Hoosier Morning

After a brief sojourn at Bowling Green and two years lost to knee injuries, Kaila Hulls is finally back home at Indiana, Mike wrote.

Week 9 of the IU football season has come and gone with a win over Illinois, Andy reviews.

Pat Knight brought his Lamar team to Indiana to face Butler over the weekend, and he’d like to see his dad come back to IU, though he’s not optimistic, Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Love him or hate him, Will Sheehey is driven to win, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Victor Oladipo is learning the challenges that come with handling the ball for the Orlando Magic, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel writes.

The IU women’s soccer team is projected to be in the NCAA Tournament when the field is announced at 4:30 today, according to College Sports Madness.

A disastrous defense and a lack of Big Ten wins (sound familiar), including Saturday’s loss to Indiana, has Illinois’ Tim Beckman feeling the heat, Loren Tate of the Champaign News-Gazetter writes.

Michigan State’s Tom Izzo is hoping to beat Kentucky with John Calipari’s crumbs, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

With a shout out to Tom Izzo, U2 with “Crumbs From Your Table.”


  1. Yikes..Only a combined 5-20 for Oladipo in last Friday/Saturday games over the weekend…plus only a combined 5 assists to 6 turnovers.

    Maybe it’s just early growing pains. Though he’ll likely never need to worry about paying the bills, the NBA can still be very humbling.

    My lord….Kentucky looks like men amongst boys again. Tuesday night game against MSU should be a fun one to watch.

  2. Loren Tate wrote, “As we saw, Indiana defeated Illinois with half a team. Indiana insiders say the best four Hoosier defenders are a fifth-year senior who arrived as a baseball pitcher (safety Greg Heban), a walk-on defensive end (Nick Mangieri), a freshman linebacker (T.J. Simmons) and a converted safety (cornerback Tim Bennett).”

    “Meanwhile, Wilson runs an offense with two solid quarterbacks, a running back averaging more than 100 yards per game, and a receiver corps so stacked that some might be better employed to bolster the secondary.”

    “Yes, you can pull upsets with an aerial cleverness or punish underlings like Illinois with basic plays, but you can’t win consistently without rugged, reactive talent on the defensive side … the kind of players that are scarce and usually sign on with elite powers.”

    I like Mr. Tate’s way of expressing his perspective.

  3. Speaking of the MSU game.


    This article convinces me that Calipari is the whiniest coach in the country. First off, John, you recruit these kids knowing they are one and done and you have to start over every year. Second, John, you don’t have a say in the schedule like every other college coach in the country? Wait, wasn’t it John that thought that the IU/UK game should be played at neutral sites or not at all? Poor baby. No one feels sorry for you.

  4. Dustin, I thought the same thing. Either that or he saw things from Mangieri in Saturday’s game that I didn’t.

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