Reports: Indiana to play Syracuse in Big Ten-ACC Challenge

Zach Osterman of Inside Indiana/ and Alex Bozich of Inside The Hall are reporting that Indiana will face Syracuse in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge this season. Syracuse, which, of course, eliminated Indiana in the Sweet 16 this season, is moving from the Big East to the ACC this season.

Been working (so far unsuccessfully) to confirm, but the official announcement comes at 2 p.m.


  1. Coming to a Scoop thread near you: (enter stale comments about preparing for a zone here, to be followed by tired criticisms of NW Indiana recruiting, pollyannaism, and all things Crean.) Should be riveting. Stay tuned.

  2. Or crying about the Establishment giving Crean a free pass for trying to ram Jesus down our throats.

  3. Let’s pray. It’s the only thing we can do.

    Let’s pray we hire a real coach by then.

  4. Oh, goody! This sorta “evening of the score” will be just the perfect Establishment medicine for having our butts handed to us in a game that meant something.

    Can’t wait for the faux-Elite 8 celebration after the big victory in Bloomington…”You wrecked the man-to-man…You wrecked the man-to-man. …Where’s ESPN? Where’s Bobby? Is Bobby here? I wanna shake me some banner grip before it gets buried teats down.”

  5. Loser alert! #4 was not posted by me. Another cowardly scumbag using my “name.” Hey, when losers can’t win the argument fair and square, they cheat.

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