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Even with a stadium record 73 points and an easy win, Indiana wasn’t satisfied with Thursday’s opener, Dustin wrote.

Defensive stops and touchdowns galore had folks singing “Hot Dog” as the Hoosiers started the season on the right foot, Andy wrote.

IU, and Kofi Hughes in particular, got riled up by a cheap shot on Shane Wynn, Mike wrote.

The preseason No. 1 Indiana soccer team looks to make the most of its depth as it opens the season tonight, I wrote.

Coach Sherry Dunbar is hoping the IU volleyball team will earn its candy stripes this season, Dustin wrote.

Indiana leads the nation in scoring and mentions from Keith Olbermann after one game, writes Rick Bozich of WDRB.com.

The IU offense can cover a multitude of sins, but the Hoosiers need to avoid mistakes going forward, Brian Bennett of ESPN.com blogs.

The Sycamores got off to a rough start and were overwhelmed by the Hoosiers, Todd Golden of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star wrote.

James Blackmon Jr. (and Sr.) recaps his unofficial visit to Kentucky, Steve Jones of the Louisville Courier-Journal writes.

Big plays lifted Minnesota over UNLV in the season opener for both teams, Joe Christensen of the Minneapolis Post-Tribune writes.

Rakeem Buckles was denied the necessary waiver to play at Minnesota in another puzzling NCAA ruling, Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports writes.

The Manziel suspension is just another laugher when it comes to the NCAA’s double standards, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports writes.

By request from Andy Graham, sort of, here’s Elvis Presley with “Hot Dog” from the 1957 film “Loving You.”


  1. The defense has me excited & scared. You can definitely see the upgrade in talent on defense but they are so young that we’ll also have a lot of growing pains. The phrase “I can’t believe he made that play” will be used to describe good & bad plays on defense all year.

    8 wins and going to a bowl is definitely doable this year.

  2. Dang. Coverage of IU FB, Soccer, Volleyball. Throw in ESPN, Terre Haute Tribune, Louisville Courier, Minn Post and Yahoo Sports. Got the daily dig into ncaa. Vacations must be over and it’s ‘go’ for IU sports. Not a word of basketball and I could spend the morning following the links. Other words – nice job

  3. More than a few comments about last night’s football game.

    1. Sudfeld should be the starter. It was obvious that he’s simply a superior passer. Some of those passes were truly perfect. I taped the game, and kept replaying a few of his TD strikes last night They were perfect. Aside from his bone-headed pass to the ISU linebacker that went for a pick-six, he passed the ball about as well as I’ve ever seen in a college game.

    2. Improved defense, improved tackling, but still room for a lot of improvement on defense. They are bigger, more athletic and younger, and it is obvious. Latham is a MAN. Wow, what a freshman!

    3. I don’t remember Ewald having that strong of a leg on kickoffs! I don’t remember him kicking balls through the back of the end zone. I knew he was accurate and reliable on PATs and field goals, but he’s a big weapon on kick offs. Very impressive.

    4. I was pleased with IU’s lack of “before-the-snap” penalties last night. Given their youth and the speed and complexity of Wilson’s offense, I expected to see a lot of stupid before-the-snap penalties. They showed good discipline.

    5. IU won the game in the way they were expected to, but the last minute of the first half and the first minute of the second half provided the coaching staff with a lot of teaching material. Good lord that was the ugliest 90 seconds of football I’ve seen in a long time. Last night, the score really should have been 73 to 21.

    6. I guess it was good that Wilson had his 4th string quarterback kneel down four consecutive times deep in the red zone at the end of the game. But you have to admit, it was surreal to an IU football team do that.

    7. Talk about depth at the running back position. Wow, how many good backs can a team have?

    Now, let’s fill the house and kick the crap out of Navy next week.

  4. “he passed the ball about as well as I’ve ever seen in a college game.” – Hype much?

    Roberson was way more efficient last night. If he doesn’t get hurt and plays the whole game we score 100 points and don’t give up points on turnovers.

  5. Sorry Aruss. Looks like I touched a nerve. I did not mean to offend you. I was not criticizing Roberson, just expressing my appreciation for Sudfeld’s performance last night. In fact, the only critical statement I made in that post was a reference to Sudfeld’s boneheaded pick-six. They’re both good quarterbacks, but only one of them has NFL-level passing ability. You can’t deny that.

    As for scoring 100 last night, obviously Wilson was not going to let that happen, as evidenced that he pulled the dogs off when IU had it 1st and goal on the four yard line with two minutes left in the game.

    If you were listening to the game’s announcers last night, one of which is former quarterback and head coach, Chuck Long, you probably heard them make comments echoing my assessment of Sudfeld’s passing ability. The accuracy and precision was impressive.

    As for Roberson, I love his heart, courage, leadership and speed. But I worry about him getting injured. He got dinged again last night (ribs), but I failed to notice when or how. While his running ability is a huge weapon for IU, I think he may need to learn to slide and avoid taking big hits. We can’t afford to lose him for a second year in a row.

  6. Po,

    You are right on target. To put it in a nutshell Wilson’s offense needs Sudfeld’s arm more for every possession, not Roberson’s wheels.

  7. Once the competition ramps up and BIG D’s are crashing our pocket and jumping our routes, we’ll see which QB has the quickness and poise to lead the team. I was a great QB in intramurals at IU and could have shredded ISU defense so I’d hold off on anointing Sudfeld as the next Johnny Football.

  8. Aruss, you’re putting words in everyone’s mouth. Take the chip off your shoulder. Nobody is saying that Roberson is not gifted. No one is saying he should not play quarterback. In fact, I have said that his playing time will depend on how good IU’s O-line can protect the pocket. If it can’t, Roberson will most likely be the starter or get the majority of the playing time. But if IU’s line does a good job of pass protection, I think you’ll see Sudfeld ascend to the top spot.

    All I’m saying is that Sudfeld has an NFL quality arm and was extremely accurate last Thursday night.

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