On radio show, Wilson gives even more indication that multiple QB’s will play in opener

The rhetoric surrounding Indiana’s quarterback battle has now shifted from who the starter might be to whether or not the Hoosiers would play multiple quarterbacks to exactly how many QB’s they would play and how that rotation would be handled.

On IU coach Kevin Wilson’s radio show on Monday night, he all but confirmed that more than one of the three players vying for the starting position would play in Thursday’s season opener against Indiana State and strongly suggested that junior Cameron Coffman and sophomores Tre Roberson and Nate Sudfeld would all see action.

“We’re going to do what’s best for the team, one, but the second thing I gotta make sure I’m also keeping it in fairness to the kids,” Wilson said. “And can’t look at any of those three kids and say, ‘You’re out of it.’ So we’re going to get in game situations. It won’t be a revolving door. A guy is not going to have an incompletion and come out. … We’re going to decide who’s going first. Will we play all three? Play one? Play two? Somebody’s going to go out first and we’ll just start playing. We’ll just go play. The challenge is going to be how will we manage it and how they manage it, staying positive stay the starting quarterback the first (drive) they don’t play and the second they don’t play. … We’ll see if games separate it, because right now, nothing has.”

Wilson said he spoke to Coffman and Sudfeld, both of whom still have redshirt years remaining, to see if they wanted to take those years. Wilson pointed out to both of them that all three could play in the first game, someone could get the hot hand and keep the job and one or both of them could find themselves having burned a redshirt year but not taking many snaps. He said both decided they wanted to play and would be willing to roll the dice.

Wilson reiterated that the lack of separation does not stem from bad play on the part of any of them, but that all of have been good. All three have had completion percentages in the high 60s and thrown a minimal number of interceptions. Roberson has shown the capacity necessary to throw the ball and make all the necessary reads, and both Coffman and Sudfeld have shown the ability to throw on the run.


  1. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Roberson will get the start and most of the reps. Until he gets nicked up (because of his size and style of play). Then, Coffman will come in and play until Wilson feels that the team needs a boost and Sudfeld will come in. Exactly like last year, hopefully with better results.

  2. Game situations is probably the best way to judge QBs. You can only see so much in practice when the defense has to pull up before hitting the QB or really coming after the QB and you really can’t simulate game speed in practice. The results could be interesting.

  3. It appears, based on his comments, that Wilson sees the ISU game as an exhibition game that will allow him to evaluate his quarterbacks. Well, I hope IU crushes ISU in the first half and makes that scenario a reality. But that depends on IU’s defense, which has been terrible the last few years. I’m sure the defense will be much improved this year, but much improved relative to the recent past is not saying much. And ISU sees this as a big opportunity to beat a BCS-Conference and Big Ten School, not to mention earning bragging rights in the state, so they will be pumped up.

    If IU is up big at half and its obvious that ISU is no serious competition, I think all three quarterbacks should get to play a lot. But if the game remains competitive, like last year, rotating quarterbacks throughout the game could become a disaster.

    Wilson needs to produce a performance that meets Hoosier fans’ expectations. In other words, he needs his young team to dominate ISU and win going away. If IU squeaks by in a close game again this year, it will be almost as bad as losing. The bottom line is, Big Ten teams should NEVER lose to teams like ISU on their home field. NEVER. IU needs to win this game big and send a message that Wilson’s program is in the process of taking its performance to the next level.

    Let’s hope he gets to play all three of his talented quarterbacks a lot on Saturday and that his defense makes this a laugher.

  4. A win is a win. You can over-analyze the scoreboard. We crush a few teams perceived as cupcakes and suddenly we believe we’re at the level an OSU or Michigan?

    IU Football needs to be more of a sleeping tiger….Don’t show all the weapons too early. We are playing in a league of very astute coaches and programs with decades of winning and experience behind their logos on the helmet(they don’t need fancy paint chrome bumpers on their BMWs). Are hope is to lay low in the tall grass…Unleash Roberson and attempt to steal a big game. We aren’t in the position to brag going into Ann Arbor on how we beat up on Sycamores. Let the Goliaths of the Big believe we’re still the same old Keystone Cops.. Conceal..Deceive..Seize opportunities and strike fast. Attempt to stay in games…Go on fourth down. Don’t play conservative football. This ain’t Oklahoma. Make it dynamic and fun to watch for the fans. Statements? You must first have a balance sheet before you can send out statements.

  5. I agree. A win is a win. I consider this team a sleeping tiger now. Lets face it, their attitude toward us is at best lukewarm. Big Ten teams that is. This team might be like the 11-12 Hoosier basketball team. I mean not a Rose Bowl birth, but making teams take us seriously. That’s the whole beauty. We will make these teams respect us, and take us seriously starting this season, and future seasons under Wilson.

    I don’t remember Dopirak having a fetish over Coffman.

  6. I can remember how the spread and air raid were looked down upon when 1st introduced. Could not ever work. Then the refinements to each scheme started making insomniacs out of DC’s. That possibly could be the position rotating QB’s finds itself in at the present time.

  7. You guys all make great assessments of the program’s position. B1G opponents will overlook the 2012-’13 Hoosiers until they TAKE the respect they deserve. It’s GOING TO HAPPEN this season. Competition and depth at all positions, confidence from 4 tough losses in 2011-’12. If opponents have to prepare for 3 different quarterbacks, there is a great deal of pressure on defenses. An increase of 1 to 1.5 yards per carry makes 2nd, 3rd and if necessary 4th down conversions much easier. A physically bigger and stronger O-line makes this possible.
    I just can’t wait until Thursday. I won’t make the I-State game, but I will be in the house for Navy.
    Go Hoosiers.

  8. Keith, I love your enthusiasm and share your excitement about IU beginning the football season. IU’s offense should be much better than last year (and that’s really exciting). The defense should be much improved and more physical (finally). And, as we all know, the quarterback position has the ability to enhance all those positives, or neutralize them. Quarterbacks can create momentum and confidence throughout the team like no other player on the field. I love that IU has three quality quarterbacks that have significant experience. I just wish Wilson would name one as the starter and allow the offense to begin bonding with his timing and leadership.

    My guess is that eventually, Nate Sudfeld will be the starter and hold that position until he graduates. But that will depend on the strength of the Offensive line and the prowess of the running game. If the O-line is not strong and can not protect the QB in the pocket during BIG games, then Wilson will probably redshirt Sudfeld this year as long as the other two quarterbacks stay healthy. If IU’s line is not as strong as necessary, Wilson will probably rely on Coffman and TR because of their superior mobility. Of the three, Sudfeld appears to have the size and the arm necessary to play in the NFL.

  9. Podunker, I totally agree that Sudfeld has the size and arm strength to play at the next level. IU got a steal when he decommitted Arizona. I agree that Sudfeld will end up with the starting job. However, I think his athleticism is under appreciated. I think CKW will platoon these guys for two to three games and if neither is able to separate himself from the other two he will go with Sudfeld. In games where the O-line might struggle, he has the stature, mobility, quick release and accuracy to make plays. He certainly won’t be a threat to escape the pocket and run for 20+ yards. He is very capable of running for 10 to 15. I think a fair comparison of athleticism/mobility would be Andrew Luck. Who was thought to be fairly slow until he proved otherwise at the NFL Combine. I appreciate the enthusiasm being shown by everyone on this board, I just feel like the tough losses last year will benefit this year’s team. Psychologically if you know you can compete with other teams, you react to the game instead of thinking the game.
    Let’s all get to Memorial Stadium and do our part to boost their confidence.

  10. Keith, I agree with almost everything you’ve written today, with one exception. Everyone in the PAC 12 Conference knew that Luck was fast and could run. He was a stud and everyone knew it soon after he became Stanford’s starter.

    Because of my oldest daughter, I started following Arizona football years ago. I was watching an interview with AZ’s former head coach, Mike Stoops the week AZ was to play Stanford. All Stoops talked about was what a great athlete Luck was and how he could beat you with his arm and his legs, and how big and fast he was. AZ was worried about Luck breaking out of the pocket and running wild. I remember that, because those comments surprised me. When he first started to play, I thought Luck was just another big, slow, drop-back pocket-type quarterback. As we all learned, looks can be deceiving.

  11. Keith and Po – I love reading your guys’ posts on here, I don’t post much but I follow the scoop almost religiously. I’m very anxious to see how the quarterback situation plays out, but I must confess that I would much rather see Sudfeld as our starter. There was just something about watching him play last year. He had that “it factor” about him; when he would get on the field, big plays happened. He really seemed to give the entire team a spark and they really responded to him. However, something tells me that Coffman will start and they will use Roberson in some sort of wildcat package and Sudfeld will ultimately take a redshirt year. Three solid quarterbacks is a good problem to have I suppose. I guess that’s why the coaches get paid the big bucks so they can make those decisions…fun to speculate, though.

    On an interesting side note, I just went to go pick up a few extra tickets and ran into Hep’s wife. We talked for several minutes and I must say what a genuinely sweet woman she is. She hinted that there was reason for all of the optimism for this year from everything she’s gotten to see from the team and talked as if this was the most impressive IU team she’s seen since she’s been around.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see our guys take the field tomorrow night and I certainly hope there will be a good turnout for the game. Go Hoosiers!

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