Zimmerman claims offer from Indiana

Stephen Zimmerman, a 7-foot center from Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas and the No. 2 rated player in the Class of 2015 per Rivals.com, claimed on his Twitter account on Saturday morning that he has received a scholarship offer from Indiana, bringing his total number of offers to 21. Included in that group are Arizona, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville and numerous other major conference powers.

In addition, Michael Humphrey, a 6-foot-10 center in the Class of 2014 from Phoenix, Ariz., was also expected to receive an offer from Indiana on Saturday. Humphrey has seen a major uptick in recruiting attention recently. Heading into the evaluation period, his only offers were from Loyola Marymount and Columbia, but he has also added offers from UCLA and USC this week.


  1. Interesting that the big hype amongst recruits recently is how well we develop big men. Seems to be the exact opposite of what many a Scoopster was complaining about just a short time ago. “Why can’t Clown Crean develop a player like Cody with so much potential?” Oh, how quickly perceptions change…

  2. Basketball….Where are for 2014…1 or 2 = 5 star recruits…..and 4 or 5 = 4 star recruits…???????

    Football….Where are for 2014 5 or 6 = 4 star recruits….and a dozen 3 star recruits…?????????

  3. t, As to the FB reference you asked a similar Q(Ewald named to Groza Watch thread)on Wed. 7-10. Read if you failed to, reread if your memory is fogged because the answers will not change 1 bit.

  4. Clarion… I can’t even decipher t’s post… Good on you!

    Punjab, it is interesting. I’m still in the camp that Crean definitely develops perimeter players, but not sold yet on bigs. But hey, Cody was a very good talent, an even better person, and part of a weak draft, so now we benefit from a confluence of circumstances that lead to this perception.

    Obviously having great big men doesn’t hurt… Even if they don’t reach their potential until after they leave IU.

  5. Cody failed to develop his college game to its fullest by exiting college. The selling out to trends and hype machines that influences young men to buy into all the anointing of their personal greatness is nothing of real character development. Cody failed to use any additional talents, post development, outside shooting proficiency, experience. and pure uncorrupted humble passions removed from the millions to play a game for exchanges of cash in suitcase, to bring Indiana back to true “elite” status by way of a Final Four or banner run. There is no other reality to consider.

    College is the last step in a journey where teammates and jersey actually represent something beyond a business deal. It’s rather pathetic we continue to define a young athlete’s success in terms of individual cover stories and draft status. To the extent you impart your desire and skills to the collective “development” and goals of all five on the floor molded into one desire, to become a TEAM more legendary than your own headlined name, to do it all for guts and school glory rather than the tale your own story, appears to be the true lost soul of the game very few good and grounded coaches care to develop.

  6. Geoff, I believe I was one of the ones in the “need to find an assistant who can develop bigs” camp at one point. If I didn’t post it, at least I was thinking it. And while I haven’t completely reversed my position just because a multitude of factors helped lead to a higher-than-expected draft position for Cody, I am looking at it a bit differently.

    Clearly Crean works on a lot of stuff individually that help prepare our guys for success down the road. He’s great at finding, assembling, and developing talent. In that respect, it could be a big draw for the 5-star recruits with a good head on their shoulders. But in the context of preparing guys to win Championships at Indiana, a lot of that individual development doesn’t always make it to the Assembly Hall floor on game day(or more importantly, whatever floor we’re playing on come March.)

    Perhaps as Crean continues to develop his own coaching game, cohesive utilization of the individual development of his players will translate into better development of a championship team as a whole. From a fan’s perspective, it does little good for the Hoosiers to have a bona fide NBA factory of a program if we can’t reap the ultimate benefits of developing these players while they’re here. I have faith he can do it, and banners seem to be on the horizon. Let’s just hope my faith doesn’t turn out to be blind optimism.

  7. Harv, I didn’t see your post until after I wrote mine. I think I have somewhat of a softer stance on basically the same position as yours. Mine is not necessarily a scathing indictment of Crean’s development tactics, just that they don’t necessarily translate to a better product on RMK court. He has a responsibility to his players as well as the university and its fans, and it’s a balancing act I’d never be able to successfully manage.

    The main thing I’m coming around on is believing in CTC’s ability to develop something other than wings. It remains to be seen if he can take a post-only player like PJ and develop his game, but he seems to have done wonders for a versatile big man like Cody. It didn’t seem evident early on in the season, and I still contend it bit us in the butt when he didn’t always use Cody’s game to the fullest. But it can’t hurt us that future prospects see a multitude of positions come out of the IU program looking like gold to NBA execs. Whether that (meaning NBA potential) should be a focal point in recruiting and approach to the game is obviously a sore spot with you– and to an extent myself as well, but it’s something I’m willing to live with.

  8. Punjab,

    While I enjoy your posts, I don’t think it would be fair to Crean to judge him if PJ develops or not. He is very much a project. I mean, Elston had to throw baseballs so he could catch better. I believe Fischer would be a better judgement for Crean. I hope PJ develops. I really do. I just don’t see it.

  9. Punjab-

    I find our positions are often intersecting…You may want to be careful as to not create too much alienation for yourself.

    I was surprised Cody went so high in the draft. I think he’ll rarely get much opportunity to show off an outside shot in the NBA. I don’t think his release is nearly fluid enough and it starts far too low on the set up. He still lacks true quickness and explosiveness on the pivot moves in the post that you see in so many NBA greats.

    Where he is most advanced is in his pace and composure, but without some sort of true dominant skill set/aspect of his game, I’m just not sure how all the headiness makes as great of an impact in the NBA as it did in high school and two years of college. I think he finished his college career on one of the ugliest performances I can remember. He lunged and hurried everything against Syracuse and his advanced demeanor/mind for the game was still ineffective and no match for a Syracuse team quick and long at every position(much like an NBA team).

  10. “they don’t necessarily translate to a better product on RMK court”

    Did they rename McCracken Court and not make an announcement?

  11. Can Bob Knight simply be referred to from now on as “BK” from now on ? I find it obnoxious, dramatic, excessive, stentorian and over-reverent to carry on with this “RMK” crap, as if he were on the level of JFK or MLK in contemporary history. He’s a basketball coach, for Christs sake, and one who couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag for the last 1/3 of his tenure.

    Why don’t we call the Duke coach “M_K”?

  12. Thanks for coming out and, after getting comfortable, giving us an idea of what Harvard was talking about.

    Think now, I’ll continue to call him RMK for Robert Montgomery Knight- and encourage other IU bloggers to do the same if they wish), out of respect for his great accomplishments and a career of teaching and molding outstanding people who made us proud to be Hoosiers.

    You, not so much.

  13. Sounds like M_T is attempting to start a little trouble with the RMK fans. I sense some of that Establishment jealousy welling up again.

    That Duke bozo learned everything he’ll ever know of the game from RMK and he admittedly worships the ground Bobby walks on. And if one is to draw commonsense inference from the manner Tommy C chases Bobby K around the press table at MSG(Madison Square Garden…Not to be confused with preservative often used in Chinese carryout), he is also attempting to beg for validation from the ‘God’ of hoops.

  14. Ha. Thanks for pointing out transgressions, Chet. What I meant to say was “they don’t necessarily translate to a better product at the top of the RMK key on McCracken Court.” And before you ask, yes. I’m sure you missed that announcement.

  15. Ben, you’re probably right. I was speaking in generalities of a big man with limited game. PJ was perhaps not the best example to use as — at least from what little we’ve seen at this point– developing him into NBA material would be a remarkable accomplishment. Not saying it’s impossible, but he’s still so raw it’s hard to see such a meteoric rise. Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

    Harv, not to worry. If there’s one thing I do well it’s alienate myself. I wouldn’t even know what to do if acceptance stumbled across my path…

  16. Geoff, Frankly I was not altogether certain of t’s Q but 1/2 of it was pointed in the same direction as his post last week. I simply found it odd asking the same Q twice after it was answered the 1st time.

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