Indiana beats Purdue, 56-36

Indiana quarterback Tre Roberson threw for 273 yards and a school-record six touchdowns and also rushed for a career-high 154 yards to lead Indiana to a 56-36 win over Purdue to reclaim the Old Oaken Bucket at Memorial Stadium.

Wide receiver Cody Latimer caught seven passes for 110 yards and a touchdown, tailback Stephen Houston rushed for 120 yards and two scores and wide receiver Shane Wynn caught seven passes for 52 yards and three scores.

Purdue quarterback Danny Etling threw for 485 yards and four touchdowns in the loss.


  1. 49 Fantasy Points for Tre Roberson, by my calculations. Take that, Cam Newton!

    Hoosiers broke the 4 win plane for the first time in a few years. Huskies broke the 7 win plane by beating their Purduish cousins from the Dark Side. If only the Beavers could have finished off the Ducks, life would be good.

  2. Geoff- oops. Quite a bit off; I actually have him at 57. That’s with the lame ESPN/CBS standard scoring of 4 pts. per pass TD and no fractional pts.

  3. Here is my submission for best post of the week…

    273 passing yds @ 20 yds/pt = 13
    6 TDs @ 6 pts = 36
    157 rushing yds @ 10 yds/pt = 15
    2 int @ -2 pts = -4

    Total = 60 pts

    You’re welcome Scoop Nation!

  4. Great to have the Old Oaken Bucket back in Bloomington! Still very disappointing that the Defense hasn’t improved much since CW took over…if so IU would be going to a bowl game. Totally agree that Mallory needs to be replaced as Defensive Coordinator. IU must go to a bowl game next year, or else this program goes backwards again. In any case, congrats to the IU seniors who leave campus as the players / winners who beat down both Penn State and Purdue!

  5. Well, IU football improved in 2013 over the recent past. Five wins, three in the Big Ten, with losses to five top-25 teams (Missou, MSU, UofM, Wisc, and OSU). That’s all good, and I’m really happy for the seniors that they beat Purdue. But in spite of this improvement and winning the bucket back, I’ve noticed a serious lack of enthusiasm/optimism on behalf of The Hoosier Nation regarding IU Football’s future.

    I think most Hoosier fans look at that defense and ask, “how is IU going to get over the hump (i.e., have a winning season, go to a bowl, etc) with that? Even with the benefit of the experience gained this year, and the physical improvement that most of those young players will realize, most people watched the game Saturday evening and concluded, “that is not going to be a competitive defense next year.” You can’t plug all the holes in that defense with a half dozen recruits, no matter how talented the players you bring in are.

    It’s very simple. Wilson needs to find a much better DC who can recruit, develop players, teach fundamentals, and make adjustments during the game. If he does not do that, IU will not have a winning season any time soon, Wilson will be gone after the 2015 season, and IU football is going to start the cycle all over again.

    And Mr. Glass, never ever schedule a team playing a wishbone offense again.

  6. Wowjustwowjustwowjustwow.

    Washington Football vacancy now becomes one of the most desirable coaching jobs in America. Taking over a program in its best shape in years.

    Go Dawgs! And to steal the words of Bruin fans, Truck the Fojans!!!

  7. Only won one Pac-12 game on the road this year…3rd place finish in the ‘North’ with barely squeaking in an above .500 conference record. Only defeated lowly Illinois by 10 points…?

    Almost appears he won a lottery similar to Steve Alford…Just don’t see the prestige at UW nor the big victories to make him such a hot commodity.

    Whatever happened to the bald defensive coordinator..?

  8. Harvard- you are right, Sark’s main claim to fame was pulling the program out of the muck, but he couldn’t do much more than that. Which is why this might be a blessing in disguise.

    The Bald Coordinator by the way, Nick Holt, was barely better than Doug Mallory (and another USC product himself). And I mean barely… you could say he was the Pac 12’s answer to Mallory. Maybe the two mutually inspired each other.

    The Husky job will be coveted. Duncy’s logic is straight out of Montessori school (in other words, a rare moment of mature brilliance by his standards).

    Chris Peterson of BSU is my pick…

  9. Under his current employment contract with the UW, Sarkisian faces penalties for breaching his contract and leaving early.

    The contract states that should Sark leave before the end of his third contract year – Jan. 31, 2014 – he “shall pay the University $1,500,000.”

    But if Sarkisian leaves after that date, he’ll only be penalized $1 million, the contract says.

    That’s how much Sark loved the Fusky job.

    I hope they get Lynch and Mallory.

  10. The Fusky Football head coach vacancy will be as coveted as the Lobos Basketball vacancy was last summer: does anyone know (or care) who the Lobos hired to replace Alford?

    Bottom line: USC giveth and USC hath taken away, blessed be the Trojans all the way!

  11. Sarkisian left a good situation because he had the chance to take over a top-3 of all time “legacy program.” Just like Tom Crean, Steve Alford, and Nick Saban before. Makes total sense to me.

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