Hoobler out with stress fracture and other notes from Day 1

Indiana got through the offseason relatively healthy, but they will again be without a key defensive piece throughout camp and into the season. Indiana coach Kevin Wilson said fourth-year junior linebacker Chase Hoobler — who missed six games and most of spring with an ankle injury — now has a stress fracture in his foot. It is uncertain right now whether or not he will have surgery, but one way or another, Wilson expects him to miss preseason camp and miss some games before he returns to the lineup.

“We had him checked yesterday and he actually has a stress fracture,” Wilson said. “He broke his ankle, came back, said he was doing well. I said, ‘Has this been bugging you?’ He said, ‘About a week ago. I thought I was running well, doing good.’ That’s going to shut him down. It can be a surgical deal, non-surgical, but the time on that will go well into the season. It’s not just a preseason deal. You feel for him, he’s one of our better players you would think. We did miss him with the last five, six, seven games last year with the deal. Then we missed him the bulk of spring. He’s kind of got that unfortunate karma going against him right now. He’s a great kid.”

Wilson said it’s important for Hoobler as one of the more experienced players on the team to remain engaged. He’s recorded 74 tackles in 18 career games with the Hoosiers, including six for loss and three sacks.

“When we’ve had adversity, we’ve always went south in my short time here,” Wilson said. “When things don’t go well, how can you help us? I’m sorry you’re hurt. I feel sorry for you, but yet, you have a voice on this team. You live with guys that are good players, people like you. I need some positive vibes from him.”

Wilson said he’s not entirely sure how this will affect Hoobler’s career going forward. He has already taken a redshirt and has his fifth year available next year. If the injury were to cost him the entire season, he’s not sure if Hoobler would attempt to pursue a sixth year. He said surgery is basically a 50-50 proposition with such an injury, and the team is waiting word on possible next steps.

“He’s got a fifth year coming, to try to go the medical sixth, is it worth it?” Wilson said. ” I think we just see where it goes and if we get fortunate, we’ll get him at the back end of the season.”

— Wilson said Indiana has moved defensive back Tim Bennett from safety back to cornerback to make up for the loss of starter Antonio Marshall, who was dismissed from the team for an undisclosed violation of team rules.

“It’s unfortunate, but (Marshall) came out of spring as a two,” Wilson said. “Played some last year. The way we’ve played defense, it’s hard to replace anyone because we’ve been looking for players, looking for starters. We’ve moved Tim Bennett to corner. My comment is that we wanted to do it in the spring. But with Antonio Allen and with (Chase) Dutra not being here and Mark Murphy having the shoulder, I’d have actually liked to have seen Timmy Bennett. I think you’ll see Tim Bennett, you’ll have Michael Hunter back healthy out there, Brian Williams has played some, Kenny Mullen has played some. I think Ryan Thompson’s a wild card. And from what the guys say, the best cover guy is (freshman Rashard) Fant. He’s (165 pounds), we’ll see if he can play, but he can run, so we’ll see.”

— Wilson said that each of the three incoming freshman who are not in camp for academic reasons are in very different positions in regard to their eventual enrollment. Defensive tackle Maurice Swain was so far from qualifying that he has already gone the junior college route and is playing for Gulf Coast Community College. Wide receiver Taj Williams and Darryl Chestnut are much closer, however. Williams could join the program as soon as the spring semester.

“Taj, timeline is right where he’s kind of eligible but can’t get it all processed possibly and be here for the semester,” Wilson said. “What that does is frees up a (scholarship) for a walk-on. Right now, we’ve got five walk-on spots open. We’ll wait here a week or two and see who earns it. Then if (Williams) gets things in good accord, he is still in our number count that we could bring him (mid-year). Then when Mitch Ewald or Greg Heban mid-year graduates, he just kind of flips into that spot. … It’s unfortunate he’s not here now, but he’s so close. It’s red tape. It’s things he’s got to do. But it’s realistic to do. It was realistic to maybe happen in the summer. It didn’t.”

Wilson said Chestnut could still make it in for the fall. He is on the 105-man roster for preseason practice.

“He’s got some things we’re waiting to get the results,” Wilson said. “If the results go proper, he will show. If not and if he’s close enough, he’ll be a mid-year. That would create six walk-on spots. Darryl is not eliminated. It’s just a matter of red tape. Those two are close enough. The goal is to get them sooner rather than later. We’ll see how it goes.”

— Wilson said he was generally pleased with what he saw on Day 1. By NCAA rule, teams can not wear full pads for the first day of camp, so the Hoosiers were wearing jerseys, shorts and helmets. However, he thought they were generally sharp and that they certainly look better physically than previous teams. He also saw the sort of depth he was hoping to see going into camp that hasn’t been there in previous years, especially on defense.

“We had it a little bit more offensively a year ago because of just recruiting and numbers, there was more depth,” Wilson  said. “To me, the depth isn’t in case someone gets hurt. The depth is so there’s competition. You’re fighting to get on the field. I think there’s some receivers that are very good, but the next guy’s good. The quarterbacks, the running backs. Defensively , a lot of those guys are back. They’re stronger. There’s some fringe guys that played a little bit last year that are better. Then you throw in all of those recruits. So the goal is maybe across the board, there’s more depth for competition. I think because of that competition, it’s going to raise the expectation.”


  1. Wow, I finally found a thread to where I won’t be lost in the shuffle. I will never post here again. I was unfairly ridiculed and made fun of after the prediction I made concerning Pinson. People like Geoff and Tsao were all over me. Your wish is granted. I’m gone. Never to be seen again. I know when I am not wanted.

  2. Huh? You guaranteed Pinson was coming due to your “sources”… You were continually pumping yourself up OVER Jeremy and Dustin… Ridiculing them for not “reporting” what proved to be speculation… It was just funny.

    I hope you’re joking and you don’t take yourself this seriously.

  3. Now Geoff…keep this thread on football. Please don’t use the first excuse (aruss) to derail it. Thanks.

  4. Enjoyable, informative and rational to read Coach Wilson. You can see his mind following the boxes as he thinks and speaks through the team and how it sets up.

    Something I’d like to know, if there’s an opportunity to ask; how does he define ‘good’ as a standard when looking at each player and as in unit break-down/combinations. Does he do so thinking of Big Ten competition when he defines those standards? How does he define them (team and players) against what he saw at both Oklahoma and Northwestern when he was there?

    The same question would apply to “good”. etc in terms of his standards applied to recruiting and prospects. If we have recruited what CKW views within his definition of “good…good+”, the present number of 10 commitments is very, very reassuring. Just some questions that put context to our guessing.

  5. Jeremy-

    Are you saying it’s not Aruss or that it is Aruss and you simply put “Not” before his screen name because you don’t like what he said…?

    If it actually was Aruss, it seems a bit unethical to claim it’s an impostor.

    I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, but why are so many in a fuss because he makes some braggadocios false claims to have some inside info on recruits? It all seems pretty harmless.

    Certainly hope that you didn’t change his name to “Not Aruss” because you’re also agitated. Agitation shouldn’t open the door for deception.

    If it wasn’t the real Aruss, then why not just wipe the comment off the pages. Shouldn’t that be the policy for anyone playing games with a screen name not their own?

    1. It’s not Aruss. And, yes, I would’ve wiped the comment completely but for the fact Geoff had already responded. So I let it stand, in part as a reminder that it is best not to respond to posts so clearly designed to stir the pot.

  6. I guess it just threw me when you said “fake argument” instead of “fake poster” in comment #8 because I thought the original Aruss was always making fake/invented stories which would evolve into fake arguments.

    Is Aruss the same dude that prances around as coachv and Rico Chet? They all seem to use the same needling style while using one or two lines just to jab at someone.

  7. I have a feeling the ‘Not Aruss’ poster has the same IP as Lonnie.

  8. This is enlightening. Over the years I’ve always thought Aruss was his own uniquely annoying entity that loved Bill Lynch and linked his name to peegs whenever he posted. To have him linked to Rico is sorta like finding out that the gimpy Kevin Spacey was Keyser Sose all along.

    The coachv “no” doesn’t surprise me, though; for all the old timers on here, I believe that coachv is none other than 4guards/stevealford himself.

    1. OK, not intended to be confusing. Aruss and coachv are legitimate posters. Our recent Not Aruss is the same one who has impersonated Chet, coachv and Podunker among others recently. Has also been known to use the Rico and Lonnie monikers, plus many more. Point is you guys know each other and your respective styles, points of view. So if something seems off, there’s probably a good reason.

  9. For those still interested in Big Ten/B1G finances, expansion, status and future…this is a great article, well researched and explained even if it is from our rival sister school’s town newspaper. Still a great article that points at a solid and growing future for the Hoosiers. And a lot of wisdom in the B1C as it moves forward.

    Sometimes it pays to be The Establishment and worry about the bottom line. Go Glass!

  10. TTG, thanks for the info. It’s great to see how well financially the B1G schools are doing because of the BTN and other media. Gate receipts and donations alone wouldn’t have allowed IU to make all the infrastructure improvements of the last few years. And, oh how well we’ve liked what we have seen so far.

  11. The point Jeremy, is that if you are able to establish the impersonator’s identity and his internet signature, he should be immediately banned from participating in the Scoop, False id’s have been used to hide cowardly attacks on several other contributors and have succeeded in creating a lot of tension that is destroying this site.

    I believe this is the top responsibility for the blog administrators, befre we continue to lose legitimate contributors (we have lost several over the last year and, if it continues, it will destroy the remaining integrity of the blog. So far ‘laissez-faire attitudes’, have lost it credibilty).

    Sad and IMHO, probably, irresponsible.

  12. I’m not confused, Jeremy…I understood you perfectly. The ‘Not Aruss’ in post #1 was by someone that originally posted as ‘Aruss.’ You changed the name to ‘Not Aruss’ because it wasn’t the real Aruss. Once I understood it was the impostor, I was correct on predicting two of the three possibilities identifying the IP addresses to previous users of multiple names.

    Let’s review:

    Not Aruss = Lonnie = Rico Chet = 4guards(?).

    coachv is not ‘Not Aruss.’

    coachv is not Aruss.

    Geoff is confused.

    Mariner is confused but not as confused as Geoff or Steve in Ottawa. Though Mariner may be correct that coachv = 4guards.

    Of course, we were told that 4guards was banned from Scoop so that brings up the ethical stuff again if he’s been allowed to stay and attack people under a new handle.

    Tsoa is irritated.

    I always thought 4guards was an HT double agent.

  13. Jeremy, of the 20 (previous) posts in this football thread, four are about IU, IU athletics, IU football; the other 16 have absolutely nothing to do with anything even close to relevant with any IU athletics o sports in general. What a commentary on the blog, huhh??

  14. vgBMG, thanks … thanks for being interested in our Hoosiers and not participating in the greasy mud pit.

    HfH- damned straight I’m irritated. I actually used to enjoy your basketball mind when you used it, and your recollections of your meanderings in Indiana, its people and the immense emotion that is Our State.

    Not so much your using the blog to wrestle with your self, nor your provocations, to be noticed. Lately it’s become hard work to even care. Even less for the bit players in your theater skits; Mariner, Geoff and whatever other characters answer to your brilliant manipulations. (My only question is if Jeremy and DD get their ‘lines’ directly from you or if they play into your game out of their innocence?- supect the latter)…Sadly, the Scoop lately seems like another version of “WWE A.M. Raw” and, I have to admit, you are the Champion! (sort of a John Cena of manic depression).

    (Have it clear- I’m not being meanspirited towards you, the sad thing is I like you,… but you do make me crazy).

  15. Tsao..Tsao…Tsao.

    I thought Punjab and Chet had some great comments on
    another thread today(“Bluiett includes Indiana as he narrows list to seven”). There are shining moments on Scoop. No disrespect meant to you, but sometimes you get so irritated by the silliness of some grown men occasionally reverting back to their immature childhood innocence that you lose out on savoring the real heartfelt posts that could allow you to take some comfort and pride in a very unique blogging site.

    I realize that you have the regimented boot camp mentality when it comes to how you believe Jeremy and Dustin should run this place…But with all respect intended, I think you’re wrong again. The occasional levity is the relief and diversion that allows for a more brilliant focus and explosion of passion when subjects turn to our most dear topics and loves.

    Once the games begin to fade and we part from this world one by one, it’s the carefree summers we’ll always remember. And I’m happy we had Jeremy and Dustin to let us be children in the sun rather than always prisoner of the proper. Scoop is unique because Rico is allowed to be Rico and Tsao is allowed to Tsao.

  16. And if I could bring it back to IU sports, do you think that we often fall into the same traps when we remember coaches from our IU days gone by?

    I like to remember Bobby Knight for a bit of his silliness and dry sense of humor. I’d like to believe there was compassion to go along with outbursts. I’d like to believe there was some carefree to go along with strict and disciplined. I think it’s unfair to have given him the name “The General.” When we shackle our memories to what we inferred long ago based on our own conceptualization of a man’s every level of personality based solely on the the small percentage of what we witnessed while they were engaged in public view, we limit them for eternity. You can be a good man, a good father, a brilliant coach, a sound and leader and still get lost in a the most trivial a joyful thought or a silly diversion. God, what a wonderful thing it is to just leave what everyone else has pressured and molded you into something very difficult to live up to. And maybe that’s how we kill them. Maybe that’s how the droughts begin. We turn them into wax figures while they’re still breathing men as flawed and vulnerable as any.

    I can’t nor won’t live up to your expectations, Tsao. And when Bob Knight grabbed a kid’s arm, I do believe he was tired of ‘zero tolerance.’ He was tired of having to live by only what we wanted to see in the man. He was frustrated for not being able to publicly put on display the vulnerable and compassionate man that made him less the tough “General.” Rules and mores and behavioral expectations can close in on a man so tightly that it squeezes all the joy out of what once defined his passion. You’re painting me as somebody I’m not…You can’t see that their is more than the throwing of a chair or a bit of piss and vinegar in my blood. You want to make me only the bad guy in the eyes of the crowd. Don’t kill Scoop with what killed Bobby Knight..Don’t kill it with only seeing what you want to see. Don’t end what’s good in man with your version of ‘zero Scoop tolerance’ and your own personal fears resulting in a subjugation of levity.. If so, you become the same machine that stole it all out from under a coach you always respected and loved. You make them so big as to believe the smallest stumble gives appearance a redwood falling.

  17. I’m going to take a vacation from Sccop.

    I’m glad Mariner came back. I’m glad Geoff and his wife had a healthy son. I’m glad Jeremy lightened up and showed he’s confident enough to not take himself quite so seriously. I’m glad Dustin doesn’t give up on Scoop. I’m glad the Establishment has yet to take Scoop from us. I’m glad Chet and his wife can still find joy just hopping on their bikes and taking to an undiscovered winding road. I’m glad Punjab found some buddies for a Fantasy Football party. I’m glad Clarion’s is a heart soft under all those pulled up britches forcing up too tightly at the inseam. I’m glad Rico can find a place to escape and be silly. Lastly, I’m glad I have my father still here fighting though he’s been told by doctors there’s not much fight left in his body.

    Take care…Long live Hoosier Scoop!

    Go Hoosier Football!

    Go Bears!

  18. Epic, Harvard, epic. Funny, heartfelt, passion…classic Harvard writing. Take care on your sabbatical.

  19. Jeremy, your a joke. I will be back once this site goes Facebook. Will happen sooner or later. I willjust change my IP address.

  20. Jeremy, if the subscribers to The Hoosier Scoop could vote, I’d vote for banning the impostors. They diminish an otherwise positive part of your news organization. Their continued presence provides absolutely no value to the vast majority of your customers. If an immature and unstable person goes into a fine restaurant and starts throwing food at other patrons, that person would immediately be escorted out, perhaps even arrested, and banned from the restaurant forever. Failing to do that and continuing to tolerate that behavior would put the restaurant’s future in jeopardy.

  21. I’m not a big baseball fan, at least since the player strike in 93 or 94 or whenever it was. Not sure what to think about the A-Rod punishment. Worked with the Rangers during Spring Training while they were in Charlotte County Florida. They often visited our rehab unit and mingled with the patients and family. A-Rod, Nolan Ryan, Jose Conseco, Rubin Sierra and Bobby Valentine – all were professional, friendly and sensitive with patients. My 12 yr old son (1992) played catch with Nolan. They all seemed like ‘good guys’. Don’t know enough to argue the issue. Just too bad.

  22. Please Ron, what part of the words ‘cheat’ and ‘dope’ don’t you understand? How will he feel about having met great role models like A-Rod and Canseco, and the others who have destroyed the integrity of America’s game.

    This time may be one too many for baseball unless the seed is dug up below root level.

  23. As I said, seemed like ‘good guys’ and ‘too bad’.

    I would never think of some one in professional sports as
    a role model.

  24. Young man can’t catch a break. We are at least 2 deep in many positions, so we will be fine. Just an opportunity for someone to step up.

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