Blackmon recommits to Indiana

Months after ending a commitment that had lasted more than three years, Marion guard James Blackmon Jr. re-committed to Indiana on Thursday night, announcing his decision on ESPNU.

Blackmon, a 6-foot-3 shooting guard and the No. 23 rated player in the nation in the Class of 2014, de-committed in August after initially committing to the Hoosiers before his freshman year of high school at Fort Wayne Bishop Luers. Blackmon said he wanted to go through the recruiting process and was courted by dozens of major schools, including finalists Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State and Kansas. He had been considered a heavy lean to Kentucky, but the momentum shifted on Thursday and Blackmon decided to go back to his in-state school.


  1. Welcome to IU James! Can’t wait to see your smooth shot while you’re wearing the Cream & Crimson! Best of luck to you!

  2. RIGHT ON!

    Time for everyone to forgive a 17 yr old who committed as a 14 yr old and now, after careful evaluation, and proper consideration, he has not changed his mind after all.

    Welcome James! I am excited for your future at IU!

  3. I heard on the radio today that Blackmon has been talking up IU to other IU recruits the for the last couple of days. This was a FT. Wayne newspaper reporter. Any truth to that story.

  4. Okay I am sorry James. I never trashed him but after the decommit it just looked like his Dad all over again committing to UK. Glad I was wrong. Still do not like the mustache and hair parted down the middle but he would think I look dumb too. Just want him to put the ball in the hoop.

    Welcome to the Hoosier Nation JBJR!

  5. JBJ was simply a better fit at IU than UK…and he obviously knew it. Welcome to IU James…2014 is going to be exciting!

  6. I know I cannot be the only person that feels a little skeptical. Not that I am in the majority – I know I am not. But I view this as a commit whose heart lies elsewhere. I think he was “all in” when he originally committed. At the point he opened up his recruitment, it appears he thought the grass was greener somewhere other than Indiana. And I was fine with that. But just like a “dumped” boyfriend… please spare me the drama of coming back saying NOW you know how much I meant to you.

    I love his skills ! And they are needed on this roster. But I am not the least bit convinced that this is where he truly WANTS to be. I think IU was maybe his second and probably his third choice. But the recruiting classes’ of his preferred destination filled out in such a way that the writing was on the wall. He would be coming off the bench in those programs… if they even saved a scholarship for him. (Mostly a size issue, not skill related.) So he figures – “ol’ reliable” will take me back and love me.

    I really, really hope he has a nice, solid career at IU. But I am skeptical. I fear we have Bracey Wright II… instead of AJ Guyton.

  7. @ Just Is…

    I can’t figure out your comments at all except to say it sounds like you got dumped a lot and still harbor a lot of resentment. My guess is you need to see a counselor. That’s not a bad thing. It will undoubtedly improve your life. Anyone who commits to the counseling process comes away an improved person.

    Specifically to Blackmon… HE WAS A 14 YEAR OLD BOY when he originally committed. I had a Flock of Seagulls skater-do, a trapper keeper, and a lunch my mother packed for me at 14… How bout you? Were you making life-altering decisions? Were you going to be a ROCK STAR? Were you going to be an architect? Were you going to be the next Rick Mount or Larry Bird? How many times did you change your mind a day, much less question a decision you made 3 years further back in your mental development?

    I’m not saying your viewpoint is the minority… I have no clue. I AM saying that it is terribly thought out. It’s a joke. It lacks any perspective whatsoever.

    Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  8. Oh, and so what… So what if we are the second choice or third choice, but ended up a winner of circumstance… He’s here. He’ll sign in a few weeks.

    Are you questioning his commitment to his own development as a player? Do you worry that he doesn’t want to be the best possible player he can be? You’re worried he going to transfer? IU is perceived to be a developmental dream. We made Dipo. We didn’t cramp Zeller.

    We just got a junior… Steph Curry JR. He’ll spend a couple years as a shooter… A little bit of time as a student of Yogi and back up PG… Then he’ll become an all-American candidate by his 3rd year. His skill set is perfect for the college game. His size and athleticism won’t keep him off the court while he develops. He is at least adequate in all areas and superb in some of the most important.

    We just got a stud and you’re re-living a high school break-up… Sad.

  9. meh. however, if anyone thinks my reverse psychology was a factor in securing junior’s commitment, I am accepting donations thru paypal using the email addy associated with this cite. or if you just want to donate to a family with a toddler and a baby they can’t afford, that’s fine too. or you can buy the toddler for…say… $40k. the six month old is $60k. Halloween candy thrown in for free.

  10. What a great way to start my Friday morning! Welcome to Bloomington Mr. Blackmon. Enjoy!

  11. …thankfully, a much needed sharpshooter for a team who needs more perimeter scoring…

    Geoff your description of his present day skills being college quality are so apropos. I believe if he stays 4 years he could challenge some IU and conference records. I’ve watched him enough to know he has a pretty complete game. He is competitive enough his D will really improve in college and will add to the offense he already possesses. A STUD indeed! I’ve gained even more respect for Coach Crean’s aura for recruiting. Also is it PJ or does some 1 pull the trigger early?

  12. The de-commit and re-commit is as rare as the Walk-off Safety that we saw on Thurs. night in Miami.

    Great news for the program, and excited to see how the Harvard Spin Machine turns this one back into a negative!

  13. Anytime we put a top Indiana talent in candy stripes it’s a good thing…

    And I am continually astounded at the way this tiny state with basketball bloodlines running rich to every corner its deep hoops heritage across its farmland to cityscape can reload on talent that provides multiple programs shots in the arm….Patterson, Harris, Dawson, Robinson, Teague, Thomas, the Gordon brothers, Yogi, Blackmon, the Zellers, the Plumlees, McGary, Hayward…and dozen upon dozens more. Year after year a never ending stream of names that change college rosters for the betterment of the game. Indiana is truly like no other place on the planet in its beyond unique ability to be the birthing suite for fine young men containing the perfect blend of top skills and grounded minds that keep the college game alive. Naismith may have invented the game, but it’s the hoops god that straddled our borders and knocked us up.

    Yes, good kids and talent can be found everywhere. But when you look at what Indiana provides to the aptitude and love of the sport per its humble population numbers, there would never be deficits in passions in the seats or profits in the pocketbooks if anything could remotely compare.

    And that’s why it pisses me off when people come on here and bitch about football at Indiana. It’s terribly dismissive to just how much we have to be thankful..And it’s grossly wrought in deceit to do it as an attempt to deny the unparalleled beauty of what we’ve always had in our home. The quest to think we should have it all is simply how the Establishment minds steal the recognition and spotlight away from something they forever envy and shall never possess. Yes, I’m talking to you Seth Davis and Dickie V…and the rest you Indiana wannabees. And the individuals on the blog that are usually selling that snake oil intending us to inherit some feeling of shame and inadequacy came from long journeys east and west with their own inferiority complexes to sell upon us our own self-disdain.

    Not this Hoosier. I have no reason to piss on this young man that has decide to stay where the people of this state gave him so much love and passion for his game. When coaches and players come to play at McCracken from faraway lands, it is our bloodlines to the game that put the stamp of approval forever on their name. There is nothing better for a basketball career than to walk into our borders. Conversely, there is nothing more positively recognized by coaches and recruiters when a young that decides to leave this state has the stamp of Indiana next to his hoops birth certificate.

  14. It’s nice to have a reason to return.

    My angst about both Hoosier and Husky sports – the perpetual underachievement by both programs – has been soothed by my beloved mighty Seahawks. Not a more rowdy and passionate group of fans in pro sports than the 12th man.

    You Mad Bro?

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