Live Discussion: Indiana State at Indiana



  1. Probably nobody is getting TOO excited about beating ISU. The margin is noteworthy, and the fact that we weren’t all crossing our fingers at the end (and hanging our heads in shame as we left the stadium with a win because of generous officiating) is, also. What I saw was motivated players, playing hard throughout the entire game. THAT’S worth getting excited about. Good stuff, last night…really whetted my appetite for our game against a real team like Navy. I’m not sure how what we saw on defense will translate to a triple-option offense…ISU was pretty one-dimensional. Also, our returners need better protection, and I’m not even talking about the hit on Shane. ISU had players down there causing trouble every kick. Biggest disappointment for me was Indiana fans. Why are you going to leave early when your team is up like that? Hey guys….let’s get in the stands and support all this effort these kids have been putting into this, and let’s stay in those seats until the game is over! Take a lesson from Louisville, arguably one of the WORST programs in history, that built a team with a loyal fan base that attends games and stays to the end. I guarantee UofL fans didn’t wait to start winning before they came and stayed. So-called “fans” who can’t stay in the stadium for the whole game don’t deserve a winning program, and don’t deserve these talented players who are spilling their guts on the field. If you left early (yes, I’m talking to 95% of the student section, and the entire faculty/staff) SHAME ON YOU!

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