Glass looking to schedule non-conference game with Purdue, but Boilermakers may not have room

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said he hopes to speak to Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke about scheduling a non-conference game in Bloomington between the two teams after it was announced Tuesday that the Hoosiers and Boilermakers will only play once in the 2013-14 conference season.

“One thing I think we can do, and I’m excited about this possibility, is to talk to Morgan Burke about the idea of playing Purdue as a non-conference game in Bloomington,” Glass said Tuesday evening. “It wouldn’t count in the Big Ten standings, but our fans would be able to see the rivalry in Bloomington. There’s precedent for that and there’s nothing saying we can’t do that.”

There is in fact precedent. Indiana and Purdue met on Dec. 14, 2002 in a non-conference game at the RCA Dome because there was only one conference game scheduled between the two teams that year. There is not, however, much room on Purdue’s schedule. The Boilermakers have already released a 13-game non-conference slate, which includes the Old Spice Classic in Orlando, Fla. The two teams will both be playing in the Crossroads Classic at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on Dec. 14. However, Indiana is scheduled to play Notre Dame and Purdue to play Butler. Glass said there is no way contractually to change that.

Glass said he has been in discussions with Big Ten officials about the possibility of protecting basketball rivalries in the same way the conference protects its football rivalries.

“I don’t want to be harsh on the conference,” Glass said. “They don’t have an easy way to go, so I’m not trying to be critical of them. I just think the members ought to look to see what we could to do protect home-and-home series with rivals in basketball. I talked to the deputy commissioner in charge of scheduling, and he agreed that it’s something that’s something worth exploring and worth raising on the agenda. I wouldn’t expect any immediate action or decision, but I hope there’s a ripple effect.”


  1. There is absolutely no way Purdue will play in Bloomington and I don’t blame them. Glass needs to offer a game in Indy at Lucas if he wants any shot of scheduling Purdue.

    Thinking they’d play in Bloomington when they don’t have to is just stupid on his part. Sometimes I wonder about that guy.

  2. The deputy commissioner of scheduling for the most established athletic conference in the country needs somebody else to raise the idea of protected rivalries before it occurs to him to explore it, or put it on an agenda?

  3. Sleep deprivation is clouding my thought processes these days, and I’m not intentionally bing Hoosier-centric here, but how many true rivalries are there in the B1G that need to be protected? Obviously IU-PU, Mich-MSU (which rules out Mich-OSU,) and…? To a lesser extent there’s Wisc-Minn, in-state rivals Ill-NW (that’s a stretch,) and OSU-PSU which is more of a football matchup anyway. And those don’t have much national interest and/or historical significance unless we’re just talking about football. Who am I missing? Are we going to force Rutgers and Maryland to register as conference rivals?

    As much as we’d all like to see IU-PU protected, we have to admit that many of the true rivalries involving other member schools (Iowa-ISU, Ill-Mizzou, Wisc-Marquette, etc…) have no conference affiliation. Protecting marquee in-conference rivalries may have to be by exception vice protecting all rivalries– however contrived and unnatural they may be– accross the board. Forging new ones with little to no tradition or clear geographic consequence just to standardize conference scheduling may not be in the best interests of the B1G.

    Let’s hope we can work something out for next year. I think PU will be a lot better than most people are willing to concede, and scheduling a non-conference matchup against them won’t be as much of an RPI buster as some are suggesting. It would certainly be a lot better than playing another Southwestern Elletsville Tech A&M , but it begs the question: Would you rather see us play PU twice if it costs us a potential non-con matchup with an elite program?

  4. Dustin, apologies if I missed something along the way, but do you have knowledge of any marquee matchup in the works next year? I know we have that 2K Classic with UConn and BC, plus ND and a Syracuse rematch already on the schedule. No more word on revitalizing the UK rivalry or adding another big time program? Would a PU pre-con game jeopardize anything in the works on our end, or would it simply be a matter of Purdue having already filled and released their full schedule? I don’t know if I can handle another year of Scoopers complaining about preseason cream puffs.

  5. …Or should I ask Arrus, since he clearly has the means and accessibility to superior sources…

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