1. Andy & Dustin, You came to the Dude’s territory and did not stop in? Man I thought we were tight. Just kidding. If you Dudes ever need help with driving in Chicago let me know. I have been on the mean streets here for 7 years. I know how to drive around here and as my wife Mrs. Dude says “I go zoom zoom.” he why go slow when you can go fast.

    Take care and don’t get lost.

  2. Just watched this again. The more I see of KW, the more I like. He could be a program changer. Let’s hope and lobby for him to stick around.

  3. Gayle Robinson, a member of the IU’s only Rose Bowl team, died on July 25th. He was 66. Coach Robinson was one of my high school football coaches, a genuinely good guy and a great teacher. He once told me that steroid use, which I don’t think was understood to be a problem at the time, was fairly common during his playing days at IU. He admitted that included his own use. He said he often wondered if there would be a price to pay one day. I can’t help but wonder if it played a role in his death at a relatively young age.

    RIP Coach.


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