Greetings from Poland: Q&A with Jordan Hulls

Hey everyone! Jordan Hulls here and I’m just going to be answering some Q&A real quick to give you an inside look at how life in Poland is going thus far.

What’s the quality of basketball like compared to the Big Ten?
The quality of basketball over here is good but Poland is a lot different compared to the Big Ten. The style of play, schemes, refereeing, and competition is just different than what I’ve done the past four years. It can be very physical here like in the Big Ten but then there are instances where it’s not even comparable. There are many good players in this league and it’s good to see some familiar faces but also play against guys that I would not have ever heard of before that are good basketball players.

What differences would fans notice?
Since fans are fans, they would definitely notice how the game is called differently over here compared to the United States, but that’s part of the learning curve when playing professionally overseas. Also, fans who understand the game would notice the different schemes that are used, such as giving up fouls when you get beat off the dribble or in transition, which is something we see in some instances in NCAA but nothing like overseas. Lastly, they would notice that you can only have 3 non-polish players on the court at one time, it’s just a rule in overseas basketball.

Where are the players from? Anybody you’ve played against before in high school or college?
In this league there are players from everywhere. There are guys who have played in the NBA in this league, guys from big time NCAA schools, and just players from all over Europe. It’s really a small world in basketball because I’ve already played against guys that I competed against before. To name a few here are some guys I’ve played with or against in the past and are out here in Poland: I played Korie Lucious in college when he was at Michigan State and we just played him a couple weeks ago; Danny Gibson is actually from Madison, Indiana and we played together in the Indy ProAm a couple summers ago; Keith Clanton played at UCF and we went to China together for Reach USA in 2011; Elijah Johnson played at Kansas and we played against each other in High School at the Kentucky Derby Classic All-Star game. It’s just crazy to think how many connections can be made through basketball and I’m sure there are more I’ll have as the season goes on.

How’s your performance been?
My performance here in Poland has been pretty good, but I know I can do better. It’s definitely an adjustment and I knew that coming into my first year of professional basketball overseas but it’s coming along and getting better and better. My team is 4-1 as of now in league play, which is great because nobody, besides ourselves, thought we could be this good.

What’s the game atmosphere? How many fans and do they get into basketball there?
The atmosphere is actually a lot better than what I expected it to be. Nothing compares to the 17,000 fans at Assembly Hall, but our gym is one of the best atmospheres because of our fans. It’s not the biggest gym, but we pack it in with about 2,000-3,000 people. From what I’ve been told my team’s city (Slupsk) has always been crazy about their basketball because it’s not that big of a city and it’s something everyone knows about around here. It’s kind of like Bloomington in that aspect, so it’s pretty cool.

Well that’s it for this week’s Q&A so until next time, Stay Classy BTown!


  1. Awesome, Jordan! What are your season dates? We’re actually toying with the idea of doing a Malta-Israel-Poland tour to combine sightseeing with family heritage searches and we’re thinking it would be fun to see Derek Elston and Christian Watford and you in your games.

  2. Thanks for the updates! Thanks also, for all the great memories of watching your gutsy play over the years. May God bless you and keep you safe!

  3. Glory, game, guts, and Golumpki written all over his grumpy face.

    Question for Jordy: Have you seen any of these pole(ish) girls?

  4. Jordan, nice of you to write this for us! Hope you are liking Poland, when you’re not at work! Got a brother there who has lived there for 5 years (in the south by the Czech border). Went to visit him last year – total blast. Good luck w rest of season!

  5. Thank you for writing this, Jordan. It is a great insight to the world of professional basketball beyond the NBA. I wish the Bloomington school system could do something cool like following your travels and experiences, thereby exposing more of our youth to life beyond our shores.

  6. Jordan, I really appreciated your Q and A. I hope you will do it again. And I wish you the very best in your career in Poland and as a professional basketball player. You’ve been a great asset to IU. And you are a great asset to the world.

  7. Jordan jest nasza nadzieja – liczymy, ze pomoże nam zdobyć medal – ufamy, że będzie coraz lepiej grał !
    Pozdrawiamy wszystkich fanów J.Hu. 🙂 !!! Robi tu – w Słupsku – kawał dobrej roboty !!!

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