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  1. In regards to IU summer school dates.
    A session started in early May and just ended.
    There is a 4 week session that starts Monday followed with another 4 week session that starts July 1st.
    There is a 6 week session that starts June 17th

    I have heard that Vonleh and Hartman are taking classes starting Monday while the rest start on June 17th. For example, Hartman graduated in mid May while Davis does not graduate until June 5th. Vonleh and Hartman are in the IU email directory.

    For football, most of the players started the early June session with some starting the mid June. The following recruits are in the IU directory which makes me believe they are starting classes Monday: Latham, Dutra, Fant, Dougherty, Friend, Graham, Jansen, Newton, K Smith. The rest of the team starts Monday as well based on tweets from the coaches

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