Star: Dumes facing more legal trouble

Former Indiana guard Devan Dumes has been free while awaiting trial on attempted murder and carjacking charges from an incident in January. According to a report from Bill McCleery of the Indianapolis Star, Dumes may have violated the conditions of his release.

According to McCleery’s report, “Dumes allegedly possessed illegal drugs and an unlicensed handgun when he was stopped by police July 24 on the Near Northside near 34th Street and Hillside Avenue, according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report. He also initially tried to flee police when they tried to stop his vehicle, the IMPD report states.

“That arrest constitutes a violation of the terms under which Dumes, 25, Indianapolis, has been allowed to live outside of jail pending his trial, said A.J. Deer, a spokesman for the Marion County prosecutor.

“The drugs found in Dumes’s possession included cocaine, Deer said.”

Dumes has to appear in court on 2 p.m. Thursday, according to report, to determine if he must now stay in jail until his trial, the date for which is not mentioned in the report and may not yet have been determined. He has a hearing on Aug. 21 for the new drugs and firearms case and also has a hearing scheduled on Sept. 10 for allegedly stealing a handgun and also being in possession of marijuana.

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  1. Possession of an unlicensed handgun is not a crime. The State of Indiana does not require handguns to be licensed.

    The State of Indiana requires YOU to have a license to carry a handgun.

    The charge will be possession of a handgun without a license.

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