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Former Bloomington North star D’Angelo Roberts is adjusting to life as a backup running back at Indiana, Dustin writes.

The IU women’s soccer program is trying to follow in the men’s footsteps with this season’s postseason run, I wrote.

Another milestone victory for Ohio State could be in the offing when the Buckeyes renew their longstanding series with Indiana, Jack Park of the Columbus Dispatch writes.

The numbers don’t lie, and Indiana has to fire defensive coordinator Doug Mallory, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star wrote.

Victor Oladipo is looking forward to playing against good friend and fellow Tom Crean product Dwyane Wade when the Magic meet the Heat tonight, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel writes.

Coach Todd Yeagley and Indiana get some mentions in this NCAA soccer tournament preview discussion, via College Soccer News.

Noah Vonleh won his second Big Ten Freshman of the Week award and is now among the nation’s top five freshmen, according to Jeff Borzello of CBSsports.com.

Australian 2014 forward Jonah Bolden announced this week that Indiana was among his six finalists, Alex Bozich at Inside the Hall reports.

IU women’s basketball recruit Tyra Buss had 49 points and 10 steals in a season opening win over Washington (Ind.), WTHI TV reports.

A song for Kravitz and Mallory, The Mynabirds with “Numbers Don’t Lie.”


  1. Bob Kravitz’s article about the need to fire Mallory hits the nail right on the head. His justification for calling for Mallory’s firing is irrefutable.

    Vindication is always nice.

  2. I agree Podunker. I read it yesterday. Nothing to add to it or take away really.

    I wish we would do away with the “co”, and just have one man in charge.

  3. I know this is going to sound very odd, but I actually think that the D-Coord position at Indiana is a desirable job.

    Ok, stop laughing.

    I’m serious.

    Seriously, I’ll give you another min.

    Ok, while you are holding your side, here’s why: you will be a HERO if you can just create a defense that just doesn’t completely and totally suck. If you come in and build a defense that lower to middle of the pack (like 60’s – 80’s), not only are we going bowling, we’re making some real noise. We have a team that offensively is always going to be really, really good.

    You’ll get credited for “turning around” one of the historically worst defenses in not just college football, but in the history of the world. We’ll replace the fish in Showalter Fountain with statues of your face and you can go get a real job at a BCS school. Your reputation ever cemented as “the Turnaround Master.”

    This job is doable, too. I think that’s why were all very frustrated.

  4. Krapitz could not hit a nail with an H-bomb.

    Double Down on the other hand you indeed hit said nail.

  5. The hero thing is great…but I would imagine that Doug Mallory was hoping for the same thing. And maybe when any coach looks at Indiana as “hero” job, that’s what you get.

    Maybe the man in charge wanted to be a hero too. Successful head coaches have a hard time risking solid resumes on being a hero for a school that will always be challenged to recruit in a Midwest already dominated with schools rich in football tradition(Michigan, OSU, ND).

    I don’t know if it can transfer to football, but I liked what I heard in an interview with Marcus Smart(premier college basketball player with Oklahoma St). Smart said that his coach puts a challenge on his team to scout the upcoming opponent and then come back to him with their feelings on how they’re going to best defend and attack..Give them the challenge to look at who they’re going against as they formulate ideas for game plans.

    Sometimes motivation isn’t always top down coaching. Mallory needs to open up to his defensive players and let them own a bit of their mistakes and substandard efforts.

    It’s not about villains and heroes…It’s about owning up as a team.

  6. Harv, you missed the crux of my argument, but I didn’t articulate it well, so I forgive you. The assumption in my earlier post was that we’d hire a D-Coord that already has demonstrated aptitude for the job at hand. Mallory did not have that aptitude. He presided over another bottom-feeding defense at UNM prior. I can only speculate, but it seems like the primary motivation for hiring Mal was because of his Old Man. His resume surely didn’t get it there.

    Michigan and ND are mediocrities. ND pops its head out every ten years with a good run just to go back to their self-important, superiority syndrome. In fact, Michigan is equal to the task at hand. That’s why my friend and I discovered and appropriately named it the Michigan/Notre Dame Superiority Misapprehension Syndrome: in their attempts to pose as Ivy League schools, the true foundation from which Mich/Notre Dame alumni if his vast cultural superiority derives from their grandfathers having been middle managers in a now-defunct auto company.

    But I digress. This is about football. Defense in particular. We don’t lack personnel. We don’t lack guys that can’t at least be average. We lack someone that knows how to put them in places to succeed. There is a list the length of the 99 Thesis that show programs that made coaching changes who turned turds into diamonds. There is a list even longer of coaches getting hired that did the opposite. This long and distinguished list, however, is located in the ladies room.

  7. Aruss, you are correct. We did call it a long time ago.

    Double Down, we agree. The IU job should be a great career move for an ambitious young coach, or one who is losing his job due to head coaching changes beyond his control. He’s got nowhere to go but up with IU! If you’re a smart, young, ambitious, underpaid DC coaching at a mid-major conference school, and have been well mentored, going back to your playing days, what have you got to lose coaching at IU? And it’s not too often you get to double or triple your salary in one move! The quality of life in Bloomington is outstanding for someone making $300,000 a year.

    It’s much more satisfying to rebuild or fix a broken program than it is to try to maintain one that was on top when you arrive. Just ask Florida’s soon-to-be fired head coach, Leach at WSU, or Jerry Kill at Minnesota.

    But Glass and Wilson must hire someone without any question marks in their career progression. No more of that, “after being fired by LSU, I went to New Mexico because I needed a job” garbage. That was a huge red flag about Mallory.

    If Glass has any more money in the football coaching budget, now is the time to open up the purse strings. Go all in to hire a good defensive staff necessary to salvage the Wilson coaching era. Either that or Glass will be starting this same negative cycle all over again two years from now, or will be held accountable for another failed football coaching hire.

    This is not rocket science.

  8. Eeeeek. Typos abound. I am an Indiana grad after all.

    Here’s what I should have said above:

    “That’s why my friend and I discovered and appropriately named it the Michigan/Notre Dame Superiority Misapprehension Syndrome: in their attempts to pose as Ivy League schools, the true foundation from which Mich/Notre Dame alumni derive their vast cultural superiority is based on their grandfathers having been middle managers in a now-defunct auto company.”

    Maybe I should move to Detroit?

  9. Sure wish a blowbag like Kravitz would do more IU editorials(with mug shots) of those thugs(Mellencamp’s sons and Tracey Smith’s son)that violently stomped an innocent kid they believed to be someone else.

    Putting Mallory’s mug shot as if horrific defense is a criminal ‘offense’ while ignoring truly miserable character issues in prominent families directly involved with feeding money into IU athletics and the coaching IU athletics is beyond spineless.

    Why so hush-hush since that story broke when they gave every ex-Sampson player a full trial and sentencing with zero due process by way of the press?

    Yes, for Kravitz and most that come out of their backwoods cabins to speak their outrage at IU, it’s always a dead giveaway their true lack of culture and integrity when the exercise their witch hunt parties with such uneven hands of justice and outcries that play to the same backward and hypocritical audiences the same lowlife breed.

  10. It’s Mellencamps sons and Smith’s son that should be relegated to the “ladies room.” And I’ll put my money on any offspring of a Mallory in fair one-on-one bathroom fight over any of those hick-thug candy-a$$es that gang attacked a defenseless kid on his front porch.

    Huh…Wonder why no mug shots. Untouchable Crean getting his grotesque salary paid through big donations a dinosaur rock celebrity(and the warped belief that his face in the stands adds to our own celebrity)maybe? Successful baseball program..? Don’t stir that pot maybe?

    Yeah, lets run the defensive coach and his decent family out of town. Let the hicks and the Bible freaks rule the town.

  11. What intrigue…? What mystery?

    Who is the one known as “another 19-year-old man?” Why no mug shot? Why so many delays? Why no outrage? Why no buses lining up to bus the thugs out of Bloomington?

    Think Jamarcus Ellis would get a series of delays if he and his buddies rearranged a face to the point of “serious facial fractures?”

    But, wait Harvard…! You fail to speak the true horror of the cancer in Bllomington we must protect ourselves from! Ron Patterson got a C- on a summer school test!

  12. Harvard,

    Mellencamp and Smith’s sons beating a kid, horrific as the allegations are, have nothing to do with playing football. In order to mask your defense of Doug Mallory (who I’m sure is a great fellow just as his Old Man is), you’re diverting the hounds from pursuing the real scent here with a classic Red Herring. The discussion is about whether a coach, irrespective of his civic nature and his family ties, should retain his job after the unit under his leadership began poorly and sunk even further over the years.

    BTW, Red Herrings are always easy to detect. They’re always irrelevant and often emotionally charged. Yes, we get it, there are starving kids in Africa and a Civil War in Syria that are far more worthy of our time and concern. However, dropping these Red Herrings do nothing other than distort the issue and discourage rational discussion.

  13. Yeah, I saw a lot of hounds after the Sampson kids…And a lot of hounds after the easy chase of a down football coach…But when it comes to son of celebrity that’s been a long time Hoosier basketball supporter doing far uglier violent deeds, or the son of a baseball coach participating in those same deeds(committing such acts in the backdrop of a first time trip dad’s baseball team to the College World Series), then its poodles pissing in a pond out front Mallory’s yard because they’re too big of hypocrites to admit the uneven justice that they’re comfortable to sleep with.

    Nothing more amusing than watching hypocrites put their villains of choice on a bus while allowing truly rotten deeds those things they want to protect at IU remain out of the press and away from the editorial pages.

    It may not be related directly to the question of Mallory’s competence as a football coach, but it sure as hell tells the tale of who and what gets preferential treatment and protection. Maybe it makes you feel proud, but I see burying stories from editorial(things Kravitz and the local paper don’t seem to want to get any closer than 100 yard sticks a football field the same disgust they had with Kelvin Sampson’s degenerates that skipped class or smoked weed)that speak of the violent acts of sons of parents very closely tied to IU sports(one a very prominent rock celebrity that has become a fixture at IU basketball games and the other a head baseball coach)as the foundation of nothing different that grew in Happy Valley. Burn at the cross a substandard football coach while turning the back on truly despicable violence from sons of iconic figures the very healthy sports at IU.

    You enjoy your chase with your blood hounds..I see you as nothing other than poodles with bladder control issues. Weak in the true teeth of even justice or dignified representation a press with some fearless values and backbone.

  14. A true weakness of the left these days (coming from one of their own) is that our arguments are too often reduced to moping around pointing out life’s cruel inconsistencies, ironies and contradictions. “A woman made $8 an hour for the same job that a man got paid $10!” “Bob Kravitz wrote about firing a coach instead of taking on racial justice!” Harvard is no better case and point.

    Double, the IU DC job is totally desirable, I agree. Big 10 football, awesome college town with great quality of life, bar set low for success… They need to comb the beaches far and wide for someone with a proven record and not a sentimental hire. You are right in that the success or failure of the Wilson years hangs on this hire.

  15. You’re reducing a kid that possibly could have been kicked and beaten to death by sons of prominent figures that work within and serve as celebrity examples for IU sports(without the thankful intervention some other inhabitants that house having adequate numbers to stop it) to a flippant pay discrepancy example?

    Wow…This has nothing to do with moping around or political leanings. It has to do with true thug behavior, a violent group assualt, and blatant hypocrisy in the complete contrasts of press coverage when it’s the flawless image those afforded protection vs. those easily painted into dirt. It’s called severe regression in values and utter ugliness when those acts are ignored while going on a joyride to storm after an ex-coach in public displays our righteous condemnation or witch hunts to put others of far more dignity on a bus.

    Put one on the bus for his failure at the job? That’s just fine. Put Ron Patterson on a bus for his failure to make the grade? That’s just fine as well. Put on the bus those believing their inside connections to our institution afforded them acts of severe violence against a defenseless and far outnumbered victim as they acted in failure to be decent and civil human beings? Nah. Free pass..Sweep under the rug.

    Instead, let’s write Pulitzer-worthy material for Elston tripping a kid at Northwestern or get our blood boiling over at that hideous mug shot Kravitz brought to full life of the guilty loser that ran failed us all by not bring solid tackling to our storied football program.

  16. …or get our blood boiling over at that hideous mug shot Kravitz brought to full life of the guilty loser [of Bloomington] that failed us all by not [bringing] solid tackling to our storied football program.

  17. And you are talking about it on a basketball blog. What possibly to you hope to achieve other than triumphing your own cleverness in highlighting society’s great inconsistencies? Not sure what you are accomplishing. I mean, I love that Scoopers go off-topic a lot, and honestly I wouldn’t come on here otherwise. Strictly sports talk is boring. But when you see people grasping at straws to find any way they can to dig up old topics and thrust themselves back into the limelight that they held years ago when said topic was fresh, it reeks of desperation and really does nothing to move the debate forward or offer a solution.

    I have a brother who lives abroad; he goes on and on on Facebook about how terrible the United States is, and what a false leftist Obama is. There is no one – not one person – whose mind he is changing about anything. Sadly I’ve had to unfollow him, not because I disagree with him, but because it’s become pathetic and painful to watch him think he’s influencing anyone or doing anything important with his rants and rehashing of the same points.

  18. Great post Husky. I have an Aunt who is the same way. I had to unfollow her as well. Goes on and on about politics. Nobody even likes or post comments, yet she rambles on. I get you loud and clear brother.

    Sometimes the best method is say your piece, and let it rest. Be thankful, this country allows free speech. Let’s not a abuse it.

  19. Harvard, throwing ad hominem attacks at editorialists and the media for what they choose to report on doesn’t address the situation of what should be done about Indiana University Football’s horrible defense. Your attacks are directed towards the speaker and haven’t actually addressed what he was saying.

    But, I do think you bring up a relevant topic. Only, it should be discussed separately.

    So, on this topic, what do you think Coach Wilson should do to improve his defense?

  20. Double Down-

    You surprise me again. Thanks for not casting all that I said as nonsense spewed on “old topics” to merely gain some limelight. I don’t consider a violent attack on an innocent kid occurring only a few months ago, perpetrated by family members of very prominent Bloomington figures that move within and through the doors of IU athletics, as something deserving a flippant and free pass from those that claim they have the best interest of IU in their hearts.

    And I could care less about the best interest of IU when it comes to dealing with a crappy football coach if the college I proudly choose to cheer as alma mater fails to act with dignity and equal justice in protecting one person against violence so they can put 60,000 butts in seats at a game.

    I think violent acts by families so closely tied to IU should be an embarrassment to the institution with all the equal press coverage and outrage. I don’t see or hear of any remorse those involved. I see no press willing to tackle the hypocrisy of such contrasts to hate and ride out of town some that did far less in recent memory while letting these ugly acts be treated as jaywalking.

    Yes, it’s always been a consistency in Bloomington. Do not “tackle” anything if it involves preferred athletics where our pockets are line until it becomes zero tolerance. Please tell me why I should be concerned about poor tackling on a football field when the college I call my alma mater can’t tackle their own hypocrisy or learn anything from their own history? Sports put ahead of the dignity of Neil Reed’s throat? Sports put ahead of the dignity a kid that gets violently assaulted by sons of a local rock star and son of a baseball coach?

    If we want to talk about Mallory’s gross inadequacies to teach tackling when we can’t tackle gross violence against someone without an important name because it embarrasses “winners” at IU? What we have given up in yardage on a football field can be regained. What we lose in dignity by burying violence for the sake of protecting our own “limelight” and “celebrity” is where I find the truly gross examples of a collective inability to tackle the difference between right and wrong.

    FOOTBALL: Football’s answer to it’s problems on defense go far deeper than one coach. And when the level of competition is highly increased(e.g. Wisconsin), there also appears to be some gross inadequacies on offense as well. We all see the positives..(great campus..great academics..great opportunity to start fresh and a solid coach to make a name for yourself). That’s not the problem. You don’t have to convince me. You have to convince high level football talent that IU is worth the risk when other more prominent football programs are calling.

  21. And the witch hunt that began for Mallory’s head by one name on this blog started long before we witnessed one missed tackle on a field involving a Hoosier football player. Podunker tried to fill the hole in the bad hire…He made his tackle. He hit hard. He tried to knock the ball out of Wilson’s tight grip his decision making qualities. It’s the rest of us that now must learn. Wilson fumbled when Podunker hit clean with shoulders square. The rest of us failed to dive on the loose ball his loose choice. It took us three years to pick up a fumble placed upon our

    football dynasty caused Podunker’s keen observations. I stare at the ball with Doug Mallory’s name stamped on it ….Why won’t I dive? Why won’t I recover it for the glory of ol’ IU? I guess it’s just tainted with something I don’t believe in. Can’t really explain why I can’t dive after a prophesied failure as failure realized. I just don’t get fired up over that strategy. I just think there are likely a hundred names on that football that could have been Wilson’s careless carrying the pigskin the same. Is there any choice now but to fire Mallory? That’s not for me to decide. But I think ti’s sad that it now be construed as a mistake from the beginning.

  22. Sometimes we invest in a persons heart more than their record. I won’t play the cynic and claim that Wilson simply wanted a name familiar to Hoosiers. Maybe Wilson saw something in Mallory’s heart that he chose to believe in. I can’t find glory in labeling that as a mistake.

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