Indiana targets Coleman, Edwards developing chemisty for Indiana Elite

The Hyron Edwards-Jalen Coleman relationship is still admittedly a work in progress.

The two most sought-after point guards in the state of Indiana’s Class of 2015 aren’t yet close to that near-telepathic connection that great backcourts develop with each player able to find the other on the floor without really looking. Coleman is still getting used to his new team and Edwards is still getting used to his new teammate.

But with every tournament and every mid-week text message, they get a little bit closer, and an Indiana Elite 16-and-under team that was already one of the best in the nation last year as a 15-and-under squad gets a little bit better.

“They’re both great high-major guards,” Bloomington resident and Indiana Elite coach Mark Adams said Saturday after an Adidas May Classic game at Bloomington South High School. “They’re good teammates. They play defense. The chemistry is getting a lot better the last tournament and so far this one. Bringing Jalen in, it took a while to get him to fit in with the team because they’ve been in together for a couple of years. It took a couple of tournaments to get everyone on the same page, but they’re pretty good now.”

Edwards and Coleman both play the same position, but they’re very different players. Edwards, just finished with his sophomore season at East Chicago High School, is a pure point guard at 5-foot-10, 160 pounds. He’s not a great outside shooter and his size keeps him from defending anything other than point guards, but he is speedy and slippery enough to get to the rim and score with ease and he infuriates opposing ball handlers on the defensive end with his quick hands and tenacity.

At 6-foot-3, 180-pounds, Coleman is primarily a point guard, but the Cathedral sophomore can switch to shooting guard with ease and is a dynamite shooter off the catch and off the dribble. He can drive and kick and finish at the rim, and his length allows him to defend several positions.

“Hyron’s just fast as can be, good with the ball, quick,” said Chandler White, a star guard from Fort Wayne Carroll High School and the third member of the backcourt. “Jalen, he’s a really good shooter, looks to get his shot and crafty with the ball.”

The aspect of playing with Indiana Elite that has taken some getting used to for Coleman is looking for his shot less and looking to distribute more. Coleman played for a team in the Spiece summer travel organization that didn’t have many players at his caliber and he was expected to carry the squad. This Elite team not only has Edwards but several other explosive offensive players — including White and Evansville Harrison sharpshooters Everett and Stanley Duncan — that are dangerous with the ball in their hands. Coleman is growing in his understanding of the necessity of getting them the ball and in how dangerous Elite becomes if he and Edwards keep the ball moving.

“He’s working on being better at the point the last six or seven games,” Adams said. “The thing is, he can really score the basketball. He’s got a great shot, great moves, great penetrator and scorer. We’re trying to play him a little bit at the point, too, and he has to realize when he’s playing that point, he’s got to get everyone else involved.”

Coleman has done that and played off Edwards better the last two weeks, That manifested itself last week when Elite won the 16-and-under championship at the Run-N-Slam All-Star Classic in Fort Waye. On Saturday at the May Classic it worked as well, with Elite winning both of its pool play games by 30 points or more. The squad plays its first round tournament game today at 9:15 a.m. in the main gym at Bloomington South.

“They’re always looking to create for other people on the floor now,” Adams said. “That wasn’t maybe necessarily the case to start with. They’re both good enough that they can penetrate and we’ve got enough good shooters. They’re finding the open guy and they’re just feeding off each other. You better have a couple of good defenders if you’re going to play those two guys, because both are very hard to keep out of the lane.”

Chemistry will only make them better at that, and they both say that’s developing on the court and off the court. Though they live just under three hours away from each other, they stay in contact during the week through text messages and group chats with other Indiana Elite team members. When one is on the floor and the other isn’t, they watch each other closely and provide feedback during breaks in the action.

“It’s getting a lot better, especially off the court,” Coleman said. “Just being vocal to each other, talking to each other, communicating what we need to work on.”

Both Coleman and Edwards have scholarship offers on the table from Indiana and both took unofficial visits to IU on Friday before the tournament, meeting with IU’s assistant coaches for sit down discussions about aspects of their games they need to improve.

Coleman said he recently added an offer from Clemson. He also has offers from Cincinnati, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Providence and Purdue and has interest from Duke, Michigan, Michigan State and North Carolina State among others. Edwards’ interest has mostly come from Big Ten schools. He has offers from Illinois, Indiana and Purdue and has interest from Michigan and Notre Dame.


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