IU football ticket info

Adult season tickets for Indiana football are $300 for all eight home games this season, but the youth package is $80, which again applies to current IU students and anybody else high school age or younger.
And this year, it also applies to young alumni. Anybody who has graduated from IU within the last three years can still get an $80 season ticket this fall.
Single game prices are $40 for non-conference games and $50 for Big Ten games, but there is also a special deal making individual games more affordable that IU is calling the “Coca-Cola Four Pack” option.
The deal requires buying four tickets for any given game — discounted at $20 for non-conference games and $35 for Big Ten games — and each ticket carries with it a voucher for a free drink and a free hot dog.


  1. Sounds like they are really trying to get the fans to attend the games! being a young alumni, the $80 season tickets sound very appealing.

  2. And a great idea it is! Better to fill empty seats at a discount than have them sit empty.

  3. An outstanding value, especially given that IU is going to be an improved team this year and numerous high quality teams are coming to Bloomington. I wish they had a similar deal back in those first three years after I graduated. I attended every home game during those three years and I do not recall ever getting a special ticket price. Unless you’re really fighting through serious financial hardship, IU’s ticket pricing should not be an excuse for not attending the football games. Let’s get butts in the seats!

  4. They should offer ‘mini’ season ticket packages also. Some folks can’t go to all 8 games but maybe could make 3 or 4.

  5. I’ll be in town for the Navy game. If anyone wants to tailgate, I can organize something with Jeremy, Andy and Dustin.

  6. Aruss,…”I’m not sucking up. I see Jeremy, Andy and Dustin as my peers.” ????

    Your peers?? In what? Please…a little respect!

  7. This isn’t a good deal. Student season tickets were $30 last year and the couple years before that. They’re going to put a complete stop on the increase in student section attendance.

  8. And young alumni used to have the choice of sitting in the student section or having assigned seats in the regular alumni section; now you just have to sit in the North End Zone.

  9. And even if they hadn’t increased student tix from $5 to $10, it still wouldn’t be $30 for the season, as we have 2 more home games this year.

  10. The IDS 7-9-2013 reported that student football pricing was stable from 1998 thru 2003. After 2003 prices had some decreases.

    2003-$20 per nonconference…$25 per BIG
    2008-$10 per game per season ticket…$15 single game
    2009-$5 per game

    This year’s pricing seems to be on a par with 2008. IU’s prices are the lowest in the BIG. Number 2 Illinois is at $99 per season ticket for just 6 games.

    Even though the price increase may be hard to swallow, it is a great bargain. When you pay regular pricing like most of us, you will have to cough up $300 to $400 more. Which is what most of gladly do rather than $90+ per ticket at Disneyland.

  11. It really doesn’t matter how cheap they are compared to the Big Ten. Tickets were $30 and student attendance exploded. They’re not going to be able to more than double ticket prices, for a program that already struggles to draw fans, and somehow continue to see attendance go up. It’s silly.

  12. Charles, please don’t tell anyone if you are a graduate of the IU School of Business. Your post is that embarrassing!

  13. $5.00/game for student tix in 2009? Wow! Although I bought my share of single game tickets, I have no recollection whatsoever what the prices were in the late ’70s when I was at IU. Anyone know? Inflation-adjusted, the $5.00 2009 ducats have to be the all-time bargain in live entertainment.

  14. It really doesn’t matter anyway. You have to get football tickets if you buy the basketball student package, so most students will have tickets. If we play well, they will actually go in.

  15. I hope some of the people posting comments that question the value of this year’s season ticket packages do not represent the majority of IU fans. If they do, it would appear that the Hoosier Nation still does not deserve a quality football program.

    Are you kidding me? If you’re a Hoosier fan, this is a great value, no matter how you slice it. If you don’t believe me, drive down south and buy a ticket to any SEC game, or go to any PAC12 game. Hey, if you don’t want to buy tickets because IU football has been bad for many years, that’s fine. But don’t try to argue that these season ticket packages are not great values.

    And by-the-way, when Wislon turns the program around and starts producing winning seasons, a lot of people are going to look back on 2013 and say, “remember when could buy tickets to eight home games for only $300! Wow, those were the days.”

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