Gordon’s father: IU visit went well, Butler visit still to come

Eric Gordon Sr. didn’t accompany his middle son Evan on his visit to Indiana on Saturday, instead following his younger son Eron from court to court during the Adidas May Classic. He didn’t have much detail on Evan’s meeting with the Indiana coaching staff, knowing only that the visit went well and that Evan still plans to visit Butler on Tuesday.

“As far as I know, Evan said he had a good visit with coach (Crean),” Gordon Sr. said. “I think the most important thing that he was looking at doing was checking out the academics so he could get the degree that he was looking for. I think that’s the main thing, the academics first and then the basketball. I mean, they’ve got great facilities, great tradition, coach, we know all of that. He’s just making sure of the first thing, his academics and what he’s gonna major in for his degree. Then he’ll look at the basketball and really take that on.”

Gordon Sr. said he hasn’t talked to Evan, who is transferring from Arizona State after a season there and two seasons at Liberty, about what he will actually major in for a master’s degree. He did say, however, that he will meet with Butler to learn about its academics.

“That’s what his plans are,” Gordon Sr. said. “He talked with Butler and made the commitment to take a look and see what they were all about academically.”

Gordon Sr. said Evan took calls from about 25 schools in the first 24 hours, but that it appears he’s honed in on IU and Butler.

Gordon, the younger brother of New Orleans Hornets guard and former Indiana star Eric Gordon Jr., has one year of eligibility remaining and can play right away because of the graduate student transfer exception. Indiana has one available scholarship and is in need of backcourt depth.


  1. The whole “academics” first thing seems a little contrived, but I guess you never know. On the surface, both look like good options for Evan.

  2. Evan…IU has lost 3 players at the SG position and is gaining 1 talented Freshman – seems like a great opportunity to play, be a leader, and earn your Master’s degree at a top-notch university. See you in Bloomington next year?

  3. Smitty, I try not to be as cynical as some on here, but you’re dead on… It’s “academics first” but we “haven’t actually talked about what Evan will major in”…

    Ye, seems like it must be a real priority then.

  4. Too funny, Smitty and Geoff. I rolled my eyes as well when I read Eric Sr academically speaking out both sides of his mouth. Wondered who all would catch it. (And not to put words in Dustin’s mouth, but I’m going to put words in Dustin’s mouth: “I got a good, private chuckle while writing this piece.” Unfortunately, Dustin’s a professional and as such probably feels obligated not to comment further…)

    1. Campy,
      Two reasons. One, he was primarily recruited by mid-majors. Miami (Ohio) was one of his other offers for instance. Two, Eric Sr. played at Liberty in the early 80’s (for Jeff Meyer).

  5. A lot of kids from my area attend Liberty and, in general, it’s usually for the same reason…poor grades. Liberty has frequently been described as “the least selective university in the country”, with its 97% acceptance rate (which is a higher number than the percentage of applicants that have finished high school).

  6. Just curious. Would Indiana be better off giving one of the freshmen more playing time , so they would develop faster, or would an experienced guard that has to learn the system be of more help in the long run?

  7. Steve, that’ll depend on whether it looks like we could be a serious contender by the end of the year, or if we’re just building toward 2015. We’ll probably have to wait until late Jan/early Feb to find that out. Last year we were a clear favorite to at least reach the FF, so the development of freshmen probably wasn’t a top priority. Next year will be different. Stay tuned.

    It looks like Evan is one of those guys that will have a monster game one day and disappear the next. And one of my biggest criticisms of CTC is his reluctance to stray from his predetermined rotation, regardless of who’s struggling and who has the hot hand. His substitution patterns just seemed curious.. If Evan does sign here, we may be dealing with another year of restless fans of griping about Crean sticking with struggling veterans instead of developing talent. (Well, at least until Evan explodes for 30 against OSU.) Will Evan be a leader and steadying hand even when his offensive game isn’t there, or will he be just another senior gobbling up valuable minutes that should go elsewhere? It’s way too early o tell.

  8. Steve,
    I think in that regard you have to just say that three guys for two positions isn’t enough. As it stands, there are three guys on the team who can play the 1 or the 2, and two of them are freshmen. That’s not optimal. It’s probably not best for the long-term growth of the program that Gordon becomes the focal point of the offense, but more than anything else, they need more than three guys for those two spots. I’m sure Robinson and Williams will still get plenty of time with four backcourt guys.

  9. Was I the only one who didn’t know that Meyer was Eric SR’s college coach? Makes the whole UM incident even more of a head scratcher…

  10. Geoff, if you were not aware of the Meyer/Gordon situation I doubt that anyone else reading the Scoop would have had prior knowledge. It,demonstrates just how much information Dustin ,Jeremy and Andy have at their disposal.

    1. As a refresher, Meyer’s relationship with the Gordons had more to do with EJ flipping his commit from Illinois than did Kelvin Sampson. That and the Mike Davis program was a barrier prior to the coaching change at IU.

      And at the risk of re-introducing religion as a topic, Crean-Meyer is worth some head-scratching not only because of the Gordons, but the fact that Meyer is a Taylor graduate and long-time Liberyy coach with at least a foundation in the same faith Crean now espouses.

      But then again, Meyer’s job history is questionable since he was an assistant at Missouri under Quin Snyder, who resigned in the wake of a handful of minor violations, then Sampson.

  11. a guy that averaged 10 points a game and probably a decent player for ASU….For 1 year he is going to go by the wayside at IU playing in big ten…..Go to Butler where potential has best chance to be maximized at Butler playing in whatever conference they are going to be in.

  12. … with at least a foundation in the same faith Crean now espouses.

    Couldn’t have said it better.

  13. Thanks Geoff. Glad you finally woke up from your nap with Laffy, and see the light.

  14. Back to basketball…

    With Wiggins going to KU, I think they now are a serious contender. I actually prefer KU’s class to UK’s. I think a couple of the UK recruits are over-rated… Really over-rated. I would rather have Fischer and Williams than Marcus Lee, yet both are ranked lower. I’d rather have Vonleh than Dakari Johnson, but DJ is ranked higher. Now, certainly UK has some beasts, but I wonder what the chemistry is gong to be like… You have some returning players who’ll want minutes and 6 McDonald’s AA’s who are expecting theirs…

    Kansas on the other hand has minutes for the taking. While they’ll be very inexperienced, they’ll also be extremely athletic and talented. Wiggins is maybe the next big thing. Imbiid impressed me every time I saw him and has risen faster in the ranks than even Luke Fischer. He’ll step in immediately and be impactful on defense. I love Wayne Seldon – super smooth, can shoot it and a high-flier, with good size. Frankamp and Greene are very good shooters that will be comfortable as peripheral scorers.

    What I lack for respect of Kentucky, I actually have in spades for Kansas… So I’m happy that Wiggins decided the way he did. I’m intrigued by their roster and I would love the opportunity for our boys to get tested by them.

    Yogi vs Tharpe/Frankamp
    Williams vs Seldon
    Sheehey vs Wiggins – that would be fun… Instigative senior against super-talented freshman…
    Vonleh vs Ellis
    Fischer/Perea vs Imbiid

  15. Your reaching Geoff, and your wrong. As usual, you always leave out Jurkin. Stop holding his injuries against him Scoop Geoff.

  16. Geoff, I agree about KU and I r-e-a-l-l-y like Seldon. I view him with a strong competitor nature. He would make any team in the country better.

  17. Geoff, you have a sick mind. Making a sick joke out of Jurkin. Your a fraud Geoff. You hear me! A fraud. I wish I could throw you down on the hardwood then we would see who the funny man is. Fight me Geoff, FIGHT ME!

  18. Next time I’m in town Lonnie…. Although I’m not landing many trips for the near future. My family will be coming to me for the next couple years.

  19. Should have known. Cop out from “Excuse Geoff”. You would sue like Laffy.

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