Sundae Scoop: IU offer should mean something

In an effort to bring a little more opinion and commentary to this blog, let’s try the Sundae Scoop. Today, I’m posting a copy of my Sunday column here. Sometimes it might just be an excerpt from a column by Andy or I, maybe even content exclusive to the Scoop on occasion. But just trying to add another dimension to what we do here.

That said, the decommitment of James Blackmon this week made for a good entry point to this topic, though the subject matter isn’t necessarily the reason for his change of heart. So here goes:

The last 369 days on the recruiting trail have not gone according to plan for the Indiana men’s basketball team. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been fruitful.

It’s easy to overlook the fact that the Hoosiers picked up commitments for the class of 201from McDonald’s All-American Noah Vonleh and another top 50 recruit in Troy Williams during that time.

But as with anything in life, folks find it easier to remember the negative than the positive — primarily the decommitment Trey Lyles on Aug 7, 2012, and the decommitment of James Blackmon Jr. just four days ago.

Those two stand out for a couple of reasons, chief of which is the fact that these are Indiana kids.

And the other reason is that both players originally committed to IU as high school freshman before they had played a single game of varsity basketball.

At the time, back in 2010, it was smart of Indiana coach Tom Crean to get in on the top talent early, particularly in-state and establish a pipeline for the future.

But as we’ve clearly seen, what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander, and now both players are taking a good gander at other schools. And much to the further irritation of Hoosier fans, that includes a certain school sporting the color blue and located in a town that rhymes with Wexington.

Now that Crean has successfully re-established Indiana as a player on the national college basketball scene, it’s time to act like it when it comes to recruiting. It’s time to make a scholarship offer from Indiana mean something again.

Imagine you’re a kid in grade school, and the teacher calls you aside after lunch to say, “Johnny/Jenny, I noticed you were really good today, so here’s a lollipop.”

You feel really good about yourself until you walk in the classroom and see 20 of the other 25 kids also have a lollipop.

So stop with handing out scholarship offers like they’re candy.

According to internet recruiting services, Indiana currently has approximately 10 scholarship offers out in the 2014 class, 11 for 2015 and six for 2016.

I guess 10 offers for 2014 isn’t too out of line compared to Kentucky’s 13 offers, but the difference is the Wildcats are expected to roll over half of their roster.

The Hoosiers currently stand to have two available scholarships, plus any potential transfers or early entries to the draft (although those prospects seem far more difficult to predict than last year).

The UK aberration not withstanding, perhaps a more fitting comparison for Indiana would be North Carolina. The Tar Heels currently have three offers for 2014 (and three commits, including Theo Pinson, who chose UNC over IU earlier this year), six offers for 2015 and just two for 2016.

I favor the more judicious approach. Recruits right now know that while receiving an Indiana offer is noteworthy, also know it’s not rare.

Keeping those offers to a minimum lets prospective players know that a school is serious, and as such, would be more likely to result in a commitment.

Being asked out on a date is nice, but not as nice as being asked to go steady (does anybody use that term anymore? Probably not, but I digress).

Of course, the NCAA could step in and make the whole unsavory process slightly more palatable by limiting the timing of scholarship offers until at least after the freshman year of high school. Even better in my mind would be after the sophomore year of high school.

While we wait for someone to do something sensible nationally, maybe the Hoosiers can get a jump on things by making their scholarship offers less frequent and more valuable. It might go a long way to making the next 369 days more enjoyable.


  1. Jeremy…you must have went to the same sports journalism school as Chris Korman. Its the one where you go to to learn to write about sports, and at the same time you become an expert in the field you are reporting on. I may have missed it, but I don’t remember you ever recruiting for a major college basketball program before.

    Sports journalism must be fun…you get to tell people how to do their job without ever having done the job. Awesome!

  2. I used to think the same about offering so many scholarships. But seeing how kids that give you a verbal won’t stay committed, I think that might be the way to go. Offer a scholarship to let the kid know you are interested and the 1st ones that sign, get the scholarship.

  3. Is it possible that we are over recruiting? Maybe TL and JBJr were not feeling the love they once did as we continued to throw multiple offers out there for power forward and shooting guard positions. Is this similar to what happened to the kid ( from the University of Louisville)who decided to reopen his recruitment? Playing time had to be a major factor in all of this as well.

  4. I still miss Andy’s commentary but this is a step in the right direction for the Scoop. Another good move would be getting rid of the video posts – y’all have faces made for radio.

    I’m not going to second guess Crean’s recruiting tactics until November. We would have had a class of Pinson, Lyles and Blackmon but for forces beyond his control – payouts at UNC, Lyles’ shadey dad (see Kyrie Irving recruitment) and whatever is going on with Blackmon (to be completely honest I don’t even care or want the kid or any member of his family anymore). Not having multiple offers to hedge our bets would be dumb.

    Once the season starts, I’ll second guess his in game coaching to my hearts content but to second guess his recruiting strategy is dumb.

  5. Great article. Something to shake things up a bit at the Scoop.

    Be a shame if you rid of Scoop Talk. Very informative.

    Aruss, Andy’s column was great. Sage something….. Sadly it turned into a bitch session when L$@@y was here. I miss it as well.

    We are at a point where we don’t need to offer early. The wheels are turning again. We have interest. Lets not be the school to offer children, before they are men.

    1. Andy’s Sage Take was very good, and some of that hopefully can be incorporated here, just less taxing on top of other duties if we’re sharing a once a week load.

      Scoop Talk’s not going away, painful as we are to watch. But sometimes the background scenes make up for that (i.e. – the forklift in Dayton), and we might occasionally make a fair point or two.

      And finally, it’s just my opinion. Tom Crean’s not looking to me for recruiting help any more than I’m looking to him for writing tips. He’s done just fine to this point, but lately has had as much success getting in late on guys like Noah Vonleh, Stan Robinson and Troy Williams — and now Robert Johnson, Michael Humphrey, etc. No doubt a long recruiting relationship can be beneficial, and some guys are worth offering early. It’s my feeling that too many offers cheapen their value.

  6. a) I enjoy Scoop Talk. And I’m sure it’s more fun watching them than it would be just listening to them. Not sure why. This is good too.

    b) I suspect you’re right; not at all sure.

    c) I’d think Crean might learn to let them get a little older before offering. But if we do snag a top player or two that way I can see why he’d do it.

  7. So Jeremy Price in Red, you go tell Vic,Will,Stan,Noah,Troy,D.Davis,C. Hartman,Cody,E. Gordon, Yogi, Austin, Hollowell, and all the others who have committed and stayed with IU that their Scholarships don’t mean much or did I miss Quote you Jeremy? I thought I read that you wrote” It’s time to make a scholarship offer from Indiana mean something again” I don’t believe those kids or any future kids think that. What a slap in the face to those young men just because a couple kids who have not played a minute of collage ball chose to go some place where they can be one and done and players for a guy who coaches on the other side of the river. Since you seem to be looking for material to write about maybe a “Wexington” news paper could use you. I can not believe you wrote that statement. If I was an IU committed player I would never talk to you!! That was a terrible thing to say to those kids!! Of course, you will likely withdraw my comment or maybe you can tell me I misunderstood what you meant.

    1. Southport,
      I didn’t say the scholarships didn’t have value. All I’m suggesting is that by making less offers, those offers become more special. And that has nothing to do with the players who chose to play here, although most of them were recruited when the program was at a different place than it is now, hence my suggestion that it’s time to reconsider the approach. You’re entitled to disagree. That alone will never get you banned or your comment removed.

  8. Dominic, whichever school of journalism Jeremy done did went to, it obviously did a fine job of training him on the art of basketball commentary as well as teaching him verb usage. Most here simply choose both; knowing something about basketball and writing about it in our great American language. At times, some bloggers focus on being sports experts and criticize the observations of the professional writers. A smaller group yet (a___oles like me) choose to post any old sport thought without having an idea of what we are talking about but,… we do so respecting the rules of the American English language.

    Do you have done did understood my point?
    Sorry, …I thought if you can dish it out, you would also be one of those great few who is able to take it as well. Write on!

  9. Jeremy…you were quite clear in your post. Southport needs to brush up his reading comprehension skills. I do think we need to hold off until at least the sophomore year in high school. Little kids should not be committing to a college.

  10. Southport65 has a very strong point. The value of our scholarship is evident in the people we recruited (Southport’s list) and needs no further justifying, ever.

    Let us not forget that Cody, Oladipo and Watford were celebrated all over the country as people, for who they were and what they represented not for their verticals, their percentages, or the curriculum of Top (10,20,100,250,300…etc). They not only played well, they made basketball a better experience…even for a skeptical, even cynical, media.

    What made us Indiana was the way they came together as a group, as a team of kids who actually liked each other and who took their very, very individual backgrounds and histories into a nearly perfect blending of a stew.

    I may agree that, perhaps, there’s something that does not ‘feel’ right about offering 11 or 14 scholarships in one year.That’s one issue. But, kids with the character of a Dipo, or a Cody or a Hollowell or an Etherington should always always be treated with the love, affection and respect that we have always shown those who choose us over their other options.

    If anything, the problem comes from those who feel a top five or Top 20 ranking on a National Enquirer’s hyped post trumps the combination of character, mental focus, intensity and the share of athletic talent each of the players brings and contributes to the mix. You don’t necessarily improve it by throwing in more expensive, rarer ingredients. Indiana has five banners that witness the point.

    Southport’s completely right. We don’t go to the expensive gourmet store for exotic, expensive ingredients. We go to the Saturday local farmer’s market and choose what we think will make the best blend.

  11. Jeremy,

    I agree with you. As I said earlier, but may not have been clear with my opinion, I think we do extend too many offers. Coach Crean is a great coach and I am certainly in no position to second guess him in his approach to recruiting, but I think these young guys want to be in the starting line up and develop as Vic and Cody did. Minutes on the court are paramount. The number of 2014 offers is getting up there and it seems to be increasing from week to week. We have had good success with recruits like Stan, Noah and Troy coming in late after the recruiting frenzy had died down. Hopefully, this strategy will continue to be successful for us in the coming months without us having to offer so many scholarships.

  12. Jeremy, I think that what Southport said is fair indeed. He seems (IMO) to be saying that there is nothing wrong with following the formula that brought those kids to IU. There is an inference (or one could construe one) that that we could do better if we brought players with bigger ‘national reps’.

    When you think about it, over the last 2-4 years the results (our success and Butler’s, as well as Purdue’s earlier during the period) are testament that [with the exception of Cody] basing recruitment on Indiana kids without national hype has been a more than solid team-building strategy. Combine that with your solid suggestion that we limit our offers to a number that reflects the value on the front of our shirts and we will continue to be thought of as a ‘special and legendary’ program. program.

    We are just giving way too much attention to the ‘noise’ surrounding the recruitment game since its main purpose is to ‘hype’ demand and increase profits. (It may be that JBJr figured out he’d get a lot more attention by saying ‘no’ than by saying ‘yes’. I learned that at 14 months old and moved on to more rewarding strategies of getting the attention of the adults’ in my family- like holding my breath and turning blue.

  13. If we only obsessed and dissected the importance of practice, tactical decisions in crucial times of momentum shifts, and poised coaching bringing a sense of confidence and calm to a team, as much as we slather so much singular importance on the Rival’s prima donnas that basically move within the restrictions and designs of the nine more on the floor and the two dueling suits with the flapping gums on the sidelines.

    Can’t disagree much with Tsao’s last paragraph.

  14. …8, 10, 12 scholarships offered for 1 year, I see no correlation to those #’s decreasing the value of the offer…now if it were 30-40 it would be different…

  15. We just never pounded it into Cody enough…We should have pounded it and pounded it and pounded it and pounded it and pounded it and pounded it until they forgot the names of every other player on our roster. It was the Cody and Vic show…It was ‘Going Home’ parties for Victor when it should been ‘The Pound It Into Cody Show.’ We had an unstoppable singular force and we spread the wealth….We were “trickle down” Hoosiers when we should have had the wealth of shots concentrated at the top tower a 7-footer holding the keys to our private Final Four neighborhood. Even poor Cody was too nice and harmless to know his demands of more the ball would exude confidence in all. We had the main course and we turned him into a side dish. We needed to make one “everything hinged” on mean and hungry…That ‘one’ needed to be Cody. That’s how we would have gone home. Sometimes when you have a star, you just make him and concede to him that he IS the star. We bought into the equal distribution of Cody and Vic headlines traps and our coach governed our strategy to play to those headlines.

    We ended up with a tandem act as fiery as the Smothers Brothers.

  16. ^POY….Post of the Year

    We had the main course and we turned him into a side dish.

    Sometimes I even surprise myself…

  17. I think we miss a point about early recruiting; what has changed on the recruiting scene and I believe is part impetus for freshman recruiting is the NBA and kentucky’s 1 and done TEAMS…..JBjr looked at kentucky’s 2013 class and all will leave for draft…he gets his chance to do the 1 and done…who needs an education

  18. It’s a a two-way street. You extend an offer to every schmuck who can hit a free throw, and we look like a desperate team whose offer means nothing to the recruits who really want to feel coveted.

    On the other hand, there’s at least a dozen programs who rotate in and out of the top five we could call elite. UK , KU, Cuse, Duke, UNC, UConn, UF, UL, UM, MSU, OSU, UCLA, AZ. Throw in your Gonzagas and your Georgetowns, your Baylors and Butlers and Wisconsins, and every other program on the periphery of greatness, and that’s a lot of competition. You limit your offers to a select few, and you could strike out and be stuck scrambling for plans P and Q.

    It’s a numbers game that’s not easy to solve, and you have to remember with every recruit that at the end of the day, they’re usually whimsical kids who won’t go all in on a coach that won’t go all in on them. Even then, the odds are stacked against you that you’ll actually land him. It’s a delicate balancing act, and until we’re in a position where we truly get the pick of the litter, over-committing may be a necessary evil. It’s fun to make fun of, but right now I think CTC is going about his recruiting the way he should be.

  19. I thought a scholarship offer meant something again when Eric Gordon gave Bruce Weber the finger….? Guess we know how that turned out.

    Without Zeller’s commitment to be a Hoosier, we’d be rolling in and out of Bloomington a sea of Malik Story and Nick Williams recruits.

    I’m just a bit surprised how naive many Hoosier fans are if they’re shocked by how quickly there’s been a buzz-kill now that the “everything hinges” era has past by Bloomington faster than a comet dancing along the fringes our solar system. The show is over. The main act has left the tent….

    Now Crean must prove he can sustain Indiana’s brief sign of life back to relevancy on his own right without all the hoopla surrounding the bright hope and savior recruit in the Indiana heavens that we anticipated and exceedingly fixated our scopes…It did fully surprise by buzzing around us and extra year…And then, we just seemingly watched whiz on by, back into an NBA darkest of dark sky, faster than we could shed a goodbye tear.

    Now it’s just pulses of light in the distance again…They flicker in our recruiting telescopes but they do not captivate our attention in the same way we felt about Comet Cody.

    Jeremy may have a point. But fate is not simply held in Crean’s eye…Does he have any choice? The shotgun recruiting approach is merely a sign that the confidence that came with Cody was more the product of random forces, timing, and the heart of a kid that came like a comet from the heavens. To think it merely our coach’s scope pulling him to the place he wanted his light to shine may be the biggest deception our brief return to relevancy in the Solar System Elite. True stars await for a lasso from a mighty coach. We shall now see if any future gravitational energy pulling the NBA comets at Blommington can be attributed to coaching more than the natural spin of a tongue on its recruiting axis.

  20. In these days of “one and done”, the approach in recruiting for many schools has been “throw enough mud against the wall and something will stick”. I don’t think Coach Crean’s approach started out that way but he has definitely edged in that direction. At the same time, in an effort to get more of the McDonalds All American 4 & 5 star kids, he has gradually drawn away from recruiting the best Indiana players. I believe both of these tactics are involved in the 2014 class and producing results he hadn’t expected. At this point, the short term issue is – who will IU end up with in this class? Reading the numerous blogs and reports, it seems the Hoosiers are in many top players’ top 10 but no one’s top 1-3. For the long term, I totally agree with your blog. Indiana has to stop handing out scholarship offers like they were flyers on your car windshield at a rock concert and treat every scholarship offer as if they were “gold”. At the same time, TC needs to return to “its Indiana” as the corps of his recruiting effort and keep the best players from the state in the fold. Whether it’s 2, 4 or 6 recruits,the Hoosiers need to keep them out of the hands of the UCLA’s, the Michigan’s, the michigan States and that revolving door down south of the river.

  21. Your numbers just don’t support the “crisis” implications of the tone of your piece. 10 offers and 0 verbals for 2014; 11 offers and 0 verbals for 2015; 6 offers and 0 verbals for 2016. Assuming that each year IU brings in 4 scholarship players, these numbers appear very reasonable! Coach Crean needs no help from us on the “nity-gritty” of recruiting the kids he wants for his IU Basketball program. I like our current roster. I will like our roster for 2014-15. But we need to win the B1G and be a Final Four team almost every year!

  22. John E. Temple,
    Not sure I’d agree that Crean got away from recruiting Indiana. There just isn’t as much depth in the 2014 class as there is in previous years. The top of it is outstanding with Trey Lyles, Blackmon, Jaquan Lyle and Trevon Bluiett, and Crean was very much in on all four of them and at one point had half of them committed. But after those four, there’s only one Indiana high school player in the Top 150, which is Sam Logwood at about 144. Obviously, ranking systems aren’t be-all, end-all, but I think it’s fair to say that there isn’t a long list of Big Ten-level players in the Class of 2014 in Indiana that IU has neglected. There might be some argument about Crean spreading himself too thin geographically and not focusing enough on the players he is recruiting in the state or making them feel more important by not also putting a lot of investment in East Coast players, but the dynamics of the class have to be taken into account. There aren’t a ton of really good players in the state that he has ignored.

  23. Let us not also forget that we just had two big recruiting classes, and with the possible exceptions of Noah and Yogi, they should all be returning in 2014.. By all accounts JH and HMP are making huge strides in their game, and we have lots of other guys whose development could be stunted if we routinely bring in 3-4 guys who are all looking for PT right away. You keep bringing in loaded classes and you begin to see more and more defections, and lose the invaluable leadership and experience of an upperclassman. For all the young talent on UKs 2012 team, there’s no way they win the NC without the steady hand of senior Darius Miller. A disgruntled Kyle Wiltjer departing this year may be what keeps them from winning it all next year.

    Having a 2014 class of 1 or 2 solid players is not necessarily a bad thing.

  24. Maybe Crean is not getting away from Indiana…Maybe Indiana recruits are just getting away from Crean. It makes on sense that maybe this state is not as neo-conservative as Establishment journalists love to insinuate. So here’s an idea…Michigan produces a decent amount of basketball talent. Tom Crean must have a some amount of ties to Michigan including his days at MSU…His brother-in-law played football in Michigan..They can all sit their glorious butts in our storied Assembly Hall, but can’t use their fat status and names to actually help expand our recruiting efforts into their homeland beyond a camera in their own face? Am I the only one that pisses off? Our coach is married to a family Michigan prides in calling their own. I want to vomit when I see them in the stands as we hear more and more top basketball talent from Indiana borders going to Michigan. Seems as the only thing their blue and gold butts behind our team bench add to is more defections.

    One would think Tom Crean and his Ann Arbor Harbaugh Dream Team he has to use to billboard his weak name at every high profile Hoosier game could create more than the reverb a fly hitting the screen on your window.

    All this might on our bench that had ties to MSU…The ties through marriage from Michmyperiodagain bringing all their storied QB family and love to Indiana …? We can’t steal one lousy high-ranking b-ball recruit from their borders for every five standouts they yank from Indiana? If they can’t throw us a basketball bone can they at least throw a couple pigskin picks Coach Wilson’s way? If the neighbor’s dog has been raiding your chicken coop for the last five years, ain’t it time to unleash our hungry mutts from the barn wall and give it back to the mother-pluckers? Hell, many these mutts acting as border collies that are throwing their influence around Bloomington supposedly came from top Michigan breeders!! When are we going to wake up? Those mutts aren’t here to support Indiana…They’re here to take our fattest chickens back to their farm. Beat the crap out of us in football and then let us look at their ugly faces and teeth behind our bench while top Indiana talent of the five-banners-game that once put us on the national map continue to end up on their dinner plate…?

    We have a coach that recruits via the eastern pipeline because he’s sleeping with the Michigan enemy and giving them our Birds!

  25. Let’s just make sure the copyrights issues are clear when bloggers reference Michigan:

    Hoosier Clarion gets an extra 1000 Scoop points added to breaking down the 50,000 point paywall to HT’s privatized stories every time a blogger uses “Meatchicken.”

    Harvard gets and extra 1000 Scoop character allowance points to use toward his next posting every time a blogger uses “Michmyperiodagain.”

  26. Harvard you must be kin to that feller in the White House. He talks alot and makes no sense you post alot and make no sense.

  27. Harvard sometimes I think you hate IU basketball and its coaches so much that you can’t see the forrest for the trees. These kids all want to start or get a lot of minutes right out of High School. They are spoiled and they all think they are the next NBA James. There are just so many minutes to pass out in a game or did you not pass math in High School? The Michigan schools offer good Coaches and a lack of talent up north. So they have the minutes to pass out last year that IU did not because we had a talented veteran team. Do you really thing McGary was going to pass up a shot at starting in Michigan vs sitting on the pine behind Cody and Watford? There are lots of these examples but u don’t care so why talk about them. You know IU is not the only major college in Indiana. How did McGary get away from PU,Notre Dame or Butler? They really needed him. IU can’t take every good kid from Indiana and get highly ranked national players also. Coach is looking for kids who fit his game plan and that is not always kids who don’t want to play and practice hard everyday. This years class is a great one and it included Indiana kids who will play hard and it has top 50 kids and even a player who ranked higher than Cody coming out of High School. The state of Indiana has some great High School coaches who are sending kids to IU and other Indiana colleges.but it also has some slimly ones starting with James Blackmon SR. Think about all the High School big men that got away from IU prior to Cody Na Coach Crean. Why are you not talking about those kids and coaches? For u it is just about saying anything negative to can find to throw at IU. You don’t care about my school you just care about bashing Tom Crean. What did he ever do to u to make you hate him so? It is one thing to disagree with some things he does, I do myself, but you are beyond that u just flat out hate the man and what he is building at IU. I am truly worried about you and your health. This much stress you have is not good. Take a vacation and get away from all this before it makes you Physically sick. I do not dislike you Harvard and sometimes you are spot on but it is this hate that I worry about for you.

  28. Southport-

    I actually did pretty well in high school math. Calculus? Not so much. Got involved with a young lady during the first weeks of class and that was all she wrote. Luckily, I passed the first exam with a C- and it was enough to escape failing it altogether.

    The only class I ever flunked was a junior high Spanish class. Long story(there was a cardboard hand from a life size cut out of Ponce de Leon and a middle finger involved). Learning another language was a struggle for me. Probably had a lot to do with a poor foundation in grammar. Plus, the instructor was just a complete bore and douchebag.

    You’re a good kid, Southport. Thing is…I spend way too much time on this blog. I rarely miss too many threads that discuss basketball..I honestly don’t recall a single comment about Blackmon being of slimy parents and slimy motives until he a few days ago when he had his change of heart.

    You’re right. Nothing wrong with Crean’s recruiting. And at the end of the day(once IU was eliminated from the tournament), I have to admit that I had a blast cheering for young men from the stomping grounds I grew up. It was the best of both worlds…I could cheer for the Hoosiers and still cheer for a hometown kid few had known as a household name taking the college scene by storm. I’ll have the same next season. Disappointed we couldn’t put gutsy kids like Albrecht and McGary on a Hoosier roster(Dawson and Robinson ain’t too shabby either), but I’m still finding far more enjoyment following their games than if they would have chosen Purdue. If it’s not going to be IU, I’m glad they went out of the state while staying in the Big 10.

    It’s admittedly difficult for me when my alma mater seems so disinterested in the part of the state I grew up…It never stopped many my relatives from going to IU. There’s a lot of love for Bloomington up north and though the talent pool may not be as large as Indy, the area has produced some very good players through the years. Can’t help but live vicariously(the wannabe b-ball jock/star that never happened in my dreams) through some that went to my high school or conference my high school played in.

    It’s not a total loss…Remy…A.J. Moye…D.J. White…Matt Roth There are Hoosiers of a quiet nature not from Indiana that still lift my heart and anchor my belief that hard work can still pay dividends and be rewarded from the man above.

  29. I don’t think Coach Crean and his staff have done anything wrong. I believe he needs still close the borders of Indiana and then go find talent out of state which he has. Coach Crean need to continue to the things he doing and recruit the players that want to play here and not the ones oh I play here and then 2 and half months before signing date oh I am changing my mine. Bunch a crap they will get an education and get to play the game they are suppose to love. What Ever I want players that will play hard and play for all the tradition that Indiana University has. Well enough of getting on my soap box but I know Coach Crean are doing the right things here and Just like a Phoenix we are back and looking to stay up top. Go Hoosiers!!!

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