IU women add Anderson, Gerardot

Indiana women’s basketball coach Curt Miller is making a couple late additions to next season’s roster.

Indiana announced Thursday that Westfield senior Jenn Anderson has signed her letter of intent, and Valparaiso senior Tabitha Gerardot will transfer and use her final year of eligibility at IU.

Anderson is a 6-foot-3 center from Noblesville. She led Westfield to a 21-3 record and a sectional championship this season, while averaging 18 points and 8.3 rebounds. Anderson will play on the Indiana All-Star team this summer.

“We are excited that Jenn has joined the IU basketball family,” Miller said in a statement. “Jenn is a talented center with great fundamentals. She had a highly decorated high school career and will soon be participating in the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star series. Jenn has consistently put up impressive numbers including an outstanding career field goal percentage. She brings depth to our post game and a physical presence which is needed in the Big Ten.”

Gerardot will enroll at Indiana after earning her undergraduate degree from Valparaiso this month. She’ll be available to play immediately.

Gerardot, a 6-foot-1 forward, led the Crusaders in scoring in each of the last two seasons, averaging 15.5 points and 9.2 rebounds last season. She appeared in every game over a three-year span for Valpo and earned Second Team All-Horizon League honors as a junior. Gerardot is a Ft. Wayne native.

“Tabitha will be an excellent addition to our program next year,” Miller said. “She is a proven and productive collegiate power forward. She has a versatile skill set allowing her to play facing the basket, but also the toughness to play inside. Tabitha will also bring leadership to our young roster that will include 10 freshmen and sophomores. Tabitha has great character and will represent the Hoosier Nation on and off the court and we are pleased that she wanted to end her career in an IU uniform.”

Joining Anderson and Gerardot in Bloomington next season will be a freshmen class that includes guards Taylor Agler, Larryn Brooks and Karlee McBride, and forwards Alexis Gassion and Lyndsay Leikem.

“Overall, we are excited about the finishing touches to our first true recruiting class,” Miller said. “The class has added great depth and certainly addresses some of the areas of need. We believe this class will serve as a strong foundation as we continue the rebuilding process at IU.


  1. Getting better all the time. Very exciting news now that the roster appears full here is an outsider`s take on the rotation. What does everyone else think? A rotation I think can finish at least in the middle of the Big 10.

    At the point I like Bell she improved with each game and was solid by season’s end – look for her to be backed up by Newbauer, Mize and super fast Larryn Brooks who could take over at some point.

    At the shooting guard I like Hulls who is stone cold shooter with a high bball IQ when healthy – backed up by Agler, Gassion and Mcbride

    On the wing I like Leikem a bigger more physical version of Sinclair – backed up by Mcbride and Gassion

    At the 4 Gerardot a proven talent can strectch the floor backed up by Jakubicek, Taufa and Deloach

    On the block I go with Chaplin getting better all the time backed up by Deloach, Anderson and Mousty with Anderson getting alot of minutes against the bigger women.

    I see two out of the trio of Gerardot,Bell and Leikem in the game at all times they are your rocks. Would love to see Gassion and or Mcbride come around by the middle of the season should be fun see you at the games.

  2. Next year was absolutely scaring me to death, and it still does to a certain extent.
    But getting a senior transfer and another year for Big Sash, and suddenly I think we may be OK next year.
    Still very young overall, but things look a lot better to me than they did a month ago.

  3. Yah not sure what my expectations are for net year specifically but I like what Miller is doing. Good pieces.

  4. Expect improvement but nothing drastic. I would not be shocked if it mirrored what Coach Crean did, so about 4 seasons total to compete against most teams.

    The real question is, why did IU take so long to make this move? They extended a coach that did not deserve it, and accepted her unconditional surrender of in-state recruits to every other program. I think we know the answer but it’s still shocking.

  5. Like most other major universities womens basketball losses money and are sometimes a necessary evil (title 9)in the AD’s eyes so they dont give the womens program much thought.
    iI think only Uconn Tennesse and maybe New Mexico and a few others actually turn a profit in the womens game. It is what it is I guess I like to think of Indiana as a sleeping giant it’s up to us to promote and attend games

  6. I saw Gerardet play against IU when I attended the game in Valparaiso at the start of this past season, she is the real deal! Very physical and can score inside and can move out for the 15 footer. A very strong rebounder for her size! She will be a very welcome addition to IU! Anderson is the type of body we need inside to battle in the conference. Nate Hill IV and Sam, this team was going to be much improved next year even before Anderson & Gerardet came aboard. The simple fact is that we are now going to have multiple perople who will be offensive threats on the floor which we did not have this past year. If an opponent was able to stop Aulani or Jasmine, we were done, it was as simple as that! All of the perimeter players coach Miller has coming in next year are excellant shooters which was our downfall this past year. We were simply very limited in what we had offensively.

    Indiana insider, to address your lineup for next year, I disagree with the point guard position, I really don’t see Newbauer or Mize playing much at all. I look for Brooks or Agler to play the majority of the minutes at the point simply because both can distribute and score at a high level. Newbauer works very hard and is an adept ballhandler but is very limited as a shooter. There were many times last year when teams would not guard her. I love Bell but, I think the other two I mentioned are better players at the point although of course will have no experiance. The point guard position was a weakness for us last year, that will not be the case this upcoming season with the incoming recruits.

    I pretty much agree with the rest of what you say for the remaining spots. Although, if Anderson is as physical as I have heard, I would love to see her get as much time as possible. It is great that Chaplin gets another year, you have to love her perserverence and she can certainly help in spots. It is a shame that her health issues (knees) have limited her playing time. Coach Miller said all year that they had to spot her minutes, she could not play sustained minutes because of her knees.

    The bottom line is, this is going to be a much, much improved team next year because of the incoming talent. The times, they are a changing my friends to quote an old song! Go Hoosiers!!

  7. I agree with MIke C. I think Brooks will be the point guard by year’s end but I see her and Bell sharing minutes there. Our weekness is If we play a big point who can post up our small guards and defending a break down wing who is super fast getting to the rim. Coach will probably play zone all year to avoid both scenarios. When I watched Agler in club ball she played primarily the 2 spot do you think she can adjust? I am truly excited and I am not counting out Hulls and Jakubicek coming back strong from injuries to contribute. Gassion and Mcbride are competitors and when they gets up to the speed of the Big Ten they could contribute right away. Anyway I look at it we will be better.

  8. Indiana insider, there is no doubt in my mind that Agler will be able to adjust to the point, don’t forget who her dad is? With her dad being the Seattle Storm’s General Manager and coach, I am sure she is well schooled in a point guard’s duties. Jakubicek was not injured this past year, she simply had to set out a year after transfering. I am really excited to see McBride, simply to see if she is even half the player her sister at Notre Dame is? That may be to much to ask but, if she plays as hard as her sister who was an All American this past year, we will really have something! Good times are ahead in Assembly Hall for the women!! Can’t wait to get those season tickets renewed! Go Hoosiers!!

  9. Your right I am sure Taylor has the handles and passing ability at the point it’s the defending I was thinking about. Jakubicek broke her foot this Spring in fact you can see her in a cast on the recent photos of their Facebook page. I think she should be back by July or so I don’t know for sure. Love Mcbride she plays out of position but hopefully there is a 2 guard inside of her. Go Hoosiers

  10. Insider, thanks for the update on Jakubicek, did not know she had a foot issue? I know she was fine through the season.

  11. I continue to be a little nervous, simply because I haven’t seen too many freshmen come in and make an immediate difference at IU.
    Maybe this is the greatest group of recruits ever, but it seems to me that it simply takes some time for a freshman to develop enough to really make a big difference at this level.
    I would LOVE to be proven 100% wrong in my worries.
    Even if we’re not all that good next year, I still think things will turn around sooner (hopefully) or later.

  12. Nat Hill IV, your biggest mistake is comparing these freshmen to the others that have come to IU in the past. This group is head and shoulders above any we have had before! I agree whole heartedly with something Indiana insider said earlier, like him, I believe this team will be good enough to be somewhere in the middle of the Big 10 next year, they will be that good!! That will be a huge improvement over the last 3 years. Nate, become a believer!! We are on our way up! Go Hoosiers!!

  13. MikeC

    I like your optimism. We will see. I will not be disappointed if we’re no better next year. If we are better, I’ll be thrilled to death.
    This is a long term project. Lani Sinclair, Jasmine McGee, and Linda Rubene (our three top scores) are gone.
    Only 36% of our scoring returns. The new freshmen and transfers will need to be good as you think if we’re going to improve.
    Go Hoosiers, prove me wrong!

    Nat Hill IV

  14. Hey Nat let’s break it down by position and see if we have upgraded. At the point an Upgrade. with added depth. Brooks is twice as fast as any point who played last year and Agler is probably an upgrade there as well either way Bell will be better. At the 2 Even. Just a different group at that position with different skill sets Hulls is the spot up shooter Gassion the penetrator neither can create their own shot like McGee but both are more team players and will pass to the open person. At the 3. Even. Every video I have seen of Leikem she’s playing the point and raining threes but my club friends tell me she’s a beast on the block Jacubicek is proven and Mcbride is the sleeper. At the 4. Upgrade. Gerardot is no doubt an upgrade there. Jacubicek and Simone ad depth and can play there as well. At the 5 Upgrade.Sasha. Will be better and Anderson is the presence we have not had. With all that said multiple persons will be taking and hopfully making shots. Last year like you said we relied through necessity on two women next year lots of players will be involved. lets not underestimate the ladies who are coming back they are not just going to lay down and let some freshmen take their playing time.

  15. Insider, you are all over it. With the added size that Anderson provides and the overall shooting ability of the incoming recruits, we will be very competitive within the conference! We for the most part have an upgrade at every position. As I said all year long in my posts, our inability to score from multiple positions on the court was our biggest detriment. This will no longer be the case. All of the incoming recruits and the transfers are proven scorers. Last year if Aluani or Jasmine didn’t score, we were done. This upcoming year, we will have girls who can fill it up. Our recruits during the Jack era were deficient in that area! She recruited athletic players over girls who could shoot. All you have to do is check the Big 10 team stats over the years she was here to see how pathetic we were offensively. Coach Miller has gone after girls who were scorers in high school. And also has aquired transfers who have offensive skills. Gerardot will make a huge impact next year! This is going to be fun! Go Hoosiers!

  16. Sorry, the previous post is from mikec, not the apparently illiterate mikes 🙂

  17. You guys have clearly given this a tremendous amount of thought, and have researched the girls coming in thoroughly.
    I would love to buy in totally, and understand the notion that having several more good players will help a lot. There is strength in numbers.
    I just know that it seems to take quite a while for most girls to reach their potential, and can’t really remember a girl coming in and setting the world on fire her first year.
    I repeat, I hope you’re both right. Nothing would make me happier than winning more games next year.
    But I’m not giving up on Coach Miller, even if we don’t get better immediately, because I believe this will take a while to turn around.
    One thing is clear. There are at least three pretty passionate IU women’s fans (counting myself as one), two of which have taken a lot of time looking ahead to next year and stating their case! Thanks for your insights.
    Go Hoosiers!
    I would enjoy meeting you both sometime….

  18. Nat, these girls don’t need to”set the world on fire”, all they need to do is listen to this great coaching staff and execute the offense. Do what they know how to do, which is run the pick and roll offense taught by coach Miller and shoot the ball when they are open. No one needs to go one on one and carry us. Play hard defensively and work together as a team, things that coach Miller teaches. Again, no need for anyone to set the world on fire to be successful. To much talent coming in to fall on our faces! We will have many girls who can score, they will run the offense and hit the open player. The game will be played the way that it was designed to be played. Of course their inexperience will show up on occasion but, what a joy it will be to watch as opposed to the past few years! Although I really did enjoy watching coach Miller try to implement his system this past year, they just simply didn’t have the talent needed to win consistently! They played extremely hard which was a testament to the great coaching staff! Watching them upset nationally ranked Purdue was an extremely enjoyable experience this past year. We can certainly expect more of that in the near future as coach Miller and his staff bring in more great recruits. Go Hoosiers!!!!!

  19. Mikec;
    That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to say, albeit not very skillfully. They don’t have to “set the world on fire” to make me happy.
    I’ll be happy if they play as a team and buy in totally to Coach Miller’s system. When the wins begin to happen isn’t a big concern to me, as I feel certain they will eventually happen.
    I honestly thought last year’s team over-achieved to some extent, and know they worked very hard. I was really happy to win two big ten games (especially against Purdue!) and have the best 3 point shooter in the United States.
    Next year should be a real joy to be a part of, and I can’t wait for the season to start.
    Go Hoosiers!!!!!

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