Smith family releases statement

Indiana baseball coach Tracy Smith and his wife Jamie released a statement on Tuesday evening regarding their son Ty’s recent arrest on felony battery charges stemming from a late-July incident that also allegedly included John Mellencamp’s sons Speck and Hud. Ty Smith is a former Bloomington North wide receiver and is now a walk-on on the IU football team. IU coach Kevin Wilson said last week that he has not yet determined what Smith’s status will be with the team, but said that he is not currently with the squad. The statement follows.

We want to make a statement regarding our son’s alleged involvement in an incident that has been reported by the local, state, and national media.  We do not want our silence in this matter to be interpreted as an admission of his guilt, nor do we feel the need at this point to make a public profession of his innocence.  We simply ask that people do not rush to judgment based on what they may have read, seen or heard.  Instead, please wait until all facts of the case have been gathered, presented, and ultimately decided upon by our system of justice.  We have confidence in the legal system and we have confidence in our son.  Thank you.