Hoosiers staying on Bluiett

FORT WAYNE — Indiana was the first school to offer Park Tudor forward Trevon Bluiett a scholarship back in 2010, just before his freshman season. Bluiett is still taking his time with making a commitment and has picked up crates full of scholarship offers since, but the Hoosiers have maintained contact and tried to keep a personal touch on the correspondence.

Bluiett said IU assistant coach Tim Buckley sends hand-written letters as often as possible, usually with either inspirational quotes or observations on Bluiett’s game.

“That means a lot,” said Bluiett, who said Butler is the only other school that consistently sends him hand-written letters. “Most of the people type stuff up on a computer, switch the heading and the names and that type of stuff. You know if someone takes the time out of their day to write you a letter, that means a lot.”

That’s kept the Hoosiers, the school of his former Park Tudor teammate Yogi Ferrell, on his radar, but the multi-talented 6-foot-5 swingman has a massive radar screen at this point. The No. 46 player in the Class of 2014 has 12 offers according to Rivals.com, with Butler, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas State, Louisville, Michigan, Notre Dame, Purdue, UCLA and Xavier among them. Northwestern and Pittsburgh both offered scholarships this week and UCLA just entered the game when new head coach Steve Alford hired coach Ed Schilling away from Park Tudor to be his assistant. Bluiett said he’s trying to keep that from being too big of a determining factor in his recruitment but that it is a factor.

“It changes things a little bit,” Bluiett said. “He’s been my mentor since sixth grade. That definitely means a lot. He’s like a second dad to me. … But I can’t be biased toward his side. I’m happy for him that he got the job, but at the same time it’s a business for him and for me. I can’t treat him differently than other coaches because that’s just not fair.”


  1. It’s more like a silent verbal. The word is that Vijay said he wanted to commit and CTC told him to wait.

  2. Just talked to Vijay yesterday and nothing like that came up or was suggested. I also didn’t hear anything about a silent verbal at that point and was more interested in writing a story about James, so I didn’t put it point blank to him, but I didn’t get the impression he was close.

  3. Does the state of Michigan produce any good High School basketball players anymore? Every time I read a story about a talented High School player from Indiana, Michigan and Michigan State have made the kid an offer. Seems like those coaches understand what state produces the best High School talent.

    Seems like our two rival schools from the north have grown quite comfortable recruiting our state’s best High School basketball talent. I can understand why that happened for most of the last decade, but now that IU basketball has righted the ship, we need to make sure we’re signing the best basketball talent to play college basketball at an in-state school.

  4. Does the state of Michigan produce any good High School basketball players anymore?

    Dane Fife….Best damn player to ever come out of Michigan..Nearly cost Mike Davis and the Hoosiers a trip to the Elite 8(and eventual Final Four) by fouling on a last second three point shot when Indiana was up four.

    Fife knows where to find talent. He knows it’s the guys from Indiana that won’t play for the preacher. It’s not that big of a challenge. And let’s not forget that Fife was a Knight recruit…He brings a lot of connections from Indiana to MSU. Why in the hell do you think UCLA hired Alford? …For his hair?

  5. And Knight will forever do zero to help Tom Crean make any inroads in validating himself through the old “General.”

    This is why I proclaimed years ago that Crean quit chasing the man around…It’s why I suggested getting rid of all those posters of Knight and his disciples in the Cook Hall/Bobby’s Banners Museum.

    It’s not Harvard that can’t let go. It’s Indiana and Crean that want to schmooze and still be validated by the man. Be you own man. I knew Crean was not capable of building the program from the inside outward..He has to chase down Sampson villains and chase down Bobby when he’s working the broadcast table at a game in Crean’s favorite recruiting zone.

    And then just last year we have another dumb gathering to celebrate the 87 Hoosiers. Who the hell cares? Who is still feeling all warm and fuzzy when Steve Alford walks onto McCracken other than Crean? Wake up, Podunker…And quit ruining this blog with your ridiculous blinders and lack of truth.

  6. Didn’t Vijay Blackmon win the Masters at some point? Or am I thinking of someone else?

    Harvard hates Crean because he likes Sampson. The two are mutually exclusive in his mind; you can’t like one without hating the other. That’s really the his whole view, in a nutshell. It’s preschool logic, similar to feeling like you have to hate Burger King because you like McDonald’s. Or hate fish because you like birds.

  7. Thanks for confirming the silent verbal, guys. It reminds me of the Kentucky situation with Hawkins. We just need to fill out the 14 class with Pinson and Exum and we are gold.

  8. Watching the last 9 minutes of the Pacer game. First view of the NBA since….whenever Shaq was in Orlando.
    Maybe 1995?

    So it would be hard to find someone with less knowledge or interest in pro BB, but I don’t see Cody having any impact on the game. At least if they all are played like this one. Vic, on the other hand I can see flourish in that enviroment.

  9. Ron – I think Cody will develop his outside shot and be a Chris Bosh type. Not the main guy but a good sidekick that will average a double double.

    I don’t watch the NBA as much as I sue to either because the product has become so diluted. I couldn’t for the life of me recognize many of the players on today’s games on ABC. The Pacer’s Young was brutally bad and had no clue who he was. If a Kenyon Martin and Rasheed Wallace are still in the league, you know the quality of player is bad so I have no doubt Cody will contribute wherever he goes. His Christian spirit alone will give him a Tebow type popularity.

  10. Aruss… Did you really write that last sentence? I thought you were trying to put the lid on the can of worms and now you peel it wide open…. Anyway, I won’t go on and on, but I’ll say this:

    1) Tebow was maybe the best college football player ever (Cody wasn’t close)
    2) Tebow’s Christianity was a known commodity before he went to the NFL

    (Cody’s isn’t, I mean heck, I didn’t even know he was Chrisitian and I’m an IU fan that tends to consume IU news. I mean I guess I sorta knew, but not because his parents run some kind of Christian organization and Harvard I think has mentioned it before… But I’ve never heard Cody talk overtly Christian)

    3) there’s already a Zeller that played for a blue blood program… Who had an all-american season… That was drafted in the mid-1st round… And was starting in the NBA – He is not enjoying any wild popularity.

    So, basketball acumen aside, I don’t see any evidence that would lead me to believe that Cody will gain any star from his Christianity. He will have to produce to get talked about.

  11. Good point Geoff.

    The Christian Spirit of Shawn Bradley sure helped his star shine didn’t it (and yes, I consider Mormonism to be Christian).

  12. Geoff – i was just mocking Dustin for legitimizing this moronic spirituality conversation. He seems to have forgotten that we follow sports as an escape to get away from the overly politicized bs that has infiltrated our daily life. It’s one thing for him to discuss it a single time as an interesting change of pace but to harp on it for 6 months like a broken record is beyond ridiculous. After a couple days of the same thing we all get it, you’re a miserable loser who tries to pass himself off as an anti-establishment free thinker.

  13. Gotcha. Sorry. I was a little surprised it was coming from you… Shoulda figured it out on my own.

  14. Aruss- I would argue that the “we” you are talking about is not the “we” of this blog, by and large. The long, frequent, tangential conversations that you see here show that the Hoosier Scoop is not a “sports as escapism” type of place, at all (that’s Inside the Hall). I’d say that majority of Scoop bloggers, and even Dustin, are inquisitive and thoughtful people who are constantly trying to figure out how sports fits into our larger social context and relates to contemporary issues. To me, this is a perfectly legitimate and interesting take on the sports world. One can only talk so long about the technical aspects of a recruit’s jump shot, or the merit of a coaching style (especially during the summer).

    I agree with the “broken record” comment, but understand that it’s really only Harvard who you are talking about (or whoever chooses to be his antagonist-of-the-week).

    Long live the Hoosier Scoop – the most unique college sports blog in America.

  15. Harvard, just out of curiosity, who WOULD you have liked to have been named coach of the Hoosiers. Let’s assume Sampson couldn’t stay on (I think that’s fair to say). Also, while it may not make the news up your way, living in North Carolina I can assure you that no coach preaches the Good Book any more than Coach K (or uses profanities).

    So, those two have excluded themselves but, otherwise, who did (would) you want?

  16. OK, Stevens got off to a good start at Butler but I think it’s safe to say that hiring a coach with a total of one year of head coaching experience in 2008 would have been completely unacceptable to the Hoosier faithful.

    So, Harvard, back to the original question only with a qualifier.

    Among coaches that might actually have been considered for the job, who would you have preferred to have been hired in place of CTC?

  17. ^Impostor.


    Before Crean was hired I was liking the idea of Bill Carmody. Lorenzo Romar? I was also always a big fan Rick Majerus(of course, he recently passed away). Always thought Majerus was an honest man with a very high b-ball IQ. He also seemed to command a quiet respect from his peers. Great sense of humor and quick wit…and no carnival cruise, showboat act.

    Never pushed for Brad Stevens..I throw his name around now and then to just get a rouse out of the Pollyanna Toms and the stale moldy crowd that always believed a Knight disciple was the answer.

  18. MT, That 1st paragraph gets pretty deep, at least a hell of a lot deeper than I care to think on here.

  19. H4H, None of the 3 you mention would have made me smile. Which means if 1 of them had been named coach I would now be posting on here as H4H.

  20. And Majerus was quite the “complex” character. I think he was raised in a strict Catholic family, but always appeared to take more liberal positions the church would find opposition..Didn’t once get in pretty hot water for some public comments regarding a woman’s right to choice?

    And he could sure relate to his players…Seemed like kids loved to play for him. I also remember him talking of the reasons he came back to coaching having a lot to do with just a love for the interaction and experiences with young men he wanted to teach and learn from(the 2-way street) that he missed most when he was away from the game. He truly loved the game. Never appeared to condescend to his players or talked from a highest perch. His respect came from knowledge and a caring heart.

  21. Clarion-

    I live for your seal of approval. Chet asked my opinion..I gave it.

    Bottom Line: I’d take Davis back before a carnival salesman addicted to a live microphone and still searching for villains five years after his hire.

  22. Then again I’d also take back Sampson. I liked the ruggedness.

  23. I am certain Texas Southern will make MD available in a year or 2. Now that I think about it MD talked lots about his faith, church and minister when he was to confused to talk about coaching BB. In his employment future he is destined for convenience store stardom.

  24. HC, your comment to MarinerT…I agree with his point and you are very much a part of what he is saying (you too are known for working good, strong, clear opinions yourself and when an issue ‘touches’ you, with deep clarity and conviction.

    It’s evident we all tend to get as ‘antsy’ as Crean on the sideline with his bottled ‘energy’; but look at this particular thread (that has something to do with Bluiett [what a handle!]). It involves a bunch of names who have been contributing, debating (and arguing) with (sometimes equal dose of intelligence, commitment and passion for a hell of a long time, and that’s a good thing. Who needs bland? And, especially in the last few months, we’ve seem a number of really good new contributors (Aruss, Ben, Ron, Mariner, ToeJob, Weatherman… others) who seem just passionate, generally thoughtful, polemic, refreshing and…most important… committed to stating their piece about and, in whatever way it comes, love of the Hoosiers as the more ‘veteran’ old geezers. Once you’ve taken its vitals, this is not an easy blog to walk away from.

  25. Re Majerus…followed him for years and years. Going back to back when- his Ball State days- I thought the man was an absolute genius who simply sweated this game from the inside. Always thought if RMK ever left he may have been the perfect ‘antidote’ (good rule for building command staffs- never follow one genius with another from the same exact school of thought, go for exactly the opposite end of the paradigm).

    The man, Majerus, was just some walking basketball deep thought, inside a hilariously funny philosopher who knew how to touch the button that makes one find his best and put it together with another four just like you. And,… he walked away to take care of his mom… there’s a message in that. If Majerus had gotten married, he’d have sired three basketballs.

    Thinking about it, he was probably perfect for Jimmy Crews to re-DNA his career. Majerus would have been the perfect coach for IU about the time we hired Sampson …(and don’t think for a minute we are totally done with Jimmy Crews- without inference directed at CTC).

    Other names? I also thought Carmody was top notch, thought Pitino was going to leave a mark on the game (he was one of the first to really understand how to really use the 3-point rule change both offensively and defensively. I’m not sure IU had what Pitino wanted as a setting for his life style; Matta for sure, Izzo and truthfully, (at the time, I thought Crean was interesting and doing a good job at a tough school (Marquette) rebuilding the brand after a legend like Mc Guire). Of course, #1 was Coach K but…I didn’t do drugs.

    There are only three, four coaches each generation who can handle the IU job. IU fans are way too knowledgeable, sophisticated and rightfully demanding to fool. You can sense it. Apply at your own risk (and they will make you pay it). I agree, when the number came up, Stephens’ name was just surfacing and who expected Greenspan to do anything that required vision and intelligence? In hindsight, Stephens may have been the parting of the seas then, (and remain so now),… but someone else gets to take us home after this junior prom. For now, the guy with the glasses who ‘brung us’.

    In defense of Mike Davis, his sense of timing and misplaced ambition seduced and betrayed him. He really was one good human being, a genuinely warm person. I wish him a good and a revived career. He just made a bad, bad mistake and showed some really bad judgment allowing Brand (and the disaster of an AD that was ahhh…the wannabe…Rudy something, I think my mind actually works at blanking his name out…I still can not believe we allowed him into our Hall of Fame). Brand and Rudy remain an insult to this University. Mike (Davis) should have considered that loyalty and doing the right thing and shown Brand the finger at the press conference and walked off in a grand gesture. It took us ten years to recover; even Sampson was better than these broken down dildos. And Davis paid a heavy price for the mistake.

    But Majerus…in Bloomington…he would have been THE man. (RIP).

  26. Make note of the words used to describe Majerus starting at about the 3;29 mark.

  27. Majerus was a close friend to Dean Smith. Brad Daugherty shared that when Bull Guthridge stepped down at UNC several of the players, including himself, pushed to have Majerus hired as head coach.

  28. I have a lot of respect for Majerus the coach, but there is a damn good reason he wasn’t a candidate. Too risky. IU didn’t need that… Especially a year, or even 3 years, after the Hoeppner ordeal. Great coach, greater risk.

  29. I never consider a decent and knowledgeable man, if only in my house for a day, as a risk.

    It’s a bigger risk to take the ‘safe’ opportunist or the guy that suddenly has great admiration for your daughter when he finds out you’re loaded(though your daughter just god labeled as the town’s whore). …’Because it’s your daughter..Because it’s your daughter.’

  30. Geoff that probably is a good way to put it, a risk IU could not take.

  31. Yes, many live in conditions of “risky” health and “risky” heart. Some that could literally drop over any second even become Vice President and work their rickety risky pumping organ to near death “risking” young human lives on unwarranted expensive wars halfway around the world funded and fueled to line their own pockets.

    But I would think Clarion would surmise that risk all worked out fabulous.

    Then again…there are many walking stories of guys probably like that East Coast comedian/celebrity from Indiana..that thin specimen of health named David Letterman that ran 10 miles three times per week around his Connecticut mansion and had arteries strangling his heart more clogged than the two lanes of a McDonald’s drive-thru during peak lunch hour in Greenwood, Indiana.

  32. It just made so much more sense to not risk on a great one (all the way around)like Majerus with health but no ethical concerns. Instead much much less risk in going after an established,proven major college coach and leader of men like the physically and ethically healthy Kelvin Sampson. What me worry? Because the minor inconvenience of an already well established and documented NCAA concern with cell phone addiction and personal integrity, the U. of Oklahoma already having decided they’d be willing to pay us to take him off their hands.

    Not to mention a history of doing nothing to set academic standards for those he recruited to improve their chances of success after life. Not sure, but wasn’t Sampson’s ban in intercollegiate NCAA basketball longer than the balance of Majerus’ life. Sometimes, less is more.

    Would one of you be interested in running the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi? Hear there’s a vacancy there.

  33. Sorry to go a bit off-topic here…Nothing of controversial, political, or freedom of speech subject matter, but being that Tsao is from Chicago, I just wanted to pass on a fabulous and inspirational hoops book I just read.

    Da Bulls!!

  34. The Wild Bull is what you would call a “how to” book…or “how to dream big” book…or, as Dennis gives a brief synopsis on the back cover, a “how make it in the NBA” book.


    Say what you want about the squeaky-clean image you want on your good (fill in the blank) hoops, but MJ and Bulls have a lot less championships without D-Rodman.

    Would he not be a blast to have as our coach at Indiana? Why do I actually believe he could be a great coach?

  35. Just got to see the Majerus clip (my 2 y.o. grandson re-engineered my video player and it wouldn’t play any links that weren’t Thomas, the Train videos). Did finally get to watch it. It’s great, especially that one section around 3:29, said it all. Also, thought Patty O’Brien was playing all the parts and Bing Crosby was going to come out any second. Hilarious.

  36. I’ll sing you to sleep with your middle name lullaby.

    Goodnight, Tsao.

    And thanks for staying true and not calling me names. You are secure in your beliefs and it shows by your ability to listen, debate, and keep our friendship above our differences. That means a lot to Harvard.

  37. Harvard… What you’re overlooking is that the Crean hire has been a good hire. It’s hard to say whether it was the best conceivable hire with the best conceivable outcomes, but he has brought the program back from the (unwarranted) ashes. Crean wasn’t the safe opportunist or the money grubber… He was a successful coach with a clean record. Just because you don’t agree with how he represents the program doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good hire.

    If in 2008 you had a made a checklist of things you’d like the new coach to achieve in his first 5 years you probably would have made a list like this:

    Restore IU’s good name
    Recruit the state of Indiana hard
    Run a clean program
    Bring in good student-athletes
    Win Big Ten titles
    Go to the Final Four
    Win a national championship (?)

    Pretty lofty expectations for team that had been to one Final Four in the previous 15 years, and going into a recruiting probation… Even loftier after the remains of the team were dismantled (which I know you didn’t agree with).

    What your list would not have included at the time was “not be too Christian”.

    Now a brief statement about Majerus, since he seems to be the guy you’ve settled on. Beyond the health risk, there was also the risk that he wasn’t mentally ready… He had just accepted and then sobbingly, and suddenly resigned from the USC job after 5 days. That wouldn’t give me a lot of confidence in hiring him only one year later. And while you, and I, and many others respect him it doesn’t mean he was beyond criticism for the way he dealt with his players – there was at least the Lance Allred situation…

    Point is, no matter who you hire someone is always going to be unhappy for some reason… Too slimy… Too inexperienced… Too vulgar…. Too inconsistent… Who’s that… Over the hill… Too Christian… Not Christian enough… Can’t recruit…. Gets too many one and dones… No IU ties… The list could go on and on based on one’s imagination and/or standards. In the end, what should really matter are results – on and off the court. The only thing that Crean has failed to do is get to the Final Four, which in all reality was a total long-shot when he was hired anyway. He is recruiting Indiana hard. He is graduating kids early. He has run a basically clean program (obviously we could quibble here, but certainly nothing out of hand). He took a team to #1 for most of the year. He has knocked off multiple #1 teams. He won an outright Big Ten title for the first time in 20 years. He has back to back top 10 recruiting classes, so the future looks bright…

    Maybe Majerus, or another coach, could have done those things… But I’ll take a bird in the hand over 2 in the bush. I’ll continue to enjoy our Hoosier resurgence, while you wallow in your self-inflicted Twitter-reading doldrums. And I’ll forgive Crean for not winning a NC this year with a team that was ranked #1 during the season, because it also happened to Coach K.

  38. Indy Star has an inteview with Noah Vonleh. Sounds like a good kid, “will be at IU for 3 or 4 years”.

  39. That was an awesome interview. Thanks for letting us know. Wish Dustin did more of this stuff on “The Scoop” instead of just posting links to others’ stories.

  40. Geoff,

    It doesn’t really matter what we think. Our AD gave him a longer contract than what the average U.S couple with children stay committed or hold to their marriage vows.

    Crean could go from a hot, Dukes of Hazzard, Jessica Simpson in slinky bathing suit to a ballooned-out, NBA baby-making machine that devours buckets and buckets of oily KFC where we’re going to challenged in our passionate love for Sweet 16’s to still find the sex appeal under the cottage cheese thighs.

    You better buy into “steady as she goes.” You best keep falling in love because your only way out of the prenuptial with this holier-than-thou bride is if she becomes John Calipari’s secret equipment manager. You married to it for a very long time, my Pipeline Maine brother. You’re in for a lot of years and a lot of trips to the “NBA Babies ‘R’ Us” store. You’re going to have to watch her sagging assets get bigger and bigger because she’s got her hands deep into your pocketbooks. …”Honey, when you go to KFC make sure yuze all get extra gravy for dem mashed taters…And get the big container of taters this time, you damn fool…And don’t you dare sit down and start watching that game..We going to the NBA Babies ‘R’ Us’ store. You know we got another one in the oven..I like to think of it as a contract extension..It is what we always wanted, right, Honeybuns? I know you want more babies that can go to Harvard and be a baller one day. Speaking of honey buns, could you please get your brain out of the Maine fog and remember to get extra packs of honey with the KFC biscuits?”

  41. Yeah, none of what you just said makes sense to anyone except you…

    Here’s what I know:

    We’ve improved faster than I anticipated
    We’re recruiting as well as anyone outside of Calipari
    We seem to have a positive and national reputation
    We had a legitimate shot at a national championship last year

    All the evidence points to us being in a good situation. I have no qualms about the contract with Crean. I’m still anxious and curious to see what he’ll do when he has a team full of the types of athletes he likes to run his system with. To date, he has not had that luxury.

    What I also know is that these contracts have a way of going away if the coach isn’t performing. Just because we gave him an extension until 2023 or whatever doesn’t mean he will be here that long. If he has a couple down years then I’m sure he’ll be on the hot seat and maybe we buy him out. No biggie… Happens all the time.

  42. I was clinging to the lifeboat until the @ Michigan game. That’s where I saw “the system” break down.

    If you think that sorta act shines bright like a diamond and depicts a winner, then set your sails and good luck.

    Ever read Moby Dick?…Visit the Cliffs Notes. This is a captain that wants to strap to his sea monster. Good vs. Evil. Demons of the soul. Biblical stuff. Don’t get me wrong…He assembles a very adept crew. But once it pounds the most challenging of seas, it searches out the safety of selfish heroism found in personal demons.

  43. Harvard… The system didn’t break down in the UM game. The system is a personnel thing. He wants his team to resemble a Syracuse roster when you look at heights and weights. Next year he will have a bunch of those 6’4″-6’9″ athletes that are somewhat interchangeable.

    Again your last paragraph is a total reach, has nothing to do with reality. Only you can make that connection.

    I see all the same things you see Harvard. I just don’t make ridiculous assumptions or come to preposterous conclusions.

  44. It looks great on paper, Geoff.

    I made post years ago that basically followed along your same line of reasoning.

    But even if my assumptions about personality are totally “preposterous conclusions,” can you have the same freedom at Indiana as a Marquette. I won’t elaborate too much on that idea right now…I’ve been hogging too much blog page..I’ll just leave it open and allow you digest it for a while. Can you build a team like a Shaka Smart or a Tom Crean at Indiana? Can you appease the fan base tied to years and years of Indiana HS basketball tradition, staying strong with the top ballers in the race for in-state recruits/local heroes, and build that system with the freedom required to really make it work? This isn’t Duke..This isn’t VCU..This isn’t St. Louis..This isn’t Marquette…This isn’t even MSU..This is Indiana. And when you say “Because it’s Indiana,” it resonates beyond the simple slogan and evokes thoughts, hopes, and images tied to memories and pride that IU gets the cream of the crop from the best basketball state on the planet.

    Was going so strong for Cody(and having to haul in Etherington and AAU/A-Hope projects) the perfect recruits for his “system?” Was Jordy Hulls the guard of choice for his system? Hartman?

    Do you have the coaching IQ to get it done with the recruits that will keep the local natives content while still bringing in your “NBA Babies ‘R’ Us” from faraway lands? Can you get to the Final Four with losing out on some elite, “Because it’s Indiana” talent and 3/4 your normal system of freedom you had at Marquette?

  45. You may want to think that Tom Crean has that type of freedom, but I tend to believe that’s a naive assumption when talking about a coach at IU.

    Brad Stevens has more freedom at Butler. Expectations(in terms of ‘elite’ in-state talent) are lower and it allows him the chance to build an entirely different ‘system’ without too much outside pressure and pulling strings.

    I saw a lot of positives in Cody and Jordy, but when you put guys like that into Crean’s system, it often has a sabotaging effect on the ideal for his vision.

    And we haven’t even touched on the “risk” of a borderline academic recruit being an ideal ingredient to help your system. Yes, I’m talking how selling flawlessness handcuffs your ability to take a few chances on kids that could really make your system the most lethal on the floor. Lots of variables in your “ideal.” Lots of colliding variables that are not under the same scrutiny a school like Marquette, Depaul, VCU, Georgetown, etc, etc, etc.

  46. This is a brand new high point for you Harvard… And I’m not saying that in any sort of condescending matter. You are bringing up great, highly debatable points. I doubt my answers will satisfy you, but I have some…

    As to the point about Crean’s freedom – I think his first few years has earned him a little bit of rope with the majority of fans. I see this year as the transition year from the rebuilding project to the real “Crean Era”. Now we’ll see what he has in store for the program. He is starting to bring in the type of athletes that fit what he did at Marquette… Which is his “system”. I don’t think this 2013-14 season will be a totally fair assessment (although it has promise) because its the first year. I think that no matter what, winning will be the ultimate standard by which he is accepted or not. If he contends for NC’s every year with his system he will be accepted.

    As far as the Cody thing or the Jordy thing… Cody was a great get no matter the system. He fits any team, any time. Jordy came when Crean had zero cache at IU. IU was on a recruiting probation. We are really just now getting out of that mess. Even Davis and Hartman are by-products of the early Crean years. Now I think they both have a chance to be contributors, but I also don’t think either would be recruited in the current atmosphere of IU basketball. Jordy would not be on IU’s radar anymore.

    I absolutely believe there are enough quality, 4/5 star, “student”-athletes out there to fill out each recruiting class. Not every kid will be, but most will be. Crean was successful in the Big East with 3/4 star kids, so I think his system has a chance to be special at IU.

    I don’t expect a Final Four every year. I expect them to contend for a Final Four every year. Every fan who expects more is ridiculous. I also think with the new generation of Indiana fan, and the further we are removed from Knight, the more freedom Crean has.

  47. As to the point about Crean’s freedom – I think his first few years has earned him a little bit of rope with the majority of fans.

    The amount of rope he earned is equal to what he cut for himself in Assembly Hall after the Ohio State loss. In other words: it’s short, very short. Very, very very short. (In that sense it kinda resembles Chet).

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