the same roster as an opportunity. good riddance remy, hello evan!

  8. Yes, call Kelvin Sampson for how to lure in a Gordon. I’ll tell you right now his method is called the “Throw out the baby with the bathwater” method of luring recruits.

    In exchange for the buzz and hype of landing a 5 star recruit, you get a guy who makes a lot of free throws, banks in one game-tying against a mediocre Illinois team, hurts his wrist a lot, chokes in the playoffs, and narcs on his misunderstood pot-loving teammates as the ship sinks. The cost: setting the entire program and university back at least 4 years.

  9. And I guess you could blow “good riddance” out your cakehole to Mo Creek as well.

    Remy doesn’t have an older brother with triple his skill package to hold out as a carrot for PT.

    Remy’s PT was always under a short leash with Crean.

    Evan’s PT will have all the tension of a 50-mile hose leading from Crean’s office back to a North Central gymnasium.

  10. the difference is mo could not help the team as he is finished as a high level player. he should try to have one healthy season getting quality playing time at a small school. he deserves as much. remy is strong and athletic and as a player with 2 years experience in the system. the playing time is there for the taking but he quit because he didn’t believe he could beat out freshmen for pt. that is a quitter. he could have helped. now if crean told remy his future with the team is limited, that is different.

  11. As I said many times on here, there are some fans that will never let go of the Gordon/Sampson bond. And this same blogger spent months upon months always claiming that EJ only came to IU because of his admiration for Kelvin Sampson. And who are we attempting to kid now? Do we really believe a transfer with only one year of eligibility left on his rather lackluster college career is now coming to IU for a love affair with candy-stripes?

    As post #8 from Chico Frustrated Hemorrhoid Tom exemplifies, the hate for the name Eric Gordon will never end.

    Why would a recruit really want to come to IU if that sort of latent animosity toward his older brother exists in Bloomington?

  12. “..if crean told remy his future with the team is limited, that is different.”

    Don’t 100% assume this Evan Gordon thing is less than a coincidence. We’ll never know Remy’s feelings and if believed his coach was dealing out his words with honesty.

    And if we’re going to call kids quilters, then maybe Remy desires to play with potential NBA talent not so risk-averse that they jump for the big $$$ of the NBA instead of playing for championships. If, as many have proclaimed on here, Remy has next to zero shot at ever playing at the next level, then he probably wants an experience where teammates embrace the goal of deep tournament runs over deep wallets.

    And I certainly don’t see Gordon’s “quitting” any different than a sophomore or junior merely getting to the Sweet 16 bailing for the NBA instead of doing all they can to bring home the 6th banner. These kids go when their stock is highest. Do you seriously believe Cody or Vic would have stayed any longer at IU if there was a first round elimination as opposed to the Sweet 16?

    The mission is to bring home a banner. If you leave for the bucks when your NBA stock is highest before putting your full heart and fully eligible time into that mission, then you’re no less the quitter.

  13. “there are some fans that will never let go of the Gordon/Sampson bond.”

    …and that fan is precisely Hardfart for Heebiejeebies. For him, IU basketball ended with the Gordon/Sampson era, and any coach and players that followed were doomed to his immediate and irrational scorn.

  14. ^ Nope, that fan is Chico Frustrated Hemorrhoid Tom (CFHT). Or during the NFL season he is: Seahawk Husky Irate Tom.

  15. One of my favorite typos… “Call kids quilters”

    Anyhoo… Here is the problem with your Remy theory Harvard: kids at Xavier, St Louis, and St Mary’s don’t treasure deep tourney runs anymore than kids at IU or anywhere else. They, for the most part, just aren’t good enough to play at the next level. It’s not like they stick around 4 years and then get drafted… They stick around 4 years and then go to Europe or back to Australia.

    There are a total of 2 players from those 3 schools in the NBA, and one of them went into the draft after his sophomore season (ironically a Hoosier transfer named Jordan Crawford).

    Quit pretending like Remy is more virtuous than his peers… He’s just a kid who wants to play more.

  16. Hey, PreparationHusky ..It’s not Harvard chasing down Jeff Meyer. It’s not Harvard still chasing villains and then chasing after a recruit that shares the name very symbolic of the small-minded hate a coach and so-called fans carry over a witch hunt that painted an entire team as defunct and corrupt.

    Eric Gordon is your monster. Tom Crean can’t stop chasing monsters while his “everything hinges” recruits chase dreams of stardom in the NBA no different than your choking, quitting, EJ, villain.

  17. Hey Hardfart, stop referring to yourself in the third person. That’s what muppets and cartoon characters do. You aren’t the wise, all-knowing deity that you imagine yourself to be on this blog. Get down from your throne and give us all a break!

  18. And after watching Norris Cole and Jimmy Butler in the Heat vs. Bulls series, there is a pretty valid argument that staying in college can be worth the gained maturity and backbone.

    Oladipo is leaving college with what most would interpret as a game ready for the NBA. Outside of the banner experience, there’s probably not much to be gained by staying. Cody’s stock is probably higher than if he’d stay another year or two, but even if he drops to a late first round or early second round pick by staying, I think the benefits(in terms of the great experience in cutting down championship nets) and the possibilities of a longer term NBA career, outweigh the risks.

    And Cody had a ton of stronger talent that was going to be around him upon return than a returning EJ amidst a program in total shambles.

  19. Shut that fruity fruit mouth of yours Harvard! Go join the Fruit of the Month club, or make fruit cakes with Scoop Geoff.

  20. David West is not out of Xavier?

    Current salary = $10,000,000(2-year, 20 mil deal)

    Don’t the Pacers play tonight?

  21. West attended and graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. There, he was a four-year starter on the basketball team. West was the first XU player to get his number retired while still playing for the Musketeers, during which he led Xavier to a top 10 national ranking and a #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament. West was named as a first-team All-American his senior year and the 2003 Associated Press and United States Basketball Writers Association National Player of the Year, averaging 20.1 ppg and 11.8 rpg as a senior while leading XU to its second straight 26–6 season. West led Xavier to 94 wins in his four seasons while finishing as Xavier’s all-time blocked shot leader (228 blocks) and second on XU’s all-time scoring (2,132 points) and rebounding (1,308 rebounds) lists. West was also named as the Atlantic 10 Conference Player of the Year three years in a row. As a senior, he was selected as the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award winner, recognizing him as the nation’s top senior men’s basketball player.

    In October 2007, Sports Illustrated released Sports Illustrated: The Basketball Book, which featured West on its NCAA All-Decade Team for the decade beginning in 2000. He was joined by Connecticut’s Emeka Okafor and three Duke players, Jay Williams, J. J. Redick and Shane Battier.(courtesy: Wikipedia)

    Then again, you’re the expert.

  22. Harvard – it takes a lot to make this statement, but post #19 might be your most inane, out of touch comment yet… Because you were actually trying to make a non-fantastical point.

    Again, here’s the problem…

    Neither Norris Cole, nor Jimmy Butler, had the option to turn pro early. (I mean I guess they had the option, but neither would have been drafted)

    But that’s not the most out of touch part of your statement… You are trying to say that because 2 role players are performing admirably over a small sample size, that its a reason for college kids to stay through their senior year… Except that as I made abundantly clear about 2 weeks ago, 22 of the 25 NBA All-Stars this year were either drafted out of HS or as underclassmen. (1 was a foreign player, and 2 were seniors).

    How about this… After watching LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Melo, Kobe, Garnett, Pierce, Rondo, Howard, Paul, Durant, Harden, Curry, DWill, Ellis, Jennings, Randolph, Westbrook, Aldridge, Griffin, George, Deng, Johnson, Rose, Love, Gay, Wall, Iguadala, Holiday, Bynum, Chandler, etc, etc, etc… Dominate their NBA competition over the last few seasons I think an overwhelmingly valid argument can be made that sticking around for 4 years in college doesn’t give you a leg up at the pro level.

    Get a grip Harvard.

  23. Yes, Harvard… West is the OTHER player besides Crawford from those 3 schools that is in the NBA. Congrats for figuring out the obvious. As I said, “There are a total of 2 players from those 3 schools…”

  24. Harvard is a pedantic blowhard in love with the sound of his own voice (words).

  25. Patrick Mills? Doesn’t see much PT, but I believe he’s still under contract for $1,000,000 salary.

    He’s on a playoff team so that likely equates into some form of bonus if they go to the Finals.

    Then again, you’re the expert.

    Three goggles [edit]
    Mills (center) strikes a three goggles pose with two fans.

    During the 2010–11 NBA season, Mills and teammate Rudy Fernandez created a trend in which certain Blazers formed the “A-OK” sign with each hand and placed them over their eyes after making a three-point shot. The gesture was meant to resemble a pair of goggles with three fingers in the air to reference the shot just made. When Fernandez would struggle with his three-pointers, Mills used to joke that he needed help seeing. After knocking down threes, Fernandez would put on the goggles as if to say, “I can see with these on.” The trend quickly spread across the team, becoming routine for players such as Mills, Fernandez, Wesley Matthews, Marcus Camby, and Brandon Roy.(courtesy: Wikipedia)

  26. Should be me careful with those large caps…

    If you’d bet the farm on “OTHER,” you’d have no land to share with a wife and the new child, my brOTHER.


  27. Put on your Zulu death mask Harvard, and go blend in with the other fruits and freaks.

  28. Why is Harvard so in love with Sampson? Most of the players he recruited were druggies and/or skipped class.

    Last time I checked, IU never embraced that type of thug program.

  29. Just as I thought… Choking on your infantile fruitcake vile courtesy of Patty Mills. Bringing all your multiple names to the Laffy, clap-happy, party again. Give it up. You’ve been had a long time ago.

    Here’s MEEK-O-RICO with his OTHER Patty(Coming soon to a Tom Crean timeout huddle).

  30. The thing about Harvard is (and someone said these precise words in the last few days), he doesn’t have any real opinions derived from his heart; he only writes whatever is most controversial and whatever gets him the most attention. This is why on some days, he seems like the biggest bleeding heart liberal, and other days, you’d think he’s leading the charge for the libertarian Tea Party liberation.

    He simply pivots on what other say.

    When he is silent to these types of accusations, that means you know you’ve hit a nerve and he knows you are spot-on.

  31. And tell us why you feel more comfortable with that ugly Zulu mask on.

  32. You must be in love with Laffy. The moment someone disagrees with you, it must be Laffy. You are insecure. Maybe that fruity Zulu Death Mask gives you the confidence you desperately need.

  33. Actually Harvard is a lot like the U.S. Government. There are a lot of great parallels here. Even though the majority of Scoopers have called him out on his behaviour and voiced objections to his shenanigans, he thinks, much like the US govt (and most Republicans) that all the outpouring against him is the work of a “lone madman,” or perhaps a small “Axis of Evil” consisting of a few select bloggers.

  34. To quote the best musician who ever lived (imagine a scruffy, nasal, castrated voice): “I wanna run through the halls of my high school I wanna scream at the top of my lungs

  35. He has no answer ladies and gentleman. The man is mute. Your in love with Sampson, because you love controversy Harvard. That’s exactly what Sampson and his thugs brought to the table. The more the tables are turned over, it suits you. It’s your personality. If people don’t agree with you, tables get thrown across the room. You feel as if your losing that desperate attention you need. That’s why. If I am wrong please tell us otherwise. If you remain mute, this WILL be the reason.

  36. Yep! Good catch Harvey. I looked at St Mary’s instead of Saint Mary’s in basketball reference.com and Patty slipped through the cracks.

    Thanks for furthering my point as well. Patty Mills left after his soph year at Saint Mary’s. So 2 of the 3 guys who are actually good enough to play in the NBA from the 3 schools Remy is considering because in your words he “wants an experience where teammates embrace the goal of deep tournament runs over deep wallets”… So I guess that’s not the case at those schools.

  37. I think Evan Gordon at IU would be a fantastic fit for one season at IU. Evan and Will Sheehey would be the leaders of this young IU squad, and could be the difference in how this team matures and plays during the B1G season and run to the NCAA tourney. Evan…this is a great opportunity for you, JUST DO IT!

  38. Keep studing the basketball phone book. You missed a name. You resorted to your normal, arrogant, routine. You know a bunch of names and a bunch of solid websites to find them all. You really do know it all inside and out, but sometimes I feel you have little raw insight nor care to have much need for any mystery or part of the game outside the probabilities and the square pegs for the square holes. Bracketology, rankings, draft picks…You can have it. I’m not into predestination. It’s not why I watch.

    You’ve been on a mission to dismantle Remy since the day Dustin had my back for my poor judgment in believing he was a true baller. Maybe he’s not good enough to play for the Hoosiers…Or, maybe he feels his coach doesn’t feel he’s good enough to be an Indiana Hoosier..Maybe true, maybe not.

    He was labeled a quitter above. I didn’t open with that “controversial” statement nor did I ever see anything on the basketball court that went contrary to a kid that played unselfishly and with heart. I don’t see him as anymore a quitter than proclaimed superstars that acted like they were going to put Indiana back into “elite” banner-hoisting status and then left for the sure thing.

    Remy dreams of exposure and PT that he possibly thought he earned last season. I really don’t know. As I said, he’s no more a quitter than any transfer, Eric Gordon, Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo, or any Hoosier chasing a dream(be it leaving early for the NBA $$$ or leaving early for a shot to get on a competitive college program where the kid can get more than splinters in his ass). Sorta glad Remy left. I think he’ll find a better fit.

    Lastly I don’t really see Xavier, St. Louis, or St. Mary’s as lousy basketball programs. I don’t see a job Rick Majerus would take as a place he would think deep tournament runs and Final Fours couldn’t get done. I doubt too many geniuses had Wichita State in their Final Four brackets.

    Have it your way. Get some rest. Study some more phone book. Put Remy’s future in some more square holes. I saw something in him the first day my eyes ever caught a high school highlight reel. I’m sticking with the gut.

  39. ^Geoff, in other words, you are an idiot and Harvard is never wrong. the more you prove him wrong, the more right he is.

  40. Just an opinion…

    Let’s remember that Rick Majerus took the USC job and quit 20 minutes later when he realized the stress of the job would certainly kill him (and he was obviously correct). I think he took the St. Louis job as a sort of retirement from the world of big time basketball. The thing is, he was a helluva coach and his personality forbade him from giving it anything but his best.

    The result? St. Louis became a very good basketball team and Rick Majerus became dead.

    Let’s not pretend that St. Louis was a significant program. What have they done in the past 20 years before Majerus? He MADE them into a good team…probably briefly.

    …and it killed him in the process.

    Wichita State had a helluva run and were well coached. Let’s see them do it one or two more times.

    Remember when Todd Lickliter was the toast of college basketball. He’s at ITT Tech now, right?

  41. Harvard, here are a few raw insights for you…

    You don’t like stats or probabilities because they never support your theories.

    You are correct that I don’t care for the mysteries of the game. As a player, coach, and scout my job has always been to eliminate the mysteries as much as possible. It is clear to me though that the game is a mystery to you… So I’m glad you enjoy that – you can have it.

    I’ve never been on a mission to dismantle Remy (or any other Hoosier besides VJ3)… The ironic thing is that I would never be anything but complimentary of Abell if I didn’t have to constantly point out your hypocrisy. My statements that you believe are anti-Remy are simply me packaging him in the same box you’re shipping Cody and Dipo out in. And you are the instigator of all of it.

    No one said those were bad programs… No one insinuated they are bad programs. I’m just pointing out the facts. Sorry they don’t jive with your narrative. You want to believe that those schools have players who are more concerned with tournament runs than NBA riches, however the facts prove you wrong. They don’t have NBA talent, and on the rare occasion they do, those players tend to leave early.

    But hey, I’m the expert…

  42. Harvard,

    Leave us and support a Division II team. Go back to the bush leagues.

  43. And I remember many that said Alford was at his last job as an insignificant member of the Mountain West.

    Now he’s heading up one of the most prestigious basketball programs in the nation.

    You just never know.

    Marquette was nothing until Al McGuire put them on the map…Took the school to their only basketball championship.

    Maybe Remy gets lucky…Maybe the program he chooses breaks through in the style of a 1973 IU with a new face in charge and a Steve Downing, 4-year stud, putting the team on his back for a Cinderella trip to a Final Four.

    A lot of traditionally prestigious programs have not looked like the same dynasties of years ago…There seems to be more parody and realignment of the b-ball powerhouse planets. Because of the multitude of television programming options to the b-ball junkie, internet streaming, and the various non-traditional routes for borderline elite level talent to still to get into a trending upward college program, talent seems to be moving in all directions from sea to shining sea.

    The landscape is changing and rising stars(whether coaches or players) have a lot more choices and opportunities for exposure and success. The days of traditional dominance and back-to-back Final Fours for the schools where coaching dinosaurs once ruled for decades is fading. I think the popularity of the college game will also fade. I tend to think people will gradually lose interest with the loss of attachment to state and local pride…and the continual saturation into our ears the main purpose a recruit puts on a college jersey is simply a stepping stone required to be the next NBA gazillionaire.

    But, hey, it’s all a mystery to me..

  44. So you saying when they put the jersey on, they shouldn’t dream of the NBA? You my friend are the dinosaur.

  45. I think it’s a great dream. Who doesn’t want to be the best they can be at the sport they love? Damn attention and money- whores.

    But in a team game, the satisfaction of what you can achieve long term collectively has merit and can be filled with memories that can compliment the solely individualistic pursuits. It often comes backdoor pass and by going misdirection can have irreplaceable rewards.

    It’s also a fact that many are done with the NBA game before they reach their late 20’s. All the skyrocketing stardom and all the money in the world and then, suddenly you’re injured, and soon you’re finding yourself scratching and clawing to find a team to sign you and a stage to be noticed(e.g. Brandon Roy). Basically a spring chicken with no podium to no longer stand..Can’t be easy when all of life is built around one dream and the money can’t fill the void of new comparisons with those with varied careers and slow climbs in a world you soon may feel lost. The phone stops ringing and the family stops calling(unless they need a loan). Before you know it, you’re everyone else, a “has been,” and alone.

    New dreams will have to be found. So short is the fame. But for legends that hang banners and arrive for 40 year reunions with arms around teammates a day no dollar could ever buy? Something to keep in your heart when the phone goes silent. Some shoot jumpers 10 hours per day to look that day in the eye…that kid in the eye that will one day be an old dinosaur but forever smiling and young in heart.

  46. Didn’t see post #47 until just now..Gotta admit, it gave me a chuckle.

    It is clear to me though that the game is a mystery to you

    That was delightfully hilarious too. Geoff is one tough hombre. I doubt I’ll ever win any sort of debate with him. Smart as a whip. Basketball used to be my only hope…Never read many of the classics…Don’t get into politics too much. Haven’t had the rich and seasoned life of a Chet or Clarion or Husky or Tsao. Always thought basketball could keep me in the game.

    But then this Geoff guy showed up on Scoop and took me down.

  47. Harvard, I’ll take it down a notch to respond to #52…

    1) I’m sure that does describe many career arcs and NBA-afterlife’s…


    2) I doubt much changes if you add in 4 years of college experience (instead of 0,1, or 2)

    3) only a very small % of college players win a NC – the likelihood of winning one is less than that of being drafted (15 rostered college players per year vs 60 players drafted)

    You sorta act like every early-entrant is giving up a sure title and legendary status to grab the money a couple years early. That’s just not the case. Brandon Roy did stay at UDub for 4 years… He was a senior when he got drafted… He never a sniffed a NCAA title… And yet the whole injury in his late 20’s thing happened to him anyway.

    If Shabazz Muhammed could have gone straight to the NBA out of HS he most likely would have been a top 3 pick. College exposed a couple flaws in his game, and now he’s dropping a few spots in a “weak” draft. But what if he stayed 3 more years? Would UCLA win a title? They have at least one adjustment year with a new coach/system… Does his stock climb higher than it is now, or does it continue to slide a bit? If he gets hurt at 27 and can’t continue to make million$, would he rather have played 5 years in the NBA or 8? That might be the difference in $80M in guaranteed dollars?

    Those are the types of decisions these kids are faced with Harvard…

  48. “Maybe the program he chooses breaks through in the style of a 1973 IU”

    “Breaks through”? You make it sound like IU wasn’t ALREADY a storied program in 1973. It most certainly was. It had 2 national championships already, which, in 1973, made it one of the very few programs with more than one and a litany of hall of fame players.

    One more time, IU basketball did’t start with Bobby Knight. He had a great run from the early ’70s through the early ’90s.

    Indiana was dominant in the ’40s and ’50s along with Kansas, San Francisco, and a couple others. UCLA owned the mid ’60s to early ’70s.

    Indiana was able to “break through” in ’73 just like Kansas broke through under Larry Brown…or Roy Williams…or Bill Self.

    As far as a pro basketball player being washed up in his late 20’s, most pro athletes are. What’s the average career for an NFL player? Something like 3 1/2 years, I believe. Everybody isn’t Lebron or Peyton. Most are just passing through.

  49. Look how dominant Indiana was in the 40s and 50s:


    Not as dominant as San Francisco, Oklahoma A&M, or even Kentucky, not reaching the championship game more than Kansas or LaSalle but enough for Thunderlips to go crazy again!

    And then in 1973: the breakthrough. Three titles in 13 years. Among them: the 1976 team, still the last to go undefeated.

    Thunderlips forever remains the frustrated apologist.

  50. “Look how dominant Indiana was in the 40s and 50s”

    Of course. Why, they only won 10% of the national championships during that 20 year period.

    Which is exactly one less than RMK during his 29 year run at IU.

    You probably think light was invented in ’72.

    What a dolt.

  51. ^ Thunderdolt, your supply of stupidities is indeed infinite. Of that you have convinced all of us. No additional evidence is needed, thank you, Twentypercent Chet!

  52. Yea, but you, with your overinflated ego you’re Twentypercent Chet! You’re you, slightly less than a quarter, the one and only Thunderdolt!

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