1. My sentiments exactly Clarion. I wore my candy stripes to drop my kids off at preschool…and I live in Cincinnati.
    Can’t wait until kickoff. Go Hoosiers!

  2. I’ll be wearing my Indiana shirt to work today. Glad the day is finally here. GO HOOSIERS!

  3. Dustin, are we not allowed to refer to 3 defensive stops as the porn stop? XXX?

    I believe I was MODERATED!

  4. Also, I was led to believe that the flagpole was in honour of former IU great Jamie Kirlew. Was I misled or MODERATED?!?!

  5. Sounds like the Moderator doesn’t have a sense humor. Kind of like Coach Wilson circa 2011. We need a Moderator like Spring Break CKW. You should talk to the Moderator.

    It’s not like I went all Brandon Phillips on CTrent…

  6. They speak of the great and powerful ‘Moderator’ as if he’s the Wizard of Oz.

    Currently having a visual of a rather unkept Andy behind the curtain…spattered t-shirt longing for a launderette….olive oil dripping from his chin …chomping down on a Dagwood’s sub that he acquired in a brutal JPat mugging. And, of course, that god-awful Cardinal’s cap bearing the ugly truth in the dark shadows its worn brim.

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