Hoosiers in action Sunday

IU’s Yogi Ferrell and Will Sheehey will open play with the United States men’s basketball team at the World University Games Sunday against the United Arab Emirates at 10:30 a.m. The game will air on ESPNU at 7 p.m.

Victor Oladipo, the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA draft, will make his Orlando Magic debut when the Orlando Summer League opens play Sunday. Oladipo and the Magic will take on the Boston Celtics at 11 a.m. on NBA TV.

Also making his pro debut will be former Hoosier Christian Watford, who will be playing for the Indiana Pacers when they take on Oklahoma City at 3 p.m. on NBA TV.


  1. Reading positive reviews for C-Wat from Pacers brass.
    I think he can providing scoring, defense, rebounding and more importantly floor balance for the Pacers.
    Good luck C Wat. I will be watching tomorrow @ 3 pm.

  2. FYI,

    Josh Phegley debuted for the White Sox Friday. Josh went 1 for 3, 2 rbi and 2 ko’s.

  3. Getting ready to watch my Orlando Magic and Vic! Can’t wait! Stevens is in the house because they are playing Boston. Ordered my # 5 jersey, but it hasn’t come yet so I’ll have to wait for opening day to wear it.

  4. Today’s stats:
    Yogi – 15 points, 14 assists
    Will – 15 points
    Victor – 18 points, 7 assists, 6 rebounds, 5 steals

  5. Where is IU recruiting for both, basketball and football 2014 recruits……..It seems to be lagging behind.

    Football has a few recruits. Nothing eye catching in regard to quality and quantity.

    Basketball = 1 recruit and has lost out on a few.

  6. Not bad for a 3 star recruit with nothing eye catching in terms of quality: “The Orlando Magic have signed guard Victor Oladipo, the second overall pick in last month’s NBA Draft, the team has announced.

    As with all first-round draft picks, the first two seasons of Oladipo’s contract are fully guaranteed. Rookie-scale salaries are governed by the collective bargaining agreement, and the salaries for Oladipo’s first two seasons are expected to be $4.76 million and $4.98 million, respectively.”

  7. T, this doesn’t really address your post, but NBC Sports has been running a series in which they look back on the top h.s. basketball recruits from each season 1999-2008 (the 2008 recruitung season being the last in which each player would’ve had a chance to exhaust their college eligibility by now– Trevor Mbakwes of the world withstanding.) It’s rather fascinating. Some turned out to be the superstars the “experts” all thought they would, Some got ran over by the injury bus. Some turned out to be decent players but were surpassed by guys with considerably less hype. Others just flamed out. (Anybody remember the name Samardo Samuels? Yeah, me neither. But he was the composite #4 ranked recruit in 2008.)

    Rankings are always fun to speculate and debate on, but even a slam dunk gets bricked from time to time.

    In other news, anybody watch the game today? I haven’t even seen a final score. From Aruss’ update above, it looks like our guys fared pretty well. I’m wondering if these were garbage time stats, or were Will and Yogi really playing that well? Might it be time for the “experts” to re-evaluate Indiana’s preseason rankings and All-American hype if our boys keep playing like that?

  8. And from the completely-out-of-left-field department, I visited Bloomington for the first time since last fall this weekend. Man I missed that town– The more it changes, the more it stays the same. But since when the hell did the Village Deli start serving breakfast only until 1:30 pm? I was wanting a sandwich, but by the time we got all three kids settled down into their seats and checked out the menu, we didn’t really want to bother uprooting them again. Half an hour into my “lunch” of eggs and home fries, I was really regretting not braving the wooden booths of Nick’s with a newborn. A Stromboli and an Upland really would have hit the spot…

  9. Phegley hit a solo shot for the Sox on Sunday. Wonder if he can overtake Flowers for the top spot by next season?

  10. Man, you gotta love how Yogi and Will so selfishly only played iwell because I’m sure they only cared about improving their NBA draft stock.

    In all seriousness, I love the fact that they are both getting some reps before the season. Imagine if Yogi improves on the level of Oladipo’s trajectory? Scary!

  11. It will only be ‘scary’ in terms of tournament success if Yogi has the fortunes of an Isiah Thomas; all the ability utilized with a coach that knew how to compliment ‘scary’ talent and mix it into into a disciplined energy and unselfish understanding of distribution and attack that made a whole team stronger.

    What’s truly horrifically scary is when we have all the pieces and ingredients in place to make the perfect pie and we stagnate from the bench/kitchen counter with a coach that can’t make dough from scratch….

    It may be called NBA Dipo pie…or NBA Cody pie…or NBA Yogi pie. But it’s the craftsman that assembles, bakes, perfects old and tested recipes to find just the right balance of sweet and tart, Alford and Smart..watch it all bubble up in the oven while the foundation makes moves smooth and crisp like a buttery crust instead of a limp and soggy flavorless effort.

    Then, rather than just scary delicious filling plucked fresh from the sweetest branches of harvest, you’ll actually have a ‘scary’ delicious prize-worthy pie from rolling pin-to-oven-to-table and a blue ribbon from the fair called an NCAA banner.

  12. The stroms just aren’t the same. Well, maybe they would be to you as I don’t know what you’d be comparing them to. They are pretty weak compared to the ones from my student days. Cafe Pizzaria had my favs followed by Mother Bear’s and Nicks.

    It’s also interesting that a stomboli in Bloomington is more like what they’d call a ‘grinder’ on the east coast or a variety of other names around the country, whereas a ‘stomboli’ in most locales is usually a rolled and baked thing kinda like a flattened, then rolled, calzone. When I ventured off into the world I was greatly saddened the first time I ordered a stromboli and got actual Italian food

    I prefer the ‘sandwich style’ from my college days. It was a royal treat when I could actually afford to ‘eat out’. Shoot, it was a treat when I was certain I had enough food to last the week.

  13. Sorry, but the one time I went to Nick’s last year I only found atmosphere…The kitchen(I glanced in on a walk back from the restrooms)was one of the filthiest I could imagine. The staff was a bunch of joking around kids that looked like they had zero concern for product or cleanliness..The stroms brought to the table were barely lukewarm and just rather gross average at best.

    I would be far less harsh if the product would have actually been at something approaching a hot temp fresh from the broiler oven…No bubbling cheese. If you’re carrying that famous Bloomington landmark name out front the door, then the least you should be able to do is deliver a signature sandwich like you care.

    Trojan Horse…Go to Trojan Horse for the food..Go to Nick’s to party during games and stare at Hoosier trinkets on the walls.

    Pizza? I really have no idea..I would imagine that Mother Bear’s is cutting corners as well. It’s all about management, a caring staff, and buying the best cheeses and ingredients.

  14. From their first game, I got the impression that Yogi is still driving to the basket and getting the ball rammed down his throat if/when no one is available for a pass.
    Still made some good plays though. Not seen the stats but think he missed alot of shots. Will looked good. Some of his cuts to the basket, if you blinked, you missed him. Fast. He will be fun to watch this year.

  15. re the game yesterday. Both Yogi and Sheehey will have to show they can avoid playing ‘within themselves’ (avoid playing out-of-control and having their body control their skill. Probably impacts more in Yogi’s case, because of his position and his qb’cking the team. When he is out of control and throwing he ball all over the place or abusing his drive the team gets totally out-of-sync.

    It’s similar but with a difference when the same happens with Sheehey. When he’s out-of-control, we may lose his contribution (and our edge), but it’s a bit easier to transfer its weight to the rest of the team. Still, how well this team plays next year depends, to a great extent, its playing with more discipline (intelligently) and more physically and sounder inside. (I think Fischer may surprise us all). Re Perea: We’ll have to see just how much he’s progressed to think and have the confidence of a basketball player. He had a lot of catching up to do in developing his natural ‘feel’ for the game. He was about ten years behind others in terms of ‘experience’ …turning natural into skills was just not ‘natural’ to him yet. But, when he begins to ‘get it’, it will be fast.

  16. Yogi’s height has always concerned me. He’s a great PG in the routine games but you can’t coach him to not be short. When he gets under the hoop and there’s no one open that’s a lost possession.

    Once a generation there is a truly great, short PG. I hope Yogi is the guy. For every one of those there are a couple dozen guys who did great until the big games and then had bigger point guards easily shoot over them and slap their shots into the cheap seats.

    Time will tell.

  17. US vs Sweden. Will 7 straight points. Yogi – great game. Really controlling the offense. 20 points. He and Adrian Payne make a hell of a combo.

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