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The Indiana football team finally has a defense that can M*A*S*H up with opponents, Andy writes.

Athletic director Fred Glass says a contract extension is “all but finalized” for IU baseball coach Tracy Smith, Dustin writes.

The IU soccer team built a 3-1 halftime lead with its starters but settled for a tie in the preseason opener with Marquette, we reported.

A capsule preview of the 2013 edition of the IU football team, by the Quad City Times’ Steve Batterson.

Players like IU quarterback show football in the state of Indiana is thriving, but safety remains a concern, Kyle Neddenriep of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Tom Crean talks coaching and dealing with social media feedback in an interview with The Tim Brando Show.

Following a scrimmage last Saturday, Indiana State coach Mike Sanford talked preparations for the opener at IU, Todd Golden of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star wrote.

Starting quarterback isn’t just a mystery at Indiana. It’s also up in the air at Penn State, Rich Scarcella of the Reading Eagle writes.

It’s the opening night of high school football season in the state of Indiana, so from the Friday Night Lights movie soundtrack, here’s Explosions in the Sky with “Your Hand in Mine.”


    1. Well, the three 2014 options expected to be on campus at some point are James Blackmon Jr., Robert Johnson and Isaiah Whitehead. We know Blackmon’s not happening. I don’t think Whitehead is in a hurry. So I’d say perhaps one, because Johnson seems to really like what he’s seen/heard from IU. Though maybe zero should be the answer, since Johnson may just wait until Monday to pull the trigger.

  1. Punjab – I’m hearing at least two. In case you haven’t heard, Victor will be on campus training with the team this weekend as well which will make a big impression on Johnson & Whitehead. I’m also hearing that Whitehead idolizes Lance Stephenson of the Pacers and we all know Lance would have been a Hoosier if not for the Sampson implosion.

    I’m also hearing a funny story about why JBJ will be on campus and the type of reception he’ll get from the players – should be some interesting tweets coming from James this weekend.

  2. “I gotta email from a father that said his son really enjoys reading my Twitter page for the Bible verses…”
    Tom Crean

    And with the Sampson implosion came a rebirth..From the dust, a blue cartoon bird was born, and a man in enshrouded in such an abundance of thick piousness, there could be no scorn. A Hoosier genesis of sorts..and to The Almighty through the cyberspirit of a tweeting bird incapable a sound its own, thy heavenly mission our new messenger sings to the clouds and reports. And with every innocent child the spirit moves through him on the courts…You can see The Resurrection and The Revelation when he tirelessly paces with the lord and sometimes sporadically contorts..Every Hoosier sprouts from tree, and New Generation, a new Garden of Eden, it’s the eternal light, a halo over Hoosier Nation, the blood of our savior dripping off the banners with the cream and crimson every chosen follower his tongue be bleedin’..And with all new fledglings born his lifelong twitter song comes the purist of recruits and a new hope to this village of hoops now in unison their locker room prayers and cahoots. A holier full court press forever grows out our leader’s dribble; untouchable, infallible, undeniable, impenetrable, impeccable, “Because it’s Christian” roots. Amen.

  3. still not sure why you pay attention to his twitter account.

    part of me says its kind of like me paying attention to your posts… although its different because there isn’t a comment filter on The Scoop. With Twitter you elect who shows up in your feed… IDEA!

    Jeremy/Dustin – that would be an excellent upgrade… please invest a few thou in developing a mechanism where we can choose which comments enter our Scoop feed.

  4. btw Harvard, since you pay such close attention to Crean’s tweets, you must have seen the pic he posted of Remy playing pick-up ball with the fellas over the last couple days…

    Guess Remy wasn’t run out of town and harboring bad feelings.

  5. A few questions for Geoff:

    #1 How dare you?

    #2 How does one ignore JBJ’s tweets when they are retweeted by every IU publication I follow?

    #3 What are your thoughts on ALLHOOSIERS.com? Is it worth the price?

  6. Before it gets started again and renews conflicts and chaos, could the Scoop filter the non-relevant, anti-Christian posts and attacks which Harvard (under his Lord of…) handle seems to want to renew. I (and I imagine others) do not really do need nor want his provocations, any longer.

    I have no objections nor do I refer to his sports commentary (some of it quite good) or his Indiana culture, etc discussions. Just the provocative rantings that have been a source of conflicts here.

    The rules for comments posted by the HT for its newspaper readers seem to be reasonable for the Hoosier Scoop blog it administrates as well. Perhaps, reproducing these as a standard for civility for bloggers of the Hoosier Scoop would be a good idea. Thank you

  7. Never went to his Twitter page. All the information was provided by Crean(including the reference of the boy that enjoys his Twitter pages as a place to go for Bible quotes)in the interview Scoop so generously provide by way of an ESPN story link. Are topics discussed by Crean in a provided link on Scoop’s Hoosier Morning not open for comment/discussion?


    I’m actually being told to leave a topic alone that came via one of your own story links? Wow…just…wow. If Crean is making a young Hoosier fan’s faith in the Bible a topic via this ESPN interview that discussed social media and, consequently, you’re giving it added life by way of inserting it into Hoosier Morning, then why on earth should it be protected/censored from discussion?

  8. My apologies…It was a CBS interview from Tim Brando(not ESPN) provide by the Hoosier Morning link.

    I did take something very positive away from the interview. Loved Crean’s claim of walking fast enables him to think fast..Maybe next time we face a stifling zone, he could consider rollerblading around the court….? I simply can’t imagine anyone listening one bit of that interview while keeping a straight face. Serious chuckles await to those that actually take the time to enjoy the man via these rare(yes, so rare indeed)moments of personal disclosure his depth. The man is full of more cheap bologna than Anthony Weiner touring an Oscar Meyar plant.

  9. Not all of the information was provided by Crean. The italicized whatever it is was assuredly your invention.
    Look, let me put it this way. Can’t we just consider your objection noted? I mean, you’ve only dedicated about 200 pages of text on it here over the past two years. Do we really have to go through this whole dance again? I get your point. I see where you’re coming from. You’re being grossly overdramatic about it and you’re connecting dots that you shouldn’t, but I’ve taken your points into account and it is something that as a reporter I should and have monitored. Don’t take up 90-something posts twisting yourself up in metaphors and fighting with people who will never agree with you. I will delete it, not because it’s a violation of policy, but simply because I don’t have the patience for another one of these.
    Also, Tsao, what he’s saying isn’t anti-Christian. Really, it isn’t. Harvard has never said anything that was anti-Christianity, just against the idea of a secular, state institution becoming governed by religion. I know, he gets confusing sometimes, but I’ve actually become pretty proficient in Harvard translation.

  10. Oh?? Come on Dustin. Wake up. If I had time, I would inundate you with posts, blasting the Christian faith. We probably have different views, and that is fine. It makes the world unique. I can’t speak for TSAO, but I get tired of the bible being reflected in negativity by Harvard. Why not just let it be? Take Geoffs advice. A twitter feed would be fantastic. We can add/delete as we please. At least pass it along.

  11. Ben,
    Yeah, WordPress — which is the software on which this blog is built, doesn’t have the functionality to turn into a Twitter feed. I don’t even having the beginnings of an idea of how to make that possible. I’m not one of those guys who understands coding and I’ve never seen a website like that other than actual Twitter.
    As for your disagreement with my interpretation of Harvard…I see this discussion heading down a bad path. Agree to disagree.

  12. I’ve seen running on campus many mornings this summer. He seemed haunted. What were you running away from, Dustin?

  13. Darn. I’ve seen [Dustin] running on campus many mornings this summer. Me thinks he was being haunted by the punishing truth and the ferocious veracity of all posts Harvard.

  14. Ben-

    Not true. I’ve never blasted the Christian faith. I’ve blasted the way a coach uses a faith as a singular doctrine and agenda of importance at a state institution’s basketball program. I do detest faith used as a protective wall/barrier when I see actions contrary to a man acting in an honorable and decent manner. I guess that’s very subjective…We will all one day be accountable to what’s truly in our hearts. I am never very lured by words giving public proclamation of the deepest reserves a man’s faith or god, his devotions to family, and to the depths of convictions in his only heart(“public proclamation” being the main point of emphasis). The wins and losses of battles with sins and temptations be best left in the score book to whomever or whatever your prayers be directed. I highly doubt the vocalization of such divine beliefs stated in public forums(Facebook/Twitter), interviews, locker rooms, podiums, etc. will matter much to the ultimate referee making the final call. I tend to smirk at such a level of arrogance and self-serving tongue as to think any public declarations an ardent belief could manipulate God’s eye for such truth. Leave the officiating of that game to the Almighty. So, yeah, outside of a house of worship, whether it’s a man on the street, a TV evangelist, or a coach reciting verse, I have much suspicions the use of faith when one man sells it as more important to him than another man.

    Back to your statement/accusation…There was a blogger that used to visit Scoop that blasted his contempt for the Bible and referenced it as a “fairytale.” I believe his name rhymed with Taffy.

    Where were you during those days? If you know the mountains of my blogging history, then you’ve surely been here long enough to see the words of the blogger I’m referring to and the defecation on the words of the Bible that were not from my tongue. Then again, I guess it’s all free speech. Your lies are as free to be told as my own.

    Dustin- Delete as you please. Might as well get used to it. I realize the days of my posting and plastering images for commentary are numbered. Rhinestones will power trip the moment you walk out the doors of HT offices for the last time. You’ve been the best. You’ve changed a tad…I’m sensing pressures. Hope you never succumb to selling out what you know in your heart is just and fair.

    1. Lord Harvard,
      Why is it power tripping to try and maintain a modicum of civility and fairness on this blog?

      You mock the primary tenants of the Christian faith by talking about the blood of the savior dripping from banners of cream and crimson. Would it then be acceptable to reference the caves of Muhammad and mosques and jihad, or maybe the birthmarks of Buddha and the tree of enlightenment, or how about the holy of holies and sacrifices and the ark of the covenant?

      I’m guessing that putting Muslims, Buddhists and Jews in a similar light would be unacceptable in most eyes. And would be in mine.

      Disagree with how Tom Crean uses his platform to profess his faith all you want. Identify what you feel to be hypocrisy if you want. There are valid reasons for some of it, but there is also little doubt that your own beliefs and prejudices shape your posts as much as they do Crean’s tweets. Then if someone like Tsao or Ben take exception, they are branded as a liar or a whiner.

      All the while, the good purpose of the Scoop, to be a forum for Indiana fans to express themselves each as they see fit is effectively muted in Harvard’s cacophony of cries. This isn’t a place built for monologues, entertaining as they may occasionally be. This is supposed to be a community, not a neighborhood watch of one, or even four or five. But the voices of the many stay silent out of frustration and alienation, while you beat the same drum over and over and over and over and over.

      I don’t dislike you or anyone else here. Heck, I hardly know most of you outside of a screen name and a handful of posts on a given day or week. But if this blog isn’t given room to breathe, it will suffocate and die, something that I believe is already happening to an extent. If it’s power tripping to try and keep the Scoop alive, then guilty as charged.

  15. This looks like a fun film.

    Indiana and our storied high school basketball tournament was the Muscle Shoals studio of hoops….”a field of energy.” Is the energy gone our studio gone?

  16. Harvard, Lord…Boeheim…(who knows?), sadly what you consider Truth you hide behind various aliases. Whether you (or I or others) agree with Tom Crean, he speaks as one.

    How about Da’ Bears!?

  17. But within the realm of his job, he also speaks from the heart of the institution and its foundational principles it represents; to be accepting of all faith-based beliefs, gender, race, sexual orientation…He is one voice, but I don’t want the college representing all variations of principles, thoughts, and colors to attach itself and its doctrines to that one very limited voice. Don’t use the symbols of Indiana as if it attaches itself in agreement to your deepest beliefs.

    Could be a very exciting year for Bears fans…West Coast Establishment offense has brought its pantyhose to the field of Monsters and Soldiers. If you can’t beat the Walshes and the Carrolls, might as well try joining them. We’ll get to see if Cutler can be as quick in decision and deadly in accuracy a Dan Marino.

    Still a bit conflicted on the way they handled Urlacher. How can we expect good karma for such reckless and dishonorable treatment such a great example for Chicago and the game?

  18. It’s power tripping because you don’t enforce your policies, implied rules, and civility concerns with much consistency. Tom Crean is seemingly always on a quest to be bigger than life. It doesn’t seem wholly unfair to take his over-dramatic and melodramatic stances to a level of comedic extreme. He is the man often making a mockery of himself(e.g. chasing a coach at Michigan as if on a personal crucifixion crusade; hunting down a legendary coach as if were attaching himself to a basketball god if he can simply get a handshake; telling a polite ESPN reporter that your team has “devil-right scary” resolve and how they pray in the locker room before every game; giving an interview on the pros and cons of a coach using social media and turning it into a self-serving sappy moment on how you’re serving the needs of a young boy that simply loves your Twitter site for the Bible quotes). The list is endless. The man is a walking comedy routine. It’s my fault that he attaches his faith in the hip pocket of his foolish public displays and comments into open microphones? None of these are open for satirical impersonations? Crean is the man making mockery of the faith by injecting his version of a faith into a simple game of basketball at every possible juncture he can find an ear/medium/camera(thus, the “bleeding banners” reference). He is the man injecting Christ into the needs and requirements of being a quality basketball team at a public university. When our institution has allowed him such platforms for his mission statements of faith, I don’t see how anyone can find it untouchable to cynical parody. Would you ban Shakespeare?

  19. And though you may believe that I’m mocking the Christian faith in the ‘monologue’ above, I see it as parody no different than an SNL skit having some liberties with Tim Tebow’s antics or the recent bit in a blending of Tarantino’s “Djengo Unchained” into a “Jesus Unchained” short film parody. Do you interpret their artistic freedoms with those that have attempted to ‘sell’ their beliefs as an assault on Christianity? I, frankly, see it as just the opposite. I see it as Jesus having a sense of humor…I see it as a realization in parody that man is arrogant and religion is only a means that many a weak man can use to put himself/herself foolishly at the level of any god. There is a point when prophesying becomes more god/godlike than the humble beliefs of service and servitude a set of commandments/life’s codes/daily devotions to any deity of choice. To radicalize and shove down throats threatens the divisions between god and all men flawed.

    If you desire to keep vilifying one blogger for having some liberties with a coach that continually and fully opens the door to by way of his own ridiculousness in how he desires to attach his pious tongue at every opportunity, then I do think you need to lighten up and find a more secure place for your faith. But that’s just my opinion. It’s your blog. You must do as you see fit to preserve the sanctity of a purified Hoosier community. I’m far from perfect…I am as flawed Adam that picked the apple of first temptations. I see the temptations as not evil. Nor do I see the monologue of such temptations evil. If we refuse to spoof man and continue in the self-serving ownership of earth and faith by putting him(meaning ‘man’/’us’) on a podium where the travesty his powerlessness to a any creation can exist and be frolicked in the seeds our innocence of sin, we have truly lost our way. True faith and a desire to be good be far more powerful than such horribly foolish imaginations, words, and temptations a singular voice on a tiny planet.

  20. Lastly, I’m really impressed with your writing. It’s not such a bad thing that Harvard has allowed you to bring some passion to your voice. I respect your decision to do what you believe is right. I would only suggest caution. Fear is often confused with faith(be it faith in the eternal spirit, love, or this very place you cherish to protect).

  21. Dude, you have lost it. I was going to write up a lengthy response, but what a waste of time. Why you can’t let this go, I will never know.

    Dustin/Jeremy, you need to do something. Suspension/banning. It’s things like this that make me take a vacation from The Scoop. I don’t appreciate my LORD being used as a petty example to glorify Harvard’s philosophies, and the constant drum being beat over and over.

    Bottom line is this. This isn’t a Christian, Muslim, Atheist, etc board. It certainly isn’t a board to take out your life’s frustrations. This is a HOOSIER board. With respect to our different beliefs, please leave out religion. All you do is rile people up.

    Your right, “Taffy” was very unreligious. You don’t see him anymore do you? He wasn’t kicked out because of his blasphemy of Jesus, he was kicked out due to always stirring the pot, and looking for a fight.

    Just be careful. They might do the same to you. Your a good writer. Just clean your posts up a bit, don’t keep on beating the same drum, and you would be ok! Just let it go. This is longer then I intended. I’m very busy today. Take this for what you will. I’m close to just posting at ITH, where at least common ground exists.

  22. HH, I am sorry but I thought this blog was a place to talk about IU sports. It is not the Christian comments you dislike it is Tom Crean our Coach and certain players you dislike.
    I don’t see 100’s of comments from you about the players, their families, recruits, their families other IU Coaches and their families who constantly thank their and my Lord for this Coach, other IU coaches, this University and the opportunity they received as a thankfulness that God gave them to play here. They openly pray together, make comments
    thanking God for their talents and the victories they earn. They seem to always thank God 1st when interviewed after games with every spots network available but you don’t go on and on about their openness to share their faith and give God the Glory every chance they get. This is why I say you have a deep personal hate for Coach Crean. It is the hate you send forth that folks don’t like. They dislike your comments about Coach’s Faith and your hate against him. I don’t think they hate you and attack your personal faith or your comments about basketball. There is a huge difference between disliking a persons behavior or actions and disliking and hating the person. When you do that you cross a line that you have no right to cross. There was a time in my life when I managed over 500 people. When someone had a problem like being late for work I would talk to them about how to fix their behavior. I never attacked them as a person by name calling or belittlement. Sometimes I had to use discipline to correct their behavior when they would refuse to change but they always knew that I was not attacking them. You are attacking Coach in a hateful and mean way and that is what gets folks all out of sorts against you. I like you and I believe you want to be liked and respected for your knowledge about the game of basketball but you have allowed your judgement against Coach to take over. Step back for awhile and look at what you are doing because I don’t think this is how you want to be remembered. Don’t allow yourself to be banned from this blog and stick to the sports. Please!

  23. Ben-

    What did he keep out of the interview? The interview was conducted on a national sports website(CBS). Our basketball coach used that opportunity to express what you believe should be kept out. Hoosier Scoop, on this very thread, posted a link to the interview.

    Please tell me why he can express his views about the Bible(specifically, how he’s been told how his tweets from verses in the Bible are meaningful to a young boy/follower)during a sports website interview, but my expressing my viewpoint in response to his words on a sports/Hoosier website is not o.k.?

    Why can’t you conclude that our coach “can’t let go” of expressing his unabiding faith in various sports settings/forums/interviews when the question of such faith is never posed or propositioned by the interviewer?

    Doesn’t it seem journalists have grown very soft with coaches? I always though Knight was considered unapproachable and journalists feared throwing any critique or hard-hitting questions his way(whether it pertained to various players PT, losing out on recruits, transfers, coaching strategy, attacking a zone, etc). All that being said, don’t you think Tom Crean is nearly immune to ever having a truly investigative basketball question aimed in his direction? I think the last “pot-stirring” basketball question from a reporter that I can remember was Dustin’s at a Northwestern road game(something about ball movement against a zone).

    Why do you think so many journalists are afraid to simply question him on strategy, or in-game decisions, or have something resembling a sit down basketball dialogue with the man? Remember when Don Fischer would have his weekly videotaped shows with Knight? If you want it to be about basketball, then how ’bout some basketball? How ’bout removing the fear all our young journalists are seemingly carrying in your presence? There’s always just “released statements”…Everything is so proforma and podium. Rarely a true honest interview with the fine journalists of HT/Scoop/IDS. Don’t you find it odd? We love basketball so much in this storied hoops state, but our coach gets defensive anytime he is posed the most basic a basketball question(in the rare instance a journalist has the stones to ask something beyond jello pudding in his cup).


    I’m all for basketball discussion. Was the interview with Brando about basketball? With Tom Crean, it’s rarely about basketball. It’s always philosophical and faith. It’s always the vague and the immeasurable “character” of Hoosiers rather than the chalkboard. Why are they all so afraid?

    1. Urlacher,
      Really? Barney Frank? Did you not understand anything I was trying to say?

      I’m the one who linked the interview and do not regret doing so. As a matter of fact, since Crean frequently brings up faith, should I never link or post an interview that includes it again? Of course not. On this I think we agree.

      His faith, and how he expresses it, is part of who he is as a person and a basketball coach. And therefore, it’s a valid point of discussion. But yours is largely not a discussion. It’s an attack, a crusade, a propaganda machine in its own right, intolerant of dissent.

      Do I get a chuckle out of Tom Crean as the Church Lady? Absolutely. But there’s a difference between that satirical lampooning and filling a 500-word post showing your disdain with religious symbolism.

      Listen, we can sit here and argue all day long to no one’s great benefit. But then the Scoop will have once again been hijacked from its intended destination, so that is that.

  24. How many times have you heard Crean talking about a player and saying “he gets it” ?

    But when the ball needed to move through Cody against a Syracuse zone, did he “get it?” Did he “get it” in the right position on the floor? Were his teammates coached to concentrate to “get it” to him early in the set before the zone can pack in?

    Where are the true reporters? When will they “get it?” When will they see beyond the fears and walls around the coach and not withhold an honest basketball question? Because, frankly, I’m not getting it. I’m not getting why a multimillionaire coach is removed from answering a 30,000/year journalist’s basketball questions. If Jeremy and Dustin could grade Tom Crean on accessibility and receptiveness to such straightforward b-ball questions, how would he fare…? C-..? D+…? F..?

  25. Hey Jeremy – the time you wasted responding to this nonsense could have been spent on writing up a new Sunday Scoop for tomorrow. Get in the game, bro. You’re better than this.

  26. Jeremy-

    The irony…Crean is the biggest propaganda machine in the history of IU..Yet, you separate out the proclamations of faith as not being any part of the same propaganda.

    I’ll let it rest. You win.

  27. The only reason Ben comments is to communicate to us that truth hurts him. Ben, get the hell out of here if you don’t have anything to say. Harvard: they are simply too jealous. Forgive them—they don’t know what they are saying, writing and/or thinking any more. Your writing stirs and shakes them at the same time…

  28. I have plenty to say. Though why bother? Your doing on the work for me. Gets my posts a second look. I’m not going anywhere, and won’t go away for you. Sorry Charlie. 🙂

  29. Do you have an identity? Hiding wont do no good. Adam and Eve tried that, and were banished from the garden.

  30. I personally got a chuckle out of Harv’s #5.I think it’s fair game to lampoon anybody who espouses their beliefs so publicly– just don’t complain when that faith becomes the tipping point to draw in highly-ranked, like-minded recruits. [Several recruits have noted that Crean’s faith were a big factor in their (potential) decision to join the program.] I’m not a man of any particular faith, myself, but I don’t have a problem with either Crean’s use of Christianity or Harv’s parody of it– If it helps bring in high-character talent with significant risk of buffoonery and scandal plaguing the program, why not?

  31. Neglected to reiterate an important distinction that Dustin and Jeremy have already made– Harv’s parody is of Crean’s use of faith, not Christianity itself. While some people are just tired of the overkill, others can’t seem to see the difference.

  32. That (:) is undoubtedly Harvard under his XX serial assumed identity, all of which have one goal: again blogging and hiding his identity for the sole purpose of provoking conflict, irritating all other contributors and continuing the chaos an confrontation that makes this blog an impossible and worthless read. This has been pointed out for more than a year by dozens of Scoop readers who have no personal stake other than their wish to read reasonably informative contributions from other Hoosier fans in peace, while enjoying each other’s commentary on IU sports programs.

    But, we are continually frustrated and denied this possibility. Harvard’s vulgar and, often personal aggressive attacks and self-obsessed/(possessed?) provocations; and 2. the Scoop administrator’s refusal to intervene to insure statements are within a reasonable scope of respect for other readers and general civility. The blog’s administrator has, for two years, made it publicly known he has no interest in meeting his responsibility and take any action to guarantee he Scoop’s civility and respect for its participants. Other (HT writers) may want to intervene but may not have the authority or have themselves decided to stay away from the problem altogether.

    We, the readers, lose.

    In the mean time the blog continues to bleed participants, degenerate and lose meaningful contact; and more and more of the old readers who come to it seeking a Hoosier’s centered space to exchange their common love for IU athletics, give up and leave.

    Please, if the HT cares, provide some reasonable monitoring and standards now completely missing. Many participants have already moved on because of this problem. Under current circumstances and the absence of standards, some who participate (many of whom, as a consequence, also subscribe to the HT) will also simply walk away. Please apply the same rules and monitoring to the HT’s Hoosier Blog as the HT now does to its newspaper’s public commentary sections.

    The serial disrespect for others and contempt for Scoop readers from Harvard’s hijacking of the blog has to end.The continual and serially disrespecting of its entire readership can no longer be tolerated. Please.

  33. Punjab,

    I dare say in my opinion he has beat his tom-tom so long there now is no difference to discern.

  34. Harvard – re: post #37, paragraph 2…

    The difference is that Crean makes his point in one sentence. Or in =/< 140 characters.

    You take years. You make the same point over and over. You take 14,000 characters.

    If you made a concise, tweet-like dissent towards Crean then it would (potentially) be palatable.

  35. Punjab, #47. That is the attitude I wish many could have. You might not agree, but don’t make a habit of slamming it over and over. Chet, Clarion, Tsao, Geoff, and yourself are the most level headed people on here that at least balance their views.

  36. I thought Ron Artest was the only baller “banished from the garden”…Just aayin’.


    The unidentified supporter(the invisible screen name) is not Harvard. Why the second post from said supporter was banned…? Got me. Guess it’s because their was a sense of momentum shifting(beginning with Punjab). Just takes one smartly made bucket to often turn the tide.


    Thanks for not taking things the route of Tsao’s Scoop Witch Trials. We saw how that worked out with JPat. You actually seem to possess some security in your devotions to Indiana. It’s a rare trait(along with your rare sense of humor).

  37. I’m actually excited about this year’s team.

    I think there will be more sharing of the ball and fewer power struggles. Yogi will run the team and will have a truly breakout season. The lowered expectations could bring back the needed chip on shoulder mentality that somehow escapes young men when the sights begin to be blurred by playing at the next level…

  38. Punjab, to belabor the point…

    I completely agree with #48. However, if someone were to consistently parody Martin Luther King speeches and NAACP stances and the Trevon Martin case and the Rodney King beating… and you were a black man… despite the context… if it was as consistent as the tides… wouldn’t you, at some point, take offense?

    again, I agree that Harvard is not anti-Christianity… but there comes a certain point where he should expect that, by the sheer magnitude of his words, he will be offensive.

    If he doesn’t expect that he is naïve. If he does then he is agitating…

  39. I actually believe in reincarnation. Crean will be reborn as a wind instrument.

    Harvard will be reborn as a skunk. Pretty to look at, but just too damn foul to stand behind.

  40. Oops, I posted hastily on my way out the door earlier. In case you hadn’t already figured it out, the last sentence in my #47 should’ve read “…talent WITHOUT significant risk…”

    Geoff, I suppose you’re right, although I am not someone who’s easily offended. If I were black, or Asian, or (insert any race, religion, creed, sexual orientation) I imagine I would just get annoyed with whatever the incessant ramblings well before I ever got offended. And I would stop reading. Then again, I’m a straight, white, non-denominational, physically fit male. I never had to deal with feeling much discrimination towards me other than being four-eyed as a kid, so it’s probably not fair for me to assume those things wouldn’t affect more me if I had.

    Tsau, one thing I’ve noticed is you (and myself, and many others) often spend more time commenting on the comments than the topics themselves. If people are seriously concerned with the (negative) discourse in a relatively dead period of Hoosier sports driving away readers, how about we shift back to the myriad of legitimate sports questions posed by multiple Scoopsters that go unanswered. There were several of them just this week that nobody bothered to respond to. Yet the minute Harv jumps back on and puts out another provocative post, the volume of comments skyrocket and the vitriol far outweighs the relevance. Sensationalism sells, and if we don’t inject some relevant sports discussions it’ll continue to be the only business in town.

    I like to take friendly jabs at Aruss, but at least he goes with it, sticks to the topic, and doesn’t typically get sucked into the same tired arguments and Urinary Olympics these threads often devolve into.

  41. Tsau, one thing I’ve noticed is you (and myself, and many others) often spend more time commenting on the comments than the topics themselves.


    What a breath of fresh air. Thank you again for bringing some very rare perceptions to what is actually going on..along with the calm to step out of the fray, independently provide perspective, and demonstrate a lighthearted ability to not take it all so seriously.

    I should also say that Chet has shown similar qualities.

    As I’ve said, it’s ultimately up to Jeremy and Dustin to decide how dysfunctional they want this Scoop family to be. I have strong opinions, but they are often conveyed as if they were arguments/debates with family at the dinner table…Sometimes a bit too much wine and often an unfair assumption that the bloggers can see more than the words in the rant. We fought like cats and dogs in an alley at the dinner table my household…We also laughed. We also cried. I’ve grown to used to this place and because so many of you feel like family, I’ve taken the return of respect you often deserve for granted. I often dominate conversation and fail to be a good listener. It’s not because I don’t have closeness in the heart to many of you. Ahh…What’s the use?

    I just hate Scoop to ever turn into another Ozzie and Harriet blog. I liked Reggie…I think Ben has a lot to offer. I miss JPat. And I thoroughly love that the journalists of Scoop don’t stay behind a curtain of silence and condescension. The team of journalists at Scoop has talent and they blow the other sites writing and coverage out of the water. I’m not kissing ass..I’m proud they’ve let me participate and I’m more than aware how lucky we all are that they show such love for their profession and respect for the readers.

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