Mousty leaves IU women’s program

Redshirt freshman forward Jocelyn Mousty has left the women’s basketball program, an Indiana spokesman confirmed Thursday afternoon.

Mousty’s departure was not related to discipline, and she plans to play elsewhere. A former Indiana All-Star from Fredericksburg, Mousty originally committed to Ball State before asking for a release after the Cardinals changed coaches. She sat out all of the 2012-13 season.


  1. This is certainly not a surprise to me. It was quite apparent that when she was redshirted last year that she was behind everyone else at her position. My guess is that after the early workouts & practices she could see the handwriting on the wall that she may be all the way down on the end of the bench again this year. This tells me that the girls ahead of her including Jenn Anderson are pretty good! Obviously Mousty can see that there is very little future for any sugnificant playing time for her in this program. Clarion, it obviously makes since to her that she may get some playing time elsewhere if she transfers. I can’t blame her for that even if she has to set out another year. All of these kids just simply want to play! Go Hoosiers!!

  2. In th world of High level basketball where coach’s livelyhoods are at stake there is little room for sympathy As coach moves Foward with the program transfers and drops have already happen and will continue to happen. Mousty made the right decision

  3. Insider, you are correct, as the talent on the roster increases, the players can see who will play and who won’t. Why stay where you have very little chance to play. Coach Miller ihas added quality talent for this year with more coming next year. Kids are smart and can see how it will all shake down. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. I understand the cold realities of life, but I still feel sorry for kids who come in good faith and end up not being good enough.
    Hopefully Jocelyn can land somewhere where she can do well.
    I know I’m looking forward to watching Candyce Ussery play at Ball State.

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