Courier-Journal: Kentucky among long list of schools who have offered Blackmon

Steve Jones of the Louisville Courier-Journal reports that Kentucky, North Carolina State, UCLA, Michigan State, Florida State, Oklahoma State, Memphis, Florida, Connecticut, Purdue, Minnesota and Marquette have already offered recent Indiana de-commit James Blackmon Jr. a scholarship. Kyle Neddenriep of the Indianapolis Star reported later on his Twitter account that North Carolina is expected to get in contact with Blackmon Jr. tonight. Both reporters also stated that Indiana will continue to recruit Blackmon.


  1. 2014 has turned out to be a terrible recruting year so far. Maybe it will turn out ok but quite offering 8th graders. I think crean did it again this year. It is a waste of time as they never stick with the verbal. When was the last time Duke or North Carolina took a verbal from an 8th grader? Oncew these guys realize they have a high stock they bolt and you end up in a situation like IU with NO recruits.

  2. You can blame Coach all you want but he got played by Blackmon Sr. He does not get the Marion job without JBJR committing to IU. Now he will most likely send him to KY his school of record. He is slimy at best. He knew exactly how to get the Marion job by playing is own son and IU. The bad part is that other good players passed on us because they thought like everyone that the SG position was filled. I hope the IU players get a chance to beat them in a couple of years. You say he was too young to take an early commit but he had a Dad who was his player to watch out for him but instead thru him under the bus for
    KY. What a terrible job he did as a Coach and father! I am bitter about this but not at the kid but at the Dad. I hope He turns out as a bad coach at Marion and goes to KY his self so we can blown him out of the water by getting one of his other Son’s. Sorry for venting but I could see this going down a year ago. Now coach Cal has his road path into Indiana again. I feel terrible for CTC but he will get some payback just wait and see. I sure hope so and Soon also”

  3. Not blaming crean at all just saying quite offering 8th graders. Recruiting is a slimy business now and look where it left us with no recruits and certainly no Inidiana recruits from 2014. Most of our recruits are coming from out of state now and that fine with me but Michigan and other programs like Michigan State are making a killing on Indiana hs players. You dont take early verbals and they you dont have to scamble at the last minute is all.

  4. I think offering early in 8th and 9th grade recruits type thing came after the Knight-Damon Bailey and all the hype. It is important to make sure a recruit has respect for the program at a high level. This comes over time which means maybe offering not so early except in a rare circumstance. Stronger relationships are developed over time and it avoids anti climaxing which seems to be happening….and curiosity is aroused making the recruit looking for some excitement, adventure elsewhere because he kind of feels he knows what he has in this case at IU.

  5. I guess you are calling me a liar Mr. Punjab when you say no one could see this coming. You guys need to open your eyes and take off your blinders. Coach Cal will do anything to get players he wants or to keep them away from IU. Coach got played big time by Blackmon Sr. Would you not think it is strange that a High School Coach would not want his son to go to his school, KY in this case? He never brought it up when Blackmon JR. chose IU over KY. until he got his new job at Marion. Why?? We will see but I believe JBJ is going to KY. Maybe the dad and kid will figure that out and come back to IU but that is highly doubtful, below 7% return. IU and our Current Coaches do not have a process to steal kids once they are committed. I saw this coming as a former Coach but hoped it would not be the case so don’t tell me how to feel when you say no one saw this coming because I did. Also we only had 2 spots to fill and one of those was an Indiana kid until JBJ just left. So this class would have been 50-100% Indiana kids. We might get more now that JBJ left but Coach is going after the best players any place. Look how the 2013 class was formed. He has Indiana kids in it along with some great players from other states. He is a great recruiter and don’t think for a minute that these other schools don’t know it. No one knew or could see it coming ya right!

  6. Who cares? It’s like no one remembers where the program was three years ago and how those verbals gave us hope.

    The real story is my sources are telling me Isaiah Whitehead will be a Hoosier. Think we got in too late? Have Dustin dig up his notes on the Troy Williams recruitment.

    For those complaining about not having enough Indiana kids, it seems like the East Coast kids can teach the Indiana kids about honor and loyalty.

  7. Ha. You know how I know Southport is lying? His fingers are on the keyboard. (Only kidding, Southport…) I just can’t believe that anyone would ever allege unscrupulous behavior from a man with such uncompromising ethical fortitude and integrity as Calipari. We have a word for casting malicious, unfounded aspersions, Southport, and it’s called libel. (Kidding again. Man, I’m really getting the hang of this sarcasm stuff. Thanks, Geoff…)

  8. In all seriousness, though, an Indiana guy dropping a 3-year commitment to IU only to end up at UK just wreaks of impropriety. Nobody knows the real story except the parties involved, but I hope Blackmon’s prepared for some serious NCAA scrutiny if he chooses to walk that path.

  9. Olidipo decided to go to IU because he thought it was the best place to develop his game and be a featured guard and showcase his talents for the NBA. If Blackmon decides that playing with a bunch of 5-star players is best for him then so be it it. I see it much differently however; I see the run and gun IU offense as the best place for Blackmon to develop into a premiere talent like Oladipo, and if he doesn’t see it then…good riddance. After all, this is IU…not Xavier or Purdue. Champions are made at IU, not Chumps.

  10. Aruss, your sources are people you steal information from. Basically the above post is what you stole from Justin Albers at Inside The Hall’s article. The gig is up. It’s old and tired.

  11. I think CWC and IU got burned by the early commitments of Lyles and Blackmon Jr. because at the time the program was desperate to ‘close the borders’ and lock in in-state talent. Offering 8th graders scholarships will remain a part of recruiting because it holds weight when programs can remind a kid that we believed in your ability before any other program. I see CTC learning from the past and only rarely accepting these commits.
    Bottom line is kids are kids and some parents hide behind the phrase ‘we’ll support the him/her during the recruiting process’. As much as I’d love to get all the in-state talent at IU, it won’t happen. Some kids don’t fit the system and culture, some kids WANT to leave the state and some kids have attitude issues. I’ll take 15 kids from the heart of BFE if they’re talented, willing to be coached, hard workers and WANT to represent the candy stripes as a student-athletes. That is all have a great Sunday folks.

  12. …and some kids may not want to play for Tom Crean.

    (Just as some from the borders did not want to play for Mike Davis, KS, or Bob Knight).

    …and some kids may want a less conservative ideology from their basketball program.

    …and some may have a taste for tan coeds and California beaches and give UCLA/Alford a try.

    …and some may think IU is no longer a banner-driven program. They may think it’s simply about finding NBA diamonds in the rough to highlight a coach’s resume.

  13. What basketball program is superior to or equal to IU: KY, UNC, Kansas, Duke. That’s it! What program has developed talent from a marginally top 150 HS recruit to NBA top 10 Draft status: none better than IU. But at IU under Coach Crean you must work hard in the classroom and be a quality citizen. Only Duke joins IU on that list! James is not interested in the hard classroom work (UK and UNC don’t require this) and may want to indulge his “elite” status (‘I can bend and break the rules’, again OK at KY and UNC). IU would not be a good fit for him.

  14. Damon Bailey stuck to the commitment he made while still learning cursive.

    Now he works in a warehouse. I wonder if he’d never been recruited so early(or didn’t like IU once arrived on scene..e.g. Larry Bird), he might have been an NBA legend….?

    Does it create a certain complacency when a player is gratified so early?

  15. #15….More slander. Yawn. He’s gone. Get over it and yourself….and Kelvin Sampson. If we want to cheer for top Indiana high school ballers playing at a fine Big 10 program, there’s always Michigan.

  16. Ben – that is slanderous! Justin Albers has said nothing about Whitehead committing. Please do not besmirch my good name again.

  17. Harvard about your “IU basketball” intelligence is reflected in your comment about Damon Bailey…where Eric Montross??? he went the way of a Ralph Sampson. There is questions about Pat knight’s coaching abilities. For every James Blackmon there are 4 or 5 equal to the challenge;a kid thankful for the opportunity! I still think DAD orchestrated this WHOLE deal from outset.Early committment puts a security canopy over son from recruiters beating path to door;move from small school to big school Marion for more exposure;then take off the recruiting protection canopy by de-committing

  18. I find it hard to believe a coach would have taken the IU job several years back, in order to build his resume (it could have been a resume killer).
    As a matter of fact after taking said job, this coach went back to AD and asked for a contract extension because of the condition of the program. Bottom line is Crean demands effort and accountability from his players and creates a culture of hard work. Such culture currently benefits Buzz Williams at Marquette. Like or dislike the coach all you wish, everyone is entitled to their opinion but to insinuate that he took a job at IU when he did to pad his resume is asinine and flies in the face of documented fact.

  19. It’s hard not poking fun at you. Read Albers article again. You just scrambled a few words, and suddenly you have “sources”. I remember another time you did the same thing. You kept pressuring Dustin to post Theo committed, but good thing he didn’t. Your “sources” are just a figment of your imagination.

  20. No, it would be “asinine” to claim coach Wilson took the IU football job to pad his resume. There is no history to even formulate a resurrection speech.

    Any fair to middling coach would have jumped at the chance to coach one of the most storied basketball programs in history…no matter how far fallen of its perch.

    Tom Crean has one Final Four to his name. I don’t really think that’s such an exclusive club. Mike Davis did not have a Cody Zeller for two years and took a Hoosier team to the championship game while having to defeat a #1 Duke in a regional semi in the middle of the tournament.

    A #1 ranked Hoosier team under the mighty CharlaTom struggle with James Madison. Embarrassing that Dustin gets to rub that crap in our face…The team that was picked as nearly a sure bet for a Final Four could barely close the door against a box of Zingers playing behind a one man show. Seriously? And you wonder why confidence is waning? Cody and Vic never marched through anyone in the tournament. We had depth…We had returning veterans..We had a speedy point guard with excellent court vision. We had two of the top NBA draft picks…and we looked like a sputtering engine in the first two games and completely befuddled by Syracuse. It’s ain’t just about recruiting.

    And now some of the top recruits from Indiana are smelling something a bit off and having second thoughts. They witnessed the struggle. They watched our team in the tournament look like nothing resembling a top five team. There’s reason for concern.

  21. We were never a deep team in my mind. Dropped off big time after Will. Coach Crean even admitted the team wasn’t as deep as it was projected to be.

    Austin was hurt, Derek couldn’t catch a break, Creek struggled, Remy vanished, lost confidence, walk ons no factor. Yes, I was crushed losing to Syracuse, but not surprised. Just too thin.

    No doubt we are deeper bench wise this year. It will be interested to see how Crean coaches this year., and who takes the reigns as leaders.

  22. Harvard #17 “slander” is verbal, “libel” is written. I did not use the word “Indiana”. What does “Sampson” have to do with my post? Or is your post not to be taken as having any meaning?

  23. BP-

    At the end of the day, I don’t believe you meant any true harm. I think, like many Hoosier fans stunned by the kid’s change of heart, your cold words are reactionary more than malicious. Fair enough?

  24. Ben- Good post.

    We weren’t as deep as many seemed to want to believe. But I’m also wondering if our starters were truly some of the best in the country as well. The guy on James Madison looked like the next Earl “The Pearl” Monroe. Did he go top five in the draft? I don’t follow it…so forgive my ignorance on the subject of what crappy NBA team the supposed best college players in the country get stuck at.

  25. Our starters were solid in my opinion. They might not be as athletic as the kids we are getting now, but thought they could hold their own against anyone. If we just had a bench, who knows what could have been.

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