A good week for “The Journey” to have visited with IU football

Big Ten Network’s award-winning magazine show “The Journey” will feature behind-the-scenes and on-field looks at Indiana’s football offense in an episode debuting at 7 p.m. Wednesday. Given that IU posted 52 points Saturday, the timing was good for the BTN cameras to be rolling. The episode will also include a lot of material concerning the club the Hoosiers face this week, Wisconsin’s Badgers.


  1. If “The Journey” was to profile our defense, it would probably resemble Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance expedition. Shackleton probably had it a little easier, too.

    What would you rather do, try to survive 22 months in the Antarctic, or have to turn around Indiana’s defense? This might demonstrate the line between improbable and impossible.

  2. IU defense has shown improvement over the season. The issue is that the defense has not shown enough improvement. It’s true we are not giving up as many big plays and we have had some impressive stops. However, we still are out of position on many plays, there are way too many blown coverages and our tackling, while improved, has a long way to go. As for the rankings, I think we are better than 122nd place. Most of the teams ranked ahead of us do not play in the B1G, so the rankings (yards allowed) do not reflect the competition level IU faces.

    Wisconsin, I’m sorry to say, will likely be a setback for the program. We match up poorly (to say the least) and I don’t see us stopping or significantly impeding Wisconsin’s running game.

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