Hoosier Morning

Indiana has two good quarterbacks in Tre Roberson and Nate Sudfeld, but neither has claimed the starting job outright, Dustin wrote.

How people feel about the Hoosiers changed with one backward pass against Minnesota, Andy writes.

The IU women’s soccer team is practicing in November, and wants to keep doing so beyond the Big Ten Tournament, which starts today, I wrote.

Tom Crean is among a handful of college coaches still using a flip phone, Nicole Auerbach of USA Today writes.

Crean also qualifies as one of the 10 angriest coaches in the nation, Scott Gleeson of USA Today writes.

IU basketball finds itself among the potential contenders in what is still a mysterious Big Ten, Myron Medcalf of ESPN.com writes.

Yogi Ferrell is ready to take the reins and continue living up to his lifelong hype, Dana O’Neil of ESPN.com writes.

Former IU commit Trey Lyles committed to Kentucky on Tuesday, Jeff Borzello of CBSsports.com writes.

Speaking of angry young men, here’s Styx with “Fooling Yourself.”


  1. just wasted 10 minutes of my life watching the angriest coaches story. that’s supposed to be angry? the guy who wrote this tripe evidently has never been married.

  2. These articles that are being put on H.M. are really pushing me to not get on this site again. These articles are typical BS, from writers that are trying to just get “something” written. Andy said “people”…and I reiterate people..not TRUE fans, have changed their feelings about the football team because of one play. If you are a true IU backer, this is horse stink.
    Nicole, who cares if Tom Crean still uses a flip phone.
    Scott of USA today… really?? Let’s see if we can find some pictures of coaches arguing a call, and say they are the angriest coaches. What BS… I hope the supervisors of these writers are so happy with this crap.

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