Jansen quits, Cormier undergoes knee scope, and other notes from IU football practice

Freshman tight end Evan Jansen has left the program, IU coach Kevin Wilson said after practice on Tuesday. The freshman from Moeller High School in the Cincinnati area was ranked the No. 41 tight end nationally by ESPN.com and was part of a state championship team at Moeller as a senior, but apparently didn’t make it very far at IU.

“He after a week decided he didn’t want to play, so he’s left,” Wilson said. “I don’t think he plans to come to school here, although we left it open. He’s left the team right now. It was kind of a voluntary deal, just did it after he was here for five practices. I don’t know if he made it to a two-a-day. We’ll see how it goes moving forward. I kind of sensed his mind was made up. We talked to his family. If he wants to come back he can. He said he liked it here, but I don’t know if he was in to playing ball. We’ll see.”

The Hoosiers still have tight end depth without him. Senior Ted Bolser is back as a starter, sophomore Anthony Corsaro is a backup, and Wilson said he’s been pleased with freshman Danny Friend.

“Even with Evan leaving, you don’t like that, we did sign two,” Wilson said. “Danny is actually one of the better freshman we’ve got. He’s probably going to play.”

— The Hoosiers have stayed mostly healthy through preseason practice so far, but they have a few modestly significant injuries to report. Defensive tackle Chris Cormier suffered a knee injury in a walk-through according to Wilson and had to have arthroscopic knee surgery. That is, of course, significantly less invasive than it once was, and the junior college transfer is only expected to miss 1-2 weeks. However, he also missed most of summer workouts, which puts the 6-foot-2, 315 pounds behind schedule.

“We’ll get him back, but he missed the bulk of summer,” Wilson said. “Now missing this. He’s showed some quickness, but he’s missing all this really good time.”

Wilson said cornerback Rashard Fant, a freshman and four-star recruit, has a hamstring injury that has cost him some time. Wide receiver Ricky Jones also missed Tuesday’s practice with a shoulder injury, but Wilson said that’s minor and should only cost him another day or so.

Defensive end David Kenney, linebackers David Cooper and Steven Funderburke and left guard Bernard Taylor all missed time earlier in the preseason with minor injuries, but all of them were on the field on Tuesday.

— The Hoosiers scrimmaged on Saturday and Wilson said he was generally pleased with that.

“We took a lot of time to really try to get the guys focused on what we were trying to do,” Wilson said. “Which was really run the ball a lot and try to play better run defense and be more physical. For the most part, for an early one, it was OK. We’ve gotta keep building on it. We did a lot of it. We’re going to keep building on it. … The offense has some playmakers that can make some plays. The offensive line is better, but we need physical presences on offense, and it’s well known that we’ve gotta play better defense and in this league it starts with playing good run defense. We tried to start that. It can be better, and we’ll see how it goes this week.”


  1. Thanks for the update Dustin. Would’ve liked to see some video of the scrimmage under the lights, but so would our opponents. I’m really excited for the 29th. The program demonstrated the ability to compete in conference last year, with more size on the O-line and true competition @ RB I expect better productivity on the ground. Leading to a better mix of offensive play selection. The depth on defense will yield a fewer 3rd down conversions so our guys aren’t gassed by the start of the 4th quarter. I think we get a road win in October, and exceed the preseason ‘most improved’ label. Can’t wait to get to Memorial Stadium a few times this season.
    Go Hoosiers!

  2. Keith,
    Same thoughts. The scrimmage was closed to both the public and the media. We’ve been getting about three days a week of either open or semi-open practices. I’ll be loading up some video from today, but they’ve made it clear that video from actual scrimmaging (or anything that opponents could use to deduce plays) is not allowed.

  3. I’ve been seeing a lot of that across the country. Coaches are becoming more reluctant to let anyone take video of anything related to team offense or defense. Steve Spurrier has nearly banned press coverage of South Carolina practices and that’s a guy that never met a camera or a microphone he didn’t like.

  4. Many people don’t like Spurrier, but I always have. I guess because he tells it as it is, and never wastes a play.

  5. Sorry to see Jansen, or any other player leave the program. Too bad he did not come to the conclusion that he did not want to play college football before he accepted a scholarship and deprived another young man of the opportunity to receive an athletic scholarship and a Big Ten school.

    Being recruited by a Big Ten team is a big ego stroke to a High School kid. Then they get on campus and start practicing and reality sets in. They realize that its going to be much more challenging than High School, require sacrifice and more work than they’ve ever been required to do in their life. If they’re not 100% committed, the “dream” begins to evaporate rapidly.

    I feel for the young man, his parents and his High School coaches. He let them down, not just by quitting, but by not being honest with himself and admitting that he really was not interested in playing college football, or playing at IU, or whatever. And I feel for another young man who really wanted and needed that scholarship but was denied the opportunity. I hope Jansen learns from this experience, puts it behind him and goes on to be a happy and productive adult. In the mean time, he’s got some explaining to do to some people who tried to help him along the way.

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