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  1. Playing more than 1 QB is tough. I’ve been around a long time and it never really works. Maybe Wilson knows something we don’t. I think he probably already has an idea in mind. I think it will be Tre. In an earlier interview he talked about losing 5 games after Tre got injured last year. I think he associates Tre with winning. Maybe he feels the others didn’t rise to the challenge when given the chance. One more comment: What about depth after the 3. A kid named Matt Marencik, from my area and went to school with my grandson, is there right now as a walk-on. Passed up offers from some JUCOs to go to IU. Didn’t see his name on the 105 roster. Strong QB…played for bad HS team but good QB passer. Alot on internet about him. Read he won long ball throw at Purdue Elite QB Camp…strong arm. He might stir things up if in there.

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