Indiana sets Memorial Stadium scoring record in 73-35 win over Indiana State

WHAT HAPPENED: Indiana set the all-time Memorial Stadium scoring record and came within three points of the highest scoring game in IU history, pounding Indiana State 73-35 in front of 40,278 in the Hoosiers’ season opener. They opened up a 45-7 lead with 38 straight points, surrendered 21 points in just over a minute, then scored four consecutive touchdowns to break the 70-point barrier for the first time since 1944 and just the fourth time in school history.

WHO MADE IT HAPPEN: Indiana not only played all three of the quarterbacks that battled for the starting job all preseason, but they also got reserve Nate Boudreau in the game. Junior Cameron Coffman struggled, completing just two of seven passes for 29 yards and throwing an interception, but sophomores Tre Roberson and Nate Sudfeld demonstrated why this was such a difficult quarterback battle all preseason.

Roberson got the start and completed three of six passes for 71 yards and two touchdowns. He came out with a minor rib injury that both he and IU coach Kevin Wilson said is not significant and that he could have returned from. He also rushed for 19 yards and the Hoosiers scored on three of his four drives.

Sudfeld was even more on point through the air. He did throw an interception for a pick-six into the hands of ISU linebacker Connor Underwood, but he also completed 12 of his 17 passes for 219 yards and four touchdowns. That included a pair of deep sideline go routes to junior wide receiver Nick Stoner (44 yards) and senior wideout Kofi Hughes (27 yards). His needle-threading on a 9-yard touchdown throw to senior tight end Ted Bolser was just as impressive, and he found junior wide receiver Shane Wynn open over the middle for a 3-yard score. 

Sophomore Tevin Coleman showed why he was ahead of Stephen Houston for the tailback battle at the end of camp. He rushed for 169 yards and two touchdowns on just 14 carries with scoring runs of 34 and 20 yards and a 58-yard rush to go with that. Junior wide receiver Shane Wynn scored a touchdown every time he touched the ball, grabbing two receptions for 46 yards and two scores and taking a punt back 58 yards for a touchdown. That came before Wynn was injured by Indiana State freshman defensive back Carlos Aviles when Aviles committed a blatant personal foul against him on a punt. Wynn is expected to return to practice this week and his injuries re not serious.

Bolser caught six passes for 78 yards and two touchdowns. Senior wide receiver Kofi Hughes grabbed three straight passes for 69 yards and a touchdown.

Several Indiana defensive players also had their moments, as the Hoosiers recorded four sacks and seven tackles for loss. Freshman defensive end Nick Mangieri recorded 1.5 sacks, defensive tackle Adarius Rayner had a sack, and defensive end John Lahinen, defensive tackle Darius Latham and linebacker David Cooper recorded a half sack each. Cornerback Michael Hunter had an interception and cornerback Tim Bennett broke up three passes. In his debut, freshman linebacker T.J. Simmons recorded nine tackles, including half a tackle for loss.

WHY DID IT HAPPEN: The IU offense more or less did what it wanted. The Hoosiers scored touchdowns on six of their first seven drives. After they gave up three touchdowns in 1:02 of game time thanks to Laray Smith’s fumbled kickoff and Sudfeld’s pick six, they scored four touchdowns in their next six possessions and would have scored on five of their last seven had they not elected to kneel the ball down at the 5-yard line instead of going for 80 points and a school record.

Eight receivers caught passes and four caught touchdowns. Roberson’s numbers didn’t look spectacular, but he moved the offense when he was out there. Sudfeld’s throws were pinpoint, and the deep throws showed why he’s a weapon the Hoosiers can’t afford to leave on the bench. When Coleman turned a corner, he was gone. Bolser outmuscled defenders and Wynn simply outran them. The offensive line wasn’t spectacular with Dan Feeney out for the year and Peyton Eckert out for the game at right tackle, but the Hoosiers didn’t give up a sack and the Sycamores totaled eight yards with their five tackles for loss. They finished with 313 yards on the ground and 319 through the air for a total of 632 yards of total offense.

The Hoosiers also got mostly positives on defense with their four sacks and seven tackles for loss. They got worked on the second Indiana State drive, a 10-play, 75-yard march that looked eerily similar to so many other scoring drives against the Hoosiers in recent years. ISU quarterback Mike Perish completed all four passes he threw for 53 yards on that drive and tailback Shakir Bell rushed for 27 yards on six carries on the drive.

After that drive, though, the Hoosiers got stops on the next eight Indiana State possessions, recording an interception, forcing a fumble, five punts and a turnover on downs. The Sycamores managed a total of just three first downs on those drives, with one of those coming on a penalty. The Hoosiers managed nine three-and-outs in the game. Shakir Bell’s shoulder injury certainly didn’t help the Sycamore’s cause, as he rushed for 113 yards, but 45 of those came on the run on which he was injured. The Sycamores were held to 306 yards of total offense, 131 on the ground and 175 through the air.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN: The Hoosiers learned a lot more about themselves individually than they did collectively. The offense looked good, but it looked good against an FCS opponent. The defense looked decent, but again, they were dealing with a lower level program. Still, the Hoosiers proved they have an extremely explosive team and so many of their weapons showed out. Roberson and Sudfeld showed why they are in a quarterback battle, and certainly gave Wilson justification for keeping the competition going and possibly playing both men for much of the season. Coleman showed that they have two great backs, and the defense showed it is at least better, though the jury is still out if they’re good enough to hold down the Big Ten’s best. All in all, the record breaking performance was at least enough to draw attention and suggest that the talk of Indiana as a Big Ten darkhorse was somewhat justified.


IU Coach Kevin Wilson

“Nice start, a little sloppy in some areas, a lot of things to hopefully build on. A lot of guys got to play, there was a lot of positive, there was a boatload of negatives. The old adage, it’s coach speak, but from Game 1 to 2 ( you get a lot better.) That’s exciting. We’ve got some stats that look cool. I’m sure when we watch the tape we’ll see (some things we can correct.). I thought the effort was outstanding. I thought our defensive effort, we got worked a couple of times, but it was significantly better. Our kicking game effort I thought was really good. I still think we’ve gotta keep bringing the run game along and some things on offense, but we’ve got some playmakers there, that’s evident. I think we’re a young team that has got a chance. A lot of guys back, a lot of good young players.”

On the effect of the Shane Wynn hit

“We kept saying, ‘Play as hard as you can, have the energy, have the effort, have some fun, but don’t lose your focus. So then the thing was, you almost worry about retaliatory focus. It was just a kid playing hard, I think it was one of their young guys. Mike said it was his first game. It was a shot, but sometimes that just happens. I think Shane will be fine. Whether it juiced us, it would be nice to juice ourselves. We talked about being a good third quarter team. We talked all preseason, we’ve gotta come out of the locker room and play better defense and start the second halves better. Was that a part of it? Was that hit a part of it? I don’t know. But Shane will be fine, and I don’t think that was a cheap hit.”

On the Quarterbacks

“Our thought was, we didn’t decide until really this morning, we told Tre. The battle was about dead even. The way we practiced, we don’t get preseason games. It’s a scrimmage, but you never tackle the quarterback. We even thought about that, ‘Should we tackle the quarterbacks?’  But as soon as you do that, heaven forbid, you get a cheap injury. We even had a discussion, should we go live on the quarterbacks. Because I think that plays into Tre’s hands when he starts running around. They can’t tackle him. If they get close to him in scrimmage he’s down. There’s sometimes he ain’t down, but myself being an offensive coach, if I don’t call him down, the defensive coaches start fussing at me, because it’s two-hand tag, if you’re down, you’re down. The thought was, since it was dead even and Tre’s kind of playing with his hands tied, maybe it wasn’t dead even if we’re playing for real, let’s go with Tre. Then the other thing too, I think it was a little sentimental. He was the guy that got hurt. Fought hard to come back, let’s let him roll. He actually took a shot and has a bruise. It was a rib deal, not a break, but he took a shot and was a little gimpy, so that’s why i went to the other guy. Then the score went to 42 like that, I was like, ‘ah,’ and we just went to Cam and Nate from there. It’s not, I don’t think an injury deal that’s hurting him. He was good to go. LIke I said, he could’ve played the second half, but the way the score was, we just didn’t go to him.”

On whether Roberson will start the next game.

“I don’t know. I actually voted for someone else and got vetoed.”

Kofi Hughes on playing after the Wynn hit and the following drive.

“I was just really frustrated by what they did to my bro and stuff like that. Our whole team, we were just like, ‘Hey, you don’t mess with our team like that. It was just a good drive with good plays by our quarterback. … We did have more of an attitude on that drive. I think we always come out with a bit of tenacity because we always have a chip on our shoulder, but on that drive specifically, you hurt one of our boys, that’s one of my best friends. I took that really personally, and I think that’s why I went out there and played mad, really mad.”

On Wynn

“Oh he’s good, he’s already joking around, talking about playing FIFA and stuff, so he’s good.”

AUDIO: Kevin WIlson

AUDIO: Kofi Hughes

AUDIO: Nate Sudfeld

AUDIO: Tre Roberson



  1. Not sure what’s more encouraging: hanging 73, or drawing in 40,000 fans to Memorial Stadium. Either way, Go Big Red!

  2. As pleased as I was to see IU win in such a dominant manner last night, I hope IU will stop scheduling schools from within the FCS. Playing the smaller/weaker programs provides little upside for IU, but it presents a lot of risk. If IU wins big, like last night, we were supposed to win and people discount the victory. If IU loses, it is devastating to IU’s football program, confirming all the pessimistic stereotypes and eroding fan support. Hoosier fans don’t get excited about playing FCS teams, so attendance is weak, and large sections of the stadium being empty looks real bad on TV. Lastly, I think playing considerably weaker programs can give IU’s players a false sense of confidence, making it more difficult to prepare for the level of confidence they’ll face playing BCS-Conference and Big Ten competition.

    It is my hope, that by next year, IU’s football program will be strong enough to justify opening the season with BCS-conference schools. We don’t have to play Alabama in the opener, but a decent team from a mid-major conference would be much better than blowing out another FCS team.

  3. Lots of fans in the house (even late in the game). Lots of points on the board. Lots of bright spots in all three phases of the game. Best of all lots of areas for our Hoosiers to tighten up/improve upon before Navy.
    The defense really rallied to the ball, at times guys got out of their lanes allowing Bell and the other small ISU backs to hide in the pile and then bounce outside. My players of the game were Shane Wynn and T.J. Simmons. I don’t think I saw Simmons out of position all night. Congrats Hoosiers, keep working, improve daily and get ready for Navy.

    Podunker I agree with your scheduling comment. After last night’s performance it’s clear this program should not schedule FCS teams. Not to demean the FCS programs, but to keep IU’s program moving forward.

    Dustin, if I’m not mistaken there was an article earlier in the week addressing the scheduling changes, right?
    Go Hoosiers.

  4. Keith,

    You are right and after watching my recorded replay of the game I agree. Simmons at such a young age has the LB position in hand. I more and more like Coach Wilson’s affinity for playing skilled Freshman. It certainly helped make Wynn what he is today. I was especially impressed with former JUCO Bennett’s CB play.

  5. This will be the last season that IU has a FCS team on its schedule. This was addressed by the Big Ten.

  6. Keith,
    There was. As of 2016 when the Big Ten goes to nine conference games, league teams will no longer schedule FCS opponents. Not sure what’s going to happen in the interim.

  7. Keith, I guess its relative to your expectations. But from the vantage point of TV, it did not look like there were “lots of fans in the house” last night. In fact, on TV the stadium looked about half empty. However, it sounded like the people in attendance remained enthusiastic throughout the game.

    A thursday night game, the perception of a weak opponent, and a history of too many apathetic fans for football combined to reinforce the appearance that IU has weak fan support for football. I hope IU did not have a lot of recruits taking their official visits last night!

    Fans and alumni need to fill Memorial Stadium a few times this year. Let’s see how many people turn out for the navy game. If the Hoosier Nation can’t get excited about this IU offense, then something is very wrong in south-central Indiana.

  8. I think we should schedule more fcs schools because this will be Wilson’s last year here. iu is just a stepping stone job for him and if he wins here, he’s gone.

  9. Coachv, If Wilson wins here, you might be right but as for now, one game does not a winning coach make. IU football still has a very long way to go before claiming consistency in the B1G so I don’t think we need to worry about that this season. Instead, lets try for six wins.

  10. Podunker

    The TV doesn’t lie. The stadium looked half empty because it was. But the folks who showed up made some noise and many stayed after the game was well in hand. I expect a bigger crowd on Saturday the 7th because of the 6 pm kickoff. I know I’ll be in the house. As this program continues to take steps more of our mildly apathetic Hoosier fans will jump on board. In all honesty I hope the fair weather fans come to the stadium in droves. This program will take a big step this year. If home field advantage means anything, we should be there to bear witness and root them on.


    Thanks for the clarification. Keep up the great work.


    I thought I was the only guy who broke down game film with out being paid to do so. Great observation on Bennett. Several pass break ups as well as excellent run support. I can’t wait to see this team in person on the 7th. Go Hoosiers

  11. As of today,

    Indiana State
    Bowling Green
    North Texas State

    South Florida
    Wake Forest
    Western Kentucky

    Ball State
    South Florida
    Wake Forest

    I think.

  12. Jay G- have no idea of what your post is about.
    Keith- must disagree about bright spots. Only the offense shone- kick teams were inconsistent (Ewald smacked almost every kickoff into the end zone, but one punt return for TD was negated by that disaster at the end of the half), and an FCS school hit us up for thirty-five points, so defense looks like the last four years. One and a half stars in my book.
    Po- couldn’t agree more about the pre-conf. schedule. Wilson is emulating Crean. I must say that robust (not insanely tough) pre-conf. schedules have been very good for Izzo/MSU over the past fifteen or so years.
    Attendance 40,278; stadium capacity 52,929 = 76%. But I have to agree the TV view made it look closer to half empty as opposed to three-quarters full.

    Coachv and iufan23- agree with both of you in the sense that 1) if Wilson wins at IU he will be gone 2) IU fb in general terms has a long way to go, but consider that 3) there are so many programs looking for their next fb savior that if a coach can turn a nag into anything even resembling a thoroughbred, the offers will come fast and furiously. I’d love for IU to win six this year, and if Wilson wins seven or eight the next, he will get those offers.

  13. I am all for improving the schedule but need I remind you last year we barely beat this team 24-17. Tre threw for 280 yards to get the win. One year has made a big difference for our hoosiers.

  14. Davis,
    A few facts to point out in fairness.
    1. 14 of those points were scored on turnovers when IU’s defense was not on the field. 7 were scored when the reserves were in. 7 were scored after they’d gone up 45-7 and were starting to cruise. Basically, they had two bad drives, one of them abysmal. But they also had a lot of stops. You do of course, factor in that they were playing an FCS opponent, but they didn’t really give up 35 points as a defense.
    2. Wilson didn’t have anything to do with this schedule. It was all put together before he arrived. Basketball schedules are put together year to year as are those of many other sports, and coaching staffs are usually in charge of those. Football, though, is a different animal, the games are fewer and they’re more important to the athletic departments because of the financial considerations. Athletic directors take charge of those and they’re put together years in advance. Glass had teams scheduled for games in 2017 as far back as 2010. Coaches certainly have some say so, but it will be a while before you’ll see any of Wilson’s touch on the schedule.
    Further criticisms are certainly fair, but those facts are necessary in the consideration.

  15. Oh. Then Missouri’s been dropped from the 2015 slate (was supposed to be in Columbia). Drat!

  16. davis, I think you referred to Memorial Stadium’s former capacity, before the new north end zone stands were built. I think the capacity is now more than 53,000. Can someone check on that?

    As for the reported attendance, I think that 40,278 number may have reflected the number of tickets sold, but not the number of people that actually entered the stadium and watched the game. The stadium just looked half empty, and not just in the north end zone.

    I’ve been saying this for over a year now. If Wilson wins six games this year, immediately after the game-ending whistle blows to end the team’s sixth victory, Glass needs to hand Wilson a new contract that includes an extension and a significant increase in compensation. Currently, Wilson’s the tenth highest paid coach in the Big Ten (10th out of 12). My guess is, if his compensation is not increased after this season, he’ll be the 12th highest paid coach out of 14 Big Ten teams entering next season. While its important that IU to keeps Wilson, it’s also important to completely eradicate the speculation and rumors that Wilson will be leaving IU for another job. That type of speculation kills recruiting, which IU can not afford and this stage of the program’s rebuilding process. I hope Glass is anticipating that and has the ability to keep Wilson at IU.

    But keep in mind, Wilson has a lot of children, and if I remember correctly, those kids cover a pretty good age range. He may not be interested to relocate his children to a different town and a different school unless the money is just enormous. Family considerations are always a part of the equation when deciding whether to change jobs. And let’s just hope that’s a problem that Glass and Wilson need to resolve in four months!

  17. Thanks, Dustin, I posted to Jay G. only and without reading your response. I did realize the fourteen ISU points were not attributable to the defense, but points are points. IU had three turnovers in this game, which compares badly with the long streak (five or six games?)IU had last year when we had zero turnovers for a long stretch in the mid-season- a really a big deal considering how often IU puts the ball in the air. The ISU TD pass “after they’d gone up 45-7 and were starting to cruise” is what really irked me! This was typical of the breakdowns in coverage that we’ve seen again and again, year after year.

  18. IUfan23,

    I think 6 is a good goal. Two more over last year, winning record, bowl eligible. Continued progress. Obviously, anything else would be gravy and good news. Consistent, incremental progress is the goal for now (still). Can we sustain it this season? I think so, but we’ll see.

    D wasn’t great but much better on the look test (IMO) than in recent memory. But no doubt need more than one game against non-FCS comp. We can’t forget the D wasn’t really on the hook for 14 of the 35 though.

  19. PO- for what it’s worth, I took the stadium capacity from the IU web-site, the site’s 52.9k is not a lot less than your number of 53k+. You may very well be right about tix sold v. actual attendance.

    Wilson’s family? Mrs. K has been married to an asst. football coach for how long? She’s probably more familiar with her suitcase than her nasal passages. My dad was an encyclopedia salesman (and college coaches are salesmen if nothing else) and I went to three different fourth-grades all over the USA- and my beloved father earned a lot less than any FBS coach. Bielema took his family from Madison to Fayetteville for a lousy $500k. I’m with you, Po- I hope Wilson is indeed a hot commodity in the near future! But college coaches are incredibly competitive people and “moving up” is not just about $$$ (what’s another $1,000,000.00 in the bank), but a chance to prove it up to your peers that you’re as good as so-and-so and can win it all.

  20. Po, Davis…I believe there are many factors that would keep CKW with the Hoosiers. He was a long, long time assistant coach and the fact that Indiana selected him on his terms, I believe (a judgment of his character) would be a significant consideration. His wife does appear to be very comfortable in Bloomington, a town that has been magnetic for top of the line (as in world known and respected) coaches such as Knight (who did not consider man overtures, and a very focused effort by OSU to win him away); James ‘Doc’ Counsilman, perhaps the most legendary of world wimming history; Jerry Yeagley, an equal soccer legend known around the world…

    Part of the reason is Bloomington and the place in the community given to coaches. IU is one of the top universities in the US. Where some schools are football programs with a school attached, IU is a serious, world acclaimed institution of higher learning. That counts.

    The town is comfortable, safe and, at the same time, exciting. That’s a significant issue for families that are headed by coaches who spend at least half of their time away from their families. Schools are good, a key variable for a man who (as someone else has mentioned) has several (not sure of the number) [of] children ranging from elementary through high school. That, in itself, having them in a solid, comfortable situation, in a good school system, in a supportive community, weighs heavily on individuals who live with the pressures of top level coaching. And, at the moment of decision, would be a huge, huge consideration. And, long term, Bloomington has developed quite a reputation as a good place to retire (see Mallory).

    CKW’s relationship with AD Glass is also solid points in IU favor. Glass has done a phenomenal record structuring a balance of professional challenge, job security, economic compensation and the prerequisites of success (facilities, equipment, support staffs, etc.). All of these factors will be equally important with respect to the entire of CKW’s staff. But, I believe that AD Glass has his mind around that issue as well. (Remember, IU responded immediately to Coach Ekelar’s situation. Ekelar, simply decided moving on was in his professional [growth] interest).

    Obviously, we can’t ignore what our competition may do (and, it is always best to anticipate and trump them), but if we do reach that point because of CKW’s success, I think the IU alumni and fans would respond to keep a coach who had given the Hoosiers respectability, competitiveness and and changed Hoosier football culture.

    Here’s the one caution and proviso. We, IU, will have to treat CKW (or any other coach, for that matter) as if we want them, want what they offer and treat them with equity (value). That would and should be true with CKW the day we ask for his commitment to us. We absolutely can not pull the junk we did on Coach Mallory (who, by the way, is living proof of Bloomington’s magnetism and attraction).

    Yes, it could happen that a coach looking for ‘pizzaz’, endorsements the ‘glitter’ and needy of a mirror answering ‘whose the most beautiful of all’ may be attracted to the money, power and the media’s siren song. I just don’t suspect this is who CKW is. It seems he is a man who is a coach who respects himself and asks that hsi school and followers do the same.

    How much do I think these factors will count for in the competition for a successful CKW? A lot. At the same time, how much effort should we put into an IU football program that becomes known for its competitiveness and is nationally respected. It’s not a hard question. A lot.

    (Nor, do I think any of this is something that would have Mr. Glass hesitating very long).

  21. Davis, the best description of the ‘three minutes around half-time) comes from The Sopranos– I tried to get out, but they dra-a-g-g-ed me back in). I do agree with you; points (and control of a game) given away are points, however they came. It counts.

    I hope we got it out of our system.

    Just as important, when they seemed to rise up…we slapped them back down. That’s different.

  22. DD,

    For whatever it is worth I would have paid to read #15. Pertinently articulated.

    IU does not play in Columbia in 2015 but do during 2014.

    What I saw Thursday night was plenty of potential and Wilson and staff will turn that into desirable results.

    I do not know who/what provoked Jake Reed but it was right after that IU made the other costly mistakes. I was impressed with how quickly they put those behind them and got back to business.

    I have no fear IU and Glass will find the needed $ to keep Wilson at the appropriate time, no matter who the suitor. UNC would be my biggest concern. Glass wants IU to be big-time football and he knows he needs a big-time FB coach for that to happen.

    Navy is in trouble for their 1st game next Saturday. I do fear Bowling Green. They took down Tulsa 34-7 in their season opener.

  23. The thing that sticks out to me most is the balance. As good as they looked, there is still an awful lot of things that they need to get better on. If it’s true what they say about the greatest improvement coming from week one to week two, the potential for this team is scary. Six wins is very attainable. The defense isn’t going to be spectacular, but they should be able to get us enough stops when we need them to close some teams out. I’m not sure how many of you watched the Michigan State/Western Michigan game last night, but MSU’s offense is downright horrible. Their offense only put up 12 points against the Broncos. I feel very good about our chances against them this year. I think we’ll be able to steal a couple games this year that nobody expects us to win…and I plan on being at The Big House to personally watch that upset!

    Maybe my wife is right…I’m drinking the kool-aid

  24. Dustin,

    As HC noted, your #15 post was brilliantly written. I was watching The Final Drive on BTN and they were talking about how the defense gave up 35 points to ISU and I’m pretty sure I flew off the handle, almost verbatim, with what your post said.

  25. HC- thanks for calling out my error about Mizzou in 2014.

    Tsao- must respectfully disagree about the charm of Bloomington- at least as a factor in retaining a football coach. Brown at Texas and Kiffin at USC are both on shaky ground (for example). If IU wins 8 games in either of the next couple of seasons, I could see Wilson getting offers from either one of these schools (and a lot of others). Tsao, you may have some inside info on how “comfortable” Mrs. Wilson is in Bloomington, but c’mon, let’s be realistic: “Kevin! You did what? Turned down three million dollars a year ’cause you thought I’d miss shopping at the Fountain Square Mall? You idiot!”

  26. Davis- I thought about that before making the statement. First (actually, I did not bring it in until latter in the point), my assumption is that if we are on the edge of breaking through (or have placed us in a ‘strongly competitive’ category) as a program, we would be willing to pay CKW at or around the same level as Tom Crean and with a similar contract (quite long range, for significant money – $2.3-$3.0 with strong protections for the program). I made a point of saying we (IU fans and alumni) would have to show our respect in value. That’s one.

    Now, I live in one of the greatest cities in the country. Have everything I want in terms of culture, services, lifestyle, access, diversity (in absolutely everything), arts, beaches, sports, good transportation)…would Austin and especially southern California (LAX territory) draw me and my family- with all its members getting a vote- over Bloomington- no, not even close if I even come close to guessing who Kevin Wilson is. He is very much like former Coach Mallory and CM is still there, as was a good part of John Pont’s staff after JP left for Northwestern.

    Bottom line…at what point does a third or a fourth million feed anything but you ego?

    Where I would be concerned is about who we are. Are we aware of what IU and Bloomington offer that is far beyond 95% of programs? Are our alumni (people like you and me) aware that we ‘can do’? (in terms of presenting a solid program to the coach we want?) Or, are we the forever insecure, ‘how can anyone earn that much?’…’how can we pay that much?’…how can we possibly be that successful?’

    Come on Davis!…from the beginning I thought ‘that is one sharp guy, all Hoosiers should be like him!.

    Good place to say this as a general statement…I grew up in Indianapolis (after coming to the US) in the days of ‘Going All the Way’. We didn’t even dream of a professional NFL franchise, much less a stadium. I was a ball boy/manager in the summers (when I was an IU frosh) for the old Indianapolis Warriors (coached by former IU great Gene Gedman). We played at Victory Field, where we’d go out with a can of pain to line it. One or two car dealers owned it…are you kidding,,,an NFK team? Same with basketball, in the birth crib/playpen of NBA team in Indy?…we couldn’t raise $78.35 for the ABA franchise fees (exaggerated but close).

    Now, when I visit INdy once every three years or so, I just stand at Meridian and Market with my mouth open and wonder where the hell I am?

    Of course we can grow a great program at IU that keeps a Wilson or a Littrell, (or a Counsilman or two Yeagleys…?; as long as we don’t soil ourselves like in the Mallory case and don’t buy into the insecurity of “…how can we do it at Indiana U…(over Michigan or OSU or Iowa…??’ syndrome. You know why I think we can be winners, bigtime…because we are Hoosiers!). (and I really believe that…just do it the right way!).

  27. Wilson will not be a candidate for programs like Texas or USC any time soon. He’d need to have an overall winning record and some major bowl success to even get a sniff at those schools. No, I see Wilson more like the coach at Kansas State. If he can elevate IU to that level in the next four to six years, then Glass will make sure IU is not vulnerable on the basis of money.

    Let’s keep in mind, I think Wilson is 53 (or soon will be). If he’s winning, if he getting competitive compensation, and has a lot of control over the program, there’s not a lot of reasons to leave and start over somewhere else while you’re in your mid 50’s.

  28. PO- you’re probably right that Wilson will have to do more than make IU competitive to get offers from a USC or a Texas, but he will get some pretty good offers. But if “Glass will make sure IU is not vulnerable on the basis of money,” what will that take?

    Fitz/NU at $1.8m might be a useful benchmark for us. He played footsie with UM a couple of years ago and got a ten year extension (but that $1.8m per annum is rumored, not verified- no public records from a private school). NU’s treasury has the same constraints as does IU- small stadium not often filled and boosters not inclined to cut big checks to the football program.

    Anderson at UW in his first year is at $2.9m. Hoke/UM = $3.2m, Ferentz/Iowa = $3.9m (worst contract in college football from management perspective) and Meyer/OSU = $4.3m. As much as Glass (and the posters on this site) might want to pay Wilson in that bottom of that range, if the money is not there it simply is not there. But I could see a Georgia Tech. or a Tennessee easily coming up with that kind of money.

    Tsao- you wrote “Bottom line…at what point does a third or a fourth million feed anything but you ego?” Exactly! It takes a huge ego to do what some people do. Which does not (necessarily) make them bad people, just differently motivated.

  29. Davis, I agree with your general concept. Wanting big money doesn’t make anyone bad. I believe that. I also think that CKW should ask for very healthy remuneration. It would be great if he thought of himself that way and it would go a long way to making us feel well about ourselves. Look at your own statement (paraphrased, ‘we don’t have it’…don’t kid yourself and the potential is there to double the income. We should come up with it if the levels achieved merit it, just to prove it to ourselves.

    But, my point is a different one. The package involves several facets and money would be just one of them. (If I’m right about CKW. I think Podunker has a very good point at where Coach is and how he would view what he would have accomplished. And…there’s a whole genetic thread there that would have a vote on the subject. Quality of life, respect and the merits of the job, family issues, the legacy he would be creating are all and each as important if not more so. Witness Robert Montgomery Knight, the money was never the determinant issue and would never have been (unless we had started inhaling our oven, which Brand did). Some and each of the very issues I mentioned were much more influential than $$$ in keeping RMK here.

    The very big issue for us is another. Read some of the posts. Where does this sense that ‘we are not good enough and will have to make up for it’ come from? We are 1-0 one game into the season and we’re already into the 20th or so post and discussion of what we will do if ‘they’ come to steal CKW?? Please, we may (as insecure ‘daddy please tell us you love us’ supporters)need counseling even more than a defense.

  30. davis, I’d suggest Glass keep him in the middle of the Big Ten football coaching pack. IU is never going to have the highest paid football coach in the Big Ten conference. Allow Wilson to make what Crean is making. I’d say $2.7 per, in today’s dollars, with incentives, would make it very difficult for other schools to lure Wilson away. Of course, that depends on him leading IU to winning seasons (i.e., Bowl games) regularly.

    The downside of a huge salary, to a coach, is that when you don’t win, you’re more likely to be fired. Look at the pressure Lane Kiffen, at USC is under right now. He’d better win nine games this year of he’s out at USC. Once a school is willing to pay the big bucks to a coach, those big bucks elevate expectations and pressure. It’s win or get replaced, cause a lot of football coaches would love to make that kind of money.

  31. Davis,

    You kid yourself by under estimating the amount of money is available from donors who have been waiting for big time FB at IU. $3m is not out of IU’s reach by any means. There is plenty of do-re-me to make it happen. BTN $ alone makes that a fact today. If he is more successful than Coach Mallory was there will also be 15k more seats added in just a short. More cash for the AD to utilize. This a business AD Glass understands and relishes operating in. When he announced Wilson’s hiring 12/2010 he proclaimed with emphasis “I got my man”. There is no doubt he already has a business plan to keep his man. As I have posted before, UNC, his alma mater, is my only fear.

  32. HC- UNC is certainly to be feared for the emotional connection to Wilson. I do hope you are right about the hunger for winning IU football in the big-donor base, but I’ll believe it when I see it and in the meantime be fearful of a lot of other schools, too. But Tsao (succinctly, can you imagine) made maybe the best comment on this thread: “We are 1-0 one game into the season and we’re already into the 20th or so post and discussion of what we will do if ‘they’ come to steal CKW??” I’m just going to enjoy the ride and be tickled with three or four conf. wins this season. MSU, Ill., Minn. and Pee-yew are all doable, and IU may have joker up its sleeve for another.

  33. Davis, how about that? I think and write in whole thoughts, (a lost art). Love expressing in writing so that it is always a conversation or a real exchangerather than a grunt with friends. And, to boot, always respect the individual enough to give him/her my attention and to take the time he/she require of me (for writing and thinking about what I am writing). And, when someone writes something that deepens a subject- such as a filed NCAA lawsuit, I immediately hunt it up and read it with the idea that if they were considerate enough to educate me, I’m considerate enough to read into the subject. My old man’s ways.

    So…I see no need for apology for giving my time and thought. I’m just the wrong guy for 140 character tweets…don’t even read them. (That. for instance, is why I’ve never seen a single, repeat- a single- Crean tweet or reference to religion.

  34. Davis,

    Me too! Our thinking is really not much different. Sometime, in the future there is going to be a struggle(s)to keep Coach Wilson. I have seen enough action from AD Glass to be confident he has buried a cash box under the Rock for that(those)eventuality. He just is too good not to have planned ahead.

  35. Tsao- no apology needed! Hope I didn’t give offense, I certainly didn’t mean any. You write good stuff, but you have to admit that some of your posts can be prolix. And you are certainly not alone! As it’s sometimes said by writers under time constraints (grad students, lawyers, etc.) “If I had had more time, I could have made it shorter.”

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