Video: Football Camp Day 1

Preseason for Indiana began Friday morning. We shot some video. Nothing earth-shatteringly news-worthy on here (and frankly, I shot it with an iPhone, so it’s not spectacularly shot either) but it’s football. We’ll post stuff as it uploads. And then we have availability later.


  1. Speaking of football, check out this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated, toward the front, the section called “Leading Off.” The article and photos are about Oregon’s new 145,000 square foot Hatfield-Dowlin Complex (yes, that’s 145,000) It demonstrates the value of having the co-founder of Nike (Phil Knight) as one of your alumni donors.

    Based on the photos presented, this complex rivals the luxury standards set by the world’s best resort hotels. If you want to see what a recruiting advantage looks like, check out these photos. Then try to tell me that money can’t buy success for a college football program. Mediocre school (at best), with no significant long-term football tradition, located in a wet and gloomy climate. You want to get the best football players in the country to go there? This is an effective way to do it.

  2. P, have seen Alabama’s recent upgrades. They just put another $100 million into their facilities. The best just keep getting better. A friend on mine works for the NCAA and got a tour of the Oregon facility and said it rivals some of the NFL facilities.

  3. “Mediocre school (at best) with no significant long-term football tradition, located in a wet and gloomy climate. “

    Yes, Podunker, yes. Well-said and couldn’t agree more. Also, Eugene houses some of the world’s most obnoxious douchebag sports fans. One of these days the Northwest’s true beacon, the Purple and Gold of the U of W, will finally snap out of their long, long losing streak versus the petulant quackers from the south. I hope I’m alive to see it happen.

  4. Po, I’ve heard sports journalists say, on more than one occasion, that Phil Knight’s checkbook would always guarantee that Oregon will be a major player.

    Texas, in recent years, has been an anomaly. In football, it’s usually the teams with the most money that consistently win.

  5. Eugene is a gorgeous place. Tuscaloosa is not. Neither is South Bend…or Columbus. In fact several SEC schools are located in absolutely wretched places.

    It’s rarely about the scenery.

  6. Oregon has ridiculous facilities, but IU fans should be thrilled with ours too. For the money we have to work with, Glass’s yearly improvements have made the Memorial Stadium complex fantastic.

  7. Some of the Oregon recruiting advantage was neutralized when the HC went to the NFL. At least for a season or 2.

    I’ve been to Tuscaloosa, Eugene and lived in both SB and Columbus. In my opinion Eugene is tied for 3rd with the home of the Tide for the better place to live.

  8. Jimmy, you’re absolutely correct, and I am very impressed and proud of how IU has improved the football facilities. But imagine if you’re an IU coach trying to recruit a talented high school football player and you’re up against Oregon. After they walk through Oregon’s new facilities, 99 out of 100 recruits would accept Oregon’s offer over IU’s offer.

    As for Alabama, they have the tradition, the luxurious facilities and the largest coaching staff in sports (Sports Illustrated). Alabama football, if it were a publicly traded company, would be amongst the Fortune 500, if not the Fortune 100. It’s an industry to those folks, and they invest to make sure it stays at the top.

    Chet, Eugene is O.K. in the summer, when it’s not raining. But during the fall, winter and spring, it’s usually raining, misting or blanketed in damp fog. I’ve been their many times, and I assure you that the weather is not one of Oregon’s recruiting advantages. Overall, Eugene’s weather sucks. But I agree, if scenery were important, Alabama would never win a football game. Tuscaloosa is a dump.

  9. No doubt Po, Oregon is just swimming in $$$. I wish Cuban would end his feud with the NCAA.

  10. The father of my college girlfriend owned a good portion of South Bend. He built University Park Mall there (with Ed DeBartolo, who owned the 49ers at the time). Really nice family. She was beautiful. We were in love.

    The problem was they wanted us to live in South Bend. I moved on.

  11. IU does have one recruiting advantage over the Ducks: no sanctions. You just knew the minute Kelly bolted to the NFL after being pretty adamant about staying in Eugene that Johnny Law was on his way to town. Same with Pete Carroll and USC. It’s a shame those moves are so transparent.

  12. Kind of like Mayor Daley in Chgo. who squandered millions on an Olympic bid only to be the first city knocked out of the competition, then blew literally billions on a parking meter privatization deal that has enraged the citizenry- only to decide that he won’t face the music and run for re-election. I call him the Pete Carroll of politics.

  13. Davis, you bring up one fascinating topic. I remember thinking when the idea of the Chicago Olympics came up- No way, not then!… and being amazed at the hysteria. I’ve always followed the IOC and its machinations and the incredible overlaps with FIFA, the international body that controls soccer and the World Cup. A museum to the art of conflicts of interest. The humor came with the fact that our ‘home grown’ movers and sahkers were virgin pre-pubescent mosquitoes on the back of the Havelanges (Brazil), the Blatters (Switzerland), the Sanchez Rana (Mexico), the Rogges, the Grondonas… The IOC and FIFA usually moves from continent to continent and infrequently go to the same country within 8-12 years (we had already had the Olympics in LA and Atlanta in the last 20 years), the World Cup that opened in Chicago …no way we were getting the 2016.

    Add the emergence of the BRIC countries (Brazil, India, China); the Soccer World Cup had been scheduled for Brazil next year (along with the just finished Confederation Cup). I wondered who in the hell sold Daley the idea…it followed no logic. I could not believe the innocence with which they fell into the IOC/FIFA spider web.

    But they sure ate up on the real estate possibilities with the speculation the Olympic Village at the grouns of the old hospital near or at Washington Park and Jackson Parks (and, the plan to then turn it into a housing development. You remember Michael Scott (RIP), then Chicago Board of Ed President (a close Daley player lost big (he’d bought all kinds of property options near the planned Olympic Village and ended up eating his gun shortly after the IOC choice of Brazil was announced……sad and very tragic, He was a decent guy.

    When they made the announcement and Chicago didn’t even make the short list, I couldn’t believe the ‘innocence’ of the insiders. In a way, there was a humor to how they had been played by the pros of the IOC and FIFA. Naahhh, I don’t know anyone here that naive. No, no, no! Man…there really are three million breezes in the Windy City.

    Here’s to our 7 or 8 game winning season and third/fourth place B1C finish. Good beginning to the IU Era.

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