1. Hoosiers blew it. Plain and simple. Questionable coaching. Did you watch the game Harv or coachv?

  2. Dustin or anybody else – I’ve recently not been able to see or access the videos you do, like the one above – is the problem at my end – I just have a black box on my screen – anyone else having this problem – any suggestions – Thanks, Lou

    As for last nights game – so much has gone so well to get this far; just could not take advantage of several scoring chances while up 3 – 1; that ballpark makes you manufacture runs and last night we just fell a little short – losing makes for a tough road, but I think it can be done – Go Hoosiers

  3. Reggie, How is failing to execute a SAC bunt, baserunning errors (which happened for both teams), not getting ahead of batters and not getting hits with RISP questionable coaching? I agree with your first point, they did blow it. They had pleanty of opportunities and they did not capitalize on them. The only reason MSU got back into the game was becuase the pitchers were pitching from behind. They played a bad game. Teams are allowed to have bad games. Unfortunately, they had one during the CWS. Just remember, coming into last nights games they had won 11 of their last 12 games. This team will bounce back and play great tomorrow night, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up winning 3 in a row to make it to the championship series.

  4. Reggie-

    Can’t really say they “blew it.” Do you give a top hitter on MSU a fat fastball pitch over the heart of the plate in the 8th inning with first base open and two outs in a tie game? I think I throw him a lot of junk outside the corners. It’s my understanding that Tracy believes in going after hitters in the “big” ballpark…That’s fine if all hitters and scenarios are created equal.

    That being said, it’s still very hard to second guess any team and coach that has had such unprecedented success. Isn’t it something like 20 years since a Big 10 team has even been to a college World Series?

    I wasn’t able to catch the 9th inning…Sounds like this team never quits. I wouldn’t count them out.

    Our basketball team’s initialization at the hands of a Syracuse zone, where there appeared to be absolutely no answer and no adjustments, speaks to a much greater possibility to second guess coaching and strategy.

    But expectations do account for a lot of pressure on a team. The Hoosier baseball team is not supposed to be on the biggest stage in an Omaha World Series, thus my comparison is a bit unfair. You don’t just have the micromanaging vs macromanaging to digest and compare. The Hoosier basketball team was flooded with national attention(individual preseason and developing “stars” as well as the entire team). When things begin to go south, that attention had to account for a sizable amount of frustration and tightness in a top-rated basketball team that a “nothing to lose” baseball squad would likely not feel in similar extreme pressure situations to perform.

    As the Hoosier baseball team grabs more spotlight, the pressure to live up to the attention can increase. A coach may need to change his mental strategy more than anything else….Tracy may need to increase the size of the chip on their collective shoulders and go from being a “nothing to lose/not supposed to be here team” to “they don’t respect you” and “you’re not supposed to be here/prove them otherwise” team.

  5. IU basketball gets over 50 posts for both negatives and positives in big games.

    IU football usually gets between 15, and 20, sometimes 25

    IU baseball gets less than 10…college baseball tournament games are fun to watch….Win or lose IU baseball has a great season still going and are fun to watch…..college baseball just not as popular as the 2 above.

  6. Ignore all comments from that Reggie on post #1. What a fake and I don’t have much time to comment anymore with lawn mowing. Seriously stop using my name! People have probably been using my name ever since I left last year.

  7. Yeah Harvard, because that ‘Cuse game was called right or at least close to right….. Sure buddy – it was the Coach failing to make adjustments rather than the team getting hacked, pummelled, hand checked, grabbed by jerseys, charged and other sundry non-calls. Had they called 1/2 of the uncalled fouls in that game (I have watched 15x now, and even my ‘cuse friends say the game was handed to them by not calling fouls). I know you hate Crean for various reasons, but you can’t expect him to make officials who are afraid of “foul disparity” to call a game both ways. Sure, IU could have and should have won anyway, but it doesn’t change the fact that the game was called poorly in a way the helped ‘Cuse and hurt IU. A coworker who officiates womens games in the NCAA says that the game was the worst example of “afraid to call a foul because they were fouling so much” she had ever seen.

    On Baseball – Go Hoosiers! That was a fun game to watch and I hope that they can win out!

  8. It saddens me to see IU fans whine so much about the refs that they resemble fans from Kentucky, Purdue and Illinois who are the biggest whiners in the world. There is no way in the world the refs cost us that game as we played horribly. It’s odd that Zeller rarely took any outside shots when he was so good at it and when he was asked about it at his NBA workouts, he said Crean claimed we didn’t need it.

    It would have made a world of difference if Cody shot a little from the outside in that game….and other games. Sure is odd you know all these “non-IU fans” who say we got jobbed when I don’t know of a single one who agrees with them. Every non-IU fan I know says we played some of the worst basketball they had seen in ages and not one mention of “The refs screwed you.”

    If Cody was getting “hacked to death inside” then that means even more he should have shot from outside more. Since he had practiced it all summer long, he should have used it 2 or 3 times a game.

  9. Reggie, funny how your comments always show up in pairs – a ‘fake’ Reggie and a ‘real’ one. I never see a ‘real’ Reggie posting all by himself.

    Translation: there is only one ‘real’ Reggie with a split personality, and it is you. And you are probably Harvard. Congrats, your ruse has been discovered.

  10. Shut up about basketball already, you troglodytes. Summer is in full swing, meaning we are smelling fresh cut grass, hearing the sound of the bat on the ball, eating hot dogs, and drinking beer. The cold, odd dimensions of sober, dry Assembly Hall are the ultimate buzzkill for the summer sports fan.

  11. Watched the whole game. Seemed like the strike zone for MSU pitchers was much larger than IU pitchers. The umpire calls were forcing IU pitching to come over the plate. Lefty on IUs good left handed hitters was frustrating them — especially the large strike zone and all those curve balls!

  12. So now the umps are “out to get us” in baseball too? Sad how far our “best and smartest fans in the world” have fallen to blame every loss, in every sport, on the refs/umps.

  13. Reminds me of a former blogger by the name of Geoff. He always, and I do mean always blamed the refs for our failures. Though he thought he was always right, but the truth is he was a,ways “reaching” and “dead wrong” on many things. I’d try and call him out, but would avoid me. I lost all respect for Geoff Feldman when he cares less about kids going to school, but loves when kids jump foolishly to the NBA. Then we wonder why this world is messed up? It’s because of people like Geoff Feldman or Scoop Geoff constantly reaching for something they have no business to reach.

  14. I don’t know or care why you have such a woody for Geoff but the guy could generally give the facts to support his positions more consistently than anyone else on the Scoop.

  15. DontForgetOurVets, Umps not out to get us…just really bad. In the 9th, ESPN showed the strikeout pitch (using their K-Zone)to almost every stikeout the MSU left had. At least 5 were 2-3 inches off the plate. Not blaming the umps, read my earlier post. Just syaing his zone was really bad and didn’t help us any.

  16. DFOV, You are a laff aminit! The remarks made about the S16 game and the CWS game are both leaning in the right direction. Early in the game it was easy to see the Orange zone was geared to be infused with physical contact(hoping for very few fouls). They got their wish with only 17. The last 3 innings of the MSU game the strike zone for the Dogs became as big as a wheelbarrow while IU’s tightened up into a 5 gallon bucket. Whose pitching in the L’ville game got hosed by a sick umpire? Your argument is nothing more than a wet paper bag.

  17. Lonnie, I think Geoff is one of the smartest posters on here and while I admit I do not remember everyone’s exact words, I don’t remember him complaining about the refs as often as most other people do. However, I’ve been wrong before so I could be this time too.

    Clarion, please get over your obsession with laff as you seem to accuse everyone of being him. I’ve been following our Hoosiers for decades and cannot remember a time where so many fans complained about the refs so much as this past year. And now, fans are even whining that the umps “change their strike zone” just against us. I’m afraid we’re becoming ignorant Kentucky fans with all the whining and conspiracy theories.

  18. He probably has a list of favorite refs he sends a Christmas fruitcake to every holiday season.

  19. Harvard for Hillbillies is right Geoff, you are a fruity fruitcake. Standing behind your wife in fear of debating me over the refs, or FIGHTING ME? Your a coward! Do me a favor Geoff Feldman, and indulge on your fruitcakes.

  20. I know I’m not that bright, but can anyone explain the “Feldman” reference to me? I can’t seem to find any slang or pop culture definition for it.

    If I’m a Feldman I’d like to be able to own it.

  21. This game was simply a case of striking out 14 times and leaving runs on base. But we were kind of due for a game like this. I look for us to change that moving forward. Go Hoosiers!

  22. I guess I owe everyone an apology. I went back and watched every IU football game from this past season. The refs clearly screwed us in every game and we would have gone undefeated if they hadn’t and played for the National Title.

    I urge everyone to write to their Congressmen and Obama to demand an investigation why the NCAA hates us so much and instructs every ref in every sport to stick it to us.

    It must be because they are jealous of us.

  23. Don’tForgtVets-Don’t dishonor Vets on meaningless crap like called/uncalled fouls. Use ur messg more meanifully.

  24. Look who has the #1 college football recruiting class of 2014. None other than the 2-10 “basketball school” and Hoosier rival the Kentucky Wildcats. If the inbred bottom-feeders of the SEC can do this, there is no reason IU can’t either.

  25. Geoff had a ref in the delivery room when his wife gave birth just so he could be certain zebra stripes were part of his son’s first fruitcake cry. Reeeeeeeefffff….!

    Geoff’s basketball man cave is decorated with a fruitcake fabric on a reupholstered sofa that is sewn from stolen ref uniforms…

    He loves to push Cheetos crumbs and the two peanuts in a Cracker Jack’s box into the cracks of the seat cushions when the refs actually make a good call….He believes he’s feeding them salty sarcasm when the fruitcakes finally get one call right.

  26. First of all, how am I “dishonoring” our vets by what I said? Second, last time I checked they died for our freedom of speech. Third, I doubt too many of them play victim non-stop and always blame others and make excuses like most Hoosier fans do now.

  27. …’69 Cubs


    Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s a baseball Establishment joke. I’m staying on topic.

  28. SR 45 going into Nashville. Lg sign “for sale 2 Season Tickets for IU Basketball.

  29. Only a dimwit would call Kaintuck a ‘school’. Calling it a bait and tackle shop is being kind.

  30. FYI, Bear Bryant used to be head football coach at Kaintuck. He came to the conclusion that even he couldn’t build a program at Lessington.

    He bailed.

    No doubt Stoops is a better coach than Bear Bryant.

  31. Very impressed with the Hoosier baseball team.

    National spotlight and they’re playing like they’ve been there before.

    Let’s get some runs!

  32. Geoff Feldman!
    Geoff Feldman!

    Geoff Feldman!
    Geoff Feldman!
    Your a very VERY FRUITY MAN!

    Geoff Feldman!
    Geoff Feldman!
    Stop making love to the REFS!

    Geoff Feldman!
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    Stop hiding behind your MANLY WIFE!

    FIGHT ME GEOFF! FIGHT ME you stupid idiot!

  33. Did a google search for “Geoff Feldman Maine” and came up with squadooosh… Hope your sources are better than Aruss’s.

  34. Geoff.

    You must not care much for your wife, if you keep letting Lonnie trash her. Why are you so weak?

  35. That’s a really good point Reg… I’ll consider firing back at Lonnie, the complete stranger… who can’t form a sentence… And has about 16 screen names…

    I’m sure if i call him a name or two that will definitely stop him from bashing me or my wife… who is actually quite beautiful, and anything but manly… I’m sure Lonnie would agree if he were to ever meet her. I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and say that she is far better looking than anything Lonnie has touched, even after she went through chemo, had a lumpectomy, and is now only 3 weeks removed from pregnancy… I’m actually quite confident of that.

    But really Reg, if bashing cancer survivors is Lonnie’s thing I think I’ll just let him bury himself in that hole.

  36. Stopping a troll (the Scoop one in particular) is perhaps the most fruitless endeavor in the history of the Internet.

  37. Geoff…others, just a question…do you have any doubt that Lonnie, all of the Lords XXX, OurPets/Vets…,more than one version of Reggie, FauxGeoffs, and probably another 10-15 screen names are all the same blogger most commonly identified as Harvard?

    IMHO, he uses these interchangeable and misleading ID’s as his own emotionally and sickening game of attacking and abusing other bloggers as part of, and doing so in the most demeaning of ways, and with the objective of creating confrontations between other IU fan bloggers.

    Many of us have begged him to stop. Many more have begged the moderators to take a hand and do their job as ‘moderators’.

    The problem for us readers and contributors is simple- you can’t blame a pig for being a pig, you’ve got to blame the one who feeds him. In this case, the moderator(s) have simply ignored dozens of complaints from other contributors; making it clear that ‘anything goes’. To hide and take an attitude of ‘see nothing, hear nothing in their false and extreme version of the valid concept of free speech; tolerating the abuse to become more and more extreme and frequent now to include abusive practices such as the manipulation of screen ID’s, screen name theft and the outright use of stolen names to validate impostor contributions without monitoring the validity of the identifications is not only irresponsible but, in the case of the blog, contradictory with the blog’s legitimate ends and self-destructive.

    The outcome, predictably, ridiculous and suicidal. Notice that many bloggers who were active and took time and care to make valuable contributions about IU sports (independent and in spite of their sometimes legitimately and often intensely conflicting opinions) have been less and less frequent in their posting. In fact, several valuable and involved contrbbutors have now disappeared (probably to other blogs and, sadly, permanently). Not surprising; with very few exceptions, none here enter their once treasured blog to read the filthy smut, bellicose confrontations, consistently abusive and often depressive garbage offered by- mainly- one individual poster in particular.

    While I strongly agree that content between posters should be free-flowing, a minimum of a standard of basic decency, respect for other contributors, civility and even some sensitivity to the recognition that there may be a number of non-adult readers, is fundamental and, as we see now, critical.

    The failure to do so can have only one outcome. Those violating these principles will, I suspect, at some point achieve their objective; permanently destroying Hoosier Scoop as a site for those who have a genuine interest of opining together and sharing about the Hoosiers and the Hoosier (referencing Indiana University fans)cultur through often honestly and genuinely differing though caring commentary about the Hoosiers, Hoosier Nation our way of life and vision of sports in general.

    It’s sad and contradictory that based on a misguided sense of ‘freedom’, openness and acceptance ‘of all views’, the refusal by the moderator(s) to support some minimum standards of mutual respect and civility, the likely results (as evidenced by dozens and dozens- indeed, frequent complaints from other bloggers) is the eventual likely destruction of a space here that brought Hoosier and other legitimately involved sports fans, together.

    I purposely waited for Hoosier baseball’s Great Season to come to a conclusion before writing this statement. I did not want this incredibly great and happy shared experience from ‘Our Boys of Summer’ to be lessened in any way. It was indeed great to see another Hoosier field of greatness emerge, and we emerge and discover it with the team.

    But, as we go into the respite and get ourselves and our hopes ready for our many and great Hoosier sport teams in 2013-2014, it becomes more and more evident that the Hoosier Scoop needs to review its rules and assume its proper and needed role as moderator.

    Only then can this medium be productively interactive.

    1. TTG,
      Way off base here. Harvard is Harvard and Lord, that’s it.

      There are others who change their handle on here, like Mariner Tom or Rico Chet, and are responsible for some of the problems. Some of it is people like Laffy who were banned coming back with a new handle. As I’ve said before, we’ll do our best, but until there is a structured log-in, the trolls will continue to emerge.

  38. Geoff- all OK? The baby? Sorry to hear of the wife’s challenges but evidently she is more than a strong woman…my best to her.

    I agree with your response re the virus named(?) Lonnie. Nothing is more frustrating to ignore (I’ve sometimes have had to learn it piece by piece) than the frustration of letting directed insults go by. But, it’s been my experience that if we don’t ignore the source and it’s degenerate origins completely it eventually drags you into the cesspool with it. Let it go…you’ve got much more valuable ways to use your strength in the next room (I assume).

    Standing by yours as you are doing is always the hero’s way. My best to all.

  39. Hey Tsao – kid is great… I do very little. Wifey does everything as far as taking care of him. She’s adjusted amazingly well and is a great mom.

    Hoping the Spurs rise to the occasion tonight.

  40. Tsao-

    You should really be banned for your continual false accusations. My ref jokes aimed at Geoff were intended to be harmless jabs to wake him up from stealing baby naps. I have repeatedly explained that the only other screen name I use is the ‘Lord of…’ handle.

    You, my friend, have gone way too far in selling me as the culprit behind the vulgar stuff that I do not partake. It doesn’t matter much to me that you’ve gone on this endless mission of late to ban me from this place by way of false accusations and rumors. JPat did far less of anything he ever said about Wilson than your constant war for rumors against me. Obviously, with a name like Harvard for Hillbillies..or Tsao Tsu Gonzalez, there are really no public reputations to protect on a blog, but yet you have some strange fixation to attack and label me as something more squeamish than your own hidden truth and identity.

    Dustin knows I am behind the sick personal attacks and the multiple names on this thread. What you want to believe and sell with no evidence of truth is only a sign of your own insecurities and jealousy.

  41. Dustin knows I am [not] behind the sick personal attacks…


    Please be assured that I would never attempt to insult your wife. Although the more bloggers describe their “hot” wives, they must certainly realize some “idiot” is going to come on here and poke fun. Do I on occasion have some sarcastic fun(much like a couple guys sharing beers and lobster stuffed corn fritters in a Maine bar) for the simple delight of exposing and sharing in the imperfections, flawed arguments, personal prejudices, that we all exhibit at times…? Hell ya.

    But, I repeat, what Tsao is doing with the false accusation pushing toward malice is based on his weak fortitude and inability to trust. The sick stuff on this thread is not from the keystrokes of Harvard.

  42. Ha. Internet gangsters beware– our neighborhood watch is the hardest of hardcore. Scoop vigilantes are on the prowl and aren’t afraid to take you down by any means necessary. I pity the next fool who steals anonymous Internet aliases and tries to get away with it. We will have no mercy…

  43. Jeremy: Whoa, hold up. Change names, I do, and I’ve never been secretive about that. I openly admitted to being Steve in Ottawa after years as Husky Tom. I am also responsible for posts 10, 33, and 46 on this thread, and enjoy messing around a bit with names in a goofy way. But don’t dare lump me in as one of the “problem causers.” You know damn well that I am not taunting anyone, making fun of anyone’s mother, or doctoring up images of you and Dustin or Tom Crean or Coach Wilson.

  44. “Change names, I do, and I’ve never been secretive about that..”

    Hard to stop laughing at that one…

    Post 10, 14, 33, 64B, 157-2, 4, 53, anything that rhymes with Vets, Mets, Jets, Pets, Nets, Turrets, is mine….I told everyone about Steve in Ottawa and Brad in Vancouver

    LOL. Yeah, never been secretive until you’re called out or various bloggers recognize the style(often Rico Chet). Maybe you should be completely honest and tell the bloggers of Scoop all the multiple names you’re currently using to make snidely remarks at Harvard.

    At least Tsao has the guts to make false accusations without hiding.


  45. First things first: GO BLACKHAWKS! is absolutely right.

    Second things second: it’s a joke, and quite the ruse in fact, that you are able to convince people that you’re some saint because you “only” use 1000 different “lord” names. The fact that you are banned every 30.2 days, I think, speaks volumes more than your supposed “purity” of name usage.

    Third things third: I don’t make snide remarks at “Harvard.” I only point out “his” excesses, which is a fool’s errand because there’s really too much of it for one person to grasp.

  46. And to you, Chet.

    Maybe you’ll finally believe me. I told the bloggers of Scoop long ago that Husky had a thing for “Kaintuck.”

    By his own admission, Husky/Mariner/Ottawa/Vets/ is the blogger you were responding to with your “bait and tackle” comment(post #38).

  47. Mariner-

    You;’re no mariner. You couldn’t even row a boat in a dirty pond. You should just go with “Chicken to the Scoop Sea.” You’ve always been a chicken of the truth and a bandwagon Chicago fan.

  48. Actually, I have nothing to do with any of those names so please don’t lump me in with them. For the record, I think you have more than two names on here…..no matter what Jeremy or Dustin say.

  49. Not true. I’ve always used Harvard or Lord of..

    When I saw “DontForgetOurVets,” I instantly knew only you would attach yourself to something so untouchable as a soldier that has risked or paid the ultimate sacrifice in fighting for our country. For the record, you’re royally messed up.

  50. TO: All Scoop Participants

    The assignment tonight, read “3 Faces of Eve”. This is in preparation for Harvard’s soon to be released book, “The Many Faces of Harvard”. Chapter’s include “Me and My shadow(s), “You Tube can be your friend” and “Me, Myself and I each have a Voice”. The chapters drawing the most pre-publication interest has been “How to Complain about Everything and still be considered a Fan” and “How to Complain Once and be done with it”.

    This is a self-study program, No test. I’m too busy out riding while the wather is nice.

    And thanks IU Baseball. Made me a fan of baseball again.

  51. How about the ‘The Many Faces of the IU Spanish Lit Department’ chapter? Ride to the sunset on that one.

  52. Jeremy, then the responsibility is yours and Dustin’s. I think it goes beyond having or developing the ‘tools’ necessary to stop ‘handle’ theft and misrepresentation. It may simply take some will to do it.

    I assume that every post you receive carries an identifier that allows confirmation it is not a ‘stolen’ screen name from another legitimate contributor here. I honestly believe that failing to do so has created so much tension and allowed the blog to generally disintegrate into a very chaotic state. As moderators, IMHO, you two should accept some accountability for allowing some of the chaos to take place and address the issue by at least confirming that screen tags are not being stolen and misrepresented at the expense of other ‘honest’ bloggers.

    Everyone here uses some kind of ‘alias’/’handle’, a completely acceptable practice from what I can tell. But, I can count on the fact that Chet is Chet; Podunker is Podunker, Hoosier Clarion is Hoosier Clarion, etc… and can address them because I know they stand behind their posts and identity. The use of ‘handles’ in itself is common and not the source of irritation. What does bother me a great deal is the failure that allows, indeed encourages some here to continually steal handles and present them as one’s own with intent to disguise and create confusion that makes some kind of accountability impossible. It is simply unfair to all other participants.

    It also disturbs me because I think the aggressive nature of some posts that the ‘disguising’ has allowed has in fact led to some valuable bloggers becoming so disenchanted with the blog that they’ve simply stopped or radically reduced their contributions.

    Perhaps by delaying the posting to allow yourselves a little time to confirm the integrity of origin address; or, at least reviewing some of the more aggressive contents to insure they do not disguise the true source would help. Truthfully, I have no idea, but something needs to be done.

  53. I will keep my faith in all.

    There is nothing wrong with Hoosier Scoop.

    Dustin and Jeremy do their best. They can police the blog until they’re blue, but they cannot make someone be kind or apologize when they’ve crossed a line in attempts to belittle, encourage witch hunts, and falsely accuse.

  54. If someone has 3 computers in the house, can they not use 3 e-mail address which would allow them to be 3 people?

    Who would encourage witch hunts?…That be something like the Roth story? Or a kid going to another school? Or selecting kids who are not from NW Indiana? And belittle. Such as what the coach has accomplished in the last 4 years? And on and on and on.

  55. Chet. Seems as if most of the MG’s for sale are in N Carolina. Been thinking, after 14 years it may be time to get something with 4 wheels. Triumphs can be found in all the warmer states but N Carolina seems to have a cluster of MGs.

  56. Ron, while it would be a great place to drive an MG through the mountains I can’t recall seeing many. I have an interest in them as I nearly bought one new sometime around 1980. I’ll check the local ads and let you know if anything looks interesting.

  57. Just going by e-bay, lot of them in your neighborhood. Got my eye on one in Arizona, will see in August. Had a Spitfire I used to run at Riverside, Ca. Found out real quick I did not have the mentality. Goal was to get through the race w/out damage. Too expensive.

  58. And there was no witch hunt on here aimed at Christian Watford? Remember the blogger name hoosierinkentucky? Remember the blogger named Hoosier Clarion?

    Seems you’re memory is rather selective, Ron.

    And was there not a witch hunt on Scoop for Tom Crean’s head during “smirk fest” at Northwestern? How on earth could a head coach treat a fine journalist with such public disrespect? Who was the blogger that kept suggesting something else was going on in the press room that elevated Crean’s shortness with Dustin? And who was the blogger demanding we examine the facts before we jump to the conclusions built in six posts from Tsao demanding the blasphemous Crean to be put in his place?

    I can give you hundreds of more examples. How many would you like?

    Reggie using his fake name to have his personal witch hunt to go after Hartman.

    Husky Tom on his personal witch hunt aimed at Eric Gordon. Now that Geoff is here, we suddenly worship Hoosiers that bolt for the NBA.

    And how can we forget the witch hunt aimed at Jordy Hulls backed up by an article by a national Sports Illustrated article from the desk of Seth Davis? Who was the blogger having Jordy’s back during those Scoop witch hunts?

    And does Chet respect and admire Bobby Knight? Does he look with the same honest eye when Crean is chasing down villains at Michigan or pushing kids of good character t off the team simply because the numbers don’t add up by way of oversigning recruits?

    Please don’t pretend that anyone on this blog has any supreme ability to be entirely objective. The issue on this thread had nothing to do with the fact that ALL Scoop blogger have gone after various players and coaches with a level of criticism often unwarranted, unkind, and unfair. The issue and witch hunt on this thread was based on a manufacture lie that I have been posing as different posters and responsible for the sick attacks and vulgarity aimed at Chet.

    “Congradulations” ..? I drove an MGB GT through winding country roads of my youth when I was 13-years- old. No congratulations required. Get over it.

  59. And if you’re going after a classic, then why not go American? ’73 Pontiac Firebird…350 V8. If one can be located, please contact:

    Harvard for Hillbillies
    666 Billy Buckner Drive
    Homer, Indiana

  60. Harvard, what one man calls a witch hunt, another man calls a “second opinion.” You are clearly uncomfortable with second opinions, which/witch is why you see witches everywhere.

  61. And you’re clearly uncomfortable with deciding which/witch broom to fly around the Scoop pages with which/witch blogging name you draw from your when formulating whichever/witchever second opinion of which/witch stance you want to take from which/witch name you’re hiding behind.

    By using multiple concoctions of names affords you the opportunity to pose with opinions not attached to any true conviction. The graces of infinite second opinions provided with a different broom to sweep through the pages of Scoop; a pretender and masked offender with really nothing any true worth of word to stand in honor.

    You are dreadfully fearful of which/witch bloggers you may lose favor by having an opinion. It’s all about the group dynamics for you. Constantly hiding to test the waters…It’s more important to be accepted in your ‘safe’ and ‘civil’ world of ever-changing flight patterns where you test skies/the waters/the topics with all the carefulness the temperature of formulated milk fed to the all the Scoop babies from your warmed bottle.

    Heaven forbid if you ever drift from being one of the Yacht club boys, the ‘better’ Hoosier fan, rather than actually believe in anything. ..Your broom always pointed in the direction of the latest popular band playing in the distance. Always testing the milk…Always afraid. Always dangling the toes off the pier in fear a shark may may take for lunch your guarded and honest ear…

    A friend doesn’t hide. A friend cannot fear. A friend stands by a friend through thick and thin. A friend wouldn’t hide and feast at the table of infantile joys found in cloaked mockery his longtime blogging companion.

    Today you turn over a new leaf..Today you shall be Mariner Tom. Today won’t last but a moment the fear creeps back in. I must be accepted. I must be loved. I must test the waters of Scoop and go slowly and gently through the fog of my fears.

    You best reread the opening paragraphs of post #47. Would a friend not defend a friend upon that form of attack? Or, would he hide?

  62. And, oh, those sinful doctored images. His sinful interpretation of Tommy’s simple right to publicly pray to the Twitter gods.

    Sin, I tell you! It’s all sin!

    Do not accept the sins of Harvard’s evil visual manipulations! Accept me instead! Love me! Love Indiana. Love ’em MY Hoosiers!

    Fear Harvard. He destroys all good. He is the IP criminal and the conspirator. He must have photos of Scoop journalists in very awkward circumstances…Why on earth would they cover his ass otherwise? He is a liar!
    Ban him or we shall all leave! Build stronger gates at the front of the castle! Secure the log in! Guard the flank! Where’s General Tsao? He’s seeping under the door cracks! He is the darkness under the bed and eyes in the closet. He was once even PizzaWhat! He is the Charlatan of Chesterton! Burn him! Hang him!

  63. Hmmm? The Charlatan of Chesterton…? I sorta like it.

    ‘Found Evolution in Reverse’ shall be my new bumper sticker on the EJ bug.

  64. That’s a wild and elaborate theory you have there, Harvard. The truth, as always, is much simpler. I stopped using my screen name because it was being pirated by RicoLonnieFireCreanEtc, and no one was stopping it. It was annoying. For a time of about a year, I even left the Scoop entirely, to wash away my annoyance. When I came back, I realized that the only way to get around the issue was to adopt a playful attitude about being imposterized, and occasionally give the impostor himself a dose of his own medicine.

    I re-read the first few Ps of Tsao’s post. Are you saying I should defend you? That’s crazy. I sympathize with Tsao’s sentiments, because I’ll never, ever truly know the truth and whether you are Rico. You never make much of an effort refute the theory, despite the fact that you display the exact same tendencies, opinions, and photoshop fancy as Rico and your posts almost always come in tandem. Why, Harvard, Why?

    Instead of addressing these points, you constantly and continuously settle on a strategy of trying to blame people’s questions about your associations with Rico on their own inner insecurities. You talk about yourself in the third person, as if you are some mysterious deity that knows the ultimate truth in men’s hearts. You write 5 paragraph diatribes on why everyone else is bad, and you are authentic and good. Your responses, in fact, are very much in the nature of an emotionally vulnerable person who would resort to multiple personalities, just like Rico. In this way, your reactions do more to confirm suspicions than allay them.

    I’m sorry that I’ve never been able to fully trust you. In this world of cybertrolls, which gives free reign to people’s inner monsters, and rips at the foundation of society’s social decorum, talk is cheap. It turns out that the mutual trust that is built by knowing another man’s name is a lot more important than we ever thought. You know mine; it’s Tom; I’ve changes screen names, but I have willingly exposed the guy underneath it all. You, on the other hand, continue to hide in the shadows behind invented names.

  65. #72…HH. Homer? Weird. Out riding today on SR44 to Ohio and back. Noticed a sign “Homer”. That Homer? First and pretty sure the last time I go through Homer. I spent a couple of yrs in Wilbur, In. Much smaller than Homer.

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