Indiana All-Stars-Junior Stars boys’ basketball scrimmage from Tipton

FINAL: INDIANA ALL-STARS 133, JUNIOR STARS 111. IU commit James Blackmon, Jr., 26 points to lead all scorers, shooting well from both inside and out for the Juniors. (The initial final score reported was 136-111. but officials subsequently decided not to count a 3 that apparently didn’t beat the buzzer.)

2:03 left. Indiana All-Stars 127, Junior Stars 105: Future Indiana teammates James Blackmon, Jr. and Collin Hartman just traded deep 3s. Blackmon has 26 points to lead the Juniors and Hartman, who has shot dead-eye all night, has 14 for the balanced All-Stars.

7:52: All-Stars 102, Junior Stars 87. Tipton’s Mike Crawford just put the All-Stars past the century mark with his first three of the night to help the home folks head home happy.

12:44 to play: All-Stars 95, Juniors 75. Zak Irvin and James Blackmon, Jr., 21 each to lead all scorers. Bryson Scott 15. Collin Hartman 11 and playing exceedingly well.

15:13: All-Stars 86, Juniors 70. Blackmon hitting his layups this half. Now has 18 points to lead the Juniors

17:40: All-Stars 77, Juniors 60.

HALFTIME: Indiana All-Stars 68, Indiana Junior Stars 51. Got a bit sloppy in the stretch run of the half, but both teams came out sharp. Mr. Basketball Zak Irwin with 16 points to lead all scorers and James Blackmon, Jr., has 12. Collin Hartman hit the only two 3s he tried for six points.

Will try to get halftime word why Devin Davis isn’t playing. In uniform, wearing sandals. Presume some sort of slight injury situation.

James Blackmon, Jr., after a hot start, has now missed a series of contested layups. Was probably fouled on the last one.

6:12: All-Stars 46, Juniors 36. Bryson Scott 3 from top of the key creates first double-digit lead.

8:38: Bryson Scott has now entered the fray.

IU recruit Devin Davis and Purdue recruit Bryson Scott haven’t played in the first 11 minutes for the All-Stars. Don’t know why. Both played well Monday at Sullivan and both are here in uniform.

11:53: All-Stars 26, Juniors 25. Really good ballgame so far. Mike Crawford, trying hard to please the home folks, is cold with his jumper. About everybody else shooting well. Concordia’s D.J. McCall with the play of the night so far, a flying two-handed ram in traffic.

15:41: All-Stars 18, Juniors 14. Don’t think James Blackmon, Jr.,  will go 3-for-16 tonight like he did at Sullivan. Hit his first 2 shots, including a pair of 3s.  He finally missed one, but Mr. Basketball Zak Irvin was going 4-for-4 for the All-Stars meantime, all 3-pointers, before finally missing one at the 16:02 mark.

PREGAME: Here at a classic, very cool (air-conditioned!) Tipton High School gym for the second and final Indiana All-Star scrimmage before they meet their Kentucky counterparts. Tonight, they’re facing many of the state’s best juniors, though Trey Lyles is in Canada for a junior national team opportunity and JaQuan Lyle didn’t make the trip from Evansville. But IU signees Collin Hartman and Devin Davis are both here with the All-Stars and IU commit James Blackmon, Jr., is here to play for the Juniors. We’ll have updates here and via Twitter at htograham.


  1. Hartman conjures up some old memories from Scoop blog days of long ago. Anyone remember the blogger named Reggie..? Nice kid with strong self-proclaimed Christian values that also used the “Puke is the Worst” screen name…He also claimed to be a soccer fan..I think he said he was hoping to one day play soccer beyond high school level..He cut lawns for cash and washed his dad’s Escalade on weekends..? Oh, and he thought Hartman was a wasted scholarship. And didn’t he use a fake screen name to rip into the kid? I believe I caught him in the act of that deed. I believe my investigative tactics also unveiled the famous Northwestern “smirk” …I kinda have a gift for smelling BS. But enough of me and my quest for truth and justice on Scoop.

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    Saturday, June 16, 2012 – 4:28 PM UTC

    I’m by no means a passionate follower of recruits, but after viewing a mix tape of some Hartman highlights on YouTube, this kid looks pretty damn skilled to me.

    Really nice looking jump shot..very smooth release and nice arc/follow-through. We could be looking at the next Steve Green. I wouldn’t call this kid a mistake. You just don’t know how kids are going to blossom. He has good size…solid looking frame(by no means a long twig), fluid movement, and one sweet looking stroke. I don’t see this kid as a flushed away scholarship.

    Where are you now, Reginald?

  2. You embarrassed me out of the Scoop Harvard because of your “Fruitcake Philosifies”. Your a joke to the blogging world. We all know you steal names, cause you have a personality disorder. You make me sick. I’d love to gag you.

  3. Reggie, we are all trying to get along. If you are coming back without hostility or recriminations, welcome back. If you are coming back to settle old scores, please respect us and stay away.

  4. I don’t think the Reggie on here is Reggie. You can use any screen name you want and the Reggie on here wouldn’t come back after a year and say something that doesn’t follow his writing style whatsoever.

  5. Yes, the real Reggie is back. But those first two comments were not mine. It’s summer break and I’ve expanded the lawn mowing business. Dad still has that gas hog escalade Harvavrd… doesn’t have the Romney stickers on it anymore though. Got to see Zac Irvin play a lot over the winter. He’ll be good at UM, just not Gary Harris good. It’s good to be back on the scoop after a long year of school, soccer, and work.

  6. I admit Harvard I was probably wrong on Hartman. He could absolutely fill the role Matt Roth played as a senior, next year as a freshman!

  7. This is the real Reggie. Why those losers stole my name I don’t know. A friend told me about it and I had to make an appearance. I’m NOT coming back because I have a life. I’m still not impressed with Hartman.

  8. hate to interrupt your reggiepalooza here but have you seen the video of jaquan lyle on ith. seems we’ve made his final two schools.

  9. Ok guys this is getting ridiculous. I am the 16 year old soccer player Reggie who used to comment on this site. I’m a huge men’s basketball fan and used to comment on that quite a bit. Some of us used to have all the arguments over religion.

  10. Yes Jaquan Lyle just cut his list to 4. I think we’ve known this for a while but it appears to be between IU and UL. I get the gut feeling he’s gonna pick UL. Who knows after the Pinson thing. I want Dante Exum more anyway!

  11. lyle couldn’t even remember florida as one of his finalists so how likely could that choice be? and the next time Tennessee gets a 5 star Indiana kid over iu will be the first time.

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