So this Evan Gordon thing happened while I was driving back from Louisville…

Just found out about this about an hour and a half ago while I was coming up I-65, so I don’t have all of the insights about what was and what wasn’t reported here, but Evan Gordon, former North Central star and younger brother of Eric Gordon, has been granted his release from Arizona State. He has one year of eligibility and he has graduated, so he’s can play without penalty. Kyle Neddenriep of the Indy Star spoke to his father Eric Gordon Sr. this evening.


  1. Does he handle the ball well and play defense? I don’t know much about him…

  2. I’m thinking more like Indiana State or Valpo, but surely in the Midwest.

  3. What makes you guys so sure he doesn’t come to IU? Sounds like the perfect fit to come here.

  4. Doc, I am with you. Perfect fit for one year…good defense from what I read off Dustin and others and an older kid…maybe leadership…perfect fit at the guard position! 10 pts a game at Arizona St and keep the Gordons at IU!!!

  5. Yeah, I actually think (stressing the word THINK because I don’t know at all and it’s early in the process) he ends up at IU. Should be noted. These graduate transfers are much more highly valued than transfers that require a year of sitting out. It’s like taking a one-year free agent in any sort of pro sport. Players that you wouldn’t dare consider for a multi-year deal you’ll fight to get for a year. If Indiana had to tie up a 2014 scholarship for Evan Gordon they might not even give him a phone call, but the Hoosiers have an open scholarship and nothing better to use it on. But point being, while you usually see players transfer down for more playing time, some of these graduate transfers (think Valpo’s Brandon Wood going to Michigan State and starting, for instance) end up transferring up.

  6. What about the Freeman kid? Can he be immediately available because of the coaching change at UCLA?


    “…and keep the Gordons at IU!!!”

    And we know how well bringing in Eric worked out for IU.

    Keeping Remy and Mo at IU would have been sorta nice.

    This is the old trick…Bring in Jeremiah to get a shot at Austin. Bring in Evon to get a shot at Eron. It’s not cheating or 3-way calling, but it sure is calculating.

    Evon should consider Butler. Sitting out a year might do him some good.

  7. Yeah…I know, Dustin. That would mean we would have to find room for Freeman’s scholarship next year. Etherington to Valpo. Yogi goes pro.while his stock is high..etc, etc, etc.

  8. Taking cynicism and TCDS to an all-time high, Don Quixote still can’t help himself.

    Anybody consider the idea that bringing Evan to IU is a double-edged sword? If his experience is not ideal, it might cost IU a chance to sign his younger brother. Besides, having two older brothers play at IU might be what drives the youngest brother to decide to go elsewhere. If for no other reason than simply to “go his own way.” Youngest siblings can be that way.

    “Keeping Remy and Mo at IU would have been sorta nice.” What was Crean supposed to do, chain them to the refrigerator? They are adults. They are free. They chose to leave for what they perceived to be a better opportunity. With absolutely no facts to support the hypothesis, and in fact making a concerted effort to ignore the facts that have been presented in the media, some people continue to imply that Crean drove Mo and Remy off the team. Furthermore, they continue to suggest that their leaving is a bad thing, for both IU and for the young men. Hey, don’t let any facts get in the way of your biased narrative!

    On one hand, these same delusional critics claim that Crean is stupid and a “clown,” but on the other hand they continuously imply that he has this incredible, almost hypnotic power to force grown men to do what he wants them to do, all the while having the power to force them to say positive things about IU, the team and the coaching staff on their way out the door. Well, either Crean’s a stupid clown who’s getting very, very lucky that these young men (or their families) have not trashed him on their way out the door, or he’s a brilliant manipulator. Which is it? Because you can’t have it both ways.

  9. Podunker, I thought the same thing about him coming and not getting Eron. I am not sure it matters. Most kids do what they want. I hope he doesn’t go to UM because of Jeff Myers. That was the Gordon’s connection to the previous coaching staff, and the reason they stated for coming to play here. Eric has been very supportive of IU and the family seems to feel extremely welcome here.

    HforH- Freeman already committed to Baylor

  10. For years I continually read that Eric Gordon came to IU solely for Kelvin Sampson. Now it’s Jeff Meyer?

    Come on, Eron…Come to IU for Steve McClain! Steve McClain wants to wreck the program and coach at Michigan someday.

  11. And talk about over-analyzing. Crean will not hesitate to sign Evan Gordon. I highly doubt anyone that works very close to IU Basketball wasn’t aware this was coming.

    It was Bobby Capobianco’s lifelong dream to play at Valpo. Nobody is ever pushed when there’s scholarship crunches and “next best things” suddenly appearing on the horizon for TC.

    Crean would push Mother Teresa and Jesus off the team if it meant landing the slightest increment of percieved better talent to increase the odds another ultimate measure of greatness for IU basketball- the Sweet 16.

    Throw in a chance to get a shot at the future NBA star currently playing in Indy by putting the older brother in a Hoosier uniform for one year?

    Of course, that’s another three years of waiting for the perfect guard for the perfect system. Yup, in 10 years he’ll have the divine “system” in place to be led by Eron.

    Having a preseason #1 team and the best post player in 25 years to put on a Hoosier uniform is just not “system” enough. The latest excuse for a team talented enough to be ranked #1 looking completely lost in a Sweet 16 game is because Crean has yet to implement his ideal “system.”

    It gets more comical by the month. No coach ever has it “ideal.”
    That’s why they are supposed to be top coaches hired by top programs.

    Brad Stevens had his perfect system in place when he went back-to-back Final Fours and one made bucket from a championship. Good God…First it was “everything hinges on Cody”…I can hear it coming. Everything hinges on Eron. Don’t mess this up, Crean. Don’t offer Evan because it’s the older brother that will be the first new perfect piece of the puzzle to the perfect system in 2017(the one year we’ll have Eron before he goes pro).

    Meanwhile, Remy will be playing on a banner team in three years with a coach, the heart of a team willing to stay together, and an imperfect system.

  12. Yeah, Plan A down the tubes…Time to go to Plan B.

    It’s o.k..It’s all about the “system” anyway. You heard it here first: Everything hinges on The System.

    “The System” is the new plumbing required after Cody’s departure and the exploding “Movement.” If The System fails we’ll have to call Roto-Rooter(a.k.a 7 more years of Podunker pollyannaism)to install the ‘everything hinges on’ new Septic Tank installed under McCracken. Let the dominoes fall when we see Eron Gordon on a breakaway flush!!

  13. Harvard, its so old and stupid I’m not even going to respond anymore.

    I usually hesitate to use this word, but I will in this instance… Your narrative is literally (mal-developed).

  14. “Everything hinges on the system”…Brought to you by, Mr. Pipeline, himself.

    Mike Davis? No 10 year plan or system would have helped that “retard.” He got to a Final Four with the most elite talent in the nation that came in on the heels of what would have been Bobby’s next title.

    Seriously, Geoff? Combine the last 10 years of theories and hinges and dominoes and movements and saviors from Washington and crucifixions and chasing demons and labels and mountains upon mountains of BS excuses to oust some coaches and put others on untouchable pedestals…? It’s all looking rather ludicrous from my vantage point.

    And now Jeff Meyer brought in Gordon Now we’re distancing Eric Gordon from Kelvin Sampson so we can all feel warm and fuzzy when Crean goes after brother II to get to brother III. Now that’s “stupid.”

    But hey, you just keep rationalizing it all away in your rational little Maine bungalow. It all sounds like a “retarded” narrative of excuses to me.

    Here’s an idea. Take a team beyond their potential. Encourage solid players that have been in a IU jersey through thick and thin to stay rather than tell them their potential has reached its predestined plateau determined by experts like Geoff. “I wish you well, but you’ve topped out..I know, I told you that the sky was the limit…I lied and there’s a kid that came available for this fall that looks better for my ‘system’ than you.”

    If it’s always the next best thing on the roster, then you’ll get players that look at IU in the same fashion. I want recruits that look at IU as the best thing. And I want a coach that sticks to honoring the day he first fell in love with their skills when they came to the best program with the best coach.

    And I want the “best” coach to mean a coach best suited to bring championships to IU. A “best” coach to take role players and superstars to Final Fours over the best coach to find sleeper talent that will turn into high draft picks in the NBA while the rest of the talent rots on the sideline underutilized and underdeveloped(and told after two years they’re not good enough for IU because the next best thing is here to wear their shoes).

    Here’s another idea…Why not put Jonny Marlin on scholarship? Can’t he take the open scholarship? I have a feeling he’s better than Eran Gordon. Kid probably shoots lights out. He’s here. He admires Indiana. He’ll fight his heart out for a coach he adores and a program that wearing the jersey is a lifelong dream. Why do we need to mess with a kid that didn’t want IU when she was in the cellar? Now we look sexier after momentarily reinvigorated by Zeller?

  15. Kid’s got a sweet stroke…He has what appears to be excellent court vision..He’s far more creative with the ball than Remy…He’s been practicing against guys that were part of a #1 ranked team from a top conference. I bet his skills have climbed the ladder to heights we’re unaware. Do we want him to get discouraged and end up being the next Alex Barlow at Butler?

    I repeat..Why not put Jonny Marlin on scholarship? I’m praying we do the right thing.

    1. Harvard,
      If Podunker is Pollyanna, then you’re Chicken Little. I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of room in between. But I’m with Geoff — stop beating the horse. It turned to glue a long, long time ago, only now the whip has become an axe to grind.

  16. I love Jesus, and I like what Tom Crean is doing with our program. I’m looking forward to just watching and enjoying the basketball season when it comes back around.

  17. I like Jonny Marlin’s grit and his shot. But HfH you have a wild imagination about IU, our Coach and the NCAA. Take a look at the ESPN college men’s basketball site. It is all about players and coaches change schools. I don’t like it but kids don’t stay loyal. The all come in thinking they will be superstars in one year and go to the NBA. That is the culture we live in today. I have watched IU basketball for 50 years and we always have a few leave. Knight sure has his share even Larry Bird left him so your memory must be bad if you think transfers are something new. Some of our best players in the past left without completing school for the NBA and other colleges. Your are living in a dream world and you thinking all this is about our coach is crazy! If anything it is about players who have no loyalty to our school. Kids now days go to a school many times because of the coach only, like in Kentucky. Calacheater players don’t care a bit about their school. I would say that Crean’s record for having players get there degrees is as good or better than anyone in today’s NCAA. I just really think you have a burr under your saddle about coach and for some reason you hate him. His players are not saying anything close to that. Now I have read this Blog long enough to know that you will respond negatively to everything I say because that is just what u do. Your bitter and no one can fix you because you like being bitter and the center of attention. I hope no fan’s or players listen to your negative crap. I do think sometimes you say kind things and players but because it is found within all the negative things you say folks like Geoff and many others just skip over your comments and that is sad because every once in a while you make sense and you are right. I am just trying to give you a dose of reality even though it will likely mean nothing to u.

  18. Southport65-

    It’s all good. I’m being bullied for getting combative with bloggers that have thrown labels of bigotry and now because they don’t like what I have to say they go down the road of things like “retarded.”

    I think there were far worse things said on this blog about Mike Davis and Bill Lynch than I’ve ever thrown at Crean.

    Thanks for finding something kind to say. I liked Mo and Remy. Thought they were class acts and I’m bothered by the trend to paint these young men as finished. They deserve better. They deserve a bit of delusional false hope. Hey, that’s just my retarded opinion.

    Every kid wants to be a shooting star. I don’t think Geoff(and not to just pick on him because we all live in the age of the next best thing) is anymore kind than a Harvard “axe” in his realistic portrayals of how these young men will now find a dead end road. Nobody has a right to be that defeatist with a young heart that came to IU with nothing but hard work and proud representation of the candy-stripes. Why are they portrayed as losers because their basketball dreams will likely not go beyond college. Do you know how damn good you have to be just to play at the Division 1 level? Is it really so fair to predestine them as not finding the right coach and program that bring something out that we’ve not seen in their 12 mpg as a Hoosier?
    Why should one voice be God and come on this blog and claim they will never be a shooting star?

    And maybe that all fuels some of my unreasonable anger at the man in charge. It seems the best way to defend his over-signs and scholly crunches is to take down the kids that still believe they can find their dreams.

    Anyway, you take care….and thanks again for your honesty absent the viscous tongue.

    Let’s go out with a song for Danny Moore, VJIII, A.J. Moye, Damon Bailey, Remy Abell, Jason Collier, Steve Downing, Mo Creek, Tom Coverdale, Jonny Marlin, Lance Stemler…and all the Hoosiers that dream just as big as the next NBA superstar when they came to fight for the cream and crimson. Nobody deserves to be told their dream won’t happen and then given farewell wishes. They are all shooting stars.

  19. And the journalists of Scoop should not edit the words used.

    I’d rather the adjectives chosen by Geoff be his own. I like Geoff and I am insulted more when political correctness is used to douse something said from his heart. This man has invited the mal-developed Harvard to lunch. He thinks I’m an interesting guy.

    This place is not that popular(that’s harsh, but hey, some don’t ever make it to the NBA..or the New York Times) and I’m not going to sue you for allowing a blogger so stuck on himself that he’s thinking he’s on ESPN’s First Take when he’s tossing out the fireworks.

  20. You’re not being bullied, Harvard, you’re being challenged, sometimes with a mocking tone. Bullying requires an implied threat, and to my knowledge, no one has threatened you or your ability to post what is often (but not always) your delusional drivel. When you avoid the subject of Tom Crean’s Christian faith or the bull about the so called “establishment,” you occasionally make an interesting comment. Speaking only for myself, the only reason I respond to anything you post is because, based on your many written comments, you continue to express religious bigotry. And I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to tolerate bigotry.

    Besides, everyone knows you write outrageous comments just to elicit a response and satisfy your craving for attention, any kind of attention, even if its negative. You’re addicted to it. And that would be O.K. if not for the bigotry.

  21. Harvard, a couple things. You’re “getting bullied”?

    Oh, puh-leeeze. You’re being given more latitude to publish your…uh…beliefs than any place on Earth. What do you want? The front page of USA Today every day for a year?

    For every dozen posts you make perhaps one person might say, “Well, just a minute.”

    That’s “getting bullied?”

    Give me a break.

    As for there being “far worse things said on this blog about Mike Davis and Bill Lynch than I’ve ever thrown at Crean.”

    No, there haven’t been. There just hasn’t. You have relentlessly dogged CTC FOREVER. There might have been a few “he was a great guy but kinda over his head” comment about Lynch or Davis but NOTHING like the vitriol you have spewed about Crean constantly. One day of your anti-Crean posts more than elapses every non-complimentary post directed at Davis or Lynch ever to appear on the Scoop.

    You have a very skewed view of reality. Or math.

  22. Spot on Chet. Harvard, your freedom here is a blessing. Half of us wouldn’t even make at ITH rigorous standards. Not sure about Peegs.

  23. Since we’re somewhat back on topic I’ll make one short response…

    RE: Remy – my statements were an estimation, not a proclamation. There’s a chance he could be a star at one of those 3 schools, I just haven’t seen any evidence to support that.

    Notice that the evidence I did give wasn’t based on his stats, Harvard.

    Sorry that I have to clarify that. For those that were paying attention to the conversation, my guess is you understand that already(?)…

  24. So, on Evan Gordon… Seems like a perfect situation. He has one year of immediate eligibility. We have one open spot on the roster, and 2 guards just transferred out. He has experience, and has already scored over a 1000 points in his career.

    Looking at his game log from his one year at ASU (he spent 2 years at Liberty) he was wildly inconsistent. Had 29 against Sacramento State, and then 0 against Utah in 36 minutes. Had 28 vs USC the first game, and 0 the second time around. The whole season sorta looks like that.

    He is a serviceable 35% from 3 for his career, and has made 173 in his career (which would be the most on the team next year by over a 100). I can see him coming off the bench and Crean giving him a heat check. Ride him a bit in the hot games and go with youth and size in the cold games.

  25. The gamesmanship of recruiting always fascinates me. Going after Gordon número dos to get tres may or may not be foremost in Crean’s mind, but it seems like almost the perfect scenario. Great point in #9, Po. I probably would’ve never thought of that. But I would imagine most coaches would gamble on bloodlines staying at one school rather than the middle child driving the baby away.

  26. Indy Star. Nice write-up on Blackmon Jr, his younger brother and the brother in 4th grade who father says may be better than the two older brothers.

    That’s a lot of ‘brothers’.

  27. I think we are starting to miss the real story here – I “scooped” the journalists here again and broke this story with my sources.

  28. Aruss,
    That’s all true except for the part where what you put out there isn’t actually true. At least not yet. It’s a prediction. If I say the Miami Heat will win the NBA title and it turns out they win, that’s not a scoop, it’s a guess.

  29. I would like to tell you all ……Thanks for the blogs…I was born and raised in Indiana but now live in Texas. I dont get much information other than what is put out there into the “Interspace”. I had no knowledge that Eric Gordon had brothers til i read here about them or that James Blackmon had a younger brother. I get alot of my updates from reading your posts. I listened to IU basketball on a small transistor radio at night while Walt Bellamy, Jimmy Rayl , the Van Arsdale twins lit up the scoreboard.Discussions, Disagreements, its all good to me because what I read here really does put me in touch with the yp to the minute going ons at Assembly Hall…once again Thanks to all for your postings and discussions…even you Harvard 🙂

  30. TJ – you’re welcome. And to everyone else who appreciates my work, I will continue to break IU stories and give my unique perspective on all things IU here on the Scoop.

    Dustin – stop splitting hairs. The Gordon situation is obviously another silent verbal like Blackmon’s that you choose to ignore for the sake of your “journalist integrity”. Matt Drudge would shake his head at the scoop.

  31. (Considering the incredible contradiction of the phrase “silent verbal.” Mind Esplodes)
    So who are your crazy connected inside sources Aruss, and how do you know they’re right all the time?

  32. Enough catering to HH’s attention nourishment needs, this is what I’ve been waiting for: A sparring match between Aruss & DD.
    In the immortal words of Mills Lane, “Let’s get it on!”

  33. TJ, you were doing so well in #34 until the last three words!

    Aside from being an oxymoron, what is a “silent verbal?” Is that kind of like a ‘wink and a nod’? Probably just as reliable, too!

  34. Nice TJ!…and it puts it all in context. Thanks, beyond everything else, it is the reason we’re all part of the Hoosier tidal wave that SI, the networks and cablestill marvel at when it showed on its cover Hoosier Love swamping the floor at Assembly Hall.

    Nice, nice entry. Keep enjoying with all the rest of us.

  35. Aruss, your arms must be getting awfully tired from all that patting of your own back. Let us know when you need a breather and we’ll lend you a hand.

  36. Just in, Matt Drudge reports that Dustin has been traded to the Miami Heat and will start in place of Lebron James for the duration of the playoffs.

    Matt Drudge runs the gamut from ‘sloppy mistake’ to ‘blatant lie’.

    That’s the guy you want Dustin to emulate? Dustin, thanks for being absolutely nothing like Matt Drudge. That is to say, you’re actually a journalist.

  37. Hey genius, yea that’s you iso t-storms, if it was “like an email” it would be, in legal terms, written communication. Verbal means spoken communication and an email is written communication. Hence, “silent verbal is an oxymoron. Still equally worthless as a commitment, but a written communication nonetheless.

    You must have been looking in the mirror when you saw the “idiot” you referred to. Thanks for a good chuckle.

  38. Wow…Pull Harvard off of here and this place is more stimulating than a Stuckey’s in Missouri. Blaséville, USA. Chet, I think I’m gonna head over to the Pecan Shoppe and satisfy my craving for drifting off into dazed wonderment as I play ‘spin the Biblical names’ round and round the vanity license plate rack.

    And who is this ‘calbert40’ over at ITH? Are the Morlocks now getting ESPN? Anyone else ever click on his name and take a glance at the sample set of his 1200+ entries in four months? Yikes. The dude is so lacking in genuine Hoosier passion and personality that he sounds like Gort Gumbel giving analysis while passing a silent verbal out his titanium Cracketology butt.

    Lordy, lordy, ITH is no longer borderline zombie..They have locked down the borders to scary. I sure hope Scoop never bans me…It’s a very troubling thought to be forced out into the barrens of IDS where vagabond spammers now play a game of thread tag at what was once a fertile island of inventive bloggers…or the bleak future found at Bozich’s ITH underground vegetable garden of pollyanna Morlocks and Gumbeltron Gorts selling their Soylent Green Crean…Very, very scary stuff.

    TJ- Never let them pull you in. You do know who I’m talking about, right? They want to vacuum the rebel out of your heart like a plastic Dyson sucking the punch out your Mike Tyson. And watch your back. They have sent infiltrators to sell Dustin and Jeremy the safety of submission.

  39. Chet and Harvard learning to cook. Scary. Make a fruitcake.

  40. Podonkey let me use a silent verb to describe you: you [are] dumb. Having worked out such an accurate description for you we can hereafter refer to this as a silent verbal.

    Other forms of keeping the verbal commitments silent: Gordon e-mails to a third-party, for example Jeff Meyer, whom Crean pretends to harass at the end of a game in Ann Arbor only to silently read in his eyes the recruit’s commitment. Meanwhile Meyer remains completely silent during Crean’s verbal abuse. Ergo, silent verbal. QED.

  41. Am I hallucinating? Did I just see the post #50 screen name change from Podunker to Not Podunker?

    I think I just experienced a salient invisible.

  42. A haunted Scoop.

    Here a Scoop. There a Scoop. Everwhere a Scoop Scoop.

    Now for a nice cool ride up to the track for opening day.

  43. Two oxymorons walk into a bar

    And our #1 Oxymoron….(drumroll)<–(no, that’s not the #1)…And our #1 Oxymoron is………..?

    Coach Tom Crean.

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