Hoosier Morning

IU coach Kevin Wilson took a rare turn focusing on the defensive side of the ball last week, Dustin writes.

The Hoosiers would do well to heed the words of Kofi Hughes, who knows handling success is the next step after beating Penn State, Andy writes.

This story is a couple weeks old, but relevant now that IU is allegedly showing interest in Devonte Graham, who cannot get out of his letter of intent since Appalachian State is holding him hostage, Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo! Sports writes.

Cody Zeller will get the starting nod in the Charlotte Bobcats’ preseason opener tonight, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer writes.

IU quarterbacks still have a shot to reach their goal of a 70 percent completion percentage, Evan Hoopfer of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Michigan State and Indiana were the top two stories around the Big Ten this past weekend, Gillian Van Stratt of MLive.com writes.

Since we’re talking hostages, here’s “Hostage of Love” by Razorlight.


  1. Does anybody know the last time we beat Michigan State, and the last time we did so at Michigan State?

  2. The NCAA 2013 FB statistics highlight after 5 games played IU CB Tim Bennett leads the nation in passes defended. We all have recognized he is doing well but I did not know how well against all competition.

  3. I look forward to the day when IU beating Penn Sate is not a “shock” to Big Ten fans.

    HC, that is impressive performance for Bennett. I wonder if QBs will start avoiding his side of the field through the remainder of the season?

  4. I’m sure there’s plenty of general football fans outside die-hard Indiana crowd that were surprised by the Penn State game and the potency displayed by IU’s offense

    The above was my quote from yesterday. I don’t think it’s as much of a surprise to Big 10 fans that are following closely…And it’s more of a pleasant surprise to IU fans realizing this team was on the cusp of many solid victories to come.

    But to the general sports/football fan that is simply used to opening the Sunday paper(maybe a guy that primarily follows hoops like Geoff) and checking casually the scores and prepared to see the usual teams expected to be the usual dominant players on the landscape, IU running up that sort of point total and putting a thorough shellacking on Penn State was likely a mild shock.

    And there will be more shocks to come for those not close enough to electricity to sense IU football is no longer satisfied with the days our defeatists memories want to attach to their future.

  5. You and I both know OC’s will be cognizant of him in their game planning for IU. But it is a big deal for IU to have such a talent on D for opponents to focus on. I wish Hoobler was healthy as he impressed me last year with his lateral quickness. He may not be on Bennett’s level but a quality LB who caused some havoc.

  6. Between Brad Stevens, Vic and Cody feeling some interest in the NBA. I’ll cure that with a nice ride to North Carolina for a few days.

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